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TV Review: Vampire Diaries: She's Come Undone(4.21)

                                  Vampire Diaries: She's Come Undone(4.21)Review
  • I liked that Damon wasn't able to get to Elena with sentimental emotions when he was in her head because well Damon really doesn't know Elena well enough to know how to manipulate her in that way.
  • I like that Caroline is against the whole torture  Elena's humanity back thing because it fits with Caroline's character who doesn't like to see her friends suffer not to mention Caroline has been tortured many times so she knows how awful it is.
  • I do kind of like that Stefan refers to the torture as an intervention because that's pretty much what Lexi did to Stefan when he was the ripper before she died so it makes sense for Stefan to think of it that way.
  • I hated that Elena kept telling Caroline that she was pathetic and that no one really wanted her around when Caroline was the only one that was being nice to Elena and wanted to help her in a non painful way. I also hate this because Elena must know that Caroline has always felt insecure in comparison to Elena so Elena saying these things must hurt more than it would if someone else said them.
  • I think it's really weird that Elena claimed that she dumped Stefan because she didn't he broke up with her the day before the Miss Mystic Falls pageant because he didn't want to be with Elena if she was having dirty thoughts about his brother, so it seems odd that Elena didn't just say she broke his heart or something because it would have got the point across without her having to lie.
  • I find it interesting that Damon is the one who was doing practically all the talking during the sunlight torture part of the episode because it's pretty clear that nothing he was saying was getting through to Elena because he is just plain horrible at understanding her. Also I think that Stefan's approach of barely saying a word and not having much of a reaction to Elena was working a hell of a lot better than anything Damon was doing because you could actual buy that Stefan wasn't all that affected by it unlike Damon and the whole point of this was to convince Elena is that they are willing to hurt her so.
  • I loved that Elena told Damon flat out that she didn't love him and that she hated being sired to him because I have always suspected this was true but I'm glad that it was confirmed and also being sired sounds beyond horrible.
  • I like that Elena pointed out that Stefan and Damon torturing her isn't going to work because they love her too much to let anything truly bad happen to her.
  • I enjoy that Bonnie is working behind Silas back and that Silas can't get into her head anymore. I also like that Bonnie and Katherine are working together.
  • I really loved Rebekah coming over to help Mat study after she found out that he's failing most of his classes because it shows that she cares for him and that she wants to do something for him so that he'll like her too, I just love that while Rebekah has the power to compel Matt she never would.
  • I also love that after Caroline finds out Matt is failing his classes she rushes out to go get her note cards and all kinds of other things to help him study. I just love whenever we see hints of her perfectionist attitude.
  • I found the whole Silas getting into Caroline's head repeatedly in order to get her to find out where Bonnie was  to be very frightening and it once again makes me like Silas as a villain because of the whole he can literally be anyone and how he makes you doubt what your seeing and what is and isn't real and I think this episode did a great job of portraying that with Caroline.
  • I like that the reason that Stefan thought Katherine would be willing to help with Elena is because he knows that Katherine hates Elena and would have fun torturing her.
  • I love the scene were Katherine tortured Elena because unlike everyone else Elena wasn't able to hurt Katherine with her psychoanalysis of their actions because Katherine knows who she is and she knows that who she is isn't the most likable person but she owns who she is.
  • I especially love the part were Katherine tells Elena that she has done awful things in order to survive but she doesn't turn it off she deals with it. I just love this line because it just shows how strong Katherine is emotionally and I love that after this Katherine says she doesn't think that Elena could last a week as a vampire without everyone fawning over her which I think could be true considering how much help she has gotten since long before she was a vampire.
  • I really loved the scene between Katherine and Damon were they were both mean to each other about their love lives or rather the lack there of at the moments because they had very good chemistry in the scene and it reminded me of some of their scenes in late season 2 and early season 3 which made me happy and also them being mean made me believe that they still care about each other. Also I love that Katherine put her hand on the back of his in a gentle almost mockingly loving way and he seemed to enjoy that quite a bit and they shared an intense a eye gaze for a moment.
  • I was pretty surprised that Elena didn't believe that Damon would kill Matt because Damon was more than willing to kill Matt plenty of other times for whole lot less of a purpose so it seemed really weird to me that Elena thought Damon gave enough of a shit about Matt's life or her emotional well being in the future to not kill him.
  • I'm glad that Elena turned her humanity back on but I think it's weird that Damon gave her a speech about the meaning of humanity since he's the one who forced her to turn it off in the first place.
  • I liked that Stefan was one that was able to calm Elena down once she had her humanity on because he's the one that actually understands who Elena is. I also like that Elena said she wasn't okay because I can't understand how someone in her position could be okay.
  • I found the scenes were Caroline tried to wake her mom up and had to inject her blood into her heart to be extremely sad.
  • I really love that Katherine is only willing to work with Bonnie if there is something in it for her because that works so perfectly with her character. I also love that Bonnie seems to have a plan screw Silas over in some way.
  • I really hope Elena's plan to kill Katherine fails because I love Katherine as a character and it would be really bad writing considering that Katherine is much stronger and smarter than Elena and Elena seems to be only working to kill her not mention the almost the whole cast teamed up to kill Katherine in season 2 and they failed.
  • I loved that Damon looked really upset when Elena said that she was going to kill Katherine and that he was the first t speak out against the idea.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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