Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 10 words/topics that make me pick up a book

1. Mental Illnesses: I'm just really interested in mental illness and I like to read(or watch) stories where characters deal with mental illness and I like seeing how it affects their lives and ways of thinking. So if I hear about a book where someone is struggling with a mental illness it goes on my to be read list.
2. Witches: I love magic and my favorite kind of magic is witchcraft so therefore if I find a book about witches I want to read it. I love the idea of witches because of magic and that the characters are girls. My favorite books I've read about witches are Secret Circle and Hex Hall which both also have great female friendships which I also love.
3. Suicide: This may seem like an odd thing to put on this list but I'm just really interested in reading stories about the subject plus there's a lot of ways to handle this subject matter. There's the stories that lead up to it, the ones where someone attempts it but then are forced into recovery(those are my favorite), and the ones that deal with life after someone kills themselves. My favorite books dealing with this subject matter are Impulse and Thirteen Reasons Why.
4. Con-Artists: I just really love reading about con-artists I find what they do to be very interesting and I like the whole life style they lead. Favorite con-artist stories are Heist Society and White Collar.
5. Cutting:  Cutting or really self harm in general is something that I'm very interested in for personal reasons so I like to read stories in which portray cutting(or self harm) in a non-stereotypical way.
6. Bio-tech dystopian: We all know that dystopians are really popular in YA lit right now but sadly I have not been able to find many that deal with bio-tech which to me means it's about some kind of technology that messes with peoples brains. My favorite stories like this are Dollhouse and Uglies but mostly Dollhouse.
7. Complicated family situations: I'm really interested in how families interacted with each other in fiction and like seeing how the way in which someone was raised end up making them into the person they are at the present time. My favorite stories like this are Fruits Basket and Reading in the Dark.
8. Medieval political drama: I really love stories that deal with medieval politics because it's just so interesting because they often settle matters of state by chopping off their enemies head which is a lot more interesting than modern day political scandals. Favorite book like this A Song of Ice and Fire series.
9. Realistically Shy characters: I'm really shy so I like stories in which there are characters in which I can actually relate which for me is a super rare thing therefore I'm extremely attached to the few I do relate to. Stories I like that has this type of character The Glass Menagerie and I am here.
10. Retelling of Alice in Wonderland: I really love the story of Alice in Wonderland therefore I love reading all the retellings of that story and I also love that quite a few of the retellings deal with mentally unstable people. My favorites of this kind of stories are The Looking Glass Wars and Pandora Hearts.


  1. This list is great! All of these would make for a good read. Love Con-Artists, they always seem to make for incredibly complex and interesting characters.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT.
    Alex @ The Book Banner

    1. Thanks for commenting and I totally agree about con-artists being complex characters which is what makes some of my favorite characters.

  2. I love books about magic/witches too (and The Secret Circle and Hex Hall books are both on my to-read list). Thirteen Reasons Why is one of my favorite books as well, and yes to con-artists and Heist Society. Realistically shy characters is an interesting one (and it makes me think of Syaoran from CCS). The Looking Glass Wars is one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland retellings too! (Is Pandora Hearts an anime/manga? It sounds familiar...)

    Haha, the more you mention A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, the more I need to read the series and watch it. (I promise - soon!)

    Great list!

    1. Secret Circle and Hex Hall are my favorite witch books so I definitely recommend them but I wonder what witch/magic books you'd recommend other than Harry Potter of course. If you love con artists you should watch White Collar if you haven't since it has a con artist as a main character and I think the show is great.

      I didn't really have Syaoran in mind when I made the list but now that I think about it I would count Syaoran as a realistically shy character. Pandora Hearts is manga/anime in fact I mentioned the main character on my anime boys list, although even though the series borrows a lot of elements from Alice in Wonderland it may be a stretch to call it a retelling.

      Please read/watch Game of Thrones as soon as possible and thanks for commenting.