Monday, September 13, 2021

Book Review: Daisy Jones and the Six

                                                 Daisy Jones and the Six Review

Daisy Jones and the Six is the story of a fictional music group that was big in the 1970s and the story is told as if it's an interview with various people telling their version of what happened that led the group to getting together and falling apart. The book starts off telling us about who Daisy Jones was, Daisy was the daughter of wealthy but neglectful parents which led her to sneaking out her house to hang out on the Sunset strip since she was a young teen at all the music clubs and since she was so beautiful she got a way with it. Daisy becomes a bit of a groupie after awhile and sometime after this she becomes interested in writing her own music and since Daisy a pretty good singer and good looking she soon gets a record deal but she isn't allowed to sing any of her own songs which leads to her trying to get out of her record contract which doesn't work out for her. 

Around this same time period The Six is also becoming a band of it's own and while they take longer to get offered a record contract with not being from LA or having wealthy parents or hanging with rock stars it instead starts off with Billy and Graham Dunne and a few guys playing songs where ever they can get a gig and this leads to them eventually touring and getting attention from a record company out in LA. Along the way there were members that left and members that joined one member was a keyboardist named Karen who had already been in a different band before joining The Six but preferred their band since she felt more respected as a musician by them. Billy who is the lead singer as well as the song writer was given a record deal where he had pretty much full creative control over and the album ends up doing pretty well, the tour doesn't end up to great for him. During the tour Billy ends up sinking pretty far into alcoholism and drug addictions and it seemed like he was headed to an early grave until his wife Camila ended up giving him an ultimatum to either get clean or get out of her their recently born daughter's life for good, he chooses to get clean. 

Daisy and the Six's paths first cross when she ends up being featured on one of The Six's songs which was the idea of the record execs not Billy which made him not happy about her being there from the start and well Daisy didn't appreciate the undeserved hostility which meant that the two were off to a bad start. The song ends up being a huge hit which leads to Daisy touring with the Six and the tour's success leads to Daisy joining the band for their third album and her second and since she told that she would be able write her own songs for her second album this means her and Billy end up writing the album together despite their dislike for each other.

Overall I loved this book, it had a really interesting story and characters that made me wish that this was based off a real band since I really wanted to listen to all the music that they talked about in it and see the album covers that were described as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.