Sunday, May 12, 2013

TV Review: The Bates Motel: The Truth(1.06)

                                         The Bates Motel: The Truth(1.06)Review
  • I enjoyed seeing Norma freak out about the revelation that Officer Shelby is part of an Asian sex ring and I liked how Norman was able to convince her after a time to not confront Officer Shelby right away. I also liked how Emma saw all this and sort of realized how messed Norma is.
  • I enjoyed that Emma wanted to so badly go to the police with the Asian girl and to get her justice but I'm not surprised at all that Norma said that they couldn't go to the police until after they got the belt from Shelby.
  • I liked how in this episode Norman once again asked his mother if there was anything wrong with him and although she denies it to him by the end of the episode she does acknowledge that she knows that there might be some thing wrong with him.
  • I liked how Dylan actual helped out with Norma and Norman's problems in this episode when he and Norman found the belt on Keith Summers boat. I also like that he brought up how he was suspicious about Norma being involved in Norman's father's death to Norman.
  • I was very frightened by Shelby when he was trying to kill everyone in the Bates home and I'm glad that Dylan was able to kill him in the end even though both him and Norman were injured. I also liked that Norma actually called the cops so that Shelby's death won't probably lead to as big of a murder investigation as Keith Summer's death.
  • I liked that after Dylan dealt with Shelby that Norma hugged him because this is one of the only moments when the two of them has shown that they do care for each other despite their troubled relationship.
  • I was a bit surprised to find out that Norman killed his father but was in a trance but I had my suspicions since the beginning about the father's death. I also like that Norma told Dylan that he can either help her with Norman or get out of the way.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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