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TV Review: Revenge: Confession(3.03)

                                                Revenge: Confession(3.03)Review
  • I liked that Conrad's guilty conscious was making him dream about Charlotte trying to kill him because it shows how much Charlotte's opinion of him matters to him.
  • I really enjoy the Conrad and Emily scenes because I like that he sees what Emily doing as a kindness and is actually confiding in her while she subtly manipulates him, this relationship is one we haven't seen much of in the past so it's nice to see now.
  • I liked how when Emily explained how she needed Paul for her plan against Conrad that Nolan brings up again how she shouldn't have taken Paul down and that Emily's just kind of annoyed to be reminded of that.
  • I feel like I'm enjoying Margaux much more than I'm suppose to be because I really love how determined she was to get Nolan on the cover of her magazine because she sensed that there was a story there and I loved that she didn't back down no matter what argument that Daniel made.
  • I continue to love that Victoria thinks that Aiden's an untrustworthy person because he is in general and that she is always questioning him and his motives.
  • I like that it was mentioned that Jack took in Charlotte and that Charlotte sees Jack and Carl as family because I'm just happy that despite Jack's hatred for the Graysons he's still kind to Charlotte.
  • I liked Charlotte setting Jack up with Margaux because she feels like Jack has stopped living his life and that she wants him to do something for himself, I'm just really enjoying the relationship between Charlotte and Jack so far this season.
  • I was a little worried about Emily revealing herself to Paul with only slight lies about her motives for vengeance because Paul easily could have turned on her but I'm really happy that he didn't.
  • I liked that before Victoria planted seeds of doubt in his head that Daniel trusted Emily enough not to feel the need to ask about her plans while staying in the city overnight even though he's right to distrust her.
  • I understand why Daniel is frustrated that Emily kept things from him but I think she did a good job giving him reasonable explanations to his question.
  • I liked how Nolan seemed to flirted with Patrick and invited him to his party without even knowing that he was Victoria's son and I liked how you could tell that he was worried about what he just did after he found out who he was. I also loved that he went over to Emily's to tell her about accidently inviting Patrick to his party right after it happened.
  • I liked how Emily was able to in one short visit get Victoria to attend the party and reveal that Patrick met Nolan.
  • I like how Victoria now knows that Emily and Nolan are a team and advises Patrick to stay clear of both of them.
  • I liked the way in which Paul convinces Conrad to confess by telling him that it's the way in which to make things up to his children.
  • I kind of like the idea of Margaux and Jack as a couple but I'm pretty sure I'm not suppose to.
  • I dislike that Aiden and Emily are back to interacting because that was pretty much the biggest problem I had with the show last year but so far it's not bothering me much.
  • I liked how Emily used Victoria trying to destroy her relationship with Daniel as a way to reveal Victoria was broke.
  • I liked how Patrick showed up at Nolan's place after the party was finished to tell him that he's not letting the bad relationship between Emily and Victoria affect his opinion of Nolan, I'm kind of shipping Nolan and Patrick at the moment because I've liked the scenes they had in this episode.
  • I liked how Paul advised Emily that she should learn to forgive because keeping grudges doesn't lead to anything good.
  • I dislike that Victoria decided to work with Aiden because I really enjoyed seeing how much she distrusts him.
  • I think it makes a lot of sense from Daniel's point of view to put in a security system in Emily's house considering that Aiden's obsessed with Emily and had tried to kill Daniel which is a really good reason for Daniel worry about Aiden possibly becoming violent with Emily.
  • I'm disappointed that Aiden was actually working with Emily although as always he went against her plans and made things harder for herself. I'm glad that Emily and Aiden aren't having romantic relationships anymore though.
  • I'm sad that Paul died and I wonder who and how the car was crashed, I'm guessing Victoria was involved but I don't how things ended up the way they did.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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