Monday, May 20, 2013

TV Review: The Bates Motel: The Man in Number 9(1.07)

                               The Bates Motel: The Man in Number 9(1.07) Review
  • I'm glad that Sheriff Romero decided to cover things up in a way that would keep the Bates family safe and not having to worry about any other police investigations.
  • I can understand both why Norma's upset that Dylan isn't going to stay to help her with Norman and why Dylan doesn't think that him staying there would do Norman any good and he still has a lot of the same reasons to leave.
  • I liked that Dylan is really suspicious of the man in room number 9 because that guy is really quite creepy and his behavior has been pretty odd but at the same time I can understand why Norma wants to ignore all the obvious signs of that guy being dangerous because she really needs to have some good business.
  • I like that Norma seems to like the idea of Norman and Emma getting together and just generally likes Emma because I too think Emma's a great girl and I like that Norma doesn't disprove of anyone seeing her son just certain people.
  • I feel bad for Emma because she so clearly likes Norman but Norman is too busy convincing himself that he's in a relationship with Bradley to even notice her.
  • I kind of really like the relationship that Norma and Emma seem to have where Emma confides in Norma while she tries to both reassure Emma and get information from her about Bradley.
  • I feel bad for Norman with how he's the only one that can't  see that Bradley isn't interested in him in the way he's interested in her and I felt really bad for him in the scene where she tells him that their night together didn't really mean anything to her.
  • I liked that Bradley did feel bad about hurting Norman's feelings and regret that she had a one night stand with him because she should have known that he would get too emotional invested in their one night.
  • I really enjoyed Norman's relationship with the dog and how he just wanted to take care of it and how he thought that them having a dog would make them normal and I was really sad when the dog died at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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