Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review: Heist Society: Perfect Scoundrels

                                                    Perfect Scoundrels Review
In the third book of the Heist Society series after Hale's grandmother dies and he is named president of the company Kat is told that the original will might be a fake and as she goes to look into matters she starts to doubt her place in Hale's life. This book deals with Hale's family's company a lot with the bad guy of this book being Garrett the Hale family's lawyer who feels like he is owed something for all the work he has done for the family so he decided to steal and sell the company's newest prototype insuring that he'll get rich and that the company will fail. Kat and her crew of course do there best to find a way to stop Garrett from succeeding to save Hale's family's company but also and more importantly Hale himself.

The best part about this book to me was the conflicts in the relationship between Kat and Hale with how Kat worries that she won't always be apart of Hale's life because while he's definitely part of her world and everyone she knows about their relationship she's not really part of his world and no one from his world knows about them. I like that Kat worries that what Hale is doing with her is running away from his old life like she did when she went to boarding school and how for her the primary conflict in their relationship is that they are from two different worlds and maybe that's where they're suppose to end up the worlds they originally came from. For Hale the conflict of their relationship in the first part of the book was that Kat was looking into his family behind his back and she wasn't trusting him although this conflict is resolved fairly quickly because Hale could understand why Kat thought it was best not to tell him. I also like that in the later half of the book Hale worries that the only reason Kat keeps him around is because of his money and if he doesn't have that he worries that Kat wouldn't want him Kat assures him that's not true at all. I overall really loved seeing Kat and Hale in a relationship although at first I thought it was a little odd they had a relationship upgrade between books I think it worked really well in the book.

I overall loved this book I loved seeing the characters I've come to love so much all of them even the ones I didn't mention in my review. I really loved the plot because it was very different the first two but just as interesting also it gave quite a bit of insight into Hale's world which I thought was great. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or the series as a whole.

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