Saturday, May 4, 2013

TV Review: The Bates Motel: Ocean View(1.05)

                                              The Bates Motel: Ocean View(1.05) Review

  • I think it's a bit odd that even after Norma is arrested and charged with murder that she is still in complete denial about the police having any evidence on her and I didn't like how she somehow thought that it was Norman's fault she was in this mess because he didn't do anything to put her in this position.
  • I really like how the relationship between Norman and Dylan is becoming closer and I love that Dylan wants to get Norman away from Norma in order to keep him safe from her negative influence.
  • I liked that Emma was in this episode and I like that the mystery of the Asian girl was expanded upon during this episode.
  • I feel really bad for Norman when he had to deal with Norma  accusing him of abandoning her(which he didn't do)even after he was able to get her the money to make bail and he found her lawyer. I also feel bad for Norman when he admits that Norma scares him which I can understand but sadly Norma can't and it only causes their relationship to become more strained.
  • I was very surprised by some guy coming up to the car of the guy that works with Dylan and shooting him in the neck and I was even more surprised that Dylan ran the shooter over later on in the episode.
  • I was slightly surprised to learn that it seems that Officer Shelby and Norma's feelings for each other are real and that Shelby is willing to destroy evidence for Norma.
  • I thought that the message that Norman left for Bradly was really sweet and quite a bit awkward that made it all the more sweet.
  • I'm glad that Norma was cleared of Keith Summers murder because that means that new plot lines can no develop in different ways.
  • I felt bad for both Norman and Emma in the scene where Emma tells Norman that what Norman did with Bradly was just hooking up not a start of a real relationship. I felt bad for Norman because he really likes Bradly and obviously thought what the two of them meant much more than it actually did for her and I feel bad for Emma because she clearly has a crush on Norman and had to hear about how he slept with another girl.
  • I was surprised and distributed to learn that Asian girl was in fact real and was being held captive by Officer Shelby for quite some time.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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