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Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: I feel As Though My Body is on Fire with Ibuki Mugwort(2.11)

    Chihayafuru 2: I feel As Though My Body is on Fire with Ibuki Mugwort(2.11)Review
In this episode Nishida calls out Tsutomu on not playing in matches recently and this upsets him because they all worked so hard together last year to get to where they are now and he's worried that Tsutomu might be loosing his drive to play karuta. Chihaya ends up deciding that Tsutomu shouldn't play in the next match because Dr. Harada had told her before that scouting a match is often times more tiring then playing one.

It shown during the match in this episode how the information that Tsutomu has gather is very important to the team and in fact may be the reason the team win their match. It's also shown that Tsutomu likes to scout because it's what he feels that will best help his team and although he finds matches a bit scary he does still want to play them and he will be playing the match the next game.

While trying to come up with their order for the next game Chihaya even though she wants to play the strongest player on the team tells the team that she is willing to play someone she has a better chance of winning against if it means that the team will end up wining and becoming the best in Japan. While Taichi is filling out the order for their next match he thinks back to their last match against Hokuo and decides that they should play the match straight meaning their best against their opponents best.

I overall really enjoyed this episode and I continue to love how much there is to playing a game of karuta and how much is effects people. Please tell me your thoughts on the next episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Rain Takes Longer to Dry(2.10)

                                Chihayafuru 2: Rain Takes Longer to Dry(2.10)Review
In this episode the karuta team is playing against Yamaguchi Mioka which the public school that is known for being the smartest and the members of that team all specialize in memorization and accuracy. At first during her match Chihaya isn't doing well since her opponent keeps changing around the placement of the cards so she's unable to remember where they are. After awhile Chihaya remembers to take a breath and a step back and stops trying to focus on memorization and instead uses her skills of speed and game sense and ends up winning her match in the end.

Nishida is able to win his match in the end because his karuta society teaches the technique of defensive karuta which is more about protecting your own cards than taking the opponents which makes the moving around of the cards rather ineffective. Kana is able to win her match by focusing on the poems and their history but isn't bothering to remember their positions because there's no meaning behind. Taichi is able to win his match because he also uses the technique of memorization and accuracy but has lately been focusing on the other aspects of karuta such as the physical ones.

Also in this episode the committee is debating whether or not they should let Arata play because while they agree that he should be punished for breaking the rules they also want him to compete because he's one of the few people that has a chance at defeating the current master who is widely disliked for being a bad role model. Arata though insists that he should be punished but when he tells Shinobu that he won't be playing in the individual tournament she goes to the committee and tells them she won't play unless Arata can compete as well.

I really loved this episode for once again showing how karuta can be such an intellectual sport. I'm also really have been enjoying what we've seen of the relationship between Arata and Shinobu. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: My Only Thought(2.09)

                                         Chihayafuru 2: My Only Thought(2.09)Review
This episode starts off with Arata arriving at the karuta tournament where he plans to watch Chihaya and Taichi play but before he enters Shinobu approaches him. Arata and Shinobu have a brief exchange which tells us the two have played many times and Arata was the winner of those matches. Shinobu mentions how she thinks that those who play in team matches don't actually love karuta this is statement that takes Arata by surprise.

Arata ends up running into to some guys which he went to middle school with who's third member of their team, Fukui west, hasn't arrived yet and is stuck in traffic so the boys beg Arata to play with them because they want to have the chance to at least play one match after all the hard work they put into get their. Arata plays the first half of the match with his glasses off in hopes that no one will recognize him. After awhile of thinking about how hard all the players must have worked to get their and how much it meant to all the players to able to play against the best players Arata decides to put on his glasses and play for real.

In the end the team doesn't win their match since all of the players needed to win since they only have three players but Arata by the end of the episode definitely sees that playing as a team doesn't mean that those players love karuta any less than those who aim to be a master someday. Unfortunately for Arata one of his teachers caught him which means according to the rules since Arata doesn't go to Fukui west and isn't registered for the team tournaments he may be band from the individual tournament.

I overall loved this episode I enjoyed how we got to see more of Arata in this episode and I liked how it was shown how some really serious players look down team players but it also shows that they are wrong to and it doesn't really matter how you play as long as you love karuta. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: Revenge: Control(3.05)

                                                   Revenge: Control(3.05)Review
  • I really really hate Aiden and I need him to get off this show he starts off the episode lying to Emily about how he told the Graysons last week that Jack was responsible for Conrad's accident and telling Emily not to try to dig into the truth about who tampered with Conrad's car.
  • I liked that Aiden was able to manipulate Conrad by making him think that he would help him win back Charlotte's love for him because I've always had a soft spot for the Conrad and Charlotte's relationship.
  • I liked that Daniel told Patrick that his dislike of him was unfair and that he apologized for being rude to him.
  • I liked that even though Charlotte rather dislikes Emily at the moment she still has a problem with Victoria constantly trying to destroy Emily's and Daniel's relationship because she doesn't think it's right to destroy Daniel's happiness.
  • I'm a bit confused that Patrick's ex-wife called him about Nolan investigating him because I thought it was said that he abused her so I guess that wasn't true which is a good thing because now I can ship Nolan and Patrick again.
  • I kind of like that trust seems to be such a big thing for Patrick because there are so few people that can trust other people or just not go behind another person's back on this show it's nice to see that someone actually considers looking for dirty secrets in their past to be an invasion of privacy.
  • I hate that Aiden went to Jack and told him that he had to leave town for his own safety because it's so obvious that the only reason that Aiden wants Jack gone is because he's afraid Emily might have feelings for him and that's a really bad reason to try to destroy someone's life, honestly how does Aiden even have fans all he does is unfairly screw over other more important characters.
  • I like that when Emily told Nolan that she was leaving Aiden in charge of investigating Conrad's accident that Nolan mentioned that he didn't think that was a good idea since Aiden always goes rouge and things got really messy the last time she let him be in charge of something.
  • I liked that Victoria pretty much told Aiden that his plan to destroy Jack wasn't going to work for her since she can use him to unnerve Emily and since Aiden was brought in because of Victoria he should be more worried about her opinion than Conrad's.
  • I liked that when Jack founded out that Aiden was someone who worked for Emily that he pointed out that Emily can't even trust the people that she works with which makes me happy because it shows that pretty much everyone else but Emily for some weird reason knows that Aiden is untrustworthy.
  • I liked that Emily yelled at Aiden for interfering with her plans again but I'm disappointed that she's still willing to give him another chance even though he proves time and time again that he's not to be trusted. 
  • I liked the moment that Victoria and Margaux shared where she told her that she should learn how to control powerful men rather than be controlled by them.
  • I like that Daniel wants the magazine to be a success and have Emily at his side because he knows that being apart from his family's business is the only way that their going to last but he also is seeing that Emily doesn't seem committed to their relationship so he thinks it's best they end it.
  • I loved that Emily went to Nolan to talk about how to fix things with Daniel and how he told her that in order for a relationship to work even a fake one she needs to give away a little piece of herself in order to form a bond of trust.
  • I kind of liked that Jack and Margaux got together this episode because I've liked the scenes they've shared together so far.
  • I liked how Charlotte was willing to pretend that she was the one that tried to kill Conrad as long as it would keep Jack safe and I loved that Conrad would be more than willing to forgive Charlotte trying to murder him if it would fix their relationship.
  • I'm only a little surprised that Patrick was the one that actually tried to kill Conrad since he's had enough of motive to but so did a lot of other people.
  • I liked that Emily was able to share a memory with Daniel in order to make sure that her plan stayed on tack.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Book Review: Breadcrumbs

                                                            Breadcrumbs Review
Breadcrumbs is a story about a fifth grade girl named Hazel who doesn't really fit in at school but she does have a best friend Jack who she is extremely close with. One day Jack changes and doesn't want to be friends with Hazel anymore and she can't fathom the idea that they are growing apart and soon learns that Jack was taken by a witch. Hazel then goes on a journey in a fantasy world where everyone gets what they wish for but in the worst possible way she goes in this journey in hopes of saving Jack but in the process learns a lot about herself.

I really enjoyed this book with it's mix of real life situations such as not fitting in or not wanting to have more than one friend or just not being the way people want you to be and I love that these things are in a book that also has part of it set in a fantasy world as well because it makes the book so interesting with having more than one type of story in it. I love that Hazel had to go to the fantasy world in order to appreciate the real world and in order to learn the lessons that people where trying to teacher her back there as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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Fangirl Friday 41

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. American Horror Story: Coven: I'm really loving this season of the show and I think that it's my favorite season of the show so far which doesn't surprise me since I love witches so much. I really loved that Madison was the one that was destined to be the next supreme since she's pretty much my favorite character but I disliked learning this because it gave Fiona a reason to want to go after her since she's pretty power hunger and even became the supreme by killing the supreme before. As much as I hated to see Madison die and I'm pretty much in denial about being dead for good since two characters have already came back from the dead and she's a main character and it's only episode 3 but I really enjoyed how her death scene paralleled Fiona killing the last supreme. I also felt really bad for Cordelia when she learned that Marie Leveau won't do the spell for her because of Fiona who Cordelia doesn't even want to be part of her life.

2. Vampire Diaries: I caught up with the last three episodes of Vampire Diaries and I have to say that season 5 so far is much better than season 4 was like I'm actually almost loving this show again with how good it's been this season so far. I'm surprised by how much I'm actually enjoying Katherine as a human with her still being the same ruthless survivalist that she's always been but it seems also like she's starting to learn that valuing other people might actually help to keep you save. I'm also really loving the witch Qetisya who was in love with Silas but he betrayed her and now she's hell bent on getting her revenge I really love those type of characters and I love that both Silas and Qetisya won't stop until they get what they want. I'm actually really loved that Stefan lost his memories because it led to some Stefan and Damon bonding which I always love and we hardly got any last season which really disappointed me. There was also some lovely moments of Stefan and Elena recreating some of their important moments and also it was stated that Stefan and Elena are soulmates so I'm sure they'll find their way back to each other eventually. I also really loved that Stefan was allowed to pretty much be done with Damon and Elena because of their major betrayal which is their relationship, I really loved this because Stefan got so screwed over the last two seasons by them but he hasn't been allowed to be anger with them. There was also a few Stefan and Caroline moments that I also really loved as well.
3. Revenge: While this week's episode wasn't my favorite it had some good moments in it such as Conrad theatrically revealing that he doesn't have Huntington's  disease and Victoria's reaction to this was basically perfect. I'm also really enjoying the whole Emily and Jack working together without actually being friends or allies even  a lot more than I expected that I would. I also really enjoy Nolan I'm unsure about how I feel about his relationship with Patrick at the moment since there was some not good information revealed about his past.

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Manga Review: Chibi Vampire Vol. 1

                                                      Chibi Vampire Vol. 1Reviw
This series is about a young strange vampire named Karin Maaka who is considered odd by vampire standards because rather than sucking people's blood she produces excess amount of blood and gives it to people instead and she also likes sunlight better than the dark which allows her to go to school like a regular person. Karin has had a relatively peaceful school life until a new student Kenta Usui transfers into her class and for some reason her blood seems to act up around him. Karin ends up acting very strangely around Kenta which leaves him a bit confused by her and when he sees Karin giving her blood to a business man he assumes that she's a prostitute but doesn't want to say anything to her because it's not his place to judge but when he does say something about it Karin would rather admit that she was a vampire than have him think that.

Karin first decides that way to solve the problem Kenta making her blood react strangely is to avoid him but this is pretty much impossible since he's both in her class and works with her. One day since Karin was unable to insert blood into a person she ends up having a really big nose bleed and it just so happens to occur in front of Kenta who she tells him that she has a medical condition and she begs him not to tell anyone about this he agrees to this even though he's never heard of a medical condition like this.

After the embarrassing nose bleed incident Karin avoids going to school for a long time which starts to worry her parents and eventually they force her older brother Ren to explain to her how each vampire has a certain type of blood that their attracted to. It's also explained during this part that sucking a person's blood also benefits the person as well as the vampire which I found to be a very interesting concept. Also in this section Karin unknowingly meets Kenta's mom who was sexually harassed by her boss which unfortunately happens a lot with her and she has gotten her fired because it and in the end Karin ends up giving her blood to her and discovers that the kind of blood she's attracted to is misfortune. Kenta saw that Karin did something odd to his mom but isn't sure what so he's suspicious of her and Karin has decided that to solve her problem with Kenta she will just make sure he's happy.

I really loved this volume I thought it was a great start to the series and while I didn't mention it above I really that Kenta is a character that has a bit of scary face but is actually a nice guy and I also love Karin's little sister Anju who we don't see a whole lot of this volume. I also thought that the artwork was very nice as well. Please tell me your thoughts about this volume.

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Vampires

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving TV and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
Since it's getting close to Halloween I thought that it was a good idea to make a list of my favorite vampires.
1. Caroline Forbes(Vampire Diaries): I really love Caroline because of her positive attitude that she is able to keep even though her life is pretty much a nightmare and I love that we got to see her transition into being a vampire and I loved that being a vampire didn't really change who she was but more gave her confidence in herself that she lacked as a human.
2. Rebekah Mikaelson(Vampire Diaries): One of the main reasons I love Rebekah is because even though she has been around a thousand years she hasn't really lived at all and all she really wants is to be able to have a normal human life which is why she so badly wants to go to high school or fall in love because those are part of the life she'll never be able to have but longs for so desperately. I also love that Rebekah is very into vengeance although Rebekah does get screwed over a lot she's always able to find  a way to get her revenge which is something I quite admire about her.
3. Angel/Angelus(Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel): I love Angel because there's a lot of duality with him and his Angelus persona, I like that Angel is the very heroic character who does all the good he can to make up for his past sins although that's not say he doesn't still have a dark side since he does, but I also really love the Angelus side of his personality that is pretty much pure evil and thinks murder as his art and I love how much he enjoys psychological torture as well. I also really loved seeing in the show Angel that Angel is actually a huge dork that is extremely socially awkward that wasn't something you'd expect out of him from only watching Buffy but it's something I love about him.
4. Darla(Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel): I love Darla because she so very evil but she also has a lot of depth to her with how we know so much about her past and I pretty much love her because she's kind of exactly what I think a female vampire should be like.
5. Karin Maaka(Chibi Vampire): I really love Karin because she's such an odd vampire in that she gives people blood rather than drinks and actually likes the sunlight and other things that goes against not only vampire lore in general but also the rules of the other vampires in the series. I also really love that she's such a teenage girl and has to deal with so many embarrassing situations.

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TV Review: Reign: Pilot(1.01)

                                                           Reign: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I liked that it was told that Mary had met Frances as a child and that she lived at court along with her ladies in waiting for a time.
  • I find it interesting that Mary had to live in a convent for most of her childhood in order to keep her safe from people trying to kill her and that she was almost poisoned at the beginning of the pilot which is why she left fro French court.
  • I liked that Mary is worried about going to live at French court and that while she does hope that she and Frances could love one another she knows that it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
  • I like that Frances and Sebastian seem to get along despite Sebastian being a bastard as well as the favored son.
  • I liked how this show acknowledges that royal marriages are one that aren't found on love and therefore the king as well as Frances have women that their sleeping with who aren't their wife or betrothed.
  • I liked how when Nostradamus asks Catherine if the reason she's worried about Mary is because she's young and beautiful that Catherine threatens to have him beheaded.
  • I liked the scene where Mary and Frances meet for the first time again when Mary is very sweet and awkward as she rambles on and compliments Frances.
  • I'm curious about how and why Mary will lead to Frances's death and if it isn't going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy on Catherine's part.
  • I really enjoy the relationship that Mary has with her ladies in waiting they all seem to really like each other and be real friends at least for most of the episode which was nice to see.
  • I liked that Frances wanted to have the skill of being able to make knives because he wanted to have a skill that he earned rather than inherited.
  • I liked how when Frances talked about Frances being in trouble someday that Mary told him if that ever happened she would protect him.
  • I thought that Frances was very rude and mean to Mary when she came to his room.
  • I liked the scene between Mary and Sebastian where he tells her that she can't go into the woods and he notices she is upset and she tells him a bit about what Frances done to upset her. I really like Sebastian so far and his scenes with Mary.
  • I'm curious about what's in the woods because it's implied to be something that's pretty dangerous.
  • I find the storyline about Lola's boyfriend Colin being forced into by Catherine to poison and rape Mary in order to make her unfit to marry Frances and how he was then beheaded for his attempted to be pretty sad and pretty screwed up.
  • I'm curious if ghosts exist in this show and if it was a ghost that warned Mary not to drink the wine.
  • I found the whole thing when people watched just married royals have sex for the first time to be pretty creepy.
  • I thought it was pretty creepy that the king hooked up with Kenna one of Mary's ladies in waiting.
  • I like that when Frances was telling Mary that he basically doesn't want to marry her and doesn't think an alliance with Scotland is what's best for France Mary called him out on being to afraid to at least try to make things work and  she pointed out that he isn't the only one with a country to think about.
  • I found it really sad that after Mary failed to save Colin Lola basically told Mary that she wasn't really friends with her ladies in waiting since they are her subjects and she puts everyone in danger by being near them.
  • I liked the scene where Sebastian that tells Mary that she wasn't alone here and that he wasn't talking about her friends.
  • I'm glad that Frances seems to be willing to at least try to make things work with Mary while they're engaged.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Mercy(3.04)

                                                        Revenge: Mercy(3.04)Review
  • I liked how Patrick suggested to Victoria that she just sell of her art collection and that they'd leave the Hamptons together when she told him about how Conrad was going to ruin her and her family's life.
  • I liked how we saw that Emily was saddened by Paul's death and since it was because of her plan that he was in the car with Conrad she must also feel a bit guilty since he truly was a good man.
  • I liked the scene that Emily and Patrick had in the hospital because he didn't seem on the attack with her like he usually probably because he could see she was upset. I also liked that Emily after hearing that Patrick wasn't allowed in Conrad's room pretty much told him that was a sign that wasn't room for him in the Graysons lives.
  • I'm not surprised that after the crash that Conrad no longer wants to confess to his crime but that really must disappoint Emily.
  • I feel bad for Emily in the scene where she has to recap what she saw when she first arrived at the scene of the crash and she has no way to know if Conrad is lying about not being the driver and it must be especially awful for Emily to have Conrad call her his guardian angel since she'd rather he would have died.
  • I find it interesting that Charlotte is still willing to be Emily's maid of honor even though she's not getting along with Emily at all right now.
  • I liked seeing how pissed Emily was the next day when she was recapping the what happened with Conrad because she believed that he was going to get away with murder.
  • I liked that Nolan brought up the possibility that the reason that Conrad would crash the car would be because of Emily's poisoning although Emily seems sure that's not the case because she gave him a lower dose the day before.
  • I liked how Victoria decided to use her history of working with selling art to get a job at a high end art gallery because even if she doesn't like the idea of having a job at least she knows how to get one that she likes.
  • I totally understood why Emily was furious about Daniel giving a statement to the police for her and even without all of the revenge plotting she's doing it's completely understandable why she would be anger with him going behind her back like that and just plain breaking the law. I liked how Emily got back at Daniel with bringing up his DUI and basically passive aggressively telling him to be a better man.
  • I liked how when Patrick asked Nolan if he understood the whole not feeling like you fit in someplace that Nolan said that's pretty much the story of his life.
  • I liked how Nolan decided to look into Patrick's past by first stealing his wallet and then when he couldn't find enough information from that after debating with himself for awhile decided to temporarily lift his self imposed ban on using computers.
  • I liked how when Emily accidently let it slip to Jack that Conrad was getting away with murder that Jack wanted to be able to do something to make sure Conrad gets what he deserves but then Emily told him to stay out of it.
  • I kind of like that Jack is sort of helping Emily out with the whole finding proof to make sure that Conrad will pay but not because he wants to help her but because they share a similar goal.
  • I liked that Emily told Nolan about Jack holding the evidence that could proof that Conrad is a murder that Nolan was upset that Jack was caught up in Emily's schemes and that Emily told him right away that Jack involved himself.
  • I liked that Charlotte seemed genuinely proud that Victoria decided to get a real job because I feel like that is something to be proud of not mocked for like every other character seems to be doing.
  • I was quite surprised that Patrick had a history of being a abusive and I'm now wondering what kind of scheme Nolan is up to with getting involved with Patrick when he knows he's potentially dangerous.
  • I'm actually really enjoying Emily and Jack working together in this episode because while he may not be doing things exactly how she wants him to it makes sense why he isn't and he does actually keep her well informed like with how he told her the breaks were tampered with.
  • I liked that Emily can't trust Aiden enough not to have to ask him if he was the one that tampered with Conrad's breaks.
  • I liked how theatrically Conrad revealed that he doesn't actually have Huntington's disease and I liked that Victoria seemed to just be annoyed by this news. Emily seemed awful angry about this reveal even though she had to know that it was only a matter of time before Conrad learned the truth.
  • I feel bad for Daniel because it seems like he's finally starting to realize that Emily doesn't actually love him.
  • I liked that Victoria and Patrick worked together to make sure that Victoria would be the owner of the gallery.
  • I dislike how Aiden decided to tell the Graysons that Jack tried to kill Conrad simple because he was jealous of the possibility that Emily has feelings for him, Aiden is just a character that I really hate because he always makes things harder for Emily and is incredibly petty.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Eye Spy(1.04)

                                                Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Eye Spy(1.04)Review
  • The opening scene of this episode is pretty creepy with all the guys with red masks and their hands being handcuffed to briefcases and that Akela taking out of all of them and cutting one of the guys hand off in order to get the case.
  • I liked how when Fitz was showing Ward the new gun for shooting this sleep agent that Ward seemed kind of offend that Fitz suggested that he might not hit the target on the first time so Simmons says it would also help in the case of multiple attackers.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that in Skye's weapons training that she says bang when she fires the gun and that she confuses the safety and magazine switch or trigger I don't know a lot about guns.
  • I like how Skye likes to hang out in one of the vans on the plane when she wants to have some me time because it reminds her of her own van.
  • I liked how Coulson actually went to Skye in order to use her skill set to help figure out who or how all the robberies where happening.
  • I liked that Coulson was so invested in helping Akela and giving her a second chance even though he had good reason to believe that she betrayed him and S.H.I.E.L.D in general during her last mission.
  • I liked how Skye suggested that Akela could be using ESP or something like that and every time that some tells her that there's no data that confirms it's existence that Skye points out that no one use to believe in aliens which are real in this world.
  • I liked the scene where Skye calls Ward about where she should pee and he tries to tell her to do it in the water bottle she mentions how girls and boys have different parts I just found that scene funny.
  • I found the whole Akela having a camera in her eye and being controlled by some creepy secret organization that watches her every move to be really scary.
  • I liked how Skye told Coulson that she trusts Coulson's judgment on whether or not Akela deserves a second chance because he's the first person in a long time that took an interest in Skye.
  • I liked how May pointed out to Coulson that he was trying to protect Akela and the expense of his current team and that once May knew Akela's location she went to her in order to bring her into S.H.I.E.L.D. without informing Coulson because she felt he was too emotionally attached.
  • I found the eye thing even more disturbing when it was revealed that Akela has a kill switch in her eye that will go off if she doesn't complete her mission and I'm glad that the team was able to send a different feed to the people control her long enough in order to get the kill switch removed from her head.
  • I liked how Ward was to where glasses that where sending the feed to the people watching Akela and I liked that Skye was helping him out with giving him advice which he claimed he didn't need.
  • I enjoyed the part where Skye removed the wire from Ward's glasses and he got all ticklish and she teased him about it. Also liked that she kept having to remind him not to look at her.
  • I found the part where Ward got a message where he was told to seduce the guard he asked Skye for help right away and after they decided that he wasn't the guard's type Skye told him to bromance the guy which failed but at least he tried before he knocked the guy out.
  • I liked that both Simmons and Fitz had to work together to remove Akela's eye because it was a combination of biology and machinery. I also liked that they removed the eye just in time.
  • I found it interesting that Akela's handler was in the same position that she was in and I'm curious about if we'll ever find out anymore about this organization.
  • I find it interesting that Akela kept saying that Coulson was different in some way that indicated that she wasn't talking about his personality but something else.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Asset(1.03)

                                    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Asset(1.03)Review
  • In this episode the team has to rescue a scientist Franklin Hall who had been taken from a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport by unseen attackers.
  • I liked how Ward had started training Skye and how Skye really wasn't into the whole physical training aspect of it.
  • I liked how Fitz and Simmons knew Franklin because he was a former professor of theirs so they were really upset to hear that he was kidnapped.
  • I find the whole idea of gravitonium a substance that almost know no believed exist that can be used as a power source and has control over the world's gravity to be very interesting and a bit scary considering that a really tiny model of it was able to flip over a semi truck.
  • I found it really interesting that Quinn the man who took Franklin was someone who he was once friends with and that the two of them actually developed the theory of gravitonium together and that Quinn needed Franklin order to make sure a full size model of his machine worked.
  • I liked how when the team was trying to figure out how to get past Quinn's security that Fitz suggested that they use a monkey and from Simmons response it seems like it wasn't the first time he suggested something like this which I just find hilarious.
  • I liked how Skye was quickly with able to get herself an invitation to Quinn's extremely exclusive party so that she could be the team's inside guy.
  • I liked that Ward seemed to be most concern about Skye on the mission because he was worried about her safety more than her loyalty and I liked that when he mentioned to Coulson that none of his tactics seem to help with making Skye take training seriously that Coulson told him to treat her like a person rather than an operative.
  • I liked how in this episode Coulson didn't make May see combat in this episode but not being in the field is something that led to her by the end of the episode telling Coulson that she would rather by in the field where she is able to do something than somewhere where she can't.
  • I found Ward's story about how his older brother use to beat him and that he learned to fight in order to protect himself and his little brother to be pretty sad.
  • I liked that Skye seemed to do pretty well with the whole being undercover as a party guest because I think that was an area where she can be useful in.
  • I found it interesting that Quinn only extended an invite to Skye in order to ask her to work with him.
  • I liked how when Skye was caught by Quinn that she revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. was listening in order for him to bring her to exactly where she needed to be and that while she acted like she was betraying the team she was just using that possibility of a betrayal to distract Quinn while she completed her mission.
  • I liked how when Quinn called S.H.I.E.L.D. big brother that Skye said they were the nice big brother that protected people while clearly thinking about Ward's story from earlier.
  • I liked how even though Skye was able to take the gun from Quinn she wasn't able to pull the trigger and instead used it as an opportunity to escape.
  • I liked the twist that Franklin was the one that leaked the information about his transport in order to get Quinn to take him so he would have the chance to destroy Quinn and his gravitonuim machine before he or anyone else could use it to hurt anyone.
  • I liked how Coulson tried to talk Franklin out of sinking the island but in the end he couldn't so he used Franklin to stop the gravitionuim and save the rest of the people on the island's life.
  • I'm curious if the reason that Coulson doesn't seem to have good muscle memory with gun is because he got a new body unknowingly or not.
  • I liked that the gravitionuim is being locked away from everyone so that no one can abuse that kind of power.
  • I liked how Skye opened up about her past and how wanting and loosing something hurts more than never wanting anything in the first place to Ward and I like that she decided that she wants to be an agent.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Which Shines Over Mount Mikasa(2.08)

                           Chihayafuru 2: Which Shines over Mount Mikasa(2.08)Review
In this episode it's the start of the team tournaments and everyone is really focused on winning the team tournament and the individual match is pretty far out of everyone's minds at the moment. Tsukuba is really excited with being at this special karuta place is taking lots of pictures which embarrassed Sumire but does nothing to dampen Tsukuba's enthusiasm although the thought that he won't be able to start does. To Tsukuba's surprise he learns that he is a starter and while the rest of the team is playing Tsutomu and Sumire will be scouting the other teams.

The team ends up playing Chiba which has a team of all foreigners which intimidates the team in all kinds of different ways with Tsukuba being freaked out since he's never encountered foreigners before, Kana being upset that they are wearing kimonos when they're not, Nishida wondering if they can even understand Japanese and Chihaya just being happy that people from all around the world are loving karuta. The members of Chiba's team end up talking in English to freak them out but this back fires when Taichi points out in English as well that their pronunciation is bad which leads the Chiba team to admitting they are foreigners who grew up in Japan and fell in love with karuta which helps the team calm down a bit.

The team ends up doing varying levels of okay and not very good but once Chihaya tells the rest of the team to focus on getting one card at a time their game improves by a lot and the team ends up taking a bunch of cards at the same time and win their match. In the end the Chiba team after loosing their match at first feel like they lost their right to play karuta but after seeing the karuta teams message about playing another match they realize that competitive karuta is hard but fun and they would like to continue playing it. I overall really enjoyed this episode that once again expressed the theme that karuta can be enjoyed by many different people in many different ways. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Confession(3.03)

                                                Revenge: Confession(3.03)Review
  • I liked that Conrad's guilty conscious was making him dream about Charlotte trying to kill him because it shows how much Charlotte's opinion of him matters to him.
  • I really enjoy the Conrad and Emily scenes because I like that he sees what Emily doing as a kindness and is actually confiding in her while she subtly manipulates him, this relationship is one we haven't seen much of in the past so it's nice to see now.
  • I liked how when Emily explained how she needed Paul for her plan against Conrad that Nolan brings up again how she shouldn't have taken Paul down and that Emily's just kind of annoyed to be reminded of that.
  • I feel like I'm enjoying Margaux much more than I'm suppose to be because I really love how determined she was to get Nolan on the cover of her magazine because she sensed that there was a story there and I loved that she didn't back down no matter what argument that Daniel made.
  • I continue to love that Victoria thinks that Aiden's an untrustworthy person because he is in general and that she is always questioning him and his motives.
  • I like that it was mentioned that Jack took in Charlotte and that Charlotte sees Jack and Carl as family because I'm just happy that despite Jack's hatred for the Graysons he's still kind to Charlotte.
  • I liked Charlotte setting Jack up with Margaux because she feels like Jack has stopped living his life and that she wants him to do something for himself, I'm just really enjoying the relationship between Charlotte and Jack so far this season.
  • I was a little worried about Emily revealing herself to Paul with only slight lies about her motives for vengeance because Paul easily could have turned on her but I'm really happy that he didn't.
  • I liked that before Victoria planted seeds of doubt in his head that Daniel trusted Emily enough not to feel the need to ask about her plans while staying in the city overnight even though he's right to distrust her.
  • I understand why Daniel is frustrated that Emily kept things from him but I think she did a good job giving him reasonable explanations to his question.
  • I liked how Nolan seemed to flirted with Patrick and invited him to his party without even knowing that he was Victoria's son and I liked how you could tell that he was worried about what he just did after he found out who he was. I also loved that he went over to Emily's to tell her about accidently inviting Patrick to his party right after it happened.
  • I liked how Emily was able to in one short visit get Victoria to attend the party and reveal that Patrick met Nolan.
  • I like how Victoria now knows that Emily and Nolan are a team and advises Patrick to stay clear of both of them.
  • I liked the way in which Paul convinces Conrad to confess by telling him that it's the way in which to make things up to his children.
  • I kind of like the idea of Margaux and Jack as a couple but I'm pretty sure I'm not suppose to.
  • I dislike that Aiden and Emily are back to interacting because that was pretty much the biggest problem I had with the show last year but so far it's not bothering me much.
  • I liked how Emily used Victoria trying to destroy her relationship with Daniel as a way to reveal Victoria was broke.
  • I liked how Patrick showed up at Nolan's place after the party was finished to tell him that he's not letting the bad relationship between Emily and Victoria affect his opinion of Nolan, I'm kind of shipping Nolan and Patrick at the moment because I've liked the scenes they had in this episode.
  • I liked how Paul advised Emily that she should learn to forgive because keeping grudges doesn't lead to anything good.
  • I dislike that Victoria decided to work with Aiden because I really enjoyed seeing how much she distrusts him.
  • I think it makes a lot of sense from Daniel's point of view to put in a security system in Emily's house considering that Aiden's obsessed with Emily and had tried to kill Daniel which is a really good reason for Daniel worry about Aiden possibly becoming violent with Emily.
  • I'm disappointed that Aiden was actually working with Emily although as always he went against her plans and made things harder for herself. I'm glad that Emily and Aiden aren't having romantic relationships anymore though.
  • I'm sad that Paul died and I wonder who and how the car was crashed, I'm guessing Victoria was involved but I don't how things ended up the way they did.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top 7 Best/Worst Series Ending

I have this problem where I start a lot of series but I often don't finish them even if I only have one book left of a series so this list is a bit short.
1. Cardcaptor Sakura: I really love the last volume of this series because it deals with all the romantic relationships in the series but it does so in such a thoughtful way and I really love that this volume takes the time to have Sakura sort out her feels and I love we had little glimpses of all the couples of the series in  this volume. I really love how sweet and happy the ending to this series was because it was really the perfect ending for this series.
2. Fruits Basket: I really love this ending because it feels more like it's an ending of a dark chapter in most of the characters life but at the same time it's also the beginning of the rest of their lives and I love this feeling because it's one that is filled with hope of a better tomorrow but at the same time it's kind of bittersweet because there's a lot of damage that was done that can never be undone. I just really loved that in this ending most characters were in a good place or at least were heading to a good place.
3. The Last Olympian: I really loved this ending because it was one that was exciting with it's big battles but also sad with it's deaths and I just felt like this series ended in the way it should end. I also really loved seeing all the major characters from the first four books appear in this one and I like that Percy and Annabeth finally got together as well.
4. Tokyo Babylon: The last volume of this series is completely heartbreaking and it's incredible well written in my opinion. There is pretty much nothing happy that happens in this volume and it indicates that nothing happy will ever happen to Subaru again and this volume is one that just makes me sob and I love it for that because this is a case were a sad ending was the right choice to make because it was the only ending the series could logically have.
5. Extras: I just really love this book even more than I loved the first three books because I love Aya more than I loved Tally because Tally was always backstabbing people. I also like seeing the after affects of everything that happened in the first three books.

1. Breaking Dawn: This book is just really terrible but I especially hate it for the whole vampire baby which makes no sense no matter how you try to explain since there is no signs of magic in Twilight world and the name Renesme is terrible and the whole imprinting on a baby is just plain creepy.
2. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: This ending isn't so much bad as it is confusing and disappointing there was a lot that happened in the last couple of chapters and there was no time to explain it and the series just felt incomplete to me, like I think this series could have easily been at least five volumes longer. So I mostly dislike this ending but it doesn't really make sense to me honestly I'm confused about how the main character wasn't erased from existence since both his parents were.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Sin(3.02)

                                                         Revenge: Sin(3.02)Review
  • I kind of loved that Victoria wasn't believing Aiden because in my opinion Aiden has always seemed like the least trustworthy person on the show and that's saying a lot considering how untrustworthy everyone on this show is so I'm glad that she's demanding proof.
  • While I do hate Aiden for once again betraying Emily I'm not surprised by it because he has done it many times before and I'd rather he be her enemy so she can just destroy him. Although I kind of do like that Aiden mentioned that Emily is working together with Nolan because I have always thought that it was super weird that Victoria has never suspected that Nolan is helping Emily out considering she has always been super suspicious of Emily and she spends a lot of time with Nolan and those two are often seen whispering to each other in public.
  • I liked that at the beginning of the episode it was shown that Charlotte was genuinely concerned about Conrad's well being and that Conrad appreciated her looking out for him because I've always enjoyed that those two really loved each other despite how horrible Conrad could be.
  • I kind of liked the idea of Daniel helping out Margaux with her the launch of her magazine that has a lot to with more culture things which is closer to what Daniel actually wanted to do with his life(poetry) than working with his father ever was.
  • I loved that when Emily decided that it was too risky to keep the infinity box in her home that she gave it to Nolan for safe keeping because I always love it when she shows how much she trust him because trust isn't something Emily gives easily.
  • I like that Emily actually planned another takedown so quickly considering there were so few last season although this one played out a lot differently than the usual takedown.
  • I found it interesting that Paul Witley who was a sliver tongued lawyer who was able to convince the jury of David Clarke's guilt but after the trial Paul felt so much guilt about what he had done he decided to seek forgiveness and become a priest, I also really enjoyed that his remorse was genuine.
  • I like that Charlotte went over to visit Carl and I like that Jack despite his hatred of anything or anyone Grayson didn't try to make her leave because he knows that she really loves Carl and that she really did love Declan and Amanda.
  • I really think that Margaux should try to be more subtle about how much she wants Daniel considering with Emily actually had really feelings for Daniel after that dinner they had she would have made sure that they wouldn't work together it's really lucky for her that Emily is just using him.
  • I liked how Charlotte was able to figure out that Emily betrayed her trust because I like that Charlotte is much more capable of figuring things out this season.
  • I kind of loved that Nolan baked some muffins and I don't really have a good reason as to why I love it as much as I do.
  • I liked how when Nolan couldn't find anything that Paul has done wrong in the past that he told Emily that he doesn't think she should go through with her plans because he isn't one of the people who deserves it and I like that he wonder how Emily could expect to be forgive if she goes after those kind of people as well and I loved that Emily says that she doesn't expect to be forgiven.
  • I kind of loved how Victoria probably thought she being all smooth and welcoming by regifting him the muffins that Emily gave the Grayson's earlier but she's really not because he's the one that baked them which makes me find the whole thing hilarious.
  • I don't really get why Victoria decided that Nolan is up to something based off the conversation they had considering he didn't say or do anything even remotely incriminating.
  • I think it's a bit odd that Victoria seemed to expect Patrick's meeting with the rest of the Grayson family would go smoothly although I kind of loved Conrad telling Patrick that it was Victoria that sent Frank to make sure that he stayed away not Conrad. Although that didn't seem to damage the relationship between Victoria and Patrick much.
  • I kind of love that Emily plans to just keep poisoning Conrad all season in order to make him think that he really has Huntington's disease.
  • I liked how Daniel was confused by why he still cares about his parents despite the fact that he knows their both terrible people and I  kind of liked how Emily told him it was because their family.
  • I really loved how Nolan tried to get through to Emily that in the case of some people who wronged her father she should forgive them rather than seek vengeance against them and I liked how he even read a passage from her father's journal. I also liked when Emily started question whether or not Nolan loved her father that he reply he does but he also loves her, which I really love because he says it so easily.
  • While I was sad that when Nolan tried to make her forgive Emily told him that she didn't want him involved in her plans any longer I wasn't exactly surprised because she has never reacted well when he tries to make her less her vengeance.
  • I felt sad for Charlotte that she felt responsible she was the one that was responsible for Declan's death and I'm glad that Jack told her about Conrad's role in it because that would at least relieve some of her guilt.
  • I liked that in the end that after talking to Paul and seeing that he is now a good person that Emily ended up regretting her decision to destroy him and that she actually tried to stop it.
  • I liked the conversation that Emily had with Conrad towards the end of the episode about Paul and I liked how what Emily got from that conversation was that Paul may be able to get Conrad to confess.
  • I'm confused about how Emily buying Nolan a house is proof that they were trying to destroy the Grayson's considering  that Emily has more then enough of her own money to buy her friend a house if she feels like it.
  • I like that by the end of the episode Emily and Nolan had made up and that Emily admitted to him that he was right about Paul.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: They All Exchange Hellos and Goodbyes at the Gates of Osaka(2.07)

Chihayafuru 2: They All Exchange Hellos and Goodbyes at the Gates of Osaka(2.07)Review
This episode starts off with Chihaya feeling bad that she lost her match at regionals especially since her loss meant the whole teams loss. Chihaya sister isn't receiving a lot of positive feedback about her work which is upsetting her so she projects those feelings on to Chihaya and tells her that maybe she just doesn't have the talent for karuta luckily this doesn't seem to influence Chihaya's dedication to karuta at all.

In this episode after realizing that band simply doesn't have the space to store their instruments the karuta team decided that it will only be fair that can use the rooms above their club room. Chihaya does this partially because she hopes that supporting other clubs will lead to other clubs supporting the karuta club if they ever need it. Towards the end of the episode the band comes and play a song to thank the karuta club for allowing them to use the space which touches them all since it's so very rare that anyone outside of karuta appreciates karuta.

Also in this episode Chihaya's mom decides that Chihaya should have her own kimono since she usually competes in one and she knows that Chihaya is very dedicated to karuta. Chihaya's mom feels guilty about not paying enough attention to Chihaya's karuta dreams since she's always so focused on her older daughter's career. Chihaya tells her mom that she knows that her mom wasn't ignoring her.

The episode ends with the karuta club going off to nationals and getting ready to compete. On the night before the team tournament Chihaya calls Arata and asking him if she'll be seeing him there this year and he tells her she will by only during the individual matches since his school doesn't have a karuta team. Chihaya tells him that he should make his own but Arata is only interested in achieving his own individual goals.

I overall really enjoyed this episode even though it felt very much like a transition episode it was still really good. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: To Set the Tatsuta River Ablaze(2.06)

                          Chihayafuru 2: To Set the Tatsuta River Ablaze(2.06)Review
This episode starts pretty much where the last one ends with Chihaya making her come back and Harada notes that Chihaya had been focusing on her accuracy for the first half of the match and is now using her speed to take cards. Chihaya's opponent is confused by how Chihaya is able to take cards before he even hears the first syllable which is something that confuses even Sudo is how she's able to hear the sound before the card is read.

After awhile Chihaya, Taichi, Kana and Tsutomu find themselves all in luck of the draw matches and since Hukou has more experience playing as a team they have strategy for this type of situation called splitting their cards which will allow for at least two of their players to win as long as they protect their card which would mean they would be the winners since they already have one win. Chihaya once she sees the situation decides that she's going to take the card no matter which one is read which leads to Taichi to following her lead and doing the same.

Taichi ends up winning his match against Retro when he makes a fault that was mostly brought on by how nervous he felt by Taichi's determination to win the card no matter what. In the end Chihaya and her opponent end up touching the card at the same time and they both moved so fast that no one could tell who got to the card first but Chihaya knew that they got to the card at the same time but Hokou ends up winning because the card was on the opponents side.The match was the most fun that Chihaya has ever had but it was also her hardest loss. In the end Tsukuba, his brothers and Sumire all decide to join Dr. Harada's karuta society after the tournament has finished.

I overall loved this episode the matches were really intense with how close they all became because of the whole luck of the draw situation and I also liked how Harada mentioned that there was more to win a luck of the draw situation then just luck. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Be As Dear Now, Those Were the Good Old Days(2.05)

            Chihayafuru 2: Be As Dear Now, Those Were the Good Old Days(2.05)Review
The karuta club is preparing to play their final match of the tournament which will be against Hukuo which is the team that they beat last year to win. Since both teams will be going to nationals this Hukuo's president wants to take things easy and since Retro has always been able to predict the order of the opposing team using this information to unfairly match their players should make a win easy. Sumire reports to the team that she heard Hukuo's president saying that winning matches against Taichi, Kana and Tsutomu should be easy which is something that only causes them to become more determined to win their matches.

Huoko's president is very upset to learn that Retro lied to them about the order he predicted because he wanted them to beat the team fairly because that will prove that they are the best. Hukuo team has extra pressure put on them in their match because their former president Sudo is the one that will be the reader for the final match. Chihaya ends up not doing to well in her match because she is focusing so much on trying to make her method of taking cards similar to Shinobu which is something that her opponent notices and since he isn't one that seems to think himself capable of defeating someone like Shinobu he doesn't get why Chihaya would be so focus on the distant goal of beating her but he does use her concentration on copying a technique to his advantage to be the one winning their current match.

Kana ends up doing very well in her match in large part due to how good of a reader that Sudo is because he has nearly perfect rhythm which is something that helps Kana out a lot because of how much she focuses on the poetry part of karuta. Kana's opponent is very surprised by Kana's skill and that she can move so well despite the size of her boobs which her opponent is far to focus on but Kana in her thoughts reveal that a kimono is something that allows her to move so well. Nishida ends up loosing his match which adds a lot of pressure to the rest of the team since they thought they could count on his win. Chihaya add the end of the episode starts trying to emulate the current master's style rather than Shinobu's which leads to her starting to make a come back.

I really loved this episode and how it dealt with the idea that even if winning may not be something that needs to be done to advance it doesn't mean that won shouldn't try their best to win. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: To Tell the People in the Capitals That I Make for the Islands(2.04)

  Chihayafuru 2: To Tell the People in the Capitals That I Make for the Islands(2.04)Review
In this episode the karuta club are playing against a group that was coached by a player that made it to the master's match the year before and since the club wasn't really established until a few months ago they were totally off the team's radar. Dr. Harada ends up coming to the tournament at this point to cheer on the club along with some other members from his society before arriving at the match Harada notices with the way that Taichi is playing he should be a class A player by now and the other members who have seen him compete in tournaments mention that Taichi just has really bad luck and never catches a break when he needs one.

Before the match starts the person playing Chihaya flirts with her which freaks her out and Taichi gets anger about this because he knows that this is a tactic to get in her head but what he doesn't realize is that part of the reason their coach told him to use that tactic is because while it will initially freak Chihaya out he knows that she'll be fine once she starts playing but it will be something that would hurt Taichi's focus. During the tournament the reader that they have is taking longer pauses then he should which messes up the rhythm and it's something that really bothers Kana but Taichi tells her to listen to her own rhythm which does help her concentration improve but this and several other instances shows how Taichi divided attention with him paying so close attention to his teammates is causing him to do poorly in his own match.

It's focused on in this episode how Taichi does have actually really good skills when it comes to karuta but when he does badly in a match he doesn't think that what he lacks in is luck but rather skill which causes him to doubt himself and then he ends up doing badly in the match. The air conditioning vent above the karuta club is broken which causes the room to be very hot and effects their concentration especially Taichi but after Taichi asks up a towel and receives many including one from Chihaya he realizes that he has to focus all his attention on his match which causes him to make a come back. In the end he wins his match due in large part to his amazing memorization skills that allowed him to take the card on the first syllable.

This episode did a great job on focusing on how Taichi seems to always manage to psych himself out during his matches and how most of the time he's his own worse enemy. I loved this episode, please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Feel Love Deepen(2.03)

                                        Chihayafuru 2: Feel Love Deepen(2.03)Review
In this episode karuta club compete in the regional team high school championship for the second time. At first the karuta club were just going to use the five original members to compete but after Tsukuba tries to change the order on the sheet and Tsutomu realizes how much Tsukuba wants to play and he relates to Tsukuba's feelings because last year he also didn't feel like he was needed there so Tsutomu decides to add Sumire to the match against an all male team that seems to go easy on females and Tsukuba to another match against a vocally aggressive school.

Sumire is very frightened by having to compete in a match because she had assumed that she would just be watching the matches that day but it turns out that after her opponent lets her get a few cards solely because he thinks she's pretty she starts to get serious about taking cards especially after seeing that Chihaya had won her match by not letting her opponent take a single card from her. During this match while watching Chihaya play Tsukuba and his brothers who came to watch him, all decide that Chihaya is really cool and after Tsukuba has a conversation with Tsutomu about why he allowed the new members to play and tells him he's sure that Tsukuba since he has the talent and the passion will start winning matches and Tsukuba decides that Tsutomu is also cool.

During his match Tsukuba ends up not doing very well and he starts to feel like a fool because he was so confident about karuta which is the only thing that he is confident about and he's embarrassed that he can't even take one card  it is especially bad for him because he's making a fool out of himself in front of his little brothers who worship him. Tsukuba eventually starts to worry more about just getting a card rather than winning the game although he still does win in the end and his brothers still thinks he's great and hope that playing traditional karuta would help improve Tsukuba's skills.

It was also noted by Kana in this episode that Chihaya, Taichi and Nishida playing so solidly in their matches were in part because of their new club members. This episode is one in which we really got to learn more about who Tsukuba is and what he's like as a player and Sumire also is continuing to show herself caring more about karuta. I overall really enjoyed the episode, please tell me your thoughts on it.

Fangirl Friday 40

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.
1. Revenge: Season 3 of Revenge premiered this week and the episode was really great. This episode took things back to when the show was at it's best with Emily succeeding in her takedowns and lots of Emily and Nolan scenes in which they scheme together and also just generally care about each other which were sadly lacking for a large part of season 2. I also really enjoyed seeing Charolette's new attitude the one in which she is being more proactive and seems to be willing to destroy people if her threat to Patrick was any indication. I just really loved the episode and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season unfolds.
2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: I watched the first two episodes of the show this week and so far I'm enjoying this show. I really loved the second episode because it focused on the characters coming together as a team for the first time. I'm really enjoying all the science speak on the show so far and I'm also enjoying the action parts of the show as well. So far I like all the characters and I'm interested in learning more about them which is always a good sign.
3. Elementary: This week's episode focused on a case that involved solving an extremely complicated math problem that could be worth millions and I really enjoyed this case because there were so many twist and turns to it. There was also a plot about how the son of the man that Joan accidently killed trying to hit her up for money and I really enjoyed this plot because it shows how much Joan continues to be affected by her mistake and I really loved all the friendship moments Joan and Sherlock shared with him not wanting her to pay the guy because he fears he's taking advantage of her but giving her the money because he doesn't want her to be overwhelmed by guilt. I overall loved this episode.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Whedonverse Episode

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving TV and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
Since I started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week and I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon shows I thought that now was a good of time as any to make a list of my favorite episodes which there are a lot more than five but I'll only be mentioning five of them.
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Becoming(2.21-2.22): The season two finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one that just got me I felt like there were high stakes both for the world in general and Buffy's emotional stakes as well. I just really loved this episode that was the conclusion to the Angelus storyline which was both action packed and emotionally draining which I think of as a good thing in this situation. My heart broke for Buffy more than once in this episode when her mom found out she was the slayer and when she had send Angel to hell once he got his soul back. I'm not sure that I'm explaining my love for this episode properly but it's pretty much my favorite episode of all time.
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Passion(2.17): This is another great Buffy season 2 episode this one is the one that shows just how cruel Angelus is it shows how Angelus saw murder as his art and how he just loved hurting people with how he elaborately laid out Jenny's body and watched through the window as Buffy and Willow received the news this cruelty and psychological torture he inflicts on everyone through out the episode is what makes him one of my favorite villains. This episode is also very sad with how it raises the stakes with Jenny's death and how it's the first episode where a character that the audience deeply cared about died, I also enjoy the fantastic monologue about passion.
3. Dollhouse: Belonging(2.04): This is probably the most disturbing episode of tv that I have ever watched and I love it for that because the concepts of this show where always somewhat disturbing but the show was never more honest about how disturbing it was then they were in this episode. The backstory of how Serria ended up in the dollhouse is both saddening and terrifying she literally just said no to a guy and he had her drugged declared insane and was taken to a place that stripped her of her identity and he could use her whenever he wanted. This episode that ended up showing not only Serria history but also her taking revenge which only led to damaging her more but on a somewhat happy note she realized that she was in love with Victor despite that not making a whole lot of sense to her since she couldn't even really remember spending time with him. This is also a great episode for Topher's development as a character with him wanting to help Serria and realizing that all this time he wasn't helping her but instead helping her get hurt and I liked how this was one the earliest episodes in which Topher starts to develop a conscious and I kind of love how it's in such a painful way and it really does start to change the way he thinks about the dolls.
4. Angel: Over the Rainbow(2.20): I honestly loved all of the episodes that were set in Lorne's world but this is the first one so I decided to put this one on the list. I really just enjoyed watching this episode and I loved meeting Fred for the first time and I loved that Cordelia was made ruler. I also loved how excited Angel was when the sun didn't set him on fire.
5. Angel: Five By Five(1.18): I overall just really loved Faith's arc in generally but this episode was probably my favorite part of it with Faith becoming increasingly violent and reckless as the episode goes on until the end when she just kind of breaks and begs Angel to kill her.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: 0-8-4(1.02)

                                         Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: 0-8-4(1.02)Review
  • I liked how when Colson told Ward and May about bring on Skye as a consultant that they both had concerns about her joining the team and I liked that Colson had already thought about all the arguments that they would have and had an answer for them.
  • I liked how Simmons and Fitz on the other hand seemed to be excited about Skye joining the team especially Simmons.
  • I liked that an 0-8-4 basically means that they have no idea what the object is and that they admitted that's what the code means.
  • I liked how in this episode Skye wasn't really told what her role on the team was so she really didn't know what she was suppose to be doing and that made her feel kind of awkward especially when she tried to be helpful when she didn't really know anything.
  • I really loved how when they arrived in Peru that Fitz's mentions all the different species of monkeys and then Simmons mentions all the different species of poisonous snakes and then when she notices that Fitz is frightened by that she goes on about how we probably won't see any but then mentions there's no vaccine for jungle fever or something which was sure to freak him out more.
  • I continue to really enjoy all the science speak in the show and I really love seeing the technology as well even though I don't fully understand what's being said I really love that the show included it and I hope that I'll be able to understand it better as the series goes on.
  • I liked that the 0-8-4 was alien technology which is very old called a hydra which was powered by Tesseract which made it extremely dangerous.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that May was somewhat of a legend in the field with being nicknamed the cavalry but she wishes not to be associated with that nickname. I also love that May doesn't bring a gun with her but takes guns from those she fights.
  • I really quite enjoyed the relationship that Colson had with Camilla someone who he use to work with before S.H.I.E.L.D. and he clearly use to have a romantic relationship with and I'm sad that she turned out to be bad with wanting to use the hydra as a weapon to silence the rebels in Peru.
  • I really enjoyed how during the car chase scene that Fitz was just really concerned about over heating the hydra which would be really bad because it being unstable could cause it to explode but it was kind of ridiculous that Fitz wanted them to slow down when they were being shot at and then Simmons suggested they open the window which was another terrible idea and Skye points that out and Ward just yells at them to keep their heads down and be quiet. I just really enjoyed that whole scene.
  • I liked that when the team was arguing and Skye realized that they haven't actually been working together that long that she isn't the only one that feels out of place there and I liked that she joked about how she could be team captain.
  • I liked how when Skye mentions that the team isn't really acting like a team yet Colson agrees with her that is true and a problem they need to sort out. I also liked how after Colson stated everyone else's abilities that Skye mentioned that she's good at things too.
  • I liked how Skye told Ward about the reason that she thought that the Peru rebellion was a good thing was because it was about people bonding together to solve a problem and that she believes that no one person in the solution to a problem but a bunch of people working together are. I also liked how Ward mentioned that he was taught to be the whole solution to a problem and I like that this scene led them to a certain understanding.
  • I'm very interested in why May is so against seeing combat again which makes me super interested in her backstory.
  • I find it interesting that Fitz and Simmons have clearly known each other for quite awhile and use to work in the lab together and that Simmons was the one that convinced Fitz to work in the field.
  • I found it somewhat funny that Camilla accused Colson of going through a midlife crisis is the reason that he assembled his special team.
  • I liked how once the team minus Colson who was captured elsewhere, were all tied up together that they finally started acting like a team with working together to find a way out of their current situation.
  • I liked that everyone working together and using their different skills was what ended up saving the day and I especially liked that Skye reading the flight manual actually helped out in the end. I also just generally love Colson's complete faith in his team.
  • I liked that the team had bonded by the end of the episode and seemed so much closer. I especially like how much Ward's attitude regarding Skye has changed with him saying she has potential and wanting to be her supervising officer.
  • I'm worried about Skye seeming to be working undercover for the rising tide but I like that she seemed conflicted already about betraying the team.
  • I liked the end scene with Fury being mad at Colson for destroying his plane after such a small amount of time and I liked that Colson seriously acknowledge that he knows Skye poses a risk.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: It's Kind of A Funny Story

                                          It's Kind of A Funny Story Review
This book is about a high school freshmen named Craig who is suffering from depression that is brought on by his feelings that he can't compete with everyone else that he's not smart enough and he's constantly worrying about school work rather than actually doing school work. Craig had worked really hard to get into a really hard school but once he actually starts attending school their he feels like he's in over his head and soon everything including eating and sleeping become to hard for him to handle.

Eventually after Craig had been in treatment for awhile and stopped taking his medication he decides that he's going to fail at life anyway so he thinks he should kill himself know to put himself out of his misery but instead of killing himself Craig checks himself into the mental wing of the hospital and while staying there for five days he has some time to think over his life and his choices in a less pressure filled environment and he ends up rediscovering the things he loved about life and he makes the decision to transfer schools.

I really loved this book I think that it did a very good job at describing Craig's depression without making it well depressing it was something that I felt I could somewhat relate to with how sometimes I seem to fail at sleeping and eating and I just feel pathetic about it even though I don't suffer from depression. I just overall loved this book and I really cared for the character of Craig and I was glad to see him start to get better even though he'll never be cured. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.