Saturday, May 4, 2013

TV Review: Hannibal: Amuse-Bouche(1.02)

                                          Hannibal: Amuse-Bouche(1.02)Review
  • I really liked how in this episode it dealt with how Graham is being affected by killing Hobbs and how that is effected the work that he does. I liked how it showed that Graham is still seeing Hobbs in other places such as at a different crime scene and in his dream and like that reason he's seeing him is because Graham feels guilty about the fact that he felt good about killing him. I like that Graham is very conflicted about his feelings on the matter.
  • I enjoyed the therapy sessions between Graham and Lecter but I feel that it's probably not an arrangement that is best for Graham's mental health because Lecter seems just fine with covering up any sign of Graham being mentally unstable and there's also the vibe that Lecter may even be encouraging said behavior.
  • I found the case of the killer who buried his victims alive and used them as fertilizer for his mushroom garden in order to connect with people to be very disturbing and interesting way to kill.
  • I was interested in the tabloid reporter that ended up writing an article on Graham and I find it a bit interesting and cruel of her that she regularly seems to get cops fired and doesn't feel bad about that or going anywhere she shouldn't in order to get a story and I'm curious about whether or not we're going to see any more of her in future episodes.
  • I like that both Jack and Dr.Bloom are concerned about Graham's mental health but I really feel that putting Graham back out into the field is probably not the best idea. I also enjoyed learning that Jack believes that Graham doesn't like therapy because he knows exactly what's going on in his head but doesn't want anyone else to see what's in his head.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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