Thursday, October 24, 2013

Manga Review: Chibi Vampire Vol. 1

                                                      Chibi Vampire Vol. 1Reviw
This series is about a young strange vampire named Karin Maaka who is considered odd by vampire standards because rather than sucking people's blood she produces excess amount of blood and gives it to people instead and she also likes sunlight better than the dark which allows her to go to school like a regular person. Karin has had a relatively peaceful school life until a new student Kenta Usui transfers into her class and for some reason her blood seems to act up around him. Karin ends up acting very strangely around Kenta which leaves him a bit confused by her and when he sees Karin giving her blood to a business man he assumes that she's a prostitute but doesn't want to say anything to her because it's not his place to judge but when he does say something about it Karin would rather admit that she was a vampire than have him think that.

Karin first decides that way to solve the problem Kenta making her blood react strangely is to avoid him but this is pretty much impossible since he's both in her class and works with her. One day since Karin was unable to insert blood into a person she ends up having a really big nose bleed and it just so happens to occur in front of Kenta who she tells him that she has a medical condition and she begs him not to tell anyone about this he agrees to this even though he's never heard of a medical condition like this.

After the embarrassing nose bleed incident Karin avoids going to school for a long time which starts to worry her parents and eventually they force her older brother Ren to explain to her how each vampire has a certain type of blood that their attracted to. It's also explained during this part that sucking a person's blood also benefits the person as well as the vampire which I found to be a very interesting concept. Also in this section Karin unknowingly meets Kenta's mom who was sexually harassed by her boss which unfortunately happens a lot with her and she has gotten her fired because it and in the end Karin ends up giving her blood to her and discovers that the kind of blood she's attracted to is misfortune. Kenta saw that Karin did something odd to his mom but isn't sure what so he's suspicious of her and Karin has decided that to solve her problem with Kenta she will just make sure he's happy.

I really loved this volume I thought it was a great start to the series and while I didn't mention it above I really that Kenta is a character that has a bit of scary face but is actually a nice guy and I also love Karin's little sister Anju who we don't see a whole lot of this volume. I also thought that the artwork was very nice as well. Please tell me your thoughts about this volume.

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