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TV Review: Revenge: Mercy(3.04)

                                                        Revenge: Mercy(3.04)Review
  • I liked how Patrick suggested to Victoria that she just sell of her art collection and that they'd leave the Hamptons together when she told him about how Conrad was going to ruin her and her family's life.
  • I liked how we saw that Emily was saddened by Paul's death and since it was because of her plan that he was in the car with Conrad she must also feel a bit guilty since he truly was a good man.
  • I liked the scene that Emily and Patrick had in the hospital because he didn't seem on the attack with her like he usually probably because he could see she was upset. I also liked that Emily after hearing that Patrick wasn't allowed in Conrad's room pretty much told him that was a sign that wasn't room for him in the Graysons lives.
  • I'm not surprised that after the crash that Conrad no longer wants to confess to his crime but that really must disappoint Emily.
  • I feel bad for Emily in the scene where she has to recap what she saw when she first arrived at the scene of the crash and she has no way to know if Conrad is lying about not being the driver and it must be especially awful for Emily to have Conrad call her his guardian angel since she'd rather he would have died.
  • I find it interesting that Charlotte is still willing to be Emily's maid of honor even though she's not getting along with Emily at all right now.
  • I liked seeing how pissed Emily was the next day when she was recapping the what happened with Conrad because she believed that he was going to get away with murder.
  • I liked that Nolan brought up the possibility that the reason that Conrad would crash the car would be because of Emily's poisoning although Emily seems sure that's not the case because she gave him a lower dose the day before.
  • I liked how Victoria decided to use her history of working with selling art to get a job at a high end art gallery because even if she doesn't like the idea of having a job at least she knows how to get one that she likes.
  • I totally understood why Emily was furious about Daniel giving a statement to the police for her and even without all of the revenge plotting she's doing it's completely understandable why she would be anger with him going behind her back like that and just plain breaking the law. I liked how Emily got back at Daniel with bringing up his DUI and basically passive aggressively telling him to be a better man.
  • I liked how when Patrick asked Nolan if he understood the whole not feeling like you fit in someplace that Nolan said that's pretty much the story of his life.
  • I liked how Nolan decided to look into Patrick's past by first stealing his wallet and then when he couldn't find enough information from that after debating with himself for awhile decided to temporarily lift his self imposed ban on using computers.
  • I liked how when Emily accidently let it slip to Jack that Conrad was getting away with murder that Jack wanted to be able to do something to make sure Conrad gets what he deserves but then Emily told him to stay out of it.
  • I kind of like that Jack is sort of helping Emily out with the whole finding proof to make sure that Conrad will pay but not because he wants to help her but because they share a similar goal.
  • I liked that Emily told Nolan about Jack holding the evidence that could proof that Conrad is a murder that Nolan was upset that Jack was caught up in Emily's schemes and that Emily told him right away that Jack involved himself.
  • I liked that Charlotte seemed genuinely proud that Victoria decided to get a real job because I feel like that is something to be proud of not mocked for like every other character seems to be doing.
  • I was quite surprised that Patrick had a history of being a abusive and I'm now wondering what kind of scheme Nolan is up to with getting involved with Patrick when he knows he's potentially dangerous.
  • I'm actually really enjoying Emily and Jack working together in this episode because while he may not be doing things exactly how she wants him to it makes sense why he isn't and he does actually keep her well informed like with how he told her the breaks were tampered with.
  • I liked that Emily can't trust Aiden enough not to have to ask him if he was the one that tampered with Conrad's breaks.
  • I liked how theatrically Conrad revealed that he doesn't actually have Huntington's disease and I liked that Victoria seemed to just be annoyed by this news. Emily seemed awful angry about this reveal even though she had to know that it was only a matter of time before Conrad learned the truth.
  • I feel bad for Daniel because it seems like he's finally starting to realize that Emily doesn't actually love him.
  • I liked that Victoria and Patrick worked together to make sure that Victoria would be the owner of the gallery.
  • I dislike how Aiden decided to tell the Graysons that Jack tried to kill Conrad simple because he was jealous of the possibility that Emily has feelings for him, Aiden is just a character that I really hate because he always makes things harder for Emily and is incredibly petty.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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