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TV Review: Timeless: The War to End All Wars(2.01)

                                 Timeless: The War to End All Wars(2.01)Review
  • I think that it's a pretty bad sign that Rittenhouse has already sent some back to world war one by the time the season premiere starts.
  • I like that both Wyatt and Rufus thinks it's strange that Lucy isn't showing up for the trip to go back in time to save her sister because at least they know that something happened to Lucy even if they aren't sure as to what.
  • I was surprised that Rittenhouse was able to blow up Mason's lab so easily but I'm not surprised that they would something like this.
  • I was surprised to find out that Lucy's mother and other members of Rittenhouse kidnapped her but now that I think about it that isn't really something that should come as a shock to me.
  • I like that Wyatt wants nothing more than to find Lucy and that he refuses to believe that she's dead even though no one can find any trace of her anywhere.
  • I like that Agent Christopher is trying to keep the remaining members of their team safe from Rittenhouse by making sure they stay in there new base and I like that she tells Wyatt that the reason she locks them in is because she doesn't trust Wyatt not to go off on his own to look for Lucy and possibly get himself killed which he is planning to do.
  • I like that Rufus is worried about Jiya possibly having one of those headaches that she had at the end of last season again but I'm glad that she seems fine now.
  • I'm really worried about Lucy who is being forced to go along with her mom's and Rittenhouse's plan to rewrite history.
  • I like that Lucy is trying to found out everything she can about what Rittenhouse is doing because she wants to try and find a way to stop it.
  • I like that Jiya was able to figure out exactly what needed to be fixed in order to make sure that the time machine work again.
  • I liked that Agent Christopher wanted to go with to help with the mission of taking down Rittenhouse but I liked that Wyatt refused to let her go because he believes that Lucy is alive in the past and that they're going to bring her home.
  • I liked that Lucy tried to distract the man that came with the solider that Rittenhouse is trying to save but I disliked that Emma the other Rittenhouse person on the mission ended up shooting him and made Lucy be the one to kill him to prove loyalty to them.
  • I liked that Lucy was excited that she got to meet Marie Curie and her daughter but was terrified of her going to help them because she knows Rittenhouse tends to kill anyone that sees something they shouldn't in the past.
  • I like that Lucy was able to get away from her mother and other Rittenhouse people long enough to find a grenade that she was planning on destroying their time machine with and that she plans to kill the solider that Rittenhouse wants to save because it must be for a bad reason.
  • I loved how relieved Lucy was to see that Wyatt was still alive and that he was happy to see she was alive but since he never let himself believe that she was dead it was less of a shock for him to see her, I also liked the hug that they shared.
  • I liked that Lucy was relieved to see that Rufus was alive as well and that they also hugged.
  • I like that Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus her plans and that she tells them to destroy Rittenhouse's time machine for her and I like that Wyatt was reluctant to let her leave.
  • I liked that when Rufus said that Wyatt was happy to see that Lucy was still alive that Wyatt said he was because they need their historian and I like that Rufus doesn't believe that's the reason at all.
  • I feel bad for Mason since he lost everything that he has ever worked for and he now doesn't know how to make himself useful anymore.
  • I'm worried about Jiya since she still seems to be having those headaches and that they seem to becoming more frequent.
  • I like that after finding out that Lucy is alive that Wyatt seems much happier and is more optimistic about the mission while Rufus thinks that really not that much has changed about their situation.
  • I was glad that Wyatt and Rufus found out about the Rittenhouse agent who has become a captain in WWI and how they realized that Rittenhouse must have sent him back along time ago to raise up the ranks this far.
  • I liked how when Rufus was telling Wyatt how he is still worried about the woman that he loved that he thought Wyatt would understand because he's been doing that for the past six weeks and I liked that when Wyatt was confused about that, that Rufus pointed out that Wyatt is in love with Lucy whether he admits it or not.
  • I liked how Lucy bonded with Marie Curie's daughter about how they both have mother's whose expectations are very hard for them to live up to.
  • I was afraid for Lucy when her mother caught her trying to kill the solider that they saved but I was glad that she didn't kill her but instead said that they needed to bring back the solider to present day now.
  • I find it worrisome that it seems like it's Rittenhouse's plan is to shape the world the way they want it be using time travel so that they don't need to take it over in the future.
  • I liked that when Marie Curie and her daughter discovered the time machine that Lucy literally stood in front of them to save them from being killed and I liked that her mother did end up agreeing with Lucy's judgment on this matter.
  • I disliked that Emma revealed that Lucy was planning on destroying the time machine while they were all inside it in order to stop Rittenhouse once and for all because it led to her mother considering to let Emma kill Lucy.
  • I liked that Wyatt showed up just in time to save Lucy from being shot by Emma but I was sad that they couldn't kill the solider that Rittenhouse saved.
  • I was sad for Lucy when she was told that no matter what she did she will never get her sister back since Rittenhouse went back in time to destroy any chance of that happening.
  • I felt so bad for Lucy when she had to admitted to Wyatt that she wasn't sure if her mother really would stop Emma from killing her and I liked that when she said she lost everything that Wyatt told her that she hasn't lost him and I liked that the two of them almost kissed.
  • I find it very worrying that Rittenhouse has sent a bunch of sleeper agents into the past in order to shape the world the way they want it to be.
  • I think it's a bad thing that Rittenhouse brought the solider who wrote how Rittenhouse can use time travel to take over the world to the present day but I think it might be a good thing that they didn't kill him since he is Lucy's great-grandfather.
  • I liked that Agent Christopher went to Flynn for help in figuring out what Rittenhouse is trying to do and I'm unsurprised to see that he's only willing to talk to Lucy.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: Isla and the Happily Ever After

                                              Isla and the Happily Ever After Review
Isla and the Happily Ever After is about a high school senior at a French American school in Paris named Isla who is shy and doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. Isla has had a crush on the artistic slacker Josh since she was a freshmen and when he starts paying attention to her she realizes that her feelings may not be so one sided. Isla and Josh get together fairly early on in the book and then Isla has to learn to balance her time between Josh, friends and school work but she tends to spend most of her time on Josh.

Isla and Josh's relationship starts to fall apart after Josh gets expelled from school early on in the school year which means that Isla and Josh are now in a long distance relationship and that he isn't allowed to talk to her for awhile. The distance and lack communication causes their relationship to become strained and it being strained leads Isla to believe that Josh doesn't really love her because she no longer believes that she is worth a guy loving because she doesn't know who she is.

The character of Isla feels like she becomes a different person in the second half of the book since in the beginning Isla just seemed like someone who was shy and a bit inexperienced but also someone that didn't doubt that she was worthy of being in a relationship despite not having her future planned out. In the second half of novel Isla become a character that thought that her relationship ending was a given so she decided to break her own heart rather than let Josh break it first, this mindset seemed too cynical and self sabotaging to fit with her characterization from the first half of the book.

Overall I thought that book was okay, it had a sweet couple that it's plot was centered around which made it easy to root for their happy ending even if I did think Isla's character changed rather abruptly halfway through the book. Another thing in the book that I didn't like was Anna and St. Clair suddenly getting engaged towards the end of the book because well I never liked those two together and it felt out of place and too soon for the characters to get engaged. Please tell your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: The Gifted: Got Your SiX(1.06)

                                         The Gifted: Got Your SiX(1.06)Review
  • I liked that we learned a bit of John's backstory about how he served in the military and that his father also served.
  • I'm not sure if it's a smart idea for them to sneak into the Federal building but I agree with what John says about how they need to start changing how they do things because Sentinel services already changed the game by turning other mutants against them.
  • I like that West a mutant boy that can create illusions seems to have a crush on Lauren.
  • I'm not surprised that Clarice was mad at John when she found out that he knew about what Sonya did with her memoires and decided not to tell her since they still needed her help.
  • I understand why Clarice left but I'm worried that her leaving might not be the thing that is safest for her.
  • I like that Caitlin finds the idea of them training the child mutants to use their powers to fight frightening but I understand what Lorna is saying about knowing how to fight being useful since a war is coming.
  • I'm not surprised by the fact that Andy volunteered himself to help out with the mission to break into the Federal building but I was a little surprised by how quickly Reed agrees to let him join in.
  • I like how Reed is using the time traveling to the mission as a way to reconnected with Andy since their relationship has been distant since long before he developed powers.
  • I thought it was interesting that Marcos was able to use his powers to blind someone from seeing what was in the back of the truck.
  • I find it interesting that the X-men chose John to lead the mutants and that they warned that a war was coming.
  • I really can't blame Reed for being a bit alarmed when Andy admitted that it felt good when he tore things apart because it's never a good thing to like destroying things and I think it makes sense that Reed worries that Andy might use is powers to hurt people considering what he just said.
  • I like that Caitlin wants to try and start up a school so that the mutant kids could have some kind of normalcy in their lives.
  • While I agree with Lorna that the kids need to learn how to fight, I don't think her training method of throwing hammers and saw blades at them is best way to do that since that could kill the kids if they don't react fast enough.
  • I liked that when Reed said that he felt like he blew it when talking to Andy about his powers that Marcos told him that he should keep talking to him about it because it's helpful to have someone to talk it about.
  • I liked that Reed and Marcos talked about what it meant to be a father and I liked that Reed told him that you don't have to be anything like your own father and that you start with the knowledge that nothing your kid does can make you love them less.
  • I dislike that Agent Turner is deciding to work with the scientist that even Sentinel services think goes too far when it comes mutants.
  • I like that Lauren talked to West about how she hid her powers for  a long time before they came here and that she told him how it felt like she was living a lie by hiding them. 
  • I like that Lorna, Lauren and West worked together to make sure that Macros, Reed and Andy were able to make it passed Sentinel services safely.
  • I find it worrisome that Sentinel services doesn't seem to be following the laws anymore when it comes to tracking down mutants.
  • I like that Reed told Andy that he's always been proud of him and tells him he can tell him anything.
  • I'm worried about what Carmen will ask Marcos to do this time and I'm sad that Marcos will have to go along with what she asks since she's blackmailing him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: I'm Not a Robot

                                                     I'm Not a Robot Review
I'm not a Robot is about a man named Kim Min kyu who developed an allergy to humans shortly after his parents died and at the beginning of the series he gets a message from some scientist who tell him they have developed a robot that looks and should be able to act just like a real human. Min kyu decides to meet the scientist to check out their robot and after he sees how human-like the robot is and assures that it's really a robot he agrees to keep funding the scientists research if he the robot is able to brought over to his house for him to test out how well it works. Right before the scientists are suppose to bring their robot over to Min kyu's house one of the scientists end up damaging the report which leads to Hong Baek kyun, scientist that created the robot to go look for the woman he based the robot on, Jo Ji ah, his ex girlfriend. Ji ah is an inventor who seems to only manage to invent things that most people find useless which has led to her being in a lot of debt because she's always working on her inventions or starting up a new business to fund her inventions, since Ji ah really needs the money she ends up agreeing to pretend to be a robot when Min kyu does the test for it.

Ji ah is only really able to pull off pretending to be a robot because the scientists tell Min kyu that there is a function called friend mode after she first reacts in a way a robot wouldn't and they are all very surprised when he buys that excuse. Since Min kyu hasn't really had the chance to interact with people for the last fifteen years he ends up finding anytime Ji ah screws up acting like a robot to be delightful rather than suspicious and this ends up leading to him wanting to train the robot himself and since the robot is still going to take awhile to repair that means that Ji ah is going to have to continue to pretend to be a robot. As time goes on Min kyu and Ji ah end up actually developing a real friendship and Min kyu discovers that his allergy started to be cured when he was with Ji ah which only makes his affection for her grow even more.

 Soon enough it becomes clear to both Ji ah and Min kyu that they have romantic feelings for each other and since it seems pretty clear at first that the feelings are mutual they are both very happy about this until they remember their situations. Min kyu realizes that he can't be in love with a robot because a robot can't ever really love you back because their just doing what their programs tell them to and Ji ah realizes that Min kyu thinks that she's a robot and that there really isn't a good way to tell him that she's been deceiving him for as long as she has been. It ends up taking quite a long time for Min kyu to figure out that Ji ah is not a robot and for them to actually get together.

Overall I really loved this series, I really loved both our main characters and I loved watching them interact with each other and I found them be extremely cute together. I was surprised by how emotionally invested this show ended up getting me because I actually found myself crying more than once and I also really liked that the show made me understand why Ji ah couldn't just tell Min kyu that she's not a robot which made the middle angsty section of the show much more compelling to watch. I also thought that this show looked really beautiful there were so many scenes in this show that just looked and felt so dreamy and romantic and the music also helped add to this atmosphere. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

Top 7 Books That Surprised Me

1. Reading in the Dark: This book isn't the type of book that I usually read but I ended up finding myself very invested in the main character and how he deals with discovering more and more secrets about his family and how learning the truth put a strain on his relationship with his family.
2. Catch 22: Since all I knew about this book before I read it was that it's a war book I assumed that I wouldn't like it but once I started reading it I found that I actually really enjoyed this book because of it's absurdist sense of humor.
3. Slaughter House Five: This is another war book that I thought I would hate but actually ended up enjoying although not for exactly the same reason, this one I more enjoyed that it had a science fiction element and a non-linear timeline.
4. Anna and the French Kiss: I really expected that I would love this book because everyone seemed to love this book and couldn't stop talking about how dreamy St.Clair was so I figured that I would feel the same way, I didn't. While I do think that the book was well written and it certainly isn't the worst book I ever read, I found that I couldn't get invested in the romance because I ended up hating St. Clair for flirting with Anna for months while having a girlfriend and I found that I didn't like Anna much better. I also found it really annoying that Anna was suppose to be a film geek but thought that Paris didn't have movie theaters because anyone who knows anything about films knows that the Cannes film festival takes place in France so anyone with common sense would assume that Paris would at the very least have a movie theater.
5. Lola and the Boy Next Door: Since I wasn't a big fan of Anna and the French Kiss I didn't think that I would like this one much better but to my surprise I found that I really loved this book. I found that Lola was a flawed but likable heroine and that Cricket was a very sweet and swoonworthy love interest and that I really loved the two of them together.
6. Splintered: I thought that I would like this book a lot more than I actually did because I thought the premise for this book sounded great but unfortunately I ended up not really liking any of the main characters so it made it hard to become invested in the story.
7. Miss Mayhem: I really loved Rebel Belle so I assumed that I would love this book just as much but I sadly found that I didn't love it as much although I still did like it this book didn't leave me eager to read the next book because I was worried that book would end up disappointing me as well.