Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Review: Tilt

                                                              Tilt Review
Tilt is a book by Ellen Hopkins which follows the lives of three teens Mikayla, Shane and Harley whose families are entwined with each other. The three main characters all are very different and have different problems such as Mikayla being a party girl who gets pregnant, Shane is a gay teen who later in the novel as to deal with the lose of his little sister and Harley at thirteen is a few years younger than the other two main characters but far to eager to do adult things to please her boyfriend.

Mikayla starts off the novel with her only really concern being how she going to sneak out to go the next party with her boyfriend Dylan and how much she loves Dylan and thinks that they are going to be together forever. At the beginning it was kind of hard for me to like Mikayla since she pretty much kept complaining about being grounded even though she kept doing things to get grounded she was confused that she ended up grounded so bit hard for me to care about a character that does something wrong and than is both confused by the punishment and also complains about it. Once Mikayla discovers she's pregnant she has to make a tough decision and in the end Mikayla decides she wants to keep her baby but this is the decision that upsets everyone else around her. Her boyfriend Dylan dumps her and her parents aren't supportive of her decision either so by the end Mikayla is considering giving the baby up for adoption.

Shane's story starts off with him meeting a boy he had been talking to online for a few months named Alex, when I started off the novel I was a bit worried that Alex would be a creeper or something because Shane met him online I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Alex was a very sweet boyfriend to Shane but very sad to learn that Alex was HIV positive. The relationship between Shane and Alex was original suppose to just be a causal summer fling type thing but in the end they both end up falling in love with each other. While Shane's love life turned out pretty good the same can't be said for his home life with his terminally ill since birth sister Shelby who is mom has been focusing all her energy on trying to increase Shelby's life and a dad that is almost never home and when he is he's usually been drinking not to mention he won't accept that Shane's gay. When Shelby dies it hits Shane a lot worse than he thought it would and he begins to doubt his faith(which was pretty important to him) and just generally becoming depressed and thinking about death quite often and wondering if there's any point to life at all. Shane spends the later half of the novel not handling Shelby's death well at all and both hoping his parents will notice that he's not okay at all but at the same time he doesn't want to give his mom something else to worry about.

Harley is a thirteen year old girl who wants to be more grown up than she actually she is so she started by trying to attract the attention of older boys by loosing weight and wearing more reveling clothes. Harley is able to attract the attention of an older boy named Lucas who is total scumbag but Harley can't seem to say no to him even though she doesn't even like him all that much she's still willing to do a bunch of sexual acts for him. I felt really bad for Harley and I was frustrated by her making so many awful decisions when it came to Lucas, Harley kind of reminded me of Whitney from Tricks who also made me worry about her like crazy do to frequently making awful life choices. By the end of the novel I'm glad to say that Harley is considering that she doesn't want to be all grown up and realizing she put herself in a dangerous position during her relationship with Lucas.

I overall I really loved Title and I thought that the book was beautiful written but I tend to expect that with Ellen Hopkins books. My favorite character in the book was Shane because I just loved everything about his storyline overall and I felt his storyline was a lot different from Mikayla's and Harley's. I really enjoyed the point of view poems of different minor characters through out the novel between each of the main characters point of view shift. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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