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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Apotheosis(5.20)

                                                   Teen Wolf: Apotheosis(5.20)Review
  • I really hated how Theo killed Tracy right after she told him she couldn't handle seeing him in pain and then he just goes and kills her for her power.
  • I'm really worried about Malia being trapped inside the house with the Desert Wolf wanting to kill her.
  • I liked how Stiles said that he doesn't think that they use torture enough when Liam was saying that he would get the dread doctor to talk.
  • I was surprised to learn that the dread doctors are people who actually knew Sebastian when he was alive the first time around, this does explain why they were so devoted to bringing him back.
  • I liked that Deaton figured out that Mason's twin's DNA still existed in him which made him a genetic chimera and that this means that Mason's DNA still exists inside the chimera so that means that someone call him by his name could save Mason.
  • I liked how the Sheriff said that his son likes to send him extremely long confusing text messages.
  • I liked that even though the Sheriff wanted to try to take Sebastian down once he knew who he was but that he decide against making a move against him because he didn't want the other people in the Sheriff station to be harmed although that didn't matter much when Hayden's sister figured out that he was a bad guy and took a shot at him he joined in, in order to protect her.
  • I liked that Lydia was able to use her scream to attack Sebastian even after he stuck his claw in her throat.
  • I really hate how the Desert Wolf keeps telling Malia that she stole something from her while knowing full well that Malia didn't choose to take her powers away from her and honestly I kind of wonder if the reason she lost her powers after Malia was born was because she wasn't willing to give any of them away.
  • I was worried about Hayden when she was taken by Sebastian but I liked that she tried to fight back against him even though it didn't do her any good.
  • I like that Deuclion told Theo that his willingness to betray absolutely everyone will be his down fall someday.
  • I liked that Stiles told Lydia that they figured out that Lydia is the solution for defeating Sebastian.
  • I liked that Parrish was worried about Lydia being hurt and I liked that Chris was able to get him to focus on how he had defeat Sebastian in order to save everyone.
  • I liked after Scott listen to Kira's voicemails where she tells him that if anyone can save Mason it's Scott and his pack that Scott actually believes it and figures out another way to go about it.
  • I liked that before Melissa gave Lydia the shot that she told her that it would have to stay between them since she could be fired if anyone found out about it.
  • I liked that Lydia held onto Stiles hand when she was given the shot.
  • I liked that when Scott gave Stiles something that will help Malia out that Stiles ask what plan it is Scott said plan A and Stiles tells him plan A never works but Scott insist that this time it will.
  • I liked that Hayden went to Deaton for help after she was injured because she' has heard that he knows how to treat people like her.
  • I liked that Malia jumped in front of the Desert Wolf in order to save Stiles from her.
  • I liked that when Theo tried to push Lydia down a shaft that Scott grabbed onto her hand before she could fall but I hated that Theo used his newly acquired kanemia venom to paralyze Scott so that he wouldn't be able to hold onto her or pull her back up.
  • I liked that Stiles tried to attack the Desert Wolf in order to save Malia but I wasn't surprised when it didn't work.
  • I kind of liked that Sebastian called Theo an arrogant youth when he tried to steal his power which of course didn't work.
  • I was surprise to learn that Deuclion was actually working with Scott and isn't actually blind again but I was happy with that twist because Scott is the kind of hero that I think can inspire loyalty even out of former villains.
  • I liked that Chris ended up betraying Gerard in order to help Scott because while he knew he needed Gerard's help he knew he could never trust him to actually do something just to save other people's lives.
  • I liked that the talons that Scott gave Stiles to give Malia to defeat the Desert Wolf actually worked and that Malia, Stiles and Braeden were all okay in the end.
  • I liked that when Liam was telling Scott that he should be the one to kill Sebastian since Mason was his best friend that Scott told him they are not killing his best friend.
  • I liked that Scott's memories of Allison saved him from being killed by Sebestian because he thought she was Marie Jeanne.
  • I liked that Kira came in and saved Lydia when she needed it the most and that allowed her to be able to save Mason and everyone else.
  • I'm really happy that they were able to save Mason and defeat the beast by working together. I also liked that Scott's first question after they defeat the beast is if everyone is okay.
  • I liked that Kira defeated Theo by using the powers she develop while with the skinwalkers by having his sister drag him down underground somewhere.
  • I liked that Hayden decide to become a werewolf after her injuries didn't full heal and I like that Scott made sure that was what she really wanted before he bit her and I'm glad that it worked.
  • I like that Sheriff asked Stiles if wanted a career in law enforcement because Stiles has been pretty much playing detective since before the series even began so it feels like this was a long time coming.
  • I liked that Kira said that her deciding to stay with the skinwalkers is something that she chose to do for herself and not anyone else. I also really liked that last kiss between Scott and Kira.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode as well as this series as a whole.

TV Review: Pinocchio

                                                              Pinocchio Review
Pinocchio the Kdrama is about the power and responsibility that reporters have when broadcasting news stories. Choi Dal-po who is really Gi Ha-myung has known how dangerous a reporter not getting their facts right can be, because when he was a child after his father's death the media destroy his father's image by reporting lies about him and this in turn destroyed his family and led to him living under a false name. Dal-po has understandable developed a deep hatred and disgust towards reports because of this incident. Dal-po ends up living with Choi In-ha and her father and grandfather after his mother committed suicide because the lies the media told about his father and he discovers shortly after meeting In-ha that her mother is Song Cha-ok the reporter who spearheaded the attack against his father despite this Dal-po still ends up developing feelings for In-ha.

In-ha has a disorder called Pinocchio syndrome which means that if she lies she hiccups right afterwards so that means she can't really lie. In-ha wants to become a reporter and this is something that most of the people around her are against and being a reporter is something that most people think is impossible for a Pinocchio to be but In-ha remains determined to make her dream come true until she re-meets her mother at one of her job interviews who regards her very coldly and dismisses her dream of being a reporter because she insist that reporters have to lie to get to the truth.

When In-ha is thinking about giving up on her dream to become a reporter Dal-po tells her that the two of them will become reporters together and this is what ends up leading the two of them to eventually working as reporters for two rival broadcast channels after Dal-po gets the job they interviewed for(and decides to take in order to find out the truth about what happened to his father and reveal it to the world and as a way to find his brother) and In-ha didn't get the job but did get one offered to her by her mother who's network is seen as untrustworthy in the viewers eyes which led to them thinking hiring a reporter as a PR stunt would be a good idea.

Overall there are a lot of things that I love about this show but I feel like it's not simple to explain what exactly this show is about since there just so much going on in the backstory that needs to addressed before you can even get to the present day stuff so it's a bit hard to talk about everything in one post. I really do love the main characters and most of the side characters as well and I really did love the look at what being a report is and should be. I really loved seeing the main characters develop both as people and reporters and I especially loved seeing what they think that being a reporter should be which is someone who reports the truth that the public needs to hear. I really loved the sweet romantic relationship that Dal-po and In-ha had because it was such a nice relationship that just showed how much they cared about each other without being overly dramatic and instead focused on how much they enjoyed each other's company. Overall I loved this show and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Kdramas. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

Movie Review: The Fundamentals of Caring

                                              The Fundamentals of Caring Review
The Fundamentals of Caring is a Netflix original movie about a former writer named Ben(Paul Rudd) who has decided to become a caregiver after suffering some losses the before the start of the film. Ben ends up becoming the caregiver for Trevor(Craig Roberts) a teenage boy who is bond to a wheelchair since he suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Trevor has foul mouth and is overall a bit of prick but him and Ben end up developing a bond with each other through out the film.

Ben ends up convincing Trevor that the two of them should go on a road trip so that Trevor can see some of those sites that he hears about on television and puts on a map. On their road trip they also offer a ride to Dot(Selena Gomez) a young girl who has runaway from home to go off to school in Denver and she and Trevor end up developing a bit of a relationship during the trip.

The movie is overall about Ben and Trevor pushing each other out of their comfort zones and them both discovering that they might be better off because they were pushed. Overall I thought this movie had a good story and I thought that the acting was good throughout the movie as well. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie in the comment section below.

TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: Hi, I'm Philip(2.08)

                        How To Get Away With Murder: Hi, I'm Philip(2.08)Review
  • I don't know what exactly was happening in the flash forward but tensions were high and it definitely made me very interested in whatever had just happened. I also found it interesting that the flash forward takes place three days from this episode.
  • I liked that Annalise sent her mom a picture of herself it was just a nice character moment.
  • I found the awkward semi-antagonistic tension in the Annalise and Nate scene to be intriguing but it also made me a bit uncomfortable which I think was the point. I liked that Nate told Annalise that she plays everyone and that she does it better than just about everyone else.
  • I'm glad that it seems like the Hapstall cousin doesn't want to kill Oliver but since he took him I'm still pretty worried about Oliver.
  • I liked that when Frank was made at Laurel for telling Annalise that Laurel called him out on his ego being bruised.
  • I liked that Annalise told Frank that he doesn't have much of any common sense in reference to the plan to lure out the Hapstall cousin.
  • I liked seeing how freaked out Connor is by the fact that Oliver is missing and I liked that he wanted to get the police involved because he feels like something terrible is going to happen to Oliver.
  • I like that Wes said the police were already there because Nate happened to be at Annalise's house and I liked that Connor gave him the short version of what had just happened.
  • I liked that Annalise agreed that it was best to call the police and then figure out a way later out of anything that Sinclair might cook up later on.
  • I liked that Oliver showed up right before they reported anything to the police and that it turned out that him and the Hapstall cousin Phillip just talked about the Hapstall case and since Oliver didn't know much about the case he wanted to talk to Annalise about it.
  • I'm worried about the possibility that Phillip may go to the police or sue Annalise for what they did to lure him out.
  • I liked that Connor told Oliver that he has to destroy his laptop now because if Phillip goes to the police his laptop would be enough prove to make sure he goes to jail.
  • I'm glad that Oliver was able get a sample of Phillip's DNA so that they could find out if he was lying about who his birth parents were and if he was the one that killed the Hapstall parents.
  • I liked that Annalise asked Laurel to be the new Bonnie while Bonnie is gone.
  • I like that Asher seems more upset that Bonnie might be hurting rather than the fact that she is ignoring him.
  • I liked that Annalise knew that Sinclair offering a plea deal to Caleb and Catherine is something that shows that Sinclair doesn't believe that she has a good enough case to beat Annalise in court.
  • I liked that Annalise sent Michaela over to talk Caleb into changing his mind about taking the plea deal and at the same time Catherine called Wes over to talk about whether or not they should take the deal.
  • I liked that one of the reasons that Wes told Catherine that she should take the deal is because he feels like he should have confessed to kill Sam because that way everyone else would have been past all of this rather than having it weighing on their shoulders constantly.
  • I liked that Asher figured out that Sinclair illegally sent over a wire tap along with all the paperwork that she sent over to Annalise's house.
  • I liked that Caleb took a plea deal in order to protect Catherine and that he was willing to serve thirty years in jail so that Catherine would serve zero.
  • I liked that Annalise was able to trick Sinclair into thinking that there was evidence to be found in the Hapstall basement when there wasn't anything actually there and the time it took to search the house took the plea deal of the table.
  • I liked that Nate made sure that Phillip's police report wouldn't be taken seriously by making it look like he has schizophrenia.
  • I liked that Catherine also took a plea deal behind Annalise's back to protect Caleb that would mean that she would serve ten years while Caleb would serve zero.
  • I liked that Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Asher all were trying to figure out a way to stop Catherine from plead guilty and remind each other how much time they have left.
  • I liked that Frank came through with getting the DNA results from Philip and the crime scene and they were a match so Catherine decided not to plead guilty in the end.
  • I liked that Annalise gave the DNA results directly to Sinclair rather than hiding them like Sinclair would have done and told her that Philip is a product of incest which means the Hapstall father was also Philip's father which gives him plenty of motive to kill him.
  • I kind of like Michaela and Caleb but I don't know how well they'll work out long term but for now I like them.
  • I liked that Connor had sex with Oliver in an empty class room at law school to give him the sense of adventure he's been longing for.
  • I was surprised that Annalise and Nate hooked up again but I also kind like it.
  • I'm surprised that there seems to be evidence that Catherine was involved in her parents murder with the hidden gun Caleb found in her art studio, the picture that Catherine painted in a picture in Phillip room and the fact that she and Phillip know each other.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Top 10 Songs I've Been Listening to Lately

1. I'm Going to Meet You by Deok Hwan(From Queen In-hyun's Man): I've recently been watching the Kdrama Queen In-hyun's Man and I absolutely love it and this song is one that plays during a lot of the romantic moments and I realized I liked it quite a bit then I listen to the full song and fell in love with it and then I found fan video to this song and got even more obsessed with it. This song is one that has a sweet gentle romantic feel to it but also somehow feels epic and it reminds of my favorite moments of Queen In-hyun's Man which was one of the best romances I have ever seen/read.
2. Wish I Were Here from Next to Normal: Next to Normal is my favorite musical and Wish I Were Here is one of my favorite songs from it. This song and many other songs from the musical are ones that I listen to from time to time and I still love it as much as I did the first time that I heard it.
3. Tonight At Eight from She Loves Me(2016's): I've never actually seen this musical but I've listen to most of the songs from it and I especially love this one because well I'm a big fan of Zachery Levi as an actor and a singer so I like to listen to this song because I feel like it shows off his voice.
4. Why Did You Come Now by Jung Yup(From I Hear Your Voice): Awhile ago I found this fan videos to songs from the Kdrama I Hear Your Voice and while watching the videos it made me remember all of the things that I loved about the show and made me want watch it again even though I just watched it for the first time a few months ago. I just really love I Hear Your Voice and this song is from that shows and reminds me of the lighter happier moments of the show.
5. Echo by Every Single Day(From I Hear Your Voice): This song is the one that was used as the theme song for I Hear Your Voice so whenever I hear it I think of the show and I really love the show so I really like listening to it. I also just like the song by itself to but mostly I love the memories of the show it brings, also I think you should watch I Hear Your Voice because it's a great show.
6. Non-Fiction by Every Single Day(From Pinocchio): This song is from another Kdrama I loved and since I love the song and the drama I tend to listen to it quite a bit.
7. Dead Girl Walking(Reprise)from Heathers: The Musical: This song is probably my favorite song from the musical that is full of songs that I love and I really love it because I can imagine the scene being played out and because this song is one that is at the climax of the show which makes it more exciting.
8. Freeze Your Brain from Heathers: The Musical: This song is another favorite because I realy love how this song tells us who JD is as a character and it also shows how a bit how he differs from movie JD it shows that he is more someone who as numbed himself rather than someone who doesn't feel. Also this song is one associate with Skye from Agents of Shield at least during season 2.
9. Out of My Head by Digital Daggers: This is just a song and artist I really like and I like the feeling that I get from the song and I feel like there's an interesting story that could be told to this song if you wanted to make one.
10. Hate Everyone by Say Anything: I both like the way that the music sounds and I really enjoy all the anger behind this song because the best songs are the ones that express the strongest emotions.

TV Review: My Love From Another Star

                                           My Love From Another Star Review
My Love From Another Star is about an alien, Do Min-joon who has been stuck living on earth for the past 400 years and as such he has a cynical out look on human life since he's been living around them for so long. At present time Min-joon is working as a professor at a local college when he finds out that he'll finally have the chance to return to his home world. Three months before Min-joon is set leave his peaceful life collides with Cheon Song-yi who is the number one actress in Korea who is very much Min-joon's opposite when it comes to their personality. At first the two clash but after they start to spend more time together when Song-yi's career starts to suffer and her life is put in danger the two get to know each other better and start to develop feelings for each other.

The character Cheon Song-yi is one who is both a lot of fun to watch because she has a lot of confidence in herself and she also often times makes a bit of a fool out of herself which can be quite funny but she is also someone who has quite a bit of depth. With Song-yi's character we get to see the downsides of fame such as all the cruel comments that get written about her on the internet after she makes some ditzy statement and we see how much those comments get to her no matter how much she tries to hide it. There's also the fact that Song-yi's family is somewhat destroyed because of her acting career with her father having left years ago, a brother she almost never sees and a mother that seems to use her only for her wealth and fame. Song-yi is someone who goes through a lot throughout the series and I would say that she grows quite a bit but at the end of the day she's still the same person she was at the beginning of the series for the most part just a bit happier in some aspects of her life which I think is a good thing.
Throughout the series their is a subplot about Lee Jae-kyung threatening Song-yi's life because she ended up witnessing something early on in the series that could reveal him as a murderer. Jae-kyung's threats are something that Song-yi is mostly unaware of throughout the series because Min-joon protects her from him and all the threats he makes to her life. As the series goes on there is more and more revealed about how horrible of person Jae-kyung and eventually his brother Hwi-kyung who is also longtime friend and hopeless suitor of Cheon Song-yi starts to investigates him and learns many things about his brother that he wishes weren't true. I really didn't like Jae-kyung even as a villain for the most part because he was so over the top but not in a fun villain so mostly I was just annoyed by him but I really did love the subplot about Hwi-kyung learning the horrible truth about his brother and that plot thread really led me to loving and appreciating Hwi-kyung a whole lot so I think that part of this plot worked really well.

Overall I thought that this was a good series it had good characters and a good central romance although there were a few times in the middle of the series were I was frustrated with Min-joon trying to push Song-yi away I overall still liked it. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

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Book Review: The Lying Game: Cross My Heart, Hope to Die

                                            Cross My Heart, Hope to Die Review
In the fifth book of The Lying Game series Emma spends the book suspecting that her birth mother Becky is the one who is responsible for murdering her twin sister Sutton. Emma learning about how Becky is mentally unstable and seems to know that she's Emma and not Sutton who she's pretending to be helps Emma to become more and more convinced that  Becky is the one that killed Sutton.

This book also had subplots that dealt with a new girl named Celeste who claimed that Emma's aura was different than the one Sutton's photograph had and since Emma's is put a bit on edge by these statements Emma and Sutton's friends decide to pull a lying game prank on her. Another subplot is that Thayer and Ethan are having a sort of rivalry over Emma, I call it only sort of a rivalry because Thayer is in love with Sutton and Ethan is in love with Emma.

Overall while I liked this book I wasn't as sucked in by the plot as I was with the past books and I'm not sure if that's because this book had less focused than the first four or if it's because I took a break from this series for such a long time. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: Page Turner

                                                           Page Turner Review
Page Turner is about three prodigies who are all faced with difficulties regarding their field in this mini-series and have to choose where to go with their lives from here. Yoon Yoo-seul is the top rated pianist at her musical academy high school but she has been playing piano for years because it is what her mother wishes for her to do and therefore she has come to hate playing the piano because of the enormous amount of pressure her mother puts on her to be the best. Yoo-seul gets in a car accident and suffers nerve damage to her eyes that makes her blind which makes playing piano more difficult and is what leads her to telling her mom about her desires to quit playing. Yoo-seul is later on encourage by Jung Cha-sik to keep playing the piano when he asks her to help him learn the piano which leads to Yoo-seul discovering joy when it comes to playing the piano.

Jung Cha-sik is a pole vaulter who was set to win a bronze meld before he is injured in the first episode and is told by the doctor that playing sports could lead to serious injuries so this leads him to become lost without being able to do the thing that he excels at anymore. Cha-sik becomes interested in playing the piano after his mom tells him that his father is a famous pianist so he ends up partnering up with Yoo-seul in learning the piano and trying to get good enough so that they can compete in a two piano competition. Cha-sik and Yoo-seul become close friends and they find that working to together leads them to accepting how their lives have changed.

Seo Jin-mok is Yoo-seul rival in piano who use to be taught by her mother and since the time that they were in elementary school the two have been competing with each other. Yoo-seul has been putting down Jin-mok for as long as they have been rivals(mainly due to her mother) and all these jabs has led Jin-mok to loose all the confidence that he ever had in himself while playing piano which leads him to consider possibly quitting piano for good since he no longer believes he has enough talent to play professionally.

Overall I really loved this series I thought that there was a good plot to it and I loved all three of the main characters, I though that they all had a good amount of depth and I rooted for each of them to succeed and find happiness in the end. I also really loved all the piano that was played in the series it was really well done and it really showed how talent the characters where. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.