Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top 8 Books I hope People are still Reading in 30 years

1. Fruits Basket: It's my favorite series of all time and I think the characters are the most well developed that I've seen in any series ever so I would love for even more people to fall in love with this series. I also think this series is so good because it takes the time to develop relationships whether they're romantic or not.
2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series:I really love this series and how it's written and I think it's a story that will still be enjoyable in thirty years.
3. A Song of Ice and Fire series: I love this series and I can't really see any reason why it shouldn't be just as enjoyable in thirty years as it is now because it's set in a medieval fantasy world but it's themes and characters are things that make the reader connects with the story and those things will be just as easy to identify with  in thirty years as they are now.
4. The Book Thief:This book is just so good and sad and I don't that either of those things will mean any less in the future.
5. Perfect: It's human nature to strive for perfection so this book will never be irrelevant.
6. Cardcaptor Sakura:This is my favorite magical girl series and it celebrates love in all forms so it would be a great series for young girls even thirty years in the future.
7. Uglies series: Society has also valued beauty so I don't see this series ever becoming irrelevant either.
8. Gallagher Girls series: I don't actually think people will be reading this series in thirty years but I love this series a lot and I think it could age nicely.

TV Review: Grimm: Woman in Black(1.22)

                                           Grimm: Woman in Black(1.22)Review
  • In this episode Akira, the fourth man involved in Nick's parents murder comes to Portland looking for the coins. I found it very creepy that Akira had a man that was taking pictures of Nick, Hank and Captain Renard and that Akira is willing to kill his allies as soon as they are no longer useful to him.
  • Also back in this episode is Addalind who still knows some kind of magic that can make the scratch of her cat to pretty dangerous which sadly Juliet seemed to go into some sort of coma because of it. I really hope that Juliet will be okay.
  • I liked that Nick told Juliet about him being a grimm but I don't thing he did the best job of it because even though I knew he was telling the truth I still kind of agreed with Juliet that he was acting bit crazy. Hopeful he'll be able to show her what he means next season.
  • I really liked that when Nick went to Monroe and told him that he told Juliet that Monroe pretty much asked why they didn't talk about it before hand.
  • I found pretty much everything Akira did through out the episode to be really creepy.
  • I felt bad for Hank through out the episode because he was still really freaked out by what he saw last week.
  • I was really shocked at the end of the episode that the woman who was around through out the episode was actually Nick's mom and I wonder why she faked her own death and why she would return now.
  • Overall I loved this episode, it was one of my favorite episodes of the season and I'm really looking forward to next season which will supposedly start airing in August.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode as well as the season as a whole.

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    TV Review: Grimm: Big Feet(1.21)

                                                          Grimm: Big Feet(1.21)Review
    • I thought that the people out searching for big foot in the woods in the beginning of the episode weren't very smart for doing so.
    • I really liked how Juliet could tell a lot by the horse's injury and I liked that she took a hair sample from the crime scene and tests on it. I also liked that when the results came back as being a mixture of human and animal that she was willing to believe in the supernatural, I really hope that Nick tells her about the vesins.
    • I found the idea of different vesins who tried to control their supernatural part of themselves through drugs that eventually makes them go on a crazy killing spree to be interesting and pretty sad.
    • I liked seeing that the therapist was played by the same guy that plays Mason Treadwell on Revenge.
    • I liked that Monroe confront the therapist about how what he was doing is wrong because he's right about that and he was friends with three of the victims of those drugs.
    • I felt bad for Hank who was so confused about seeing the therapist in vesin form go into regular form after his death.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    TV Review: Grimm: Happily Ever Aftermath(1.20)

                                       Grimm: Happily Ever Aftermath(1.20)Review
    • This episode was about how a murcielago(bat like creature that can kill with a high pitch scream) killed a wealthy woman who was the girl's stepmother and then later went after her step sisters in order to get money. I really liked how at beginning of the episode Lucinda seemed to be really sweet and innocent but it was later revealed that she's basically a sociopath.
    • I really liked how obvious the parallels in this episode were to Cinderella.
    • I liked that Monroe was really impressed by the things in Nick's trailer and I liked that he asked if the place was insured.
    • I liked that Lucinda's godfather, Spencer tried so hard to protect her and I liked the part when he used the fact that he knows what Nick is to his advantage.
    • I liked that the murder of Nick's parents came up again and I look forward to meet the last guy involved because it's bound to be interesting.
    Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

    Manga Review: Tokyo Babylon Vol.2

                                                        Tokyo Babylon Vol.2 Review
    In this volume Subaru helps out a childhood crush a girl named Mitsuki who fell asleep one day four months ago and hasn't woken up but there's no medical reason for this so it's Subaru's job to find out what's wrong with her. Subaru enters her dream and he learns that after she was raped she tried to forget about it but couldn't and then she wish to go to sleep and not wake up so she wouldn't have to face the real world. Subaru is able to convince her that it would make everyone happier if she would wake up again and by the end of the story she does.

    The second and final story of this volume is about how Hokuto helps out a girl who she thought was under attack and how the two of them become friends. It turns out the girl was a foreigner who is working as a call girl in order to send money back to her family and the people that Hokuto saved her from were the police. Since Hokuto is a really cool person she accepts all this about the girl and the two of them become friends.

    Also in this volume there's mentions of the Sakurazukamori, an onmyoji who uses his powers to kill. It's also mentioned that Subaru wears gloves at all times even when he sleeps because his grandmother tells him to. There's also lovely interactions between our main characters that I loved.

     I overall really enjoyed this volume. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume or series as a whole.

    TV Review: Grimm: Leave It to Beavers(1.19)

                                            Grimm: Leave It to Beavers(1.19)Review
    • I liked seeing Nick train to use his ancestors weapons and I liked that he had Monroe help him.
    • I liked that in this episode we saw the eisbibers again and I liked that at least three of them were brave enough to testify in a murder case against a creature that was much stronger than they were.
    • I found it quite funny how Nick and Monroe had to lie to Juliet about how they met and that they kept contradicting each other.
    • I found the reapers of the Grimms to be both interesting and terrifying. I was glad that Nick was able to kill them but I'm not sure send back their heads to the head repear was the best idea.
    • I liked that the eisbibers sent a ton of things to Nick's and Juliet's house as a thank you.
    Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

    TV Review: Grimm: Cat and Mouse(1.18)

                                                      Grimm: Cat and Mouse(1.18)Review
    • I liked the part at the beginning of the episode when Nick was talking to himself as he wrote about some of his encounters with vesins.
    • I found the whole rebellion thing between the verrat and other kinds of vesins to be really interesting and I find it interesting that the Captain may have been part of the verrat at some point.
    • I find the character Ian to be interesting and I wonder a lot about the revolution that he's a part of and I find it interesting that Rosalie's family was part of it for generations.
    • I liked that Monroe was protective over Rosalie when she was in danger.
    • I liked that Nick had to decide in this episode whether obeying the law was the right thing  or not and I liked that the reason he let Ian go after he killed the verrat assassin was to protect Monroe and Rosalie.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    TV Review: Grimm: Love Sick(1.17)

                                                      Grimm: Love Sick(1.17)Review
    • I find the Captain's mysterious past to be very interesting and I'm curious about what the key is and why it's so important to him.
    • I liked that Nick found out about Addalind's relationship with Hank and that he tried his best to keep those two apart. I'm also glad that Nick found out about the potion's effect on both Hank and Wu, I 'm glad that with the help of Monroe and Rosalie that Nick was able to save both of them.
    • I found it interesting to find out more about Addalind's life such as her relationship with her mother as well as the fact that she is in love with the Captain.
    • I find it really interesting that Nick was able to kill just the hexon beast part of Addalind by exchanging blood with her.
    • I felt pretty bad for Addalind at the end of the episode after the hexon beast part of her die and she said she was nothing without it and also because her mother and the Captain called her worthless now.
    • This was one of my favorite episodes so far.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    Sunday, May 27, 2012

    TV Review: Once Upon a Time:Whatever Happened to Fredrick(1.13)

                         Once Upon a Time:Whatever Happened to Fredrick(1.13)Review
    • I really hated that David was unwilling to tell Katherine the truth about him and Mary Margette because I felt like he owed it to her and it would have prevent pretty much everyone from getting as hurt as they did.
    • I hated that everyone started to call Mary Margette a tramp because I don't think she deserved that.
    • I liked that Katherine told Regina that she wasn't her friend because Regina is always lying and trying to hurt her but sadly she took that back later. I also liked that after Katherine calmed down she realized that she wanted to find real love and wanted David and Mary Margette to be happy together.
    • I was kind of sad that Mary Margette and David didn't end up together but after his behavior in this episode I don't think he deserved her.
    • I find it interesting that the writer's name is August and I'm glad that after he made a copy of Henry's book he made sure that Emma found it.
    • I really hate Regina for I think killing Katherine with magic and making sure that David and Mary Margette didn't find Katherine's letter that said she wanted them to be together.
    • I liked that Prince James helped Abigael be reunited with her true love Fredrick and found out that Snow White still loved him.
    • I found the siren that turned into who you most desire to be interesting.
    Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

    Manga Review: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol.2

                                               Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol.2Review
    This volume picks up with were the last one ended with Syaoran saving a boy named Masayoshi from a water kuden with his fire kuden which Syaoran didn't know he had one until that moment, Shugo the guy with the water kuden is impressed by Syaoran's kuden. Masayoshi makes friends with Syaoran and offers to lead him as well as Fai, Kurogane and Mokona around the Hanshin Republic.

    In this volume there's more of an explanation about what kudens are and how they work such as kuden's possibly being personal gods and kudens having different levels of strength. There's also more explained about how there are people who may be from your home world but there not real those people but they kind of are but they live in another world. Then they also learn that the reason they can understand each  other at all is because Mokona translates the languages for them.

    Also in this volume we learn a lot more about the characters(well the boys at least since Sakura is asleep for most of the volume) and the relationships they're starting form with each other. Such as with Fai while he seems pretty carefree for the most part both Kurogane and Syaoran can tell there's a lot more about him that he's hiding and that he probably has some fighting experience. There's also the fact that in his kuden fight he'd rather run than fight. There's also Kurogane's love for fighting and the fact that he's still devoted to Princess Tomoyo even after the events of last volume( which isn't exactly new information). There's also the fact that Syaoran always feels the need to help or protect people even if they are capable of doing it themselves and that he's fairly knowledgeable but still naive.

    In this volume Syaoran was able to get back one of Sakura's feathers after Monkona found it inside of a kuden. Syaoran is so happy that he got the feather and that Sakura will wake up that it's even more heartbreaking to see how sad he is when she doesn't remember him. Also after he remembers she won't ever remember him he forces himself to smile and introduces himself to her and explains her situation even though he's smiling it's easy for the reader to tell that he's seconds away from breaking down, which he does outside so Sakura won't see him cry. I also really liked the conversation that Fai and Kurogane had about how crying being able cry at certain times might be a show of strength instead of weakness.

    I overall really enjoyed this volume and I really liked learning more about the characters and seeing how they'll work as group throughout the series. I also really enjoyed the artwork and especially liked how much emotion could be shown through it. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

    Saturday, May 26, 2012

    TV Review: Grimm:The Thing with Feathers(1.16)

                                               Grimm:The Thing with Feathers(1.16)Review
    • I liked that Nick was so sweetly nervous about proposing to Juliet over their weekend away together.
    • In this episode a seltenvogel(a bird like creature that can give birth to a golden egg through it's throat) is being held captive by a klaustriech( a cat like creature that is very cruel and violent). While on their romantic getaway Nick and Juliet notice the couples troubles and try to help Robin the seltenvogel.
    • I find Hank's obsession with Adalind to be pretty creepy with how often he calls her, how he stalks her and that he threatened to kill the guy that he thought was with her.
    • I find it interesting that there are more people involved with Adalind's and the Captain's plans whatever they may be.
    • I liked all the cute moments between Nick and Juliet throughout the episode.
    • I liked that Monroe and Rosalie were spending time together in this episode and I liked that Monroe was kind of offend when Nick called Rosalie instead of him for help.
    • I was sad that Juliet rejected Nick's proposal but I think she had a pretty good reason to do so and I hope this means that Nick will tell her about the Grimm stuff sometime in the future.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    TV Review: Grimm: Island of Dreams(1.15)

                                                    Grimm: Island of Dreams(1.15)Review
    • In this episode the shop owner from a few episodes ago is killed by some drug addicted vesins who are hooked on a drug called J which is something only vesins can use.
    • I liked Rosalie the shop owner's sister who was introduced in this episode and came back to help solve her brother's murder. She seems like an interesting character with her knowledge of what to do in certain strange situations and her past as a junkie.
    • I also liked that Adalind came back in this episode because I'm glad her plot wasn't dropped. But I didn't like that she made some kind of potion and put it in cookies in order to make it so that Hank is obsessed with her. I feel pretty bad for Hank right now.
    • I'm very worried about Wu since he ate one of Hank's cookies and got really sick and then after he got better he started eating the cookie again which can't be good.
    • I liked that Juliet was pretty weirded out by the refrigerator repair man giving them a lot of stuff, I like it because she's clearly suspicious about the whole situation.
    • I liked that Monroe gave Rosalie flowers at the end of the episode that was really sweet of him.
    • I liked that Juliet wanted to learn to shoot a gun and that she was quite good at it.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    Fangirl Friday 9

    Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

    1. Game of Thrones:This week I caught up with Game of Thrones by watching episodes 5 through 8 of season two. I was really upset when Renly died and I'm still really pissed at Stannis for not only killing him but also for using a shadow creature that he couldn't possibly defeat. I liked that the Tyrells as well as Brienne stayed loyal to Renly even after his death. I really liked the relationship that developed between Catelyn and Brienne because it seems to be one that is built on the respect they have for one another. I found Arya's deals Jaqen killing people for her to be very interesting and I really liked seeing her interactions with Tywin because I find Tywin to be such an interesting character and I like that he seems kind of fond of her even though he clearly knows she's up to something. I hated that Theon betrayed the Starks and took over Winterfell and then chopped a guy he's known for years head off as Bran bagged him not to, I hate Theon so much now. I like that Deanerys is working on gettting back the Iron Throne(and I think now would be a really good time to do so since everyone hates Joffrey and would gladly give the first person to show up in Kings Landing the throne). I was really creeped out by the guy from the house of the undieing and I hate that he stole Deanerys's dragons. I liked that someone threw a piece of shit at Joffrey's face but I hated that people nearly raped and murder Sansa even though she's just as much a victim of Joffrey's cruelty as the rest of the kingdom. I really liked the episode A Man Without Honor because it focused on Jamie quite a bit and I've always liked his character although I felt bad about it since he's done some pretty awful things but he has charisma. I also really liked how Varys points out that Tryion is good at the game and he likes it which makes him a good hand of the king unlike Ned and Jon Arrayan who were noble men and hated the game.

    2. Revenge:The season finale aired this week and the episode was really good and exciting. There was a lot going on in this episode both in terms of plot and characters. I also really liked that there was a lot set up in this episode to make next season very interesting.
    3. The Avengers: I saw The Avengers this week and I found it to be a very good movie with lots of action in it as well as a good plot and a lot of good characters. I hadn't watched any of the movies leading up to this film but the film makes me want to watch all of the films that led up to this one.
    4. Cardcaptor Sakura: I got the second omnibus edition of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga this week so I've been reading it and enjoying all the pretty colored pictures that were included with this edition. I just love this series it's super sweet and cute.

    TV Review: Revenge: Reckoning(1.22)

                                                       Revenge: Reckoning(1.22)Review
    • I liked that this episode started off with Emily claiming that the white haired man was the one who stole the information from Daniel's briefcase and that it took awhile to find out that Emily was the one who really stole it.
    • I liked that Emily did what the white haired man said in order to make sure Nolan was okay and also because the white haired man gave her another reason why she should take her revenge on him.
    • I liked how Conrad told Daniel that the white haired man was the biggest enemy the Graysons have.
    • I really liked the whole scene were the white haired man interrogated Emily about the missing information.
    • I liked that Emily was able to outsmart the white haired man even though he was pretty smart himself and I loved it when Emily got a lock pick out of her top and then Nolan said he wasn't worthy.
    • I loved the scene were Emily nearly beats the white haired man to death but doesn't in order to honor her father's memory.
    • I liked that information that implicated the Graysons in the plane crash as well as David Clarke's murder were given to the authorities.
    • I was kind of sad that Emily and Daniel broke up but I think it was for the best for both characters.
    • I liked the scene with Emily and Nolan the day after in which they celebrate the Graysons future destruction and Emily being able to put her revenge schemes behind her. I also liked that she mentioned in this scene that she intended to tell Jack everything.
    • I thought it was pretty awful of Charlotte to send everyone in school scandalous pictures of the new girl for no real reason and I completely understand why Declan was so mad at her.
    • I was pretty shocked to see Amanda back and that she was pregnant with Jack's baby, I was sad for Emily because even though she put her revenge schemes behind her she still wasn't able to be with Jack.
    • I loved that after Emily told Nolan about Amanda's return that Nolan promised to come right over for emotional support.
    • I liked that Victoria seemed to be testifying in order to right the wrong she committed a long time ago, I'm not sure if I believe her but it be nice if that was true.
    • I liked that Conrad warned Victoria not to get on that plane even though those two seem to hate each other.
    • I was pretty shocked that the show had the plane explode with Victoria on it because I hear her character is rather popular with other fans, so pretty risky move killing her off.
    • I found Charlotte's reaction to her mother's possible death to be very sad and I hope that she didn't kill herself because I kind of like her.
    • I was pretty shocked to learn that the americon group is way worse than we originally thought and that Emily's mother is still alive.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    Top 10 Websites not about Books

    1. Hulu:I love this site because it allows me to watch tv online for free and it even counts towards giving the shows ratings sometimes which is always a good thing. This season I've watched most of Revenge and Grimm this way.
    2. Tumblr:I don't have my own tumblr account but I love looking at other people's tumblrs for hours because this site is basically a place to fangirl(or fanboy) about your favorite things, so I don't see any reason not to love this site. This site is also the reason I started watching The Fades, Doctor Who, A Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Community.
    3.Youtube:I love this site because of the ability to listen to songs for free and sometimes watch tv shows and movies online for free. I also love to see people's reviews on things.
    4. TV Tropes:This site is just something I can spend hours reading since it basically tells the common elements of in fiction and than tells you what series they can be found in.
    5. TV.com: I love this site mainly because of Price Peterson's photo recaps of Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle, both of the recaps are very funny and they're especially enjoyable because he points out a lot of strange things about the show like he mentions how weird the town of Mystic Falls is. But I wouldn't say that these recaps are 100% accurate all the time so I wouldn't say that if you read these recaps you wouldn't have to watch the episodes but they're extremely enjoyable and makes me laugh out loud each week.
    6. Heroine TV: I love this blog because I love her recaps of Vampire Diaries and I also tend to like most of the other shows she talks about so I find this blog very enjoyable.
    7. AnimeFreak.com: This site is were I watch most of my anime and since I love anime, I love this site.
    8. Television Without Pity:I love this site for it's recaps, lists and forums that are all centered around television.
    9. Amazon:This is a great place to buy pretty much anything but I mostly use in order to find things that I can't find in stores.
    10. Wikapedia:I love this site because it makes it easy to find information out about just about anything.

    Sunday, May 20, 2012

    Top 10 things in Entertainment I'm looking forward to Summer 2012

                     Top 10 things in Entertainment I'm looking forward to Summer 2012

    1. White Collar Season 4: I love this show a whole lot so I'm really excited to see more of it especially since it ended on a pretty big cliffhanger and it's clear that this season is going to be a lot different than the first 3 seasons. I'm also excited because I read an article that says we'll get to learn more about Neal's past this season which I've always been curious about. Returns July 10th.
    2. Teen Wolf Season 2: I loved the first season and the trailer for season 2 makes it look like this season is going to be even better so my super excited to see what's going to happen this season. This show kind of fills the void Vampire Diaries leaves in the summer although it's a pretty different show and I'd love to see Stiles again because of missed him all school year. Returns June 3rd.
    3. The Amazing Spider-Man: I've seen the trailer for this movie and it looks like it's going to be pretty good and it stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to actors which I love so I'm really excited to see this movie. Comes out July 3rd.
    4. The Dark Knight Rises: I loved The Dark Knight like most people and I've seen the trailer for this movie and I thought it looked really good so I'm really excited to see this movie. Comes out July 20th.
    5. Snow White and the Huntsman: I've seen the trailer for this movie a while ago and I've been wanting to see it very since. Comes out June 1st.
    6. Weeds Season 8: I watched the first seven seasons of this show last fall and I really liked the show and so I'm really excited to see season 8 even if it is most likely to be it's last season. Returns July 1st.
    7. Code Geass Gaiden: This is a series that's basically a side story of the Code Geass world set in Europe and since I loved Code Geass I'm excited to see this series although I really don't know much about it. Due out sometime in July.
    8. Brave:A movie by Pixer that has a lead female character who seems to be a feisty princess who's good at archery and has red hair, the trailer looked good so I want to see. Comes out June 22nd.
    9. The Lying Game: Hide and Seek: Is the fourth book of The Lying Game series and since I've loved the first three I'm excited to read the fourth book. Comes out July 31st.
    10. Sword Art Online: The description of this series sounds interesting and I liked what I've seen of the artwork so for. I want to check this series out. Comes out sometime in July.

    Manga Review: Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.2

                                                Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.2 Review
    The second volume starts off with Sakura enjoying field day at her school were she competes in a race and does a cheer leading routine. At the field day event Sakura meets Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi for the first time and learns that she and her father, Fujitaka have knew each other because through Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko who happens to that Sonomi and Nadeshiko were cousins. Sonomi has always disliked Fujitaka because she feels he stole Nadeshiko from her but does admit that he made Nadeshiko very happy. Also during field day the Flower card causes a lot of flowers to fall down so Sakura has to capture it but not before Flower dances with her.

    The second story of the volume deals with a new student named Syaoran Li who transfers into Sakura's class who doesn't seem to like her and knows about the Clow Cards, he also has magic of his own. Later on in this story Sakura's friend Rika's mind is taken over by the Sword Card and ends up attacking Sakura, Sakura is of course reluctant to fight her friend and since her and Kero-chan were talking about what to do Sakura is almost cut in half by the Sword Card but Syaoran saves her(which of course made me all happy but then he was mean to her). Sakura then decides to use the illusion card to distract Rika with an image of her beloved which happens to be Terada-Sensei, Sakura plan works and she's able to capture the card.

    In the last chapter of the volume Sakura is shown through one of Tomoyo's videos of Sakura that she has recently captured the Thunder Card(that really should be called lightening since that's what it acts like). Later on in the chapter Sakura finds out that the Shadow Card is causing trouble so she sets out to capture the card but has trouble at first but after seeing that Syaoran's lighting spell help to tame the Shadow Card she uses Thunder and then Sword to capture Shadow. After she does this Sakura thanks Syaoran for his help while she smiles and wrap his small injury with a piece of cloth this causes him to blush but he acts like he still doesn't like her.

    Through out this volume a lot is learned about the characters and their relationship with each other such as the fact that Tomoyo is actually in love with Sakura but is pretty sure that Sakura will never feel the same way. I also liked seeing how protective Touya can be over Sakura with how much he worries about her after he saw Syaoran be mean to her and how much he dislikes him for that. I also liked the strange crush that Syaoran develops on Yukito and like that both him and Sakura are always so cutely embarrassed when Yukito is nice to them. I also like all the times Touya and Yukito tend to stare at each other and Touya's tendency of brush things off of Yukito's shoulders. I find the relationship between Rika and Terada-sensei to be both creepy and sweet but I find it strange that they would already be engaged.

    I overall loved this volume just like I do the rest of the series and I liked that one of my favorite characters were introduced in this volume. Please tell me your thoughts on the series.

    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    Manga Review: Chobits Vol.1

                                                             Chobits Vol.1 Review
    Chobits is a series by Clamp which is about a boy named Hideki, a collage age guy who is currently attending cram school and working part time to get by. Hideki is unable to buy a persocom(a person shaped computer) so he's extremely excited when he finds one laying in the trash so he takes it home.
    The persocom is shaped like a young girl and is different from most persocom because she has a highly advanced programing but Hideki is unable to access any of it so when he first turns her on all she can say is Chi which is what he names her. Hideki later learns that Chi may be what is known as Chobit which is a type of persocom that can think and learn without programming. Hideki learns about the persocoms through his friend Shimbo and a sixth grade named Kokubunji who builds his own persocoms.

    Most of the first volume is about Hideki trying to figure out how Chi works and how to teach her to do things, he often times find her really cute and has forgotten that she's a machine several times. It has been kind of implied by other characters that getting too attached to a persocom will only make you sad in the end. There's also a book that Chi gets that's called "A City with No People" that seems to be about how people would rather spend their time with persocom than real people. 

    I overall find this be a good series and I think this is a good start. I really enjoyed the art work and I think the series is posing a few good questions about technology. Please tell me your thoughts on the series in the comments.

    Manga Review: X vol.1

                                                                     X Vol.1 Review

    X(also known as X/1999) is a series by Clamp that is about the battle for the end of the world which will happen in the year 1999 which is when the series is set. The series starts off with high school student Kamui Shiro coming home to Tokyo after six years but he has become cold in the years he's been away and he tells his former friends Kotori and Fuma.  Kotori and Fuma are siblings who are very well liked by the community whose mother died years ago. Also Kotori has a weak heart and her dreams tend to come true.

    Kamui possesses some form of magical powers which he uses recklessly when he attacks people who are following or spying on him in someway. A blind, paralyzed psychic who is called Princess Hinoto is the leader of one of the groups who are watching Kamui in order to find out if he is the Kamui who will decided the fate of the world in the near future. Also working with Princess is a young woman named Arashi who sent a man Saki to attack Kamui in order to find out what kind of person he is but she doesn't personally desire to fight him but she can make a sword come out of her hand.

    At the end of this volume two men are waiting to talk to Kamui who was currently sleeping at Fuma and Kotori's house(he's staying there because Fuma brought him home after he found him injured in the street) they don't know each other but both seem to have a sense of humor and are somehow involved in the end of the world. Before Fighting a Kekkai is set up which means that the dimension that they will fight in is separate from the really world so no innocent people will be hurt and no damage will come to the surrounding area. But if the person who makes the Kekkai dies or is seriously injured the damage from the battle will come to earth at some point in the future, I'm guessing this will be important information later on in the series.

    I overall really enjoyed the first volume of this series but I feel like it was mostly just setting things up which is a good thing because there seems to be a lot that needs to be set up.I also really enjoyed the art style used in this series. Please tell me what you thought of this volume.

    Friday, May 18, 2012

    Fangirl Friday 8

    Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

    1. Game of Thrones:This week I watched the first four episodes of season 2 and so far I love it just as much I as I did with season one. I love that there are so many story lines and that there are a whole lot of people declaring themselves to be kings. I also like the night's watch storyline more this series due to being able to see what's beyond the wall and there's more hints of the supernatural creatures that lurk in those forests. I loved seeing Renely again as well as his lover Ser Loras and I loved that Renely married his sister, Margaery who knows about the relationship and she's completely fine with it. I liked meeting Stannis as well but I'm not sure about how I feel about the witch he has working with him but it's cool that there's a witch in the series. I think that Joffery is a horrible person as well as king but he makes a great villain. I feel very bad for Sansa being the Lannister's hostage and having to act like she loves Joffery even though he's horrible to her. I really like seeing Tryion as hand of the king since he actually knows how things work unlike Ned. I also like Arya's storyline as well. I like Deanery's storyline but I feel like within the first four episodes she hasn't really got much screen time.

    2. Revenge:The episode before the season finale was very good and had a lot of emotional moments. I really liked the episode and I feel that it was a good episode to lead into the season finale with. I liked that it focused on a lot of different character's relationships and with some of the major plots that have been developing over the last couple weeks. I'm really excited for next week's episode and I hope no one I care about dies or anything but I kind of doubt that would happen because it's not really that kind of show.

    3. Charade:I watched this lovely movie that starred Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant this week in film class and I loved it. The movie is about how Regina(Audrey Hepburn) discovers her husband wasn't who he said he was and he stole 250,000 dollars and that three men as well as the US government wants that money back but she has no idea were it is. She also starts a romance with Cary Grant's character who goes by various names and the two of them are very sweet and funny together. The reason I loved this movie so much is because of the characters.

    4. Rear Window: I also watched this movie for film class this week which was about a man who spies on his neighbors while he recovers from a broken leg and ends up solving a murder. His girlfriend is played by Grace Kelly and she's pretty much perfect because she's beautiful and daring. I was really interested in this movie and I loved Grace Kelly's character.

    Thursday, May 17, 2012

    TV Review: Revenge: Grief(1.21)

                                                             Revenge: Grief(1.21)Review
    • I loved that Nolan kept urging Emily to reconsider things and made sure that she didn't go through with killing the white hair man.
    • I liked that Emily was somewhat reckless in this episode with how she wasn't able to hide her true emotions like she's usually able to.
    • I liked that Charlotte was in counselling but I'm sad that it looks like all the progress she was making was destroyed in this episode.
    • I liked that Conrad threatened the white haired man after he saw the video because I like how protective he is over his family.
    • I kind of like that Conrad and Lydia were together because for some reason I like them together.
    • I kind of hated that Victoria decided to piss Conrad off right before Charlotte's family therapy session because in the end it just ended up hurting Charlotte more and she could've waited until after the family therapy session to do it.
    • I loved that Daniel asked Victoria if she actually cares about his and Charlotte's well being at all because with the way she acts it seems like she doesn't.
    • I liked that Daniel siding with Conrad over Victoria because he's doing it to protect his family and I can't fault him for being loyal and I think Conrad loves his children more than Victoria does.
    • I liked the emotional moments Emily and Jack shared over Sammy's death as well as the kiss but I'm sad that Sammy died but at least he had a long life.
    • I'm glad that Emily decided that it was for the best that she didn't kill the white haired man.
    • I'm curious about whether or not Emily's going to do anything with the evidence in Daniel's briefcase.
    • I'm extremely worried about Nolan since the white haired man came into his house and attacked him and I hope he doesn't die because he's my second favorite character and I love him.
    Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    TV Review: Secret Circle: Prom(1.21)

                                                    Secret Circle: Prom(1.21)Review
    • I liked that Melissa wanted so badly for Nick to still be alive and be the same Nick he was before even it's pretty clear that the only thing he cares about is the crystal.
    • I also liked that Jake's reaction to the Nick situation was to outwardly accepting that the Nick that was walking around wasn't quite human but inwardly hoping it was and feeling guilty about not being around back then to save him.
    • I really liked the scene at the beginning of the episode were Charles gives Diana her mothers old necklace.
    • I loved that Faye was super into going to prom and I like that she and Jake went together.
    • I hated that Blackwell haunted Charles with Amelia's death because it led Diana finding out about Charles involvement in Amelia's death.
    • I really liked the flashbacks because they were very informative and I liked that Cassie and Diana found out that Blackwell is the bad guy and is not to be trusted.
    • I loved that Grant came back this episode and that he and Diana flirted and that he was their to take her away at the end of the episode when she had nowhere else to go.
    • I'm glad that Nick was killed permanently by the end of the episode and that it was by Melissa because I think that gave her a bit of closure with his death.
    • I'm worried about Blackwell having the crystal and I'm extremely worried about Even having Faye.
    Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

    Friday, May 11, 2012

    Fangirl Friday 7

    Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

    1. Game of Thrones: I finished watching the first season of Game of Thrones and I find this show to be one of the best on television, I love this show. I find the world to be very interesting as well as visually pleasing. I love all the medieval political drama because medieval political drama is also interesting but it's really interesting here because it involves incest and an upcoming civil war. I also loved the storyline with Daenerys storyline about how she transformed over the season from a fragile frighten girl into a fierce and powerful queen or rather Khaleesi. I love this show with it's setting, plots and characters and I'm very excited to start watching season 2. My favorite characters so far are Daenerys and Sansa.

    2. Revenge: I loved this week's episode because it's really different that than it usually is but it was still great, this week the episode was almost entirely a flashback to 2002. I loved seeing what everyone was like back than and I especially loved seeing how different Emily was back then and why she decided she needed to in act her revenge on everyone.

    3. Vampire Diaries: The season 3 finale aired this week and while I predicted most of the major plot points when I was watching last week's episode I still found it be a really enjoyable episode but not as good as the last two episodes. Although I was really happy to see Elijah again and it was nice to see Jenna via flashbacks, I also found some reasons to continue to ship Damon and Rebekah so that's good and I'm glad Elena choose Stefan. The thing I'm most looking forward to next season is finding out what Bonnie did to Klaus because I don't really understand it and I hope Rebekah becomes a main character next season.

    4. Secret Circle: I watched episode 20 this week and I loved it so much, it's one of my favorites of the season. I liked seeing the fallout from the discovery that Diana is also Blackwell's daughter and the new relationship she and Cassie started to form. I also found most of the Adam and Melissa scenes to be very funny. I loved most of Faye's lines in this episode there were just so many good ones. I also liked that it was confirmed that Blackwell is indeed a villain. I also loved the twist at the end which involved either Nick being back from the dead or a ghost.

    5. Flashback episodes: I have always loved flashback episodes but I thought I'd mention it this week because both Revenge and Vampire Diaries had them this week. I love flashback episodes because it gives us back story to the characters and if it involves immortal creatures there's also a chance to see lovely corsets.