Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top 10 Fictional Guys I have Crushes on

1. Syaoran(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle): I love Syaoran because he is sweet and cute also I just love that he would do anything for Sakura but never expects anything from her which is surprisingly not that common in fiction which is sad of course. I also love that he can be a bit of a geek when it comes to archeology and that he has this nice shy vibe to him with how he blushes when he gets embarrassed.
2. Ned the Piemaker(Pushing Daisies): I love Ned because has this vibe and he's also pretty socially awkward which is a trait that I find extremely attractive. I love that when he's nervous that he tends to talk too fast and that a lot of things seem to make him nervous and I love that he doesn't really touch people do to his gift/curse,whatever you want to call it. I love that he doesn't care that he can never touch the woman he loves because he loves just being able to have her be part of his life. Also he makes delicious pies.
3. Merlin(Merlin BBC): I just want to be clear that I mean the one who is played by Colin Morgan because I don't want anyone think I have a crush on an old guy. I love Merlin because he can be really sweet and he protects the people he cares about with his own life although I do think he doesn't value his own life nearly as much as he should. I love his smile because it's just so bright and beautiful, also I just love that he has a bit of an adorkable vibe to him. I love that he seems to be able to pick extremely beautiful bouquets flowers(this I think only comes up in 2 episodes and 1 was in a deleted scene but still really pretty flowers). I also love that he has a snarky sense of humor as well.
4. Sam Roth(Wolves of Mercy Falls series): I love Sam because he's sweet, artistic and emotional damaged. I love that Sam values being a human so much and that this leads him appreciating being able to do things such as think, read, make and listen to music. I find almost nothing more attractive then a guy that values thoughts and I've never met a character that loves being able to think the way that Sam does. I love that he is still haunted by his past but he is trying to move past it though it doesn't seem like the kind of thing that he'll ever fully move past but I like that he's trying.
5. Charlie(Perks of Being a Wallflower): I just love the way that Charlie thinks, I love that he cares about whether people are truly happy and how he wants everyone to be happy. I love that Charlie watches the world around him more than he actually does things. I love that Charlie wants to be there for the people he cares about but doesn't really know how to give them the support that they need. I know that Charlie isn't exactly a character that one might think of as a love interest but I keep wanting to write fanfiction about him and Laura Wingfield, I don't know if I'll ever do that.
6. Rory Williams(Doctor Who): Rory is exactly the kind of guy every girl should want to be with his extremely loyal and he cares about Amy more than everything else in the entire universe. I also love Rory because he's sweet, pretty logical about most everything he sees and he's brave. I pretty much think that if you watched him on Doctor Who you know why I love him.
7. Stefan Salvatore(Vampire Diaries TV): I want to point out that I've only ever seen the tv series and I have no intention of reading the books and I that I know he's not a perfect person and that I don't hate Damon, I just don't think he'd be a good boyfriend. I love Stefan because he wants to be better than he is for himself not just to get someone else's approval. I love Stefan because he listens really well what I mean by this is the times in which he uses Elena's own words in order to get through to her or how at the end of 2.02 he took Elena to go on the ferries wheel because she mentioned earlier in the episode that she want to ride to the top of the ferries wheel and have her boyfriend kiss her. I love that cares about other people and that he protects those that he cares about. I like that he was always pretty good at giving emotional support and letting people make their own choices. I also love that he now wants to get out of the toxic relationships in his life and it makes me sad to know that he'll never succeed. To be honest there's a lot of other reasons I love Stefan as a character but those reasons don't really go with the theme of being a good boyfriend so I'm going to stop now.
8. Augustus Waters(The Fault in Our Stars): I just love the way in which he tries to find the metaphor in everything and that he has a great love for big romantic gestures. I also love that he likes to live for the moment and I just basically love everything about Augustus Waters even his name.
9. W.W. Hale the fifth(Heist Society): I love Hale because he's charming and even though he's rich he'd rather steal an expensive painting than buy one which is something that just makes him all the more interesting to me. I also like that there is a certain loneliness to him when it comes to his family.
10. Cole St.Clair(Wolves of Mercy Falls series): I would never date a guy like Cole because as Cole pretty much tells us that he almost always treats people awfully. But I can't help but be attracted to him because he's both a rock star and scientist because he wants to stop ruining people but he doesn't have clue has to how to do it. I'm attracted to him because he's a wreck, I like that he can come off as arrogant even though he hates himself. I like Cole mostly because he's interesting because he's what you expect but at the same time he isn't.


  1. Hale made my list too! He's one of the good guys. http://wp.me/pzUn5-1sp

  2. I almost put Augustus on my Top10 too! Great list. :)

  3. Charlie is a good one! I didn't really think of him that way until the movie came out and Logan Lerman did such a great job playing him. I have a bit of a crush on Logan so the crush has sort of passed on to the Charlie character as well.

  4. Charlie is on my list too and I love everything you've said about him on this post. It's spot on. Colin Morgan as Merlin is adorable. I used to be Team Arthur but that quickly changed. I also love Doctor Who but I really haven't had a chance to catch up on the Matt Smith seasons yet. But I do have the biggest crush on the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. Hee. :D

  5. Yay Rory!!!!!

    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook