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Book Review: Dare Me

                                                             Dare Me Review
Dare Me is a book about competitive high school cheerleading and the complicated relationships that teenage girls have with each other. Addy is the second in command to her best friend and cheer captain Beth a girl who is always up to something and enjoys having power over other people. There have been few times during their long friendship where Addy has tested Beth but when a new Coach who isn't much older than the girls on the squad takes over and undermines Beth's power of the squad things began to change both on the squad and in Addy's and Beth's friendship.

The main focus throughout the book is whether Addy should a lining herself with either Beth or Coach and both them are people who I wouldn't deem trustworthy but Addy seems to somewhat worship both of them but in different ways. Coach is someone who it seems like never grown up with how she is so focused on her own wants and needs over everyone else in her life and with how she invites the girls on the squad over to her house to drink and such things despite that being entirely inappropriate. Beth is a girl who is damaged and seems to thrive on chaos but between her and Coach I would say that she cares more about Addy's well being even though she doesn't show this care in a particularly nice way.

Overall I really loved this book I found the story and the characters intriguing. I found that Addy being more of a passive character actually made the story more interesting in a way since she was constantly torn between the wants of two dominant personalities. I thought that the writing was pretty good and I really loved the narrative voice that the book had it just keep me wanting to know more. Please tell me your thoughts about this book.

TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: It's Called the Octopus(2.03)

                   How To Get Away With Murder: It's Called the Octopus(2.03)Review
  • I find it a bit suspicious that in the flash forward Nate's first thought when Annalise didn't answer her phone was that something had happened to her.
  • I liked that we saw Annalise trying to put a case together for the Hapstalls and that we saw that she wasn't in the best of shape while she was doing it.
  • I liked that Annalise actually freaked out when she saw a mouse in one the traps in her basement and that she called Wes over and he took care of it for her.
  • I liked that Annalise told Wes that it's okay if he misses Rebecca and I liked that she told him that she didn't miss Sam and she doesn't want him to ever worry about that. I also liked that Wes as actually going to ask if she misses Nate.
  • I liked how Annalise told her class how important of a motivation sex is in murder cases because it is one of the most common reasons that someone kills someone else.
  • I liked that even though Michaela really wanted to sleep with her new boyfriend Levi she didn't because she's not the kind of girl who sleeps with someone by the end of the third date.
  • I liked that Connor made Oliver breakfast and I just really enjoyed seeing them all cute and domestic.
  • I feel bad for Asher with him being blackmailed by Sinclair and how that's effecting his relationship with Bonnie.
  • I liked how Laurel told Frank that she already does know who he is so she doesn't feel like she needs to get know him.
  • I found the case with the client who runs a place where sex parties are frequently had to be interesting with how much of the focus is put on everyone involved in the case's sex life because the clients job and the fact that the victim had a heart attack during sex.
  • I liked seeing how Laurel, Asher, Wes, Connor and Michaela questioned people who where at the sex party that night and how no one they talked to were willing to come forward because none of them where willing to ruin their reputation by admitting that they attend those parties.
  • I was surprised and weirded out to discover that the Hapstall siblings may be romantically involved with each other.
  • I liked how Connor, Laurel, Asher and Wes were all light heartedly discussing how many orgasms that they have had in a row before and that when they all discovered that Michaela never had one before they all felt really bad for her, I just found it a bit funny how seriously they took the whole thing.
  • I'm really curious about what Trotter lake is because that's what Sinclair keeps using to blackmail Asher.
  • I liked that Annalise won the case by upping the charges against her client and then making the case that the victims wife was the one that actually killed her client.
  • I liked that the client was upset by the method that Annalise used in order to win her case and asked Annalise how she slept at night and Annalise answered alone and on very comfortable sheets.
  • I'm sad that because of Sinclair's blackmailing Asher has to end his relationship with Bonnie in order to keep whatever trotter lake is secret.
  • I found it interesting that Levi turned out to be Rebecca's foster brother and that he and Wes are going to work together to figure out what really happened to Rebecca.
  • I liked that Laurel took Bonnie out to drinks to ask her about Frank and I liked that Bonnie told her that her and Frank have a deal that they don't tell anyone about the things they tell each other.
  • I liked the scene where Connor tells Oliver that he went to a sex party and he not only didn't have sex but he didn't even want to have it with anyone other than Oliver, I found that to be really sweet and I found those two getting it on to be pretty hot.
  • For some reason I really enjoyed Michaela and Levi getting it on and I also found that to be pretty hot.
  • I liked that Annalise went to Nate both to apologize and asked for the a second chance and I like that he turned her down for that night but not for forever.
  • I'm curious about how Nate and Wes working together is going to work out for the two of them.
  • I like that in the flash forward it appears that Nate is still helping out Wes and the rest of them when he picks them after they flee the scene.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt 2(2.16)

                                    The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt 2(2.16)Review
  • I liked that Murphy was actually mad at Jaha for sacrificing Craig so that the two of them could survive.
  • I liked that Octavia was mad at Clarke for trusting Lexa in the first place when it seems like all she ever did was put their people in danger. I did feel bad for Clarke when Octavia told her that her best wasn't good enough.
  • I liked that when Bellamy opened the door that Octavia ran to him and hugged him.
  • I liked seeing Octavia and Clarke reunite with Jasper and Monty and liked that everyone took a moment to just be glad that the others were alive before they went back to focusing on how to keep all of their people alive.
  • I liked that Bellamy asked Clarke where her army was and that she answered gone like yours.
  • I liked that Jasper and Octavia were working together on a way to keep Maya safe and bringing her to level five so that she could breath while Clarke, Bellamy and Monty were focusing on how to save the rest of their people.
  • I liked that Indra allowed Lincoln of the choice to escape and what he would plan to do with his freedom. I also liked that Lincoln thinks that Lexa is dishonorable for abandoning their allies when they need them the most.
  • I found watching Mount Weather's people drill into the Ark's people to horrifying to watch especially seeing how much the ark's people struggled and screamed as their bone marrow was being taken.
  • I liked that Abby, Kane, Miller's dad and a few others also came to try to fight off Mount Weather somehow after the grounders retreated but I was sad they were captured by Mount Weather. I liked that Miller and his father tried to reach each other when they saw one another.
  • I hated that Raven was picked to have her bone marrow taken but I liked that she fought like hell against Mount Weather's people.
  • I liked that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty asked President Wallace for his help again and I like that Bellamy seemed to have more belief that he was a decent person at heart than Clarke did.
  • I liked that Bellamy realized that Wallace was the one that had the idea to give back the grounders prisoners and not Cage. I like that they decided to take Wallace with them to help them whether he wanted to or not.
  • I liked how Wallace said that he bears his sins so that his people won't have to and that Clarke seems to take his words to heart.
  • I like that Jasper plans to kill Cage so that Maya can live safely in Mount Weather.
  • I like that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty are horrified when they see the drilling in progress and I like that they try to order Wallace to make them stop but I dislike that he refuses to give the order.
  • I like that Clarke come up with the idea to tell Cage that she will kill his father if he doesn't let her people go but at first he clearly thinks it's a bluff which is what it started as.
  • I liked that Clarke made it clear that she would be willing to kill Wallace if Cage doesn't do what she says and I liked that Bellamy and Monty questioned whether or not she really wanted to do this and it's clear she doesn't want to but knows she doesn't really have a choice. I was sad that Clarke had to kill Wallace since he and Cage believed that the drilling would save their people.
  • I liked that after Clarke killed his father she told Cage that if he doesn't let her people go now she will radiate level five and he takes this threat a bit more seriously.
  • I disliked that Cage puts Abby on the drilling table next in order to get revenge on Clarke for killing his father but I did like that this at least stopped Raven from being drilled into until she died.
  • I liked that seeing Abby being drilled got Clarke to seriously considering radiating level five and order Monty into figuring out how to do this.
  • I liked that when Abby was being taken to the drilling table that Kane tried to make a deal with Mount Weather were they donate bone marrow and started talking about how none of their people had to die for the other to survive if they could just come up with some sort of deal.
  • I liked that Murphy found a place in the form of an underground bunker that seemed like it could be a type of promise land.
  • I liked that Maya and Octavia related to one another with both of them having lived all(or most)of their lives without being able to see the sky.
  • I liked that Octavia remembered the air loft they made earlier in the season and mentioned that if Maya could get their she could live and I liked that when Maya said in cage that Octavia pointed out that at least she'd be alive.
  • I liked that right before Monty finished figuring out how to radiate level five that the people that Clarke, Bellamy and Monty cared about the most were in danger of dying in those moments which really just upped the stakes on a personally level for all three of them and made everything feel even more urgent.
  • I liked the weight that the decision to radiate level five or not held when Monty told Clarke that all it would take to do so is to pull the lever and I liked that Bellamy made it clear once more before they came to the decision to pull the lever that the people that helped them and children will die if they pull the lever but since they have no other choice anymore they decide to pull the lever.
  • I loved that Bellamy wouldn't let Clarke pull the lever by herself and that they too of them made that decision together and agreed in that moment to carry that burden together.
  • I'm glad that both the audience and Clarke, Bellamy and Monty saw the cost of what they did so that their people could survive and I'm glad that this is something that is going to clearly weigh on their conscience for a long time.
  • I was so sad when Maya died both for her because she was a good person who didn't deserve to die at all and for Jasper who cared deeply for her and was doing everything that he could to save her but in the end he couldn't.
  • I liked that for Jasper, Monty's sorry clearly wasn't enough but honestly there isn't anything that will ever be enough to make up for they just did so there really isn't anything better for Monty to say other than sorry.
  • I liked that when Clarke told her mom that she tried to be the good guy that her mom told her that maybe there aren't any good guys after all.
  • I liked that Kane told Bellamy that he did good when it came to saving their people.
  • I liked that Lincoln was the one to kill Cage because it allowed him a type of revenge against Cage for the wrongs that he had committed against him.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Clarke that if she needed someone to forgive her that he will and I liked that this echoed the scene in season one where she did the same for him when he couldn't forgive himself but she could forgive him.
  • I liked that Bellamy made it clear to Clarke that he wants to help her carry the burden that they already both share and I like that Bellamy seems to be the only one that Clarke is telling why she's leaving or even that she's leaving.  I liked that Clarke kissed Bellamy on the cheek and hugged him goodbye.
  • I can understand why Clarke doesn't feel like she can stay because her people remind her of what she did to save them but I don't think that leaving is going to help her forget what she did.
  • I wonder what the guy in the video that Murphy found is talking about when he says he blames himself for letting her get the launch codes.
  • I'm wondering what the lady ALIE, a hologram in the city of light plans are for Jaha because they don't seem good since it seems like she's grateful she found what looks like a nuke.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode or season as a whole.

TV Review: The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt1(2.15)

                                   The 100: Blood Must Have Blood Pt1(2.15)Review
  • I liked that Bellamy went back to the grounders in the cages and released them and told the one girl that he promised to come back for the plan that their people had come up with and what she would have to do in order for the plan to succeed, I like that she thanked Bellamy and he told her to thank him when their all safe outside.
  • I disliked that Cage went public with the fact that the bone marrow treatment of the 44 allows them to survive on the grounder and what that they had to kill some of Mount Weather's people in order to survive. I just didn't like that Cage was turning everyone against the 44 and killing anyone who didn't sell them out.
  • I liked that Jasper and Maya turned themselves over to the guards in order to protect the people that were protecting them but sadly the guards killed the couple anyways.
  • I liked that when Clarke was explaining the plan she emphasis that the mission is a rescue mission more than anything else and that she made it clear that there were innocent people including children inside the mountain and they absolutely do not want to kill them.
  • I liked that it was explained what everyone's role was in order to get into the mountain and what they will have to do once they get in their was.
  • I liked that when Maya's dad wasn't going to allow a guard to pass him because he wanted to protect Maya that she begged him not to try protect her because she knows the guards are killing anyone that tries to help her and the 44. I was glad that Maya's dad was already working with Bellamy and that the guard died instead of either of them.
  • I liked that Jasper insisted on going with Bellamy because he needed to make sure himself that Monty was okay and I liked that Maya stuck with him and Bellamy as well. I liked that Maya's dad told her that her mom would be proud of her before the went their separate ways.
  • I liked that Lincoln calmed down Miller's dad when his hand was shaking before he put the bomb through the door of the mountain.
  • I didn't like the awkward tension in Raven's and Wick's interaction with each other because of how they wanted different things from each other after they slept together.
  • I liked that when Cage went to his dad for help that his dad tells him how badly he screwed up and how his actions have pretty much led to the demise of all of there people in just a week of Cage being in power, while I didn't like that his dad ended up helping Cage out in the end I understand why he did because he does want all his people to be alive especially his son even though he doesn't agree with the way that Cage went about it.
  • I liked that Raven figured out a way to take out the power with only four bombs when they originally thought that they needed five.
  • I liked that when Clarke was worrying about how long Raven was taking to take out the power that Lexa told her it takes as long as it takes and then started talking to Clarke about what she wanted to do after they saved their people in order to distract her from her worries. I like that Clarke can't think of anything but what they have to do today and that she has no real plans but to get her people back.
  • I liked that Miller's dad risked his life in order to get the door open and save his son.
  • I'm really worried about Maya because she can't survive outside and she knows that Cage won't let her live in Mount Weather anymore.
  • I liked that Monty stayed hidden in order to protect himself because he knows that Mount Weather's people know about their plan with the grounders in the cages.
  • I hated that Lexa made a deal with Mount Weather to save her people and her people only although I have to admit that I understand why she did what she did save her people since their the ones that she actually cares about but I don't understand why anyone would ship her with Clarke after this point because she is forcing Clarke into a position where it seems that her only choice is to let her people die while Lexa's get to live and I don't understand why Clarke would ever forgive her for this.
  • I liked that Lincoln begged to be able to stay behind and help Clarke rescue her people because he knows that her people will be slaughtered if they do nothing and I hated that he was physically beaten for wanting to help their allies of two minutes ago.
  • I liked that when Indra told Octavia that their commander is telling them to retreat that Octavia pointed out that she didn't trust the commander and that she doesn't think Indra should either.
  • I'm glad that Octavia refuses to leave without Bellamy back safely with them but I'm a bit sad that she lost her place as Indra's second.
  • I was sad that Maya's dad died and felt really bad for her when she saw his body.
  • I felt bad for Bellamy and the others when they discovered that their allies left them for dead and that they don't know where the rest of their people are.
  • I'm worried about Raven and Wick since they seem to have been captured by Mount Weather's people.
  • I like that Clarke refuses to believe that she has gotten as close as this to just walk away and not be able to save her people.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Lie Ability(5.16)

                                               Teen Wolf: Lie Ability(5.16)Review
  • I find it interesting that Tracy's, Josh's and Cory's abilities don't work against Parrish when he's the Hellhound.
  • I liked that when the door separate Stiles from chasing after Lydia that he banged on the door and yelled her named in desperation.
  • I thought the flashback sex scene of Liam and Hayden felt really out of place but I liked that Liam told Hayden that Theo isn't going to be able to stop the beast and is instead is going to get himself killed but he believes that Scott can stop the beast.
  • I liked how Deucalion picked up on Hayden questioning her loyalty and was completely supportive of her betraying Theo, I also like that Deucalion confirmed that he's not on Theo's side or really anyone else's.
  • I liked that Scott tried to use the walkies to figure out what was going on where Lydia's room is even though that didn't end up working out for him. I did like that Scott was determine to find a way past the mountain ash.
  • I liked that whenever Theo suggested that him and Stiles worked together in order to find Lydia that Stiles just told him that he doesn't trust him and wants to know what his angle is.
  • I liked that when Kira's powers were going out of control and how she realized that the only way she knows to stop them is leave Eichen House which they can't do since their in lockdown, I liked that Malia kept telling Kira that she can control her powers since she just did so earlier when she caused the brown out.
  • I liked that Scott went to Meredith for help of how to save Lydia and I liked how calm and comforting he was when talking to her even though the situation was urgent. I liked that even though Meredith couldn't talk she found a way to let Scott know that he has to stick his claws into her neck in order for her tell him what she knows and I like that Scott asked it she was sure and she indicated that she was before he place is claws in her neck.
  • I liked that when Josh offered to help Kira that Malia asked why she should trust him and I like that his answer was that he needed her to help him save Cory.
  • I liked that when Liam saw that orderlies where come to the area that he was in with Scott and Meredith that he fought them off outside the room without Scott's help because he knew that he couldn't interrupt what Scott was doing with Meredith.
  • I liked that Meredith told Scott that in order to get to Lydia that they need to find the Hellhound because the Hellhound and the banshee are connected.
  • I found it absurd that Theo compared being willing to kill his sister when he was nine because the dread doctors asked him to believing in Santa Claus because one of those things are something you do because you're innocent and na├»ve and the other is murder which even nine year olds know is wrong.
  • I like that Stiles knows that Theo killed his sister and believes that Theo enjoyed it and that's one of the many reasons why Stiles doesn't trust him and never will.
  • I liked that Lydia was willing to risk her life by trying on the mask because it could help her figure out who the beast is and that could save their lives.
  • I liked that it was clear that both Malia and Josh didn't trust each other but the saved the other's friend because they cared too much about Kira and Cory to risk anything happening to them.
  • I liked that Stiles pretty much Theo that he figured out Theo's whole plan to take the beast's power and I liked that Theo admitted that maybe he isn't the good guy but he might be the one that ends up saving anyone by killing the beast and I liked that this is what finally made Stiles willing to let Theo help him find Lydia. I also liked that Theo needed Stiles help to find a way to get a clear track on where Lydia was.
  • I liked that plan B was Mason shutting off the lockdown from outside and I liked that since things weren't like they thought it would be just like everything else in their plan he had no idea what to do and I liked that Hayden came and together they were still able to shut down the lockdown.
  • I was glad that Lydia's scream killed Valrick before he put the mask on her because that mask could have killed her.
  • I liked that when Stiles found Lydia that she told him to leave again since she was worried he might die and I liked that he told her to shut up and let him save her life and she looked at him so fondly.
  • I liked that Parrish as the Hellhound can burn the mountain ash out of the wall so Scott and Liam were able to follow him to Lydia.
  • I liked that Lydia sounded so surprised when Stiles told him that they had a plan and I liked that Stiles said that it was a good plan on paper, reality not so much.
  • I liked that Parrish as the Hellhound was able to contain Lydia's scream so that no one was killed by it.
  • I liked that when Tracy tried to take Lydia from them that Scott tried to explain to her why that was a really bad idea and I liked that when she didn't listen Natalie tazed Lydia from behind and that she trusted the pack to get Lydia out of there safely.
  • I liked that when Lydia was screaming that even though her scream broke Stiles' jeeps mirrors and made his ear bleed that all Stiles cared about was Lydia's well being and I liked that Lydia was more concerned about Stiles' survival than her own.
  • I liked that Lydia told her mom that they saved her then that Stiles saved her since he was the one that was with her the most and the one that she kept telling to leave her and he never did and I liked the loving look that she gave Stiles.
  • I'm not too bothered by Theo taking Valrick's mask because it's most likely his own life he'll be risking using that and I'm okay with that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: She's Dying(2.02)

                              How To Get Away With Murder: She's Dying(2.02)Review
  • I liked that Annalise's first response to hearing that the Hapstalls were arrested for the murder of their aunt was to call them dumb and I like that Caleb also said that they would have to be idiots to kill the only witness for the murder charges that were brought against them.
  • I was surprised to learn that you can apparently arrest people and refuses to show them warrant for their arrest if you are already on trial for murder.
  • I'm glad that Wes is trying his best to move on from Rebecca.
  • I liked that everyone told Michaela that it would be a seriously bad idea to go to Nate's hearing.
  • I liked that when Connor had to tell everyone about Oliver having HIV because Asher came in and wanted to know what they were talking about that Asher was actually very concerned about Connor's health.
  • I liked how Eve told Annalise to not micromanage her case and just trust that she can do a good job. I also liked that both Eve and Annalise told each other that they enjoyed their time together the previous night without revealing how much it meant to them.
  • I liked that when Emily Sinclair tried to use Eve and Annalise's past relationship against Eve that she told the judge that they are only classmates and that if she mentioned everyone she went up in court against a former classmate she'd never have time to win all those cases she gets.
  • I kind of liked that Frank tried to comfort Bonnie about how she was worried about the way Annalise was treating her after she found out that Bonnie killed Rebecca.
  • I liked that Asher expressed concern to Bonnie about all the illegal stuff they do while working for Annalise.
  • I disliked how Emily kept going after Annalise for her affair with Nate which everyone already knows about and pretty much everything about her personality in court for reasons that felt pretty unclear and very unprofessional.
  • I find it a bit funny that despite it being said at the beginning of the episode that it would be a bad to go to Nate's hearing that Michaela, Connor and Wes all still went.
  • I liked that Connor tried to make sure that Michaela took a number from the hot guy that approached them.
  • I liked that Wes used his puppy like personality along with the fact that the police found Caleb's DNA at the crime scene to make Cathy admit that she didn't tell them everything and that to open up to him.
  • I liked that Bonnie used the idea of Caleb being caught on video near his aunt's murder to test if he's telling them the truth or not.
  • I don't see how Annalise verbally taking Emily down in court proves that she is capable of murder because all Annalise showed is she as a temper but not that when she gives into her temper that she becomes violent because she  didn't even threaten to kill or hurt anyone so I don't get way Emily was so smug about Annalise's outburst.
  • I felt bad for Oliver when he realized that Connor told the study group about him having HIV and I get why he was mad at Connor for that.
  • I liked that Eve used the truth of Annalise framing Nate as a way to get the charages against Nate dropped since she knows there will never to enough evidence to convict Annalise of Sam's murder.
  • I felt bad for Bonnie when she was telling Annalise that Annalise doesn't really want Bonnie to be able to do things without her because she wants Bonnie to always remember how much she owes her and that Bonnie does remember that always.
  • I liked that Annalise told Bonnie that she didn't save her she ruined her and that the sad thing is, is that what Bonnie needs to be saved from the most is Annalise. I also liked that Annalise admits that they all need to be saved from her.
  • I liked that Annalise was able to get the DNA thrown out for the Hapstall's aunt's murder by proving that two DNA test were done and that the first one was deleted.
  • I was so glad that Nate's case was thrown out because Emily's unprofessional behavior regarding whether or not she was trying to put Annalise or Nate on trial.
  • I liked that Connor wanted Oliver to hurt him by telling him how he got HIV because he hurt Oliver earlier, I also liked that Oliver was reluctant to do so and when he did and Connor started blaming himself he pointed out that it wasn't actually Connor's fault because he makes his own decisions.
  • I liked that Eve and Annalise admitted how much they still mean to each other but considering how Annalise is when it comes to relationships I still feel like their relationship is doomed to fail.
  • I'm mad that Emily is now going to be working against Annalise on the Hapstall's case.
  • I'm curious about why the guy that is hitting on Michaela was in one of Rebecca's old pictures.
  • I liked that in the flash forward to two months later that Connor was both blaming Annalise for everything bad that happens but also doing his best to save her life.
  • I'm a little ashamed to admit that I'm glad that Emily is dead in the two months in the future flash forward.
Please tell me your thoughts.

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Book review: Triangles

                                                              Triangles Review      
Triangles is about three women who all of their own struggles whose stories are loosely contacted to each other. Holly is a woman who has what seems like the perfect life with a kind and loving husband and three kids but she seems unable to be content with what she has because she has become bored with her stable life. Holly begins with fantasizing about sex with men other then her husband and then moves onto having sex with other men. Andrea is a single mother with a teenage daughter that is envious of the stable happy marriage that her best friend Holly has while she is just starting to consider getting back into the dating scene. Marissa is a woman who has allowed taking care of her terminally ill daughter take over her entire life and now that she's starting to take a look at the rest of the life she's realizing that there isn't much of anything that doesn't revolve around Shelly her daughter who won't be around much longer.

This book is one where I found that I actually did enjoy all three characters which surprised me a bit because Holly seemed like a character that I would just dislike because it feels like she's just throwing her life away for a cheap thrill but somehow I was able to understand her and therefore I did sympathies with her to some extend. Marissa is probably the character that I liked the most and I think that's because she is just very kind and in a really terrible situation and through out the whole novel I just wanted her to find away to live again for herself and be able to be truly happy. Andrea is a character that I liked but for some reason I don't remember as much of her story as the other two.

Overall I found the writing of this book to be very good and since it's written by Ellen Hopkins that's no surprise to me. I thought that reading this book was an interesting perspective shift for me since I read Tilt before this which is a companion novel to this book. Overall I really like this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Amplification(5.15)

                                              Teen Wolf: Amplification(5.15)Review
  • I liked that Scott and Stiles were following the police chase of the beast and I liked that Stiles kept using his radio to inform the police of what they should do and I liked that even though the Sheriff was annoyed by Stiles using the radio that he still took what he was saying into consideration like when it came to the beast heading to the hospital.
  • I like that Parrish now that he knows he's the Hellhound was battling the beast and that even though he couldn't beat it, it also didn't kill him.
  • I find it very frightening that Valrick has a history of drilling holes in supernatural creatures heads in order to amplify their abilities and that this practice has left all of those people he experimented on dead and the fact that he plans to do the same to Lydia really ups the urgency on getting her out of Eichen House.
  • I liked that Deaton noted that Lydia already has very strong abilities as a banshee and I find it frightening that Deaton says that Lydia isn't just in more danger herself because of this but also everyone around her is because her dying scream is likely to kill everyone in the same area as her.
  • I liked that Stiles asked his dad to find a way to get Lydia out of Eichen House on a court order and I liked that when is dad said that their is nothing that they can do legally that it was clearly that in this case he was open to illegal options.
  • I liked that Scott and Stiles came up with a plan for the pack to get Lydia out of Eichen House and I liked that Kira, Malia and Liam were all not too convinced that they plan could work and I liked that Stiles admitted that a lot could go wrong and that Scott also admits to this and tells them that they have to do this because if they don't Lydia and possibly a lot of other people are going to die.
  • I liked that when Kira was practicing how to cause a brown out and not a black out and didn't know how to do it that Malia asked how she learned to do her powers before and how she learned to use a sword and that when Kira told it just kind of happened Malia remarked that she's a cheater and never worked for anything.
  • I liked that Liam was worrying about who the beast was and wondering if that person was someone they know and that Scott said he hoped that they weren't.
  • I liked that when Stiles tried to convince Parrish to drive the van for them that Parrish assumed that Stiles stole the keys rather than was given them by his father and I liked that Stiles admitted that was a fair assumption on Parrish's part.
  • I liked that when Parrish was reluctant to come because he was dangerous that Stiles said that so was the beast and yet Parrish is still alive after fighting it so maybe that's a good thing.
  • I liked that after many failed practice tries that Malia told Kira that this time was going to be the time that she was going to succeed and that this time is the time that she almost succeed until she accidently took down an entire grid.
  • I liked that both Scott and Stiles were angry when they saw Theo at school and I liked that Stiles told Theo that he needed to be beaten by barbwire and I like to think that this has to do with what Theo did to Scott.
  • I like that Stiles was suspicious as to why Theo said he was willing to help with getting Lydia out of Eichen House since he couldn't know what Valrick was planning to do to her and that Scott thought it had to do with what everyone was thinking which was that Lydia was a bigger role in things that are to come.
  • I liked that when Kira told the pack that she didn't think that she could do it that Scott, Stiles and Liam gave their reassurances right a way and while Malia was a bit more reluctant because she's the one that's going to be in the room with Kira she also did give her reassurance which didn't entirely convince Kira that things were going to work out for them.
  • I liked that the Sheriff showed Natalie the files of Valrick's past patients in order to convince Natalie that Eichen House isn't a safe place for her daughter to stay.
  • I liked that Scott, Stiles and Liam were snuck into Eichen House in body bags and that when they got out of them Stiles told Scott never again and Scott nodded at him.
  • I found it funny that one patient apparently frequently wanders around the place in the nude but I was once again horrified by Eichen House when the orderly's response to this was to taze the guy but I'm glad this provided the distraction that Kira and Malia needed to get into the electrical room.
  • I liked that when Kira mentioned that the wires were protect by rubber that Malia was willing to cut them but Kira wasn't willing to let her because she could die although Malia did end up using her claws to cut the wires anyways.
  • I liked that when they found guards where they weren't suppose to be that Liam offered to take them and that Stiles told Scott to make him stop.
  • I liked that when one of the patients saw Scott, Stiles and Liam and asked them to get his doctor so that he could have his medicine that Scott agreed to tell him but had to eventually use his werewolf face at him to get him to be quiet.
  • I liked that Malia told Kira that she could do what she had to do because what she was doing wasn't about either of them but about Lydia and saving her since she's their friend and I liked that this worked as a way to encourage Kira.
  • I was disappointed to learn that Stiles apparently doesn't know how to pick locks, he just seems like the kind of person who would have taken the time to learn this sort of thing hopefully will now that a lock almost ruined their plan.
  • I find it interesting that the claws that Theo betrayed Malia for would kill him if he put them on.
  • I liked that when Liam told Scott to hit him because it would make him angry enough that he'd be able to breakdown the door that Scott's first reaction was to say no and Stiles first reaction was to encourage Scott to hit him and hard. I liked that this plan actually ended up working since it got them both angry and they broke down the door together.
  • I liked that Lydia wanted Stiles to leave because she afraid that if he stayed he would die and that Stiles refused to leave because he knew if he left her she would die.
  • I liked that Natalie did figure out that Eichen House isn't the kind of place that she wants her daughter to be at but sadly it was too lately since Eichen House went into lockdown before she could reach their door.
  • I liked that Scott and Liam were trying to push through the mountain ash because Stiles has been gone too long.
  • I'm worried for the pack since everyone is locked inside of Eichen House during a lockdown which can't be good since normal Eichen House is already pretty dangerous which means it's even more dangerous now.
  • I liked that Scott was able to over power the guards because he saw how they were hurting Liam and that made him angry and that Liam was able to do the same because he heard Scott's howl and I hope this means they'll be able to get through the mountain ash now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Bodyguard of Lies(2.14)

                                            The 100: Bodyguard of Lies(2.14)Review
  • I found the fact that Jaha, Murphy and the rest of their group walking right into a minefield on their way to the city of light was frightening.
  • I like that Cage has realized that the hundred are dangerous but I'm worried about what him knowing this could mean for the hundred.
  • I like that Clarke doesn't seem to be able to wait around and do nothing while she waits to hear that the acid fog has been shut down.
  • I liked that Lexa noted that Clarke cares for Bellamy more than she cares for the others and I liked that Clarke told Lexa that she doesn't want to be reason Bellamy or really any of the rest of her people to die for her but I disliked that Lexa thinks that this is something that Clarke should just get use to.
  • I was worried about Bellamy when his keycard didn't work and the guards caught him but I was glad that he got away before anything could happen to him.
  • I like that Raven and Wick are working together to figure out how to disable the acid fog.
  • I like that Octavia figured out that Clarke knew about the missile before it hit and I liked that Octavia called her out on what she did and told her that Bellamy would never approve of what she did.
  • I dislike how Lexa ordered Octavia to be killed without even telling Clarke after she knew that Octavia knew what she and Clarke did.
  • I like that Bellamy established a system with working together with people inside the mountain to help him get around and keep the others safe.
  • I liked that Clarke went against Lexa's wishes in order to save Octavia and liked that after Clarke told Lexa that she's done ignoring her emotions and buying into Lexa's whole emotions is weakness crap. I also like that Clarke told Lexa that she's a liar and does in fact feel for people.
  • I liked how Raven and Wick went over what Bellamy would have to do to turn off the acid fog and I liked that they were successful in turn it off.
  • I like that Lexa admitted that Clarke was right about her having feelings but I wasn't a big fan of them kissing because in that context it come off as manipulative of Lexa which is probably because she's almost always manipulating Clarke and I hate that about their relationship. I'm glad that Clarke told Lexa that she isn't ready for relationship since her last boyfriend died like a week ago.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Raven and Wick hooking up right now because while I know I don't hate it, I'm also not sure that I like it.
  • I was really worried when it turned out that they hadn't actually taken down the acid fog and that Bellamy was found out as the spy, his radio was cut off and he was cornered by several guards. I was happy when Bellamy not only escaped the guards but also managed to make the acid fog explode inside Mount Weather rather than be used against those outside.
  • I liked that Mount Weather without the acid fog basically only have their doors protecting them now against an army as big as the one that's coming for them.
  • I liked that Octavia considers what Clarke did as wrong even after both Clarke and Indra tried to justify the action to her.
  • I'm curious about what the city of light actually is because right now it's a big question mark for me.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Phantom Halo

                                                        Phantom Halo Review
Phantom Halo is about a family of con artist that aren't doing so well largely because of their father Warren's(Sebastian Roche) being very irresponsible with their money since he drinks and gambles it all the way. The sons Beckett(Luke Kleintank) and Samuel(Thomas Brodie-Sangster) makes the money for the family with a con that involves Samuel performing Shakespeare in the street while Beckett steals money from the crowd. Tensions are high in this family from the start with them being low on money because of Warren and because of the way he constantly accuses his sons of stealing from him despite the fact that they are ones that earn the money for the most part. One of the things that Warren gets most angry about is the fact that Samuel is a fan of the comic Phantom Halo and sometimes buys issues of it.

Once Beckett is approached by a man named Roman(Gbenga Akinnagbe) who his father owes thirty-eight thousand dollars to and he tells Beckett that if he doesn't get Roman the money within a certain amount of time he will kill Samuel. After hearing this threat Beckett starts working with an old friend Larry(Jordan Dunn) in a money laundering scheme in order to make the money that his father owes in time. Things seem like they are going to be okay for awhile but then soon things take a turn for the worse and everyone's life is in danger by the end.

Overall I enjoyed this movie I felt that the story was pretty interesting and I thought all the actors did a good job in the movie. This movie was one that turned out differently than I thought it would but overall it was still a good story that was told. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comments below.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

TV Review: Scream: Revelations(1.10)

                                                    Scream: Revelations(1.10)Review
  • I liked that at the start of the episode Piper tells Emma not to trust anyone since it turns out that Piper is the one that she shouldn't trust.
  • I liked that the police could tell right away that the scene of Branson's escape looked staged because I like it when people are actually pretty smart about these type of things when it's their job to know this stuff.
  • I liked that Noah went to work right away to trace the signal for where the video of the Sheriff being tied up was coming from and I liked that Emma went to him to ask him what he knows and tell him what she knows, I just like seeing how they work together.
  • I kind of liked how the killer made it clear that tonight is the final showdown because it ups the stakes of this episode.
  • I liked that Emma went to the police station to tell her mom how the killer called her and how she remembered that sometimes the killer leaves clues on the victims and that her mom trust her and that those two working together were able to figure where the Sheriff was.
  • I really liked Brooke and Audrey bonding about how nothing in their lives is going well at the moment, I really like the sudden friendship that's developing between these two.
  • I was both sad and surprised when it turned out that the ropes that were tying the Sheriff to the tree were the only thing keep his guts inside him, I really didn't think he was going die. I felt really bad for Emma's mom because this was just like the Will's death that when the girls were trying to save them they accidently killed that instead.
  • I liked that when Emma's mom was blaming herself that Emma told her that it wasn't her fault and that they were going to stop this guy and I liked that her mom agreed. I also liked that Emma's mom told Emma that she should tell Kieran about his dad because this isn't the kind of thing that he should learn from the news.
  • I kind of liked Brooke and Jake using other people to make each other jealous and I liked that they almost made up early on but then Jake screwed that up by being himself.
  • I liked that Noah figured out that the malware was being used to block everyone's cell signal and that he tracked were the signal was coming from.
  • I liked that when Emma and Noah were driving out to Brooke's house to confront the killer that Noah kept bringing up how it was a bad idea to not call the cops and I liked how used horror movie logic to determine what is going to happen and what roles they played and I liked that he pointed out that his character type usually ends dead.
  • I kind of liked that one the killer confronted Audrey she asked why they didn't just kill her, I liked that she seemed to be challenging her which I think she was based off what we find out at the end of the episode.
  • I liked that when Branson asked Brooke to let her in that she refused because while we know he isn't really the killer Brooke doesn't so I'm glad that she decided to play things safe and not let him in.
  • I was really scared for Brooke when the killer locked her in the freeze that she hid in then tried to stab her and then plugged in the freeze all of those things are awful and terrifying in my book and I was scared that Brooke wasn't going to make it.
  • I felt bad for Kieran when he found out that his dad died and I'm wondering where he's going to live now that his last parent died.
  • I liked that when Noah had to split up from Emma and Kieran that he told them that he wouldn't be right back because he knows people die in movies right after they saw that.
  • I'm really glad that they found Brooke before she died.
  • I liked that when Noah and Audrey ran into each other that Noah screamed a lot because she snuck up on him.
  • I liked that when Kieran gave Noah the gun that Audrey took it from him because she actually knows how to handle one.
  • I liked that when Emma had the final showdown with the killer who turned out to be Piper that Emma and her mom both did their best to protect each other and that they both physically attacked Piper.
  • I liked that Audrey shot Piper right before she was going to kill Emma and I'm really glad that both Emma and her mom survived.
  • I liked that Noah did the last episode of Piper's podcast and talked about how she was the killer and how things aren't completely adding up.
  • I'm surprised that Audrey was working with Piper and I'm curious about how much she actually did because I'm pretty sure that Audrey doesn't care about hurting Emma's mom and doubt that by even halfway through the season that actually enjoyed hurting Emma, I also don't think she would have killed either Rachel or Riley.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How To Get Away With Murder: It's Time to Move On(2.01)

                   How To Get Away With Murder: It's Time to Move On(2.01)Review
  • I felt really bad for Rebecca when they showed that she was begging for her life right before she was killed.
  • I liked that in the scene with Annalise teaching it was clear that everyone was still very distracted by the events that ended the season and I liked that all of them other then Wes were trying to work through it.
  • I liked that Wes sort of challenged Annalise by refusing to answer her question in class.
  • I  liked that when Frank was trying to pin Rebecca's murder on Wes that Annalise kept defending him because she just didn't believe that killing Rebecca is something that he would do.
  • I liked that Michaela was mad at Laurel for keeping her engagement ring from her for weeks after Sam's murder.
  • I like the character Eve the lawyer who Annalise wants to represent Nate and that she has a complicated past relationship that includes romance. I really liked that Eve was upset that Annalise was avoided her for years and then the next time they cross paths it's Annalise asking for a favor through someone else. I like that Eve is suspicious of Annalise's motives from the start and isn't sure that taking the case is a good idea.
  • I liked that Annalise came up with the idea to get a high profile case by forcing their defense attorney to screw up so that they would hire her after they do.
  • I liked that Connor made it clear to Oliver that he wanted to stay with him even though he's sick and I like that Oliver is also concerned about Connor possibly getting infected.
  • I liked that Laurel came up with the idea to slightly doctor video footage and give it to the defense knowing that the defense is so desperate for something that clears their clients that they wouldn't bother to check it before they presented it to the court.
  • I liked that Eve refused to take Nate's case after she figured out that Annalise actually framed him.
  • I'm worried that Michaela responding to the eggs 911 text that Rebecca sent from her phone will get her in trouble later on.
  • I'm glad that the reason that Wes didn't take the bait and looked for Rebecca is because he was trying to respect what he thought was Rebecca's choice to run away rather than trust him after everything that they went through and I felt bad for Wes that he believes that Rebecca didn't trust him when they isn't true at all but I think it's better that he thinks that then know that she was murdered.
  • I liked Laurel figured out that Rebecca must be dead because if Rebecca actually ran away she would have told the police what they did to her.
  • I liked how Frank believing Laurel may have killed Rebecca led to Annalise figuring out that Bonnie was actually the one that killed her.
  • I felt so bad for Rebecca in the flashback of when Bonnie killed her. I completely believe Rebecca when she said that she isn't actually planning on telling anyone anything if they let her go and that she just got scared.
  • I found it kind of creepy when Bonnie was telling Rebecca how she tells herself that she's a good person and deserves a normal life, there was just something about the speech that made me questioned her sanity and considering the next thing she does is kill Rebecca I think I was right to.
  • I liked that even when Bonnie told Annalise that she killed Rebecca to protect her that Annalise didn't let that line of thought justify her actions and I liked that she made it pretty clear that Bonnie crossed a line although I did feel that she was a bit harsh in that scene I can't really blame her for the way she's acting.
  • I liked that when Annalise came to Eve crying that Eve let her in even though when they stopped talking the last time Eve said she wanted nothing to do with Annalise. I liked the way Eve and Annalise talked about their past relationship but I'm not so sure of how good of an idea it is for them to start it up again right now.
  • I liked that Annalise got the high profile case that she gunning for by the end of the episode and I liked that she made it clear to her new clients that she doesn't care whether or not their guilty and only said that clients that say their innocent have any easier time convincing the jury that it's true.
  • I liked that Eve agreed to take Nate's case and I like how confident Eve was about the fact that she could win this case.
  • I don't like that the lawyer trying to convict Nate of Sam's murder seems to be blackmailing Asher into telling her stuff about Annalise.
  • I like that Connor decided to move in with Oliver and I liked that Oliver was happy about it even though he was surprised.
  • I like that Annalise wanted to make sure that Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor were all able to let go and move on with their lives but I thought that they way she went about it was a bit odd.
  • I liked that it seems like Laurel and Michaela have made up by the end of the episode.
  • I wonder if one of the siblings  that are Annalise's new clients killed their aunt that saw them fleeing from their parents murder to cover their tracks.
  • I'm very curious about how Annalise is going to end up shot 2 months from now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Movie Review: The Last Five Years

                                                      The Last Five Years Review
The Last Five Years is a musical about the relationship between a struggling actress Cathy(Anna Kendrick) and a not so struggling writer Jamie(Jeremy Jordan), the story of this musical is how they fell in love with each other and how their relationship failed in the long run. Through song Cathy tells us about their relationship from end to begin while Jamie tells us about their relationship from beginning to end. This film is almost entirely songs with pretty much no transition but a brief pause and change of scenery to tell you that the story is in a different time and place, it can be a bit jarring when the film starts off but as time goes on you get use to it and feels more natural.

I thought that both Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick did a great job in this movie both singing and acting and I thought that the two of them had great chemistry together which is something that I think was needed for a movie like this. I found that I enjoyed the scenes where Cathy and Jamie were happy with each other more than the ones where they were fighting but I think that was largely because I did like both characters so seeing them suffer wasn't exactly fun for me.For me I thought that the film did a good job at conveying that both Cathy and Jamie contributed things to their marriage ending like it did although I did think that movie had a bit of a Cathy basis since in "If I Didn't Believe in You" the camera stayed focus on Cathy rather than Jamie even though it was Jamie's song and that kind of bothered me especially since Jeremy Jordan was giving such great performance and I think that when you listen to the soundtrack that is the song that is the most emotionally charged.

Overall I really enjoyed the film I thought the directing, writing and performances were all good and I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. Please tell me your thoughts on this film.

TV Review: Revenge: Clarity(4.18)

                                                     Revenge: Clarity(4.18)Review
  • I was glad that Margaux admitted to Victoria that it was her own fault that her she lost her baby was because she refused to give up on her revenge weeks.
  • I liked that David had been checking up on Emily for the past few days and I like that his top concern was her well being.
  • I thought that Louise saying that she wanted to have a baby right after talking about how much being home with her family upset kind of shows how she's not actually ready to raise a kid.
  • While I don't like that Victoria is once again trying to destroy Emily, I am glad that she didn't start to go towards that until after the board denied her the hospital wing being named after Daniel.
  • I liked that when Jack picked up on the fact that Nolan hadn't told Louise about him spending time with Tony that he had to talk to her about it.
  • I like that Emily wants to do the right thing by Margaux by telling the truth about Daniel's death but I also understand why the people in her life don't think it's a good idea because take back that kind of statement isn't a good idea.
  • While I liked that Stevie wants to protect Jack, I didn't think that her going on the attack against Emily all of sudden made much sense given that she didn't have a problem with her last episode.
  • I disliked how Victoria tried to use Louise's brother's death to get Louise to turn against Nolan and I'm glad that Louise didn't fall for Victoria's lies.
  • I liked that Jack defended Emily to his mom but I can't help but think that she's right to worry about Jack when it comes to Emily since she came into his life it has became a lot more complicated.
  • I liked that Tony also told Nolan that he should just tell Louise the truth and that he won't have any sort of relationship with him until her talks with her.
  • I like that Jack decided not to go back on his story to the police and when Emily told him that she has gotten away with worse than this that he told her that no one knows that better than him.
  • I liked that Margaux decided to call off the assassin that she was planning to send after Emily but I disliked that she planned to send one after Emily in the first place.
  • I liked that when Emily told Nolan about her idea to take back her statement and clear Daniel's name that he told her that it wasn't a good idea and that he understands that she feels bad about what happened to Margaux but even he can't change what people already know but I liked that Emily thought that maybe he could.
  • I liked that when Emily told Nolan that she wanted to do something good that Nolan told her that Emily Thorne wasn't built to do good but to clear her father's name which she has done brilliantly and that she deserves to enjoy her life now.
  • I liked that Jack told Nolan that he almost went along with Emily's plan and I liked that Nolan completely understood why he would want to do that. I also liked that Jack told Nolan that he wasn't quite sure of what the right thing to do is in this situation and I liked that Nolan was there to calm him down.
  • I liked that Nolan told Jack about how Louise's brother died and how she let it happened in order to protect him and while Nolan said that it was pity making him stay with Louise I don't think that's entirely true because he does genuinely care about her still and during his conversation what he was talking about sounded more like guilt than pity to me, I was also sad that Louise overheard Nolan saying this about her.
  • I liked that Nolan told Louise that he doesn't think that they should stay married and I liked that Nolan told her that he still wants them to be friends and I liked that she agrees to that but I was a bit sad for both of them when she thanked him for always being honest with her which they both know isn't true.
  • I liked that Emily did tell the a version that was closer to the truth about Daniel's death but I'm not really sure if Emily telling the world that she's actually Amanda Clarke is a good thing but it does make things interesting.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.