Friday, April 12, 2013

Fangirl Friday 35

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Game of Thrones: This week's Game of Thrones episode was great once again. I loved the scene between Sansa and Shae where they discuss what Littlefinger wants with Sansa and I loved how Shae said that if Littlefinger tries to touch Sansa that she would make sure that he stops. I loved the scenes between Sansa, Margery, and Olenna Tryell I love how bold Olenna is and I love that she was able to make Sansa tell her the truth about Joffrey even though Sansa is still clearly terrified of what could happen to her if anyone found out that she spoke ill of the king. I loved the scene between Margery and Joffrey where Margery plays him so well and I love how she has him so perfectly entranced in her and I love how in the scene with the cross bow she's practically threatening to kill him and he hasn't clue of what she's up to. I loved all of the stuff with Bran, I loved his dreams that seem to be telling him a bit of the future as well as the past and I loved how it was mention that he can get into animals heads. I loved the introduction of the Reeds, I love how Jojen has this aura of wisdom and calmness and I love how Meera is the one that uses the weapons and I love that she protects her brother and not the other way around, I thought the introduction of both characters was great and I can't wait see more of them and this storyline in general. I really love the relationship that seems to be developing between Bran and Jojen I love how Jojen has similar abilities to Bran's but has much more knowledge about them. I'm also very interested in Arya's storyline because it has just been revealed to some people that she is in fact Arya of house Stark which will lead to some interesting conflicts in episodes to come I'm sure.

2. Psych: This week's episode of Psych was fantastic it was very funny and had a lot of good character and relationship moments. I loved how in this episode was about getting ready for Lassiter's wedding which he decided to only plan two days ahead of time and there's also a guy who use to work for a mob boss that they capture several times through out the episode. I also really enjoyed Juliet and Chief Vick going to Marlow's bachelorette party and I loved that Buzz showed up as a stripper which as surprising and hilarious. I loved all the mishaps that occur throughout this episode and as far as tv weddings go this one was one of the most exciting ones. I kind of loved at the end of the episode that Juliet finally figured out that Shawn isn't actually psychic because this is one of the things I've been wanting someone to find out since the beginning of the show and I also liked how Shawn sort of tried to justify the lying because it's not something we see him do often. Anyways great episode can't wait until the next one.

3. Doctor Who: A new episode of Doctor Who aired this week and it was great. I really loved how we learned a bit about Clara's backstory with the story of how her parents met and her mother's death, I also like how these things become important to the story with the most important leaf in existence towards the end of the episode. I loved how when Clara saw that the little girl Mary was scared that she went to find her and that she helped her. I also loved how the Doctor made Mary realize that just because everyone says she was suppose to die to save everyone she doesn't have to sacrifice herself to a monster if she doesn't really want to.

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