Saturday, April 27, 2013

Movie Review: The Host

                                                              The Host Review
The Host is about how a race of aliens called souls who have taken over earth by inhabiting human bodies but there is of course a human resistance. One of the last humans to survive is a girl named Melanie who fights back against a new soul named Wanderer who has been placed in her body. Through accessing Melanie's memories Wanderer starts to feel for Melanie and the people she loves Melanie's little brother Jamie and her boyfriend Jared, which leads to Melanie/Wanderer to looking for the safe haven that Melanie was going to go to before she was captured.

Once Wanderer/Melanie arrive to the safe haven the humans that living there are of course very distrustful of her but they don't kill her because Melanie's Uncle Jeb how runs the safe haven doesn't want her killed. In time Wanderer is somewhat accept by the human once it's clear that she doesn't mean them any harm and she reveals to several people such as Jamie and Jared that Melanie is still alive inside her head. Wanderer also develops a relationship with a man named Ian who falls in love with her despite the fact she's a soul.

I overall thought that this movie was pretty good. I really love the story characters and relationships but I felt that sometimes the lines seemed a little awkward but I found it to be an overall good movie. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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