Monday, October 21, 2019

TV Review: The 100: Die All, Die Merrily(4.10)

                                           The 100: Die All, Die Merrily(4.10)Review
  • I like that Bellamy tells Octavia that she doesn't have to be the one to fight and that they could find someone else because I love how much Bellamy still cares for Octavia even though things have been bad between them for quite sometime. I'm not at all surprised that Octavia really wants to be the one to fight.
  • I like that Clarke tells Octavia that she's got this before she goes off to fight and I like that Bellamy asks Clarke if she really believes this and Clarke says it's for the best if Octavia believes this because being realistic about the odds isn't going to make her fight any better.
  • The whole Conclave deciding who gets to live or die based solely off who is the best fighter still feels wrong to me especially since more people would be able to survive if they just divided the bunker.
  • I'm not really surprised that Luna is fighting because she doesn't believe that humanity really deserves to survive after all the things she's seen people do in order to survive but I'm also not thrilled about it.
  • I like that Indra still gives Octavia advice even though Octavia isn't fighting for her because she's her as one of her people regardless and wants her to survive.
  • I like that Jaha thinks that the whole idea of a conclave is wrong and they shouldn't be deciding the fate of their people based on a blood sport and I like that he worries that even if Octavia is the winner that the grounders might not accept their victory because their track record with the grounders in making deals with the grounders in the past don't usually work out in their favor.
  • I'm not surprised that Clarke is thinking about finding a way to cheat since she doesn't believe that Octavia will be able to beat Luna but I like that Kane points out that if they cheat and get caught it will mean that their people will die anyway.
  • I felt sad for Bellamy when he suggested that Clarke should be one of the ones to go see Octavia rather than him because he believes that he would just say the wrong thing and somehow make things worse. I like that Clarke tells Bellamy that him not being there for his sister would be worse than him not being able to find the right thing to say.
  • I'm not surprised that Clarke tried to make another alliance with Roan in order to insure that Luna won't be the one to win but I'm not sure of how good of an idea it was to even mention anything to him in the first place.
  • I really don't understand Roan's and the rest grounders philosophy about bloodshed deciding everything in their lives but I'm not surprised he doesn't care if humanity doesn't survive if his people isn't the part of it that does.
  • I like that Kane had found out all of the warriors weaknesses beforehand and that he was telling them all to Octavia so that she could know the best way to fight them.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Octavia that she doesn't need to fight everyone because one it's true she doesn't need to fight everyone to win and two he just doesn't want Octavia to put herself in more danger than she has to be in.
  • I like that even though Octavia was mad at Bellamy suggest to avoid fighting at first she was able to see it as the smart move to make she did spend the first half her life hiding so she knows how to do that well and she realizes she actually only has to kill the last warrior in order to win.
  • I'm going to assume that the reason Bellamy didn't hug Octavia before she went off to the conclave is because if he did it would feel too much like saying goodbye for the last time.
  • I like that Octavia is sneaking around and using avoidance as the tactic for her fighting because it really is the smartest call at this point in the conclave.
  • I like that when Bellamy tells Kane that he couldn't tell Octavia that he loved her before she left that Kane tells him that she knows that he does.
  • I think that both Luna and Octavia had points in their argument with Octavia being right about Lincoln would want at least part of humanity to survive and that fighting for that is actually a worthy battle but I think that Luna was right that Lincoln would be ashamed of a lot of the things that Octavia has done because Octavia has done and enjoyed far more violence then what was necessary in the past view seasons.
  • I like that Illyan wanted to make an alliance with Octavia, I was unsurprised when Octavia rejected it even knowing that the sky crew would be willing to share the bunker with others if they were the ones to win.
  • I like that Bellamy figured out that Echo went out in the field to give the Ice Nation a better chance at winning and how he wanted to go out there and stop her before she got Octavia killed. I like that Kane convinced Bellamy to wait until nightfall to try and stop Echo since there would be a smaller chance of him getting caught then there would be during the day.
  • I like that Illyan helped Octavia out when she was surrounded by four other warriors and that they defeated them together.
  • I was sad when Illyan was shot by one of Echo's arrows(although I did like that they confirmed that Bellamy was right about her being out there before he snuck out)but I was glad that Octavia ended up mercy killing Illyan rather than having to battle him until the death and that she was sad about having to do that.
  • I like that when Roan found out that Echo cheating on behalf of their people that he didn't approve of it and that he banished her from their people.
  • I like that Roan decide to both spare Bellamy's life and not reveal that he was on the battlefield probably because Bellamy wasn't actually trying to cheat on behalf of his people but to stop Echo's cheating.
  • I like that Roan tells Bellamy that he will tell Octavia before he kills her that she was lucky to have Bellamy as a brother and I like that Bellamy says how about instead when she's just about to kill you, you tell her that he was the lucky one. I also like that Octavia witness this exchange and was touched by it.
  • I like that Roan purposes a temporary alliance with Octavia so that they can defeat Luna and humanity can survive through one of there people.
  • I like that Octavia was smart enough to know that she couldn't continue fighting out in the black rain even if Luna can keep on fighting.
  • I like how Luna talked about how she thought before that people were mostly good but their situation is what made them bad but after interacting more again with the other clans she started to understand both hers and people in generals inner darkness that never really ends up going away no matter how far away from it you go.
  • I was glad that Octavia won and I think it's fitting that she won by stabbing Luna in the back because that was the only way she could really beat her.
  • It kind of makes the whole conclave pointless now that Octavia announces that she wants everyone to share the bunker equally which had been suggested in the past but I'm okay with this decision.
  • I'm not really surprised that Clarke came up with the plan for their people to take the bunker before the conclave was over since she'd do anything to make sure her people were safe and I'm also not surprised that she would have Bellamy kidnapped so that he would be inside before they locked everyone else out because she wouldn't want to survive without him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 10 Songs that Hit the Billboard Hot 100 in June 2019

1. Summer Days-Martin Garrix Feat. Macklemore and Patrick Stump: This song seems to be about a hook up that happened during the summer and the lyrics somehow manage not sound demeaning which seems pretty rare in a song about this subject. I think that Patrick Stump's singing sounds excellent and I enjoyed Macklemore's rapping as well and I think that production that Martin Garrix made was a great fit for this song which is a fun summer song.
2. Mother's Daughter-Miley Cyrus: This song seems to be about Miley proclaiming herself to be the villain and her saying that is due to her mother's influence that she is the way that she is the way she is. I really like how this song's lyrics have a lot about freedom and power sung about in it's lyrics, I especially like how she calls herself a witch at one point. This song's production is one that has a dark edge to it and I think Miley sells that in the rest of the song as well.
3. Senorita-Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes: This song seems to be about a pair of almost lovers who seem to be in a friends with benefits relationship in this Latin flavor song. Both the singers sound great on this song and the two of them have a good amount of chemistry on this song which is something that greatly benefits this song.
4. Never Really Over-Katy Perry: This song seems to be about an on again off again relationship that never really ends up ending. This song is one that just sounds really good Katy Perry sounds fantastic on this song and I think the production on this song sounds pretty fun as well.
5. Trampoline-SHAED: This song is one I'm a bit unclear what it's about other then the singers been having dreams and her singing about how they make her feel. This song is one that has this sleepy dream like feel to it that really makes it an experience to listen to and I especially like the way whistles are added into the song towards the end of the song it just adds something extra to an already good song.
6. You Need to Calm Down-Taylor Swift: This song feels like it's two different songs that were put together with one half the song being about people spreading hate on social media and the second half is about supporting gay rights neither of this topics are bad things to write songs about it doesn't feel like the two ideas belong in the same song together. Despite this songs flaws I still enjoy because it's so catchy and it gets stuck in my head all the time, the song has fun production and Taylor sounds great on it.
7. Truth Hurts-Lizzo: This song is about Lizzo telling a guy that she's doing so much better now that she's no longer in a relationship with him and has moved on to better things. I think that Lizzo attitude really sells this song with her confidence shining through the whole song. Lizzo and her production sounds great on this song which is something that really makes this song so fun to listen to.
8. Only Human-The Jonas Brothers: This song is about going out for a night on the town and going home with someone. This song is mostly just a fun song that one can dance to which is something that works well enough for me.
9. Easier-5 Seconds of Summer: This song seems to be about contemplating whether it would be easier to stay in this relationship or stay in the relationship when it's clear that neither side is willing to change. I think that song sounds pretty good even though it's nowhere near as good as Youngblood by the same band.
10. Call You Mine-The Chainsmokers Feat. Bebe Rexha: This song is about some kind of romantic relationship that develops in this song. This song is one that I don't think has particularly interesting production but since I really like Bebe Rexha's voice I still ended up putting it on my list despite nothing else about the song really standing out.