Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: It's Kind of A Funny Story

                                          It's Kind of A Funny Story Review
This book is about a high school freshmen named Craig who is suffering from depression that is brought on by his feelings that he can't compete with everyone else that he's not smart enough and he's constantly worrying about school work rather than actually doing school work. Craig had worked really hard to get into a really hard school but once he actually starts attending school their he feels like he's in over his head and soon everything including eating and sleeping become to hard for him to handle.

Eventually after Craig had been in treatment for awhile and stopped taking his medication he decides that he's going to fail at life anyway so he thinks he should kill himself know to put himself out of his misery but instead of killing himself Craig checks himself into the mental wing of the hospital and while staying there for five days he has some time to think over his life and his choices in a less pressure filled environment and he ends up rediscovering the things he loved about life and he makes the decision to transfer schools.

I really loved this book I think that it did a very good job at describing Craig's depression without making it well depressing it was something that I felt I could somewhat relate to with how sometimes I seem to fail at sleeping and eating and I just feel pathetic about it even though I don't suffer from depression. I just overall loved this book and I really cared for the character of Craig and I was glad to see him start to get better even though he'll never be cured. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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