Friday, March 4, 2016

TV Review: Scream: In the Trenches(1.07)

                                           Scream: In the Trenches(1.07)Review
  • I was really concerned about Will for the entire episode with him being kidnapped and stabbed.
  • I like that Emma and Kieran aren't freaking out at all about their parents dating although it is a bit odd.
  • I liked that Noah was happy that Audrey was released and I like how he tried to act like everything was normal even though it was clear that seeing the video freaked him out a bit and I liked that Audrey picked up on that and told him it was okay for him to be a little freaked out.
  • I liked that Brooke found out that Jake was part of blackmailing her father and that she called him a dick for doing that.
  • I liked that Piper went and told Emma about what happened the night before with Will although I do think that her doing this made her look a bit suspicious. I also liked that Piper said that she was going to publish the story about Brooke's dad because that's what she does.
  • I liked that Emma went to Noah for help when she was trying to find Will and I liked that before Noah knew that Will was actually in danger he didn't understand why Emma would want to help Will out or why he should. I also liked that when he found that Will was in danger he was willing to help her.
  • I liked that Brooke confronted her dad about the video and where her mom was but I'm sad that she wasn't able to get any real answers from him.
  • I liked that Emma, Noah, Brooke and Jake all set out to find Will after Noah tracked his phone to an abandoned bowling alley and I liked that Noah didn't really want to come with.
  • I liked that Jake Thought that it was a good idea for them to have weapons and that he pulls to knives out of his bag and I like that Noah is freaked out that Jake just had those in his bag.
  • I liked how when Emma and Noah were looking for an entrance that he told her that while he enjoys a good indie horror movie this situation in real life is just terrifying.
  • I liked how when Emma told Noah about how she doesn't understand why the killer is changing the rules of the game that he went on about how the killer wants her to feel like she has some form of control so that she can feel responsible for the deaths if she can't prevent them and that killer is changing the game from checkers to chess.
  • I liked how Jake said he thinks Noah's the killer because he's the one that lead them there and because he's the last person someone would expect to be a killer because that's how things always turn out on Law and Order.
  • I liked that when Jake suggested that they split up that Noah said that no one who does that ever survives a horror movie and then when they do that in groups anyway he mentions that it's dumb.
  • I like that Noah says that he thinks Jake might be the killer because it would make sense for him to want to stop Will from stopping the blackmail scheme, he went off alone with the only people who knew he was involved in the scheme and brought knives with him and that playing the fool is a good cover. I also liked that Noah's explanation about why Jake's the killer made a lot more sense than Jake's explanation about why Noah's the killer.
  • I liked that when Jake tried to use fear of death to get with Brooke that she called him out on it and I liked that she told him if he wants a girl to like him he should drop the frat boy act.
  • I'm glad that they were able to find Will but I was worried about all of them when the killer appeared at about the same time they found him.
  • I liked that Noah was able to tell Audrey enough information so that she could tell Emma's mom and the Sheriff where they were and they could send the cops there in time.
  • I felt bad for Emma when she discovered from a tape that her mom and Brandon James slept together.
  • I like that Brooke was so concerned about Jake after he was stabbed but I still find him to be suspicious just in general.
  • I was glad that everyone was able to leaved the bowling alley alive but I found it suspicious that Kieran just showed up there even though he was never told about what was going on there.
  • I liked Emma and Will's phone conversation when she agreed to come over and watch a movie with him, I just find them really cute together.
  • I liked how Noah told Audrey about his theory that either Will or Jake could have set the whole thing about in order to look better so he isn't crossing them off his suspect list but he also isn't going to tell Emma this because she's been through enough already.
  • I felt horrible for Emma when she realized that the killer took Will again and felt even worse for her when she tripped a wire and that is what got Will killed and spattered with his blood that just must've been really traumatizing.
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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: The Night Lila Died(1.14)

                          How to Get Away With Murder: The Night Lila Died(1.14)Review
  • I liked that when Wes started jumping to conclusions about Rebecca being the one that killed Lila that Laurel talked him out of confronting Rebecca because she recognized that they didn't have any real proof of anything yet and because she knows that Rebecca could turn on them if they accuse her of this regardless or whether or not she did kill Lila.
  • I liked how tensioned filled the scene between Wes and Rebecca was when Rebecca was trying to figure out what Wes is keeping from her and he was pretending everything was fine.
  • I felt really bad for Rebecca in the flashback to the night that Lila died when Lila insulted her and told her that she wasn't really her friend that she actually pitied Rebecca because even though I know that Lila was going through a lot at the time it really wasn't fair for her to be so cruel to Rebecca who was just trying to be her friend.
  • I liked the scene where Connor and Oliver were making out before Oliver said that he thought that the two of them should get tested for stds that kind of killed the mood but I do think that it's a smart decision on Oliver's part.
  • I found it interesting that Annalise's client this week was a priest that killed another priest because he found out that the other priest was molesting a boy who killed himself a couple months earlier.
  • I liked that Wes was determined to find out the truth about whether or not Rebecca killed Lila but I also liked that Laurel was telling him that no good will come out of finding out the truth.
  • I liked that Michaela noticed that Wes and Laurel were hiding something from the rest of them.
  • I felt bad for Connor when he was getting tested for stds because the whole experience just made him feel like a slut for sleeping with so many people and then made him paranoid about the fact that he could have something.
  • I wasn't surprised that Annalise had Nate beaten in hopes that this would get him out on bail but I was surprised that this didn't end up working in her favor.
  • I liked that when they used Asher to talk to the judge for Nate's case in order to get the judge thrown off the case that Bonnie felt bad about this because Asher is the only one in this who is truly innocent.
  • I found it interesting that the priest would rather go to jail than listen to the woman he loves tell the court that they had sex(it's somewhat unclear if that's a lie or not) because it goes against his morals.
  • I liked that Michaela confronted Wes and Laurel about what secret they were keeping and demand to know where Rebecca was after they told her what was going and that the three of them and Connor then went on and confronted Rebecca. out of jail.
  • I like that Nate doesn't really want anything to do with Annalise after everything she put him through but I do think that he should call the number Annalise gave him because if there's one thing that Annalise knows how to do it's keep people
  • I feel like based off of what is shown in the flashback that Rebecca didn't kill Lila but she did of sex with Griffin both because she wanted to hurt Lila and because she wanted her to see what kind of guy Griffin is. I think that when she went to the sorority house that night she went to try to make things right with Lila not to kill her.
  • I liked that Rebecca made sure to track down the only witness that could put the others at the crime scene so that even if they all turned against her she will have some leverage to use against them.
  • I really don't think taking Rebecca hostage is the best plan but I think we're probably suppose to think of that as a bad plan since they called Annalise because they clearly have no idea about what they should do with her.
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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus(5.10)

                                         Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus(5.10)Review
  • I liked that the reason that Scott refused to give Hayden the bite is because he believed that give it to her in her already weakened state would kill her and that she would have a better chance at survival if they spent their time looking for another solution. I also just really wish that Liam could understand that the bite isn't something that's guaranteed to make her better.
  • I was sad that halfway through Scott telling Liam why he couldn't give Hayden the bite that he needed his inhaler because that just took away from his point as far as Liam would be concerned because it made him look weak when he needed to look strong.
  • I'm curious about what kind of chimera is the one that running around time and destroying the school and other things since it seems a lot more dangerous than the others and the dread doctors call it a success and that seems like it would be a bad thing.
  • I like that Scott called in his mom to help with Hayden but I dislike how clearly aggressive Liam is because of the super moon because that's just making it easier for Theo to manipulate him into doing his bidding.
  • I was sad when after Theo mentioned that Liam would need help because his first love was in there dying and then he asks Scott if he remembers first love and Scott says he does clearly thinking about Allison. I was also sad for Scott when he told Theo that he didn't believe that he had a pack anymore.
  • I liked that Parrish told Lydia that she should go home because she really should but I also liked that Lydia mentioned that they are both harbingers of death.
  • I liked that after Stiles car broke down Malia picked him up and I liked that Malia asked him why he let things get so bad and that when he mentions that there has been a lot of distractions that she tells him she notices more than he thinks she does.
  • I liked that when Hayden realized that she was probably going to die that she wanted her sister to be by her side and I liked that Scott wanted to go find her for Hayden.
  • I liked that Malia told Stiles that she figured out what happened with Donovan and that she didn't bring it up to him because it didn't change the way that she thought or felt about him but it's clear that the real problem regarding Donovan's death is that Stiles can't forgive or justify it to himself so he can't accept the idea that Malia still accepts him.
  • I liked that Lydia figured out that Parrish is a hellhound.
  • I hate how Theo figured out that Lydia foresaw the death that he was planning to happen so he knocked her out and kidnapped her in order to prevent her from telling anyone about it.
  • I liked that Malia still clearly dislikes and feels uncomfortable around Theo even when he's offering to help her with her plan to kill her mother and sending her off to find two other chimeras that need to be stopped.
  • I'm glad that Scott finally figured out that Theo was bad and that it was revealed that Theo is a chimera but I hated that Theo trapped Scott in the library so that he won't be able to truly help anyone and so that Liam would come to kill Scott later and Scott will have no way to escape.
  • I liked that Mason was helping Melissa to try and save Hayden.
  • I liked that Braeden showed up and helped Malia defeat a chimera and I liked that she warned Malia that her mother knows that she is alive and is planning on killing her.
  • I liked that all through out the fight with Liam that Scott kept trying to reason with him and that he only really did defensive moves because no matter what Liam did to him Scott didn't want to hurt him.
  • I liked that when Theo revealed to Stiles that he came for the pack just not one that had Scott in it that Stiles realized that Theo meant that he was planning some way to get rid of Scott and Stiles even though him and Scott are odds right now was still completely willing to kill Theo if it would protect Scott even he still dealing with a great deal of guilt over Donovan he's more than willing to put some more blood on his hands in order to keep Scott safe.
  • I liked that when Theo told Stiles that he would have to choose between his dad or Scott that Stiles first response is to punch Theo because he doesn't want to choose between the two people he loves most and I liked that when Theo told Stiles that he never needed Scott that Stiles punched him again even more aggressively because that implies to me that Stiles doesn't agree with this statement.
  • I understand why Stiles chose his dad because I think most anyone would in his situation but I also don't think this means that Stiles doesn't love Scott because he does.
  • I was sad when Hayden died and I was especially sad that neither her sister or Liam were with her when she died.
  • I liked that Mason was horrified when he saw what Liam was doing to Scott and I liked that once Liam heard that Hayden had died that realized how wrong what he was doing to Scott was.
  • I liked that Mason was there trying to help Scott and I hated that Theo showed up and killed Scott but I did like that Scott told Theo that the others won't follow him because that's true and that is barely even human which is also true.
  • I'm so glad that Melissa was able to bring Scott back from the dead even though it defied all logic because I love Scott.
  • Another thing I hated that Theo did is that he made Lydia become catatonic when he stole memories of the nemton from her and while I'm glad that the chimeras especially Hayden are able to have a second chance at life I'm sad that Theo is their leader because Theo is the worst and they deserve better than him.
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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: Mama's Here Now(1.13)

                         How to Get Away With Murder: Mama's Here Now(1.13)Review
  • I liked that Michaela was feeling guilty about Nate going to jail for something that he didn't do.
  • I liked that Conner went over to Oliver's place in order to celebrate even though he couldn't tell Oliver  the truth about what the truth about what they were celebrating.
  • I liked that Laurel figured out that Frank was the one that planted the ring and she thanked him for it.
  • I liked that with Annalise's mother you can tell that she is a strong woman just in a bit of different way from how Annalise is. I liked that it was clear that her mother cared even if it wasn't in a way that Annalise would like.
  • I liked that Bonnie took over the case while Annalise wasn't able to make herself work for once and I liked that despite everyone else being doubtful of her abilities Asher was supportive of her the whole time.
  • I though the case of a female nurse being accused of raping her male patient was interesting because it's not an issue commonly discussed.
  • I felt bad for Bonnie when she screwed up her opening statement with how she said guilty instead of not guilty.
  • I liked how Michaela asked Frank if there was a plan for how to make sure that Nate doesn't go to jail for Sam's murder although I don't think there is actually a plan for that I'm glad that Michaela wants there to be one.
  • I found the strained relationship between Annalise and her mother interesting and I feel like we learned a lot about Annalise from by learning more about where she came from and how much of herself she has changed about herself.
  • I liked how Annalise told Wes that he's the one that knows the best way to handle Rebecca.
  • I liked how Oliver wanted to be introduced to the rest of the group because Conner spends all of his time when they're not together with them and I like that Conner agrees to the request despite telling Oliver that they're not his friends.
  • I liked how Michaela flirted with one of the people working on Nate's case in order to figure out all the evidence that they have on him.
  • I liked that when they found out that Rebecca lied a little in her statement to the police that Conner's just happy that one of her lies worked out in their favor for once and Wes doesn't want to admit that she lied.
  • I felt really bad for Annalise when we learned that she was raped as a child and I understand why she resents her mother so much considering that she knew about and as far as Annalise knows did nothing to stop it.
  • I liked that Bonnie was actually able to win the case after they figured out that the supposed victim boyfriend is one the hospital's lawyer and there's evidence that they were trying to rip off the hospital by accusing the client of rape.
  • I liked that it seems that Bonnie and Asher might have gotten together after she won the case.
  • I liked how Conner had to tell the group that he told Oliver that he has a drug problem in order to not tell him about the murder and I liked how they all acted so enthusiastic when they met him. I also liked that Michaela started Oliver that Conner's a mess pretty much right away and that Conner wanted her to stop.
  • I felt bad for Wes after he admitted to Laurel that Rebecca lied to him and he's starting to doubt his judgment about her and whether or not killing someone was worth protecting her.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Annalise's mother burnt down her house in order to kill the uncle that was molesting Annalise when she was child and I liked how she ended the talk with telling Annalise that if she has done something bad she sure she had her reasons for it and sometimes you just have to do those kind of things.
  • I liked that Oliver told Conner that he wants them to be boyfriends again and I liked that Conner told him that he wants that too.
  • I'm curious about how exactly Annalise is planning to clear Nate's name since she obviously can't defend him herself but she seems to have given him another lawyer's number.
  • Even there seems to be evidence that Rebecca killed Lila now I still don't believe that she's the one that did it but that might just be because I love her and I truly believed that Lila was her friend and she wouldn't hurt her.
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