Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 10 Books that deal with tough stuff

1. Impulse: This book is one of my favorites of all time and is by Ellen Hopkins, it deals with three who have tried to kill themselves and it focuses on the reasons that they attempted suicide and their recover process. I really loved this book because of how different and interesting the characters are and I loved reading all of their stories.
2. Perfect: This is another book by Ellen Hopkins but this one deals with what it means to be perfect and what a person is willing to do in order to achieve perfection. The book deals with eating disorders, sexuality and steroid use as well. I really loved this book because of the beautiful writing and it had many interesting characters.
3. Tricks: This is yet another Ellen Hopkins book this one deals with teens selling themselves in order to get buy. This is a book that has pretty dark themes and I really love reading about how all these different people wound up having to do the same thing in order to survive. I loved this book as well.
3. Thirteen Reasons Why: This book deals with suicide both with why someone may decide to commit suicide and how the people left behind have to cope with the death and wonder if they could have done anything to save the person. This is a great book that made me really emotional.
4. The Fault in Our Stars: This is a book that deals with cancer and grieving, it's surprisingly a book that is super enjoyable to read it has a great sense of humor and an extremely cute relationship between Hazel and Augustus. I loved this book and it made me weep.
5. Identical: This an Ellen Hopkins book that deals with a very screwed up family and the way that it effects the daughter and she ends up coping with things in very messed up ways, I sadly can't say much about this book without spoiling it. I really loved this book but disturbed me quite often as well.
7. Tilt: This is the last Ellen Hopkins book on my list and it deals with quite a few issues such as grieving, pregnancy and how far someone is willing to go to please their partner. I'm currently reading this book and so far I'm really enjoying it but Shane is my favorite character by so far it's not even funny.
8. Fruits Basket: This is a series that most people assume is light and fluffy and while it certainly does have it's fair share of those moments there's also quite a bit of dark moments that usually have to do with parental abuse or neglect. For the most part the abuse is emotional and psychological but that doesn't mean that it damages the characters any less and there's also abuse that comes from other sources mostly Akito. Overall I love Fruits Basket completely and I just wanted to point out that series is a bit darker than people think it is.
9. Reading in the Dark: This is a book that deals with family secrets and how keeping these secrets and knowing these secrets can destroy your relationship with your family. This is a book I love and felt like it dealt with some tough issues although I'm not sure I explained them properly.
10. White Oleander: This book deals with the foster care system and all the different homes someone can find themselves in when in that system as well as dealing with a complicated mother-daughter relationship. I read this book years ago and I remember loving it but it's been so long since I read it I'm having a bit of a hard time remembering everything that happened in it.


  1. I need to read an Ellen Hopkins book. White Oleander is a favorite of mine. Here is my TTT

  2. I haven't read many of these, but a lot of the ones you list I do want to read, like Hopkins' backlog (clearly all her books deal with heavy topics) and Thirteen Reasons Why.