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TV Reviw: Can We Get Married?

                                                Can We Get Married? Review
Can We Get Married is about Hye yoon and Jung hoon a young couple who have just gotten engaged and now have to deal with getting their approval for the marriage. At first Hye yoon's mother is very against the marriage because she wants Hye yoon to marry someone who is far more rich and successful because she doesn't want her daughter to be wanting for anything after she had to grow up without a father. Jung hoon's parents are supportive at first but after awhile Jung hoon's mom feels insulted by Hye yoon and her mother because Hye yoon and her family simply can't afford to spend as much on the wedding as she thinks they should be spending on the wedding which she takes to mean that they think lowly of her. Hye yoon and Jung hoon's mother's fighting end up bring up their own insecurities about themselves and their relationship with each other which leads to the two of them fighting and doubting whether or not they can actually handle getting married to each other.

There are a bunch of other subplots in the series about various other couples in the series who are connected to Hye yoon and Jung hoon in some way. The pairing that takes up the most screen time is Hye yoon's sister Hye jin and her husband Do hyun who are getting a divorce since he has been cheating on her for quite sometime. The whole plot with Hye jin is honestly kind of depressing to watch because Do hyun just treats her so badly and he is threatening to take away their son and her means to support herself simply because he can and I don't understand why the show spent so much time on this storyline. My favorite pairing in this series was Hye yoon's and Jung hoon's friends Dong bi and Ki joon who have been dating for five years but Ki joon refuses to marry Dong bi because he believes getting married would destroy their relationship but as the series goes on they end up finding a new understanding of each other and eventually changing views on marriage. The last couple is Hye yoon's aunt Deul rae and Min ho who are both older but end up falling in love with each other and the two of them are very cute together through out the series.

Overall this series was pretty good but there were also quite a few characters and storylines in this series that I found annoying or frustrating which keeps me from really recommending that anyone watch it but it really wasn't a bad series as a whole either. Please tell me your thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

Top 5 Hidden Gem Books

1. Highly Illogical Behavior: This book is one that is about a high school boy who hasn't left is house in years because of his social anxiety this book as a really interesting story and interesting characters and the writing style that this book had made this book a really fast read. I read this book last year and became a fan of it right a way but I haven't really seen many other people talking about this book.
2. Reading in the Dark: This is a book that I read quite a few years ago that has always left a big impression on me, it's a historical novel about a family that has a bunch of dark secrets and how the son discovers them and this leads to an emotional distance developing between himself and his family that he can never fill gap without destroying his family in the process. I don't recall ever seeing anyone else talking about this book so I think that makes this book very underrated.
3. Linger: While Shiver the first book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series was fairly popular when it first came out it always seemed like the sequel books in the series were something that people never cared much about and well Linger the second book in the series has become one of my favorite books of all time. I love Linger for being an interesting take on what happens after happily ever after with the way it deals with how Sam feels now that he's no longer has to become a wolf but still has to deal with the trauma he endure because of him being a wolf before. I loved being the ever self destructive Cole St. Clair and I loved the relationship that he develop with Isabel and I like Isabel getting more development after the first book as well. While this book isn't one I consider a hidden gem because no one read but because no one really gave this book a chance to be anything but yet another paranormal romance that came out during a time when it seemed like almost every YA book that was coming was one.
4. Sinner: This book is the fourth book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and since it came out much later than the first three books of a series I feel like a lot of fans didn't read this book because they were done with this series by the point this book came out but this book is surely worth revisiting the series for. This book is one that is about Cole and Isabel living their lives in LA and since their stories were pretty unfinished at the end of the original trilogy this book is a welcome addition to the series.
5. The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy: This series is my personal favorite retelling of Alice in Wonderland and it's also one of the retellings that I hear the least about which is a shame because I really liked how they played around with the story and gave the series a much better leading romance and villain than any other retelling ever has.

Book Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

                            The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Review
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is about Hadley Sullivan who is on her way to her father's wedding in England to a woman that she never met and is also partially responsible for her parents marriage so she's understandably not looking forward to the wedding. Hadley ends up missing her plane by just a few minutes which means that she has to take the next flight over there which leaves hours after original flight did and will make it very hard for her to get to the wedding on time. Hadley ends up meeting a British boy named Oliver who is going back home because of a family event that is the next afternoon and the two of them end up hitting it off with each other rather quickly and develop mutually crushes on each other very quickly.

The majority of this book is really about Hadley coming to terms with the fact that she still does want her father in her life even though he his actions have hurt her and her mother and seeing that even though her father does have a whole new life he does still want her to be part of his life even though it doesn't always feel that way. Hadley also has to accept that her father's new wife isn't actually a bad person but is in fact quite nice even though it's easier for Hadley to not see her that way. While I don't think the story about Hadley accepting that her father is remarrying is a bad one I was expecting a love story not a father-daughter which is really what I got so I was disappoint by the lack of romance although what little we did get of the romance was very nice there really wasn't enough of it to justify the incredibly romantic title that this book had.

Overall this was a pretty good book that was more of character study of Hadley and her relationship with her dad than a romance which is something that I didn't I would get out of this book and leaves me wondering on why this book had romantic title when it's primary relationship wasn't even a romance. Please tell me your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

TV Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

                                 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok joo is about a college student named Kim Bok joo who is the ace of the weightlifting department and her biggest dream is to win a gold medal in weightlifting. Bok joo is fine with not being seen as a woman by anyone at the start of the series since she only cares about fulfilling her weightlifting dreams until she meets a doctor named Jung Jae yi who she finds herself falling for at first sight and she then starts making excuses to spend time with him while hiding the fact that she is a weightlifter since she feels he couldn't see her as a woman if he knew about her weightlifting. Bok joo eventually discovers that Jae yi's brother is Jung Joon hyung who is swimmer who goes to the same college of her and used to go to elementary school, Joon hyung likes to seek out Bok joo to annoy her but also truly enjoys spending time with her and admires her for her weightlifting abilities. After Joon hyung finds out about Bok joo lying to his brother about who she really is, Bok joo swears him to secrecy.

Over the course of the series it becomes more and more obvious that Joon hyung likes Bok joo as more than a friend even though him and Bok joo seem to remain oblivious to this fact. As time goes on Bok joo realizes that Jae yi is never going to see her as a woman so she decides to give up on her one side love for him and Joon hyung helps her through this time by being there for her as a friend while she struggles with letting go of her feelings for Jae yi and about whether or not she truly loves weightlifting anymore since it was no longer bringing her happiness. In the end Bok joo returns to weightlifting and some time after Joon hyung confesses his feelings for her, she realizes that she also have feelings for him.

Overall I really enjoyed this drama the two leads where good characters that built a relationship that you couldn't help but to root for. I also really liked most of the supporting characters in this drama as well even though I didn't mention them above. I think this series is sweet and romantic which makes it a very fun watch. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode in the comment section below.

Movie Review: Ocean's 8

                                                               Ocean's 8 Review
Ocean's 8 is about how Debbie Ocean(Sandra Bullock) who has just been released from prison puts together a group of woman to steal a necklace that is worth 150 million dollars. The first person that Debbie recruits is Lou(Cate Blanchette) who is a long time partner with Debbie and they end up putting the rest of the team together which includes Rose(Helena Bonham Carter), Amita(Mindy Kaling), jeweler, Constance(Awkwafina) a pick pocket, Nine Ball(Rihanna) a hacker, and Tammy(Sarah Paulson) a fence who has worked with Debbie and Lou in the past. The plan involves stealing the necklace off of Daphne Kluger(Anne Hathaway) a vapid actress, at the Met Gala.

Overall this movie was a lot of fun to watch the characters were interesting and it was fun to see all of them come together to pull off the theft. This movie was a good heist film it was fun and interesting to watch and over all had a light feeling to it thought there were a few twists in the movie they didn't end up changing too much about how you think that this story is going to play out in the end. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

Book Review: The Gathering

                                                      The Gathering Review
The Gathering is set in the same universe as The Darkest Powers series and this book is about a girl named Maya who lives in an isolated town in Canada that is made up entirely of employees of the Saint Cloud research company. Maya is adopted and part Native American or Canadian(it's a bit unclear as to which one) and she feels drawn to nature and has a special connection to animals and a strange birth mark of a paw print. While Maya believes through out the whole book that the Saint Cloud research is all on the up and up I don't believe that for a second because this organization remains me of the organization from The Darkest Powers series.

Maya reluctantly forms a connection with the new boy Rafe who has recently moved to town with his older sister and as they get closer Maya discovers a lot more than just romantic feelings for Rafe. Rafe reveals that his sister is a skinwalker(a shape shifter) and that believes that himself and Maya may become skinwalkers in the future and that there is a possibility that their able to become this because of experiments that was done to them by the Saint Cloud group and that there is a chance that they could become stuck in their animal forms if they don't get some answers soon.

Overall this was a pretty good book it had interesting characters and the idea of what Saint Cloud group is up to is an interesting one but since Maya trusts so completely in them there is really no answers on that front. While this book does make me want to read the next book in the series it's more because the book feels incomplete rather than having to know what happens next since the book left me on a cliffhanger like The Darkest Powers series books did and overall I just felt like The Darkest Powers series had a much clearer plot, intrigues and more interesting cast of characters as well as a much better handle on the fantasy elements. Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: DNR(4.09)

                                                    The 100: DNR(4.09)Review
  • I like that Emori doesn't believe that anyone is coming back for them after how she was treated by the others last episode.
  • I liked that Raven assured Emori that the others will come back for them because Raven is too valuable be left behind although they would leave Murphy behind.
  • I like that Raven got a vision where Becca told her how she could use the rocket to survive in space rather than in the bunker.
  • I like that Illian is preparing the ground for those who will survive the radiation in the future that will need to use it for farming.
  • I like that Illian sees no point in fighting now that the world is going to end in just a few days from now and I dislike that Octavia wants in on that fight.
  • I like that Jaha tells all of the ark people to get ready to go to the bunker because that's where they will be able to survive what is to come and that it's likely that all of them will survive.
  • I find it sad and a little scary how even with the chance of survival within grasp that Jasper is still planning to die and is convincing other people that this the better option, I understand that he truly believes this and isn't doing this out of malice but it still comes across as a but disturbing.
  • I like that when Clarke found out that their people double crossed Roan and where planning to kill him that she warned him of the attack that was going to happen against him.
  • I like that Clarke still had Roan's trust because she saved him and that this led him to be willing to talk with Indra and her people about all three of their people sharing the bunker together.
  • I liked that when Clarke said that they would need their Chancellor at the meeting that Roan told her that she would be the best person to have at that meeting because no one would be better than her at convincing people that hate each other to come together in order to survive.
  • I'm sad that Harper seems to be giving up hope on things since their going to have to fight yet another war in order to survive in the bunker now.
  • I feel bad for Monty when he mentions that it seems that spend their last days wasted is common among the people that he cares about since Jasper has given up on life quite awhile ago and Harper now can't seem to find it in herself to fight another battle.
  • I think it was a bit harsh of Monty to call Harper a coward but I get why he did it because he wants her to fight to survive.
  • I find it interesting and worrying that Raven will die if she states down on the ground but she might have a chance to live if she goes into space.
  • I like how when Emori figured that the others weren't coming back that Murphy kept telling her that they would find a way to survive somewhere else without the others help and I liked that even if his options weren't good ones that Emori was comforted by his words at least a little bit.
  • I think it's ridiculous how Roan and Indra's people want to go to war for the bunker while they could all easily share it.
  • I like that since Clarke now has nightblood that she wants Indra'a daughter to make her the commander so that she can prevent a war from happening.
  • I liked that Jaha, Bellamy, Monty and Others tried to get Jasper, Harper and the others to leave with them so that they can survive.
  • I liked that both Bellamy and Monty were against blowing open the doors since the others could be hurt by that.
  • I liked that Bellamy pointed out to Jaha that in the past he sent children down to die on the ground and now he's demanding that they live and I like that Bellamy points out that the only difference this time around is that they get to make a choice for themselves. I like that Jaha allows them to make that choice in the end but I also get why Monty is against that.
  • I like that when Monty asks if Bellamy would give up if Octavia was in there that Bellamy tells him that at least if she was in there he'd get to say goodbye to her.
  • I liked that Octavia at least attempted to avoid the fight but I disliked that she ended up killing Illian's friends and deciding that's who she is.
  • I like that Roan figured out what Clarke's plans once he found out that a new commander will ascend and that he used for he knew to stop Clarke's plans. I like that Roan decides that they should have a conclave rather than a war to settle their differences because it would mean less of their people will die.
  • I like that Bellamy asks Jasper and Harper if they'd change their minds one last time before he leaves and that Jasper asks him if he wants to stay and Bellamy tells him he's not a quitter and I like that Jasper thanks him for understanding.
  • I find it sad that when Bellamy tells Jasper May we meet again that Jasper tells him they won't.
  • I like that Monty ended up staying incase Harper or Jasper changes their minds at the last minute because he wants them to still have a chance at survival and I like that it seems like Harper has some doubts about her decision.
  • I like that Miller and Jackson came back for Murphy, Emori and Raven but I was sad that Raven decide to stay but I understand why she did it since she doesn't have any chance at really surviving if she goes with them.
  • I like that Clarke tells Bellamy about the upcoming conclave and I like that Bellamy points out that there at the biggest disadvantage since they can't use guns, I hope that Octavia showing up at the end of the episode means good things for them.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Movie Review: Wild Child

                                                          Wild Child Review

Wild Child is about Poppy(Emma Roberts) a spoiled rich rebellious girl who is sent to a boarding school in England after she pushes her father too far and she of course doesn't fit in there and doesn't really try to since all she wants is to get expelled and go back home to her friends. After some time Poppy's roommates agree to help get her expelled since she's clearly miserable there and so Poppy and the other girls end up coming up with schemes to get her expelled. While Poppy and the girls scheme they end up becoming close to each other and the girls end up becoming better friends to her than the one she has back home. After bonding a bit with her roommates Poppy starts to doubt whether she really wants to go back home but when she accidently starts a fire it seems like she won't have a choice in whether or not she can stay in the end.

Overall I enjoyed this movie even though it doesn't have the strongest story or characters it was still a movie that I had quite a bit of fun watching. The movie is also one of those that is both cheesy and it's easy to see where the movie is heading the entire time that it is going on but to me that doesn't make the movie bad just not great. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie in the comment section below.

Book Review: Why We Broke Up

                                                    Why We Broke Up Review
Why We Broke Up is a story that is told through a break up letter that a high school student named Min writes to her ex boyfriend, Ed, in which she explains in great detail why the two of them broke up. Min goes over the events in their relationship that both lead to her falling in love with him and the small things that stacked up over time that made it clear to her in hindsight that they were never going to last in the long run because they're just too different and they couldn't bridge the gap to make those differences matter less. It seems to me the reason why Min and Ed weren't meant to be was because they had pretty much nothing in common with each other and no matter how much they tried they were never going to be able to enjoy the things that the other loves with their whole heart even though they both did put some effort into doing so, Min more so than Ed. The other underlying problem in their relationship was that there were things that Ed would do that Min really hated that she should have called him out for doing when they happened but since she was too gone for him at this point she didn't even though the things he did in those moments really did upset her and caused a bit of a rift between the two. In the end there was a much more obvious reason as to why they broke up in the end but that even did lead to Min realizing a lot of smaller things that really bothered her in the past that happened before that point which is really what this book is about.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good book is written in a different style and it a lot of nice artwork in it which makes this book stand out from other ones. I liked the idea that this story was based off of and I felt like the characters felt really even though I didn't really enjoy them all that much in the end. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Movie Review: Alex Strangelove

                                                   Alex Strangelove Review
Alex Strangelove is a Netflix original movie about a male high school student named Alex Truelove(Daniel Doheny) who has been putting off having sex with his girlfriend Claire(Madeline Weinstein) for the past year despite her being more than up for it and the fact that he's sure that he loves her. Alex feels like the two of them have to have sex soon now because everyone else in his life thinks it's weird that he doesn't feel like they should yet because he wants it to be special so the two decide to have sex in about a week or two. At a party about a week before the two are going to have sex Alex meets and bonds with a gay guy named Elliot(Antonio Marziale) and the two of them have a connection with each other which leads to Alex questioning if he's really straight.

The second half of the movie mostly deals with Alex trying to figure himself out when it comes to his sexuality and whether or not he's really ready to face the truth of it head on or not. At times Alex is very much in denial about who he is which causes problems for him and those around him but in the end he is able to be honest with himself and those around him which ends up making life better for everyone involved in the long run.

Overall I really loved this movie it was light and sweet while still dealing with very real emotions and struggles that the characters went through. I thought that both the characters and the relationships in this movie were very well done and got me invested in the story. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

TV Review: Witch's Court

                                                          Witch's Court Review
Witch's Court is about Ma Yi deum an ambitious prosecutor who cares more about winning cases and getting media attention than she does about the victims of the crime that she is suppose to be fighting for. Early on in the series Yi deum ends up revealing that her boss indeed to harass a female reporter after she finds out that even if she covers up his crime she still won't get the promotion she wants so she ends up standing up for the reporter for entirely selfish reasons and than is reassigned to a special task force that deals with sex crimes. Yi deum is very upset to be transferred there because no one really moves higher up in the ranks after being assigned there so she starts off her time working there with a pretty bad attitude. While working there Yi deum ends up being partner up with Yeo Jin wook who is fairly new to being a prosecutor since he had previously worked as a psychologist which is one of the reasons that he cares about the victims of the crimes they investigate well being so much. Yi deum and Jin wook having such different views on what the job entails means that there partnership is off to a bit of a rough start but the two do end up learning from each other and end becoming very close and caring with each other.

The main on going plot of this series deals with how there is a politician named Jo Gab soo who has been committing sex crimes among other crimes for at least the past thirty years. One of Gab soo's victims happened to be Yi deum's mother who tried to submit evidence against him twenty years ago which led to her being kidnapped by him. Yi deum has been searching for her mother ever since she disappeared which is part of the reason she cares so much about getting media attention is because she hopes that her mother will see her on tv and come and find her. Since Yi deum has no idea about what happened between her mother and Gab soo she really doesn't even know where to start looking so it takes her awhile for the plot on how they try to find evidence of Gab soo's crimes and how they can take him down to really start but the ground work for it is laid out from the start.

Overall I enjoyed the show, I thought that cases were quite interesting and I liked the main characters although I really wished that they spent a bit more time on developing their relationship in the second half of the series because I feel like the show was a bit over taken by Gab soo who is a character who while necessary to the story isn't one that anyone really enjoys watching. Please tell me your thoughts on the series in the comment section below.