Monday, May 20, 2013

TV Review: Hannibal: Coquilles(1.04)

                                                 Hannibal: Coquilles(1.04)Review
  • I liked how this episode dealt a bit with how Graham is dealing with how working in the field in effecting his state of mind with how he has started sleep walking and how he is feeling a loose of control in his life when it comes to his way of thinking which causes him to no longer feel safe. I liked that this episode dealt with Graham feeling like working in the field may not be the best thing for him to do.
  • I find it interesting that Lecter seemed to try to drive a bit of a wedge between Graham and Jack which makes me wonder if Lecter was telling Graham these things because he truly believed them or because he wants Graham to be alienated from everyone other than himself.
  • I found the killer with a brain tumor who kills his victims because he feels they need to become angels and pray over him at night to be both interesting and disturbing.
  • I found the storyline with Jack's wife being unable to tell him that she has cancer to be pretty sad because there's no chance that the cancer will ever go away and because they both still love each other but their relationship seems to be taking a turn for the worse anyways.
  • I like that Graham confronted Jack about how he feels that Jack isn't doing anything to protect his already fragile state of mind and I like that Graham told him that he isn't sure that he can keep working in the field because he feels like he's loosing his mind and that even though he knows he will feel guilty if he quits because he could be saving lives he still feels like he needs to quit.

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