Sunday, May 12, 2013

TV Review: Hannibal: Potage(1.03)

                                                        Hannibal: Potage(1.03)Review
  • I really liked how this episode dealt with Abigail Hobbs waking up and whether or not she was helping her dad kill his victims. I like that the show gave us reason to believe that she might have been her dad's helper such as how she was very practical about dealing with her parents death and emotionally distant and there was of course the close relationship she had with her father. But I liked that in the end it was proven that she didn't help her father kill anyone and that she horrified to discover that pieces of the girls were put in her meals and made into pillows in her home.
  • I liked how Freddy Lyons the tabloid reporter was still involved in the show and was still causing problems by inserting herself into the investigation. I also find it interesting that she and Lector seem to be working together in some way.
  • I liked how in this episode it showed a bit more of Dr.Bloom and how she relates to her patients and how she thinks about them. I liked how she uses kindness to get Abigail to open up and even when things seem suspicious she refuses to believe the worse when there are other things that it could mean. I also enjoyed seeing a bit more Bloom and Graham's relationship.
  • I liked how in this episode when Graham was giving a lecture on the copy cat of Hobbs and how he explained that the person who called the house to warn Hobbs was the person who was the copy cat killer that Lector smirked in a way that made it look like he was glad that Graham figured this out if he doesn't know that it was him.
  • I liked how this episode dealt with Abigail returning home with how the garage had the word cannibals written on it and how Abigail noted all the differences to the house. I also liked how her friend noted that her mom doesn't want her be around her because of what her father did and how that one guy believes that she helped her dad kill the girls. I just thought the show did a really good job of dealing with the aftermath of that situation.
  • I liked how after Abigail killed a guy that attack her in self defense that Lector convinced her that they needed to cover up the body because people would assume she was like her dad if she told the truth. I liked that after this Abigail gets Lector to confirm that he was the man on the phone but because of the man she killed she has to keep his secret like he is keeping hers.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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