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Anime Review: Arcana Famiglia: Childhood Friends(1.05)

                                  Arcana Famiglia: Childhood Friends(1.05)Review
In this episode Felicita tries to get closer to Nova but it seems that she's unable to since Nova believes it would be better if he kept himself distant from her since the two of them are very different. In this episode we also learn that at one point Felicita and Nova were engaged but the engagement has now been voided. It also revealed that Nova's parents saw him as a tool and wanted to overthrow Papa and Mama and become the new leaders of the family which led Nova to put them to sleep with his arcana power and so they been asleep for the past seven years.

I found this episode to be really enjoyable. I liked that there was quite a bit of character development as well as a back story given for Nova in this episode. I also like how it's pretty clear Nova likes Felicita but doesn't think a relationship would work between them. I liked that there was a scene were Nova and Felicita stopped a group of criminals. Another thing I liked about this episode was that it was still clear that the events from last episode were still affecting Liberta and that things were still weird between him and Felicitia. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Manga Review: Hanna to Akuma Vol.1

                                                   Hanna to Akuma Vol.1Review
Hanna to Akuma is about a demon named Bibi who decided to move to the human world and shortly after arriving he takes in a baby girl named Hana on whim. Now Hana is fourteen years old and always wants to touch Bibi. Bibi doesn't want to touch Hana because he fears that if he does she would wither and die just like the flowers that Hana loves to give to him.

Bibi also has to deal with other demons trying to convince him to go back to the demon world since he wasn't suppose to leave it in the first place since he was of an important rank. The first is a cheerful demon named Felton that claims that he and Bibi are old friends but Bibi denies this. Felton gives up pretty quickly after seeing the bound between Bibi and Hana and Felton is also quite fond of Hana as well and has decided to stay in the human world as well. Then there's Klaus a demon who was always bested by Bibi even though he worked his hardest and Bibi barley tried. Klaus eventually went back to the demon world to report that he was unsuccessful at bring Bibi back with him.

I find the story to be very cute and I love the relationship between Bibi and Hana because it's cute and innocent and the two of them are so different. I really like the art style as well it's very pretty. I overall really liked this volume. Please tell me your thoughts on it.

Anime Review: Arcana Famiglia: Confession of A Mask(1.04)

                                   Arcana Famiglia: Confession of A Mask(1.04)Review
In this episode Liberta's past is revealed as well as the reason he has trouble remembering most of his past. I found it very interesting that Liberta was raised in an orphanage by cruel people who were especially cruel to him since he had arcana powers and was rescued by Dante who then sealed his memories. I also find it interesting that Liberta's arcana powers are actually the power of word which seems like that could be a pretty dangerous power if he doesn't know how to control it.

I overall loved this episode and I especially liked that Liberta's backstory was included in the series because I wasn't expecting to find out about anyones past this early on. I also like that this episode fleshed out Liberta's and Dante's relationship because there wasn't much of it scene in the first couple episodes. I also liked that in this episode it was pretty much stated that the people are born with arcana powers not that they gain them when they join the family. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Party Guessed(2.09)

                                           Teen Wolf: Party Guessed(2.09)Review
  • I liked that the whole what Peter was doing with Lydia thing was cleared up in this episode. I find it scary and interesting that she's to bring him back to life and that the full moon of March will help him achieve that goal.
  • I liked that Derek admitted that he doesn't really know how to kill or stop the kanumia.
  • I liked how the show dealt with Mrs. Argent being bit and how the Argents(except for Alison) decided that it would best for her to die. I found the storyline to be quite sad even though I don't really like Mrs.Argent.
  • I love how Stiles feels like he has to solve the kanumia's murders and how he doesn't want creepy science teacher to go to jail if he didn't do it. I also like how Stiles said that he doesn't hate the science teacher even though the science teacher hates him.
  • I liked the scene were Alison and Lydia picked out clothes to wear for Lydia's party.
  • I liked how Jackson told Lydia that she shouldn't want him at her party because it shows that he knows he's dangerous and that cares enough about her that he doesn't want to kill her.
  • I liked how this episode dealt with Issac's, Erica's and Boyd's full moon transformation. I also liked that Issac was able to find anchor for himself to be somewhat in control.
  • I liked how Stiles brought Lydia a big present.
  • I also liked that Scott and Stiles both called people up to come to the party because no one  was showing up.
  • I liked the hallucinate drink that was at the party because it showed the kind of things that was in the characters subconscious. Like Alison's was about how she thought of herself was weak which is probably foreshadowing with were her character arc is going. Then Stiles was about how he felt somewhat responsible(or that he felt his dad blamed him for her death) for his mom's death and how he fears that his behavior may be killing his father, this made me very sad. Scott's was about Alison possibly cheating on him and Jackson was about his biological parents.
  • I'm pretty surprised that Matt's the kanumia master but I'm not too sure that is really true even though we saw him and Jackson in kanumia form together.
  • I found it creepy that Lydia seemed to be in such a trans when she uses Derek to revive Peter. I'm really interested to see what Peter's planning to do now that he's alive again. Also I hope this means that Lydia will finally be in the know about the supernatural things.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: White Bow, Scarlet Bow(1.06)

                             Hakushaku To Yousei: White Bow, Scarlet Bow(1.06)Review
In this episode there's more talk of the ring made of the moon that had gotten stuck on Paul's finger last week and Kelpie wanted to give that ring to Lydia. Two fairies who work for the Fairy Queen wanted to have whoever was wearing the ring marry the queen but Lydia put a stop to that. Edgar and Raven also investigate the death threats that were sent to Edgar last episode and it's discovered that the organization that are sending the threats are called the Scarlet Moon and believe that Edgar is an impostor.

In this episode it's also proven that Paul knew Edgar when he was young, before his family died and he changed his name. Paul is shown to before working for the Scarlet Moon organization but once his sure of who Edgar really is he stops his attempt on Edgar's life only for another mysterious figure to stab him with a blade that has a rare poison on it.

Another big part of this episode was the relationship between Edgar and Lydia with Edgar pretty much confessing that he's in love with Lydia. Lydia repeatedly saying that it would be bad if they had feelings for each other and that she doesn't believe him or trust him because he's still keeping secrets from her. Edgar says that he believes Lydia is just afraid of falling in love which Lydia denies. Although denies to have romantic feelings for Edgar she thinks at one point that she wishes she could keep Edgar safe and at the end of the episode she vows to save him.

I overall really enjoyed this episode I thought there was a good amount of both plot and relationship development. I also really liked the scene were Kelpie gave Lydia a chick, I don't really know why. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fantastic Friday: Top 5 Female Characters

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast.

1. River Tam(Firefly):I love River being this odd mixture strong and weak throughout the series. I love and feel bad for her because of what had happened to her before the series began and that because those things she not really able to function like a normal person anymore. I love her odd speech patterns as well. I love that she's super smart and that she has the ability to taken down a room full reavers.
2. Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket):I love her for her kind and accepting nature. I love that she can also find the good in people even when they can't see it themselves. I love that she wants to befriend and help pretty much everyone no matter who they are or what they had done in the past even if they were cruel to her.
3. Caroline Forbes(Vampire Diaries): I love Caroline for being a cheerful optimistic character despite the bad things that have happened to her. I also love that she is a good friend and that she always stands up for herself and friends.
4.Sakura Kinomato(Cardcaptor Sakura):I love Sakura for being so sweet and optimistic as well as brave. I also love that she comes up with creative ways to capture the Clow cards rather than relaying on strength.
5. Cordelia Chase(Buffy/Angel): I love her because she always speaks her mind and says what she believes to be, even when other people rather not hear the truth. I also love her because she makes me laugh and she brave and has a good heart even though she can be abit shallow or bitchy at times.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 9 book Settings

1. A Song of Ice and Fire series: The world in this series is brilliantly crafted and wonderfully detailed with not only vivid descriptions and maps but also histories of the houses and words, segils, and banner men listed for all of the houses as well.
2. Harry Potter series: The world of Harry Potter is magical while still seeming plausible. I especially love Hogwarts a school in a castle with moving staircases and talking pictures.
3. The Looking Glass Wars series: I love the setting here because it's a magic kingdom that makes sense of all that was told to be wonderland in the Alice in Wonderland books.
4. Anna and the French Kiss: This book is kind of a love letter to Paris with how it's described in such a way that makes everyone who reads this book want to go to Paris as soon as they can.
5. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus:I love how the famous landmarks of America are mixed together with Greek mythology.
6. Uglies series: It's a vividly described futuristic world that seems entirely possible while reading about it's world.
7. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: There's a lot of dimension hoping in this series so I find it really impress that all the worlds are different not just in looks but also in culture, time period and how present magic or technology is there. I also love how the clothing styles change as well in fact one of my favorite parts of them going to new worlds was to see what the clothes would look like in that world. One of my favorite parts of all the worlds was the Recort library which was extremely large.
8. Tokyo Babylon: I really love the setting of this story not because of how it looked exactly but how it effected the characters that lived in it and that it showed both the good and the bad parts about living in Tokyo.
9. Wolves of Mercy series: I just thought that the world was pretty well described because sometimes when reading this book I would feel cold even though it was the middle of summer.

Manga Review: Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.3

                                                  Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.3Review
The first of this volume deals with the Mirror card which has taken Sakura's form and is causing trouble all around town. I find this story to be particularly interesting because this one of the few times when the card seems like a character rather than just a mystical force. I liked that although the Mirror card start off rather malicious that it changed after Touya was injured but still wanted to help her even though he knew she wasn't his sister. I liked that Mirror card felt bad for what she did and that she let Sakura capture her. I also really enjoyed that this chapter showed that Touya would help out people who were ghost so that they could move on.

In the next story Sakura is invited over to Tomoyo's house in order to deal with a card that has been causing trouble by keeping a box with precious items of Tomoyo's and her mother's locked inside. Also in this story there's more of Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi, remembering Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko, fondly and there's a mention once again of how she disliked Sakura's father for taking her away. I really enjoyed the brief flashbacks we got in this chapter of when Nadeshiko was still alive and I must say that I enjoy Sakura's parents as couple a lot. At the end of the chapter Sakura captures the Shield card using the Sword card.

In the last story of this volume a new teacher arrives in town and she seems to have a lot of power which makes Syaoran distrustful of her but Sakura just thinks she's really pretty. The volume ends with the Maze card turning up but not much really happened in the last chapter.

I overall really liked this volume. I liked that Sakura was able to use the Clow cards for fortune telling as well as the cards normal use in this volume. I also continue to enjoy all the characters and the relationships they have with each other. Please tell me your thoughts about this series.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Manga Review: Chobits Vol. 2

                                                        Chobits Vol. 2 Review
In this volume Hideki spends more time with his coworker Yumi who seems to dislike persocoms(human shaped computers) and seems to feel a bit jealous of them because quite a lot of people seem to like to date their persocoms that all look really cute and can literally be anything the person wants them to be. Also in this volume we learn that Minoru's persocom Yuzuki is based off his sister who had died several years earlier and that while Minorou enjoys spending time with Yuzuki it makes him sad afterwards because he knows that Yuzuki doesn't have real feelings because she's not a real person.

Also in this volume we find out that Hideki's land lady, Chitose knew Chi before her data was deleted and it's implied that something bad or sad may have happened to her before her data was deleted. Chi also finds another persocom that looks just like her that apparently shares a close bond with her. There's also more of the picture book that is oddly similar to Chi's life in this volume which I found very interesting.

I also liked that there seemed to be quite a few moments when Chi seemed like she liked Hideki more than a persocom should be able to like a person. I also liked that while Hideki is still not fully think of Chi as a true person that he does clearly care about her and sees that their are times when it seems like she might be displaying true human emotions.

I overall really enjoyed this volume and found it to be better than the first one. The art is still lovely and I liked that the characters got more development. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

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Fangirl Friday 15

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Teen Wolf: This week's episode was another really good one it was entertaining from start to finish. It had quite a few interesting developments and character moments. I especially loved that there was quite a few good character moments for Stiles. I also liked that a large amount a people were working together in this episode to take down a common enemy.

2. Arcana Famiglia: I watched the first three episodes of this anime this week and it was great I love the story and characters so far and I think the world they live in seems super interesting. I also really like the animation style as well as the music.

3.Tokyo Babylon: I read the sixth and seventh volumes of this series this week. I loved them and thought they were high quality work but the last volume made me so sad just like I knew it would and the worst part is that I know that Subaru's life just continues to go down hill from here where he's already pretty miserable.
4. White Collar: Another new episode aired this week and I loved even more than last week and I liked that a whole lot happened in this episode and that things are close to being back to normal.

Anime Review: Arcana Famiglia: Piccolino(1.03)

                                             Arcana Famiglia: Piccolino(1.03)Review
In this episode the family throws their annual Piccolino festival were they entertain children of the island for the day by telling stories, playing games, showing magic tricks and of course serving them lunch. While not all members of the family part take in the festivities quite a few do such as Felicita, Liberta, Luca, Pace, and Debito. During the festivities Debito for some reason felt the need to flirt with Felicita quite a bit and then Luca got all upset and said his actions were improper(which they kind of were).

Also in this episode we learn that Luca, Pace and Debito grew up together and there's a nice little flashback to when they were children. There was also a flashback of a time when Liberta used his arcana power during a storm on a boat but he doesn't really remember how he did it or what happened afterwards. Also in this episode it's shown that Nova doesn't go to the Piccolino festival and tries to avoid interacting with children because he doesn't know how to deal with them which I find to be pretty sad because he's only a teenage so the concept of how to behave around children shouldn't be hard for him to understand.

I overall loved this episode and I really can't wait to see more of it. Please tell me your thoughts on this series so far.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Raving(2.08)

                                                      Teen Wolf: Raving(2.08)Review
  • I liked how Stiles and his dad worked together a bit to find a connection between all the kanima's victim and that they found out they were in the same class or knew someone in the same graduating class and were all in the creepy science teachers class.
  • I also like how Scott and Stiles worked with Derek and his team in this episode.
  • I'm glad that Alison told her dad the truth about Jackson because it seemed like the most sensible thing to do.
  • I like how the vet helped out and gave a lot of exposition about the kanima.
  • I liked the think with the magic powder that protected against the supernatural and that only a non supernatural could use it.
  • I liked the scene between Stiles and his dad when his dad mentions that he was kind of fired and that Stiles felt guilty about since it was pretty much his fault and how it pretty much just made him feel worse that his dad didn't yell at him. I've also loved the relationship between Stiles and his dad and I thought this scene was well written and acted.
  • I liked that Scott doesn't want anyone to get hurt and I liked that surprised and kind of happy look Issac gave to him when he Scott told him to be careful.
  • I liked the fight scene between the Argents and Derek and Boyd. I especially like how when Derek saw that Boyd was badly injured that he made sure Boyd was able to get out of there safely.
  • I liked the scene were Stiles call Scott all freaking out because I thought it was pretty well acted.
  • I liked how happy and proud of himself Stiles was when he saw the magic powder worked.
  • I liked how when Stiles, Issac and Erica were interrogating Jackson or rather the kanima's master through Jackson that Stiles took charge of the situation.
  • I found it extremely creepy that the kanima's master is apparently dead and avenging his own murder through Jackson.
  • I hated that Mrs. Argent tried to kill Scott because dating their daughter isn't something that should get you killed and if she got bit or dies she really brought it upon herself so I can't really feel bad for her.
  • I loved that when Derek heard Scott called out he went right in and rescued him, I've always loved that no matter how much they disagree on things Derek has always been there to protect Scott when he needs him to.
  • I find it really interesting that the vet and guidance councilor know each other and both know that a lot worse things are yet to come and I wonder what those things are.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anime Review: Arcana Famiglia: Commander of The Animal Protection Team(1.02)

               Arcana Famiglia: Commander of The Animal Protection Team(1.02)Review
In this episode Felicita, Liberta and Nova try to find the owner of the cat that Nova had saved earlier in the day from being run over by a carriage. They are eventually able to find the cat's owner by getting advice from Jolly, Pace and Debito and from Felicita's arcana powers allowing her to see into the cat's heart.

Also in this episode Felicitia remembers when she first joined the arcana famiglia and became the head of the sword serie. I like that we learn a bit more about how the arcana family works and a few more characters arcana cards.

I overall really liked this episode even though it had a different feel to it than the first episode. I really liked seeing more of the characters, their relationships and their world. I liked learning that Felicita and Nova actually grew up together. I liked seeing Felicita and Liberta interact more in this episode and I like that it looks like the might like each other but seems like might kind of like Nova as well. I also like that Felictia confirmed my theory that Liberta and Nova don't ever really agree on anything. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Anime Review: Arcana Famiglia: The Night of The Birthday(1.01)

                                Arcana Famiglia: The Night of The Birthday(1.01)Review
Arcana Famiglia is about an organization of vigilantes who protects their island from outside threats and other dangers and use powers from arcana cards to help them do so. On the "Papa" of the family 59th birthday he announces that he's going to retire soon and that he'll hold a tournament were all members with arcana powers fight to determine who's the strongest. The winner will become the new Papa of the family and will marry his daughter Felicita.

 Felicita doesn't wish to be married so she does her best to appose her father which in this family means fight him in which she throws a knife and many kicks but Papa is able to beat her so he tells her she's not worthy to choose her own path. Liberta also tries to challenge Papa but Nova steps between him and Papa those two looked like they were going to fight but then Debito and Pace intervened and stop the fight. Papa then announces that if someone wins the tournament and wishes not to marry Felicita they don't have to and Mama tells Felicita there's away for her to win the tournament and choose her own path.

The episode ends with Liberta and Nova both telling Felicita that if they win they'll wish for her freedom. Pretty much everyone else, except Luca Felicita's attendant, is looking forward the chance of making Felicita's his wife.

I loved this episode and the series so far. I think the world, the plot and characters that have been established so far are really interesting. I really love how the episode opened with the main characters taking down the criminals in a fight that involved swords, knives, guns, and explosions. I also really like the idea of arcana card powers and I'm interested in learning what everyones card is and what the power that card has. I also loved the animation style. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: The Fairy's Queen Bridegroom(1.05)

                 Hakushaku To Yousei: The Fairy's Queen Bridegroom(1.05)Review
In this episode a fairy named Kelpie from Lydia's past tries to take her back to Scotland after he steals a ring that is made from the moon which the fairy queen wanted to give to Edgar. There's also a ball in this episode which is something that Lydia has never attended before and since she's not very good at dancing she feels odd attending it.

This episode had a lot to with Lydia and Edgar's relationship with her believing that all the times he flirts with her are just a game which upsets her greatly because when she was young a boy pretended to like her as a prank. Although Edgar does have a habit of making inappropriate comments and his flirting often seems like it could be a joke it seems like he genuinely likes her with how it seemed he was ready to confess to her towards the end of the episode and he refers to her as his future wife.

I find it interesting that two new guys were introduced in this episode that seem to like Lydia. I'm not very fond of Kelpie because I think Lydia might be right about him just wanting to have a fairy doctor of his own. But I really liked Paul Ferman an aspiring artist that Lydia seemed to have a good time talking to. I overall really enjoyed this episode, please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: A Nobleman's Duty(1.04)

                       Hakushaku To Yousei: A Nobleman's Duty(1.04)Review
In this episode Lydia and her father are held prisoner by Huskley who is also looking for the blue knight's sword. Lydia apologises to her father for him having got involved and informs him that Edgar was playing a cruel joke on her when he said they were getting married which relieved her father greatly. Lydia helps Huskley and his men look for the blue knight sword because they said that they would harm her father if she didn't but while looking for the sword Huskley and all his men are taken down by Edgar and Raven.

Lydia agrees to lead Edgar and Raven to were the riddle indicates the blue knight sword is after Edgar promises to go back and save her father later. Once they find the place were the blue knight sword is hidden Edgar and Lydia both try to get the sword first since the silver key indicates a blood sacrifice must be made. Lydia finds the sword first but is unable to harm Edgar despite how often he lies to her and her suspicsion that if he had found the sword first he may have used her as the sacrifice. Edgar grabs the blade and tells Lydia that he never lies well enough to her.Lydia is able to bring Edgar back when she finds him in the merrow sea, which was very beautiful and dreamlike, and once they return the queen recognizes Edgar as an Earl and Lydia's father father had been saved.

I really liked this episode it was a fun little quest in this episode and the things that had to do with the blood sacrifice and the jewel were interesting. I also really liked that Lydia and Edgar both saved each other at different points in this episode. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Top 9 Books for People who like Anna and the French Kiss

1.Fruits Basket: Both are stories that are romances at heart but take a really long time for the main  couple to get together and both of those relationship starts off as friendships. The characters in both stories are well developed although I believe the ones in Fruits Basket are more developed but that series is a lot longer so they have more time to develop. Also in both stories there's the idea of home being a person present in Anna and the French.
2. Cardcaptor Sakura: I've notice that a lot of people love Anna and the French Kiss being a sweet Innocent love story and well you can't find a love story more sweet and Innocent than Cardcaptor Sakura. While Anna focuses mainly on romantic love with a dash of friendship Cardcaptor Sakura covers all forms of love first crushes, friendship, family, unrequited, and romantic.
3. Shiver: I think this books are similar due to the description in scenes were the main couple shares a bed since in both it's described in a way that just feels so intimate. I also think that both series main couple shares a really emotionally intimate relationship as well.
4.I'd Tell you I Love you but Then I'd Have to Kill you: Both series are about falling in love for the first time and are set at boarding school. I also think both of them are written with a fun narration.
5 and 6. How to be Popular and Pants on Fire: The writing style in these books are super fun and helps you to understand who the main character is really well which is the same as with Anna and the French Kiss.
7.The Darkest Powers series: Both main characters love film and want to be involve with the industry as a job some day, I'll admit this one is a bit of a stretch.
8. Clannad: In both stories the main guy helps the main girl come out of her shelf a bit and there's lots of friendship and romance in both.
9. Heist Society:There's a great main character, a swoon worthy guy, an awesome group of friends and plenty of descriptions of European cities which all seem to be things that people also loved about Anna and the French Kiss.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Manga Review: Pandora Hearts Vol.1

                                                   Pandora Hearts Vol.1Review
Pandora Hearts is about a boy named Oz Vessalius who is thrown into the Abyss during his coming of age ceremony for the sin of his very existence. The story starts by telling what happened that day that led up to Oz's coming of age story which established his character and what his life was like before the whole being thrown into the Abyss thing happened. During the day Oz and his servant Gilbert stumble upon an unmarked grave in the garden. There's a watch on the grave and when Oz touches it his mind goes to a strange house filled with talking dolls about how happy the girl will be that he's back and when the girl appears she first hugs Oz and says she's glad he's back then tries to kill him saying she'd never forgive him. Oz then is brought back to the real world and realizes that he just saw that event in his mind but wonders why it felt so real.

During the middle of his coming of age ceremony a of men in hoods send Oz to the Abyss but not before Oz is at first protected by girl who's known as B-rabbit and looks like the girl from the doll house. Oz spends some time in the Abyss(which I would describe as a  hellish wonderland) and remeets the B-rabbit who's true name is Alice and the two of them escape the Abyss when Oz agrees to enter a contract with Alice. 

Once back in the real world Oz is find by Sharon, Break and Raven who work for an organization known as Pandora that researches the Abyss. Oz and Alice eventually agree to work for them because they need to find the chains(monster like creature from the Abyss that try to escape the Abyss and attacks people, Alice is technically a chain but is different since she can take human form)which has part of Alice memories which she wants to find and Oz was told that her memories might explain what his sin is.

I overall loved this volume I found the characters, plot and the world created to be very intriguing. I also found it interesting that this was set in a European like place and back in time. I also enjoyed the artwork. Please tell me your thoughts on the series.

Manga Review: X Vol.2

                                                                  X Vol.2 Review
Volume 2 starts off right were volume 1 ended with Sorata and Yuto battling inside a Kekki(a magical barrier that is in a separate dimension from the real world in order to insure nothing in the real world is damaged). Sorata and Yuto decide to introduce themselves to each other and compliment each others fighting/magic skills, which I found very entertaining. Their battle ends rather abruptly when when Fuma walks into the Kekki which is something an ordinary person shouldn't be able to do.Fuma seeing the damage their fight had caused assumed  that Sorata and Yuto were the ones to hurt Kamui earlier but they clear that matter up pretty fast with Yuto leaving and Sorata following Fuma in order to meet with Kamui.

Meanwhile Hinoto decides to send Kamui dreams which involved showing him how Fuma and Kotori found their mother's body in pieces, his mother burning in a fire and Kotori being decapitated these images make Kamui understandably upset. Kamui then vows that he will kill her if she tries hurt Fuma or Kotori. It's then shown that the dream has also been seen by Kanoe who is Hinoto's sister and it's revealed that Kanoe is working with Yuto who is one of the seven angels and a girl named Satsuki who shares a special bond with machines. It's also mentioned that Sorata is one of the seven seals. The angels and the seals are the two sides that will fight in the battle that will decide the fate of the world.

Soon after Kamui wakes up Fuma and Sorata arrive and Kamui is still trying to keep his distance from Fuma and Kotori so he continues to act coldly to them and he distrusts Sorata. Soon Kamui and Sorata are left alone which leaves them time to talk about all the end of the world business which Kamui still wants nothing to do with.

The volume ends with Fuma's and Kotori's father being killed by Nataku, one of the seven angels, who stole a sword that's destined for Kamui which came into being through Fuma's and Kotori's death(I'm not sure how or why that caused a sword to be create but that's the story of the sword).

I overall enjoyed this volume and I felt I got a better feel for the characters we spent time with. I'm glad that this volume started introducing more characters. So far I really like Sorata as a character as well as Kotori and Fuma and I'm understanding Kamui alot better in this volume than  I did in the first. I thought the art was wonderful and I found the scenes with bodies in pieces to be very disturbing due to how pretty the art style is. I feel like the plot hasn't really started moving yet but I find all the mythology type things to be very interesting so I think it's probably for the best that the plot is moving slowly at the moment. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Manga Review: Clover Vol.2

                                                             Clover Vol.2 Review
In this volume Sue tells Kazuhiko about herself as he takes her to Fairy Park the place which she wished she could go. Sue explains how she is a four leaf clover which she a powerful sorcerer who can not be stop by the army although she doesn't wish to to harm anyone and because she's so powerful she has to live her life all alone. She tells him about the clover project which separated the child sorcerers the government found into different groups with four leaf and three leaf clovers being the most powerful and Sue tells him that her mother was scared of her when she was young and easily gave Sue to get money from the government.

Once Sue and Kazuhiko arrive at Fairy Park Sue tells Kazuhiko how she use to talk to a singer named Ora who was very dear to Kazuhiko and had died recently. Sue reveals that her wish was for the three of them to come together.

This volume I enjoyed more than the first one because I felt the plot moved faster and we got to learn a lot more about Sue. I also found this volume to be very heartbreaking with regards to Sue's character and how the volume ends. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fangirll Friday 14

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Teen Wolf:This week I watched episodes 6 and 7 of Teen Wolf and I loved both episodes to be great. I especially loved episode 6 because it had a fast moving plot and I thought the writing was really good as well especially with the humor being especially good in this episode. I also loved all the kanima mythology we got in the past two episodes and overall I just really enjoy each episode.

2. The Amazing Spiderman: I saw The Amazing Spiderman this week and loved it because it was just a very entertaining movie. I also loved the character Peter Parker who started off the film being pretty adorkable which is quality that I love in a character, and I also felt like his growth as a character was believable. I thought it had a good balance of story, character and action making it my favorite film of the year so far.

3. White Collar: White Collar came back this week and so far I'm really enjoying season 4 even though it's really different than the last three seasons. I love this show and the characters which made it nice to see them all again.

4. Xxxholic: I reread volume 2 of this week and I loved it, I've always the plots that involve different ways of explaining how supernatural phenoms and human nature work. I also find the cross overs with Tsubasa to be interesting and informative. I also love the characters and the art.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Restraint(2.07)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Restraint(2.07)Review
  • I'm glad that Scott and Stiles only got a restraining order from Jackson instead of actual jail time.
  • I'm kind of disappointed that Stiles decided against telling his dad the truth and that Scott didn't tell his mom about him when he looked like he wanted to.
  • I found it interesting that Derek noticed that Grandpa Argent wasn't frightened by the kanima even though there's a lot of reasons he should be.
  • I liked that Issac was really frightened by the concept of another full moon coming up.
  • I find the whole thing with Jackson not being able to remember being the kanima and some of his threatening behavior to be really creepy.
  • I was very interested in all the kanima mythology we got in this episode such as the master and kanima have to form a bond for awhile until the kanima kills anyone other than murders and that the kanima's emotional issues have to be solved before they can stop turning.
  • I found it really creepy that Jackson ate a snake(a living one) and then it slithered out of his eye later in the episode.
  • I was surprised that Erica admitted that she use to have a crush on Stiles and I kind of ship those two a little bit now.
  • I liked how Erica figured out pretty quickly that the kanima is Jackson and how she was able to tell them what happened with Jackson's parents.
  • I found it disturbing that Jackson was born through c-section after his parents both died.
  • I found the scene were Jackson becomes half kanima to be really creepy.
  • I like that Scott is going to be working with Derek and his pack to stop Jackson.
  • I found Lydia storyline with the creepy cute guy she's been seeing being a younger version of Peter Hale to be really interesting and kind of surprising. Also I wonder what Peter wants her to do, my guess is resurrect him somehow.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Manga Review: Xxxholic Vol.2

                                                            Xxxholic Vol.2 Review
This volume starts right were the first one ended with the Tsubasa version of Syaoran and Sakura arriving at Yuko's shop. While Watanuki is getting the Mokonas Yuko explains while speaking through Maru and Moro the concepts of other worlds and people who are the same but different that exist in each world, Watanuki is understandably confused by these concepts. Yuko also mentions that she and Clow Reed made the Mokona's especially to travel through the worlds and to give the white Mokona to Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane and Fai.

The next few chapters that follow deals with fortune telling what it truly means, how to tell the difference between a real fortune teller and fake. These chapters were very interesting especially with the parts of how fortune telling is truly paid for such as with luck or a soul could be a form of payment, although it's mentioned that taking one souls as payment usually brings misfortune to the person that receives it as well.

The third deals with a ghost story ceremony which came about when Yuko decided that Watanuki should invite Himawari, the girl that Watanuki likes,on a date and since it was summer Yuko thought that ghost story ceremony was the best way and that it should be a group thing. Yuko also insisted that it took place at Domeki's family's temple, Domeki is someone who goes to school with Watanuki that he doesn't really like but people often assume they're friends. The ghost stories that are told at the ceremony are interesting and as are the way they prepared for the ceremony with setting up wards before hand.

I also found it interesting that Yuko revealed that Domeki can exorcise and keep away spirit forces and that because of this most likely he's connected to Watanuki who can attract and see spirits. I really enjoyed this volume it had interesting stories and concepts presented. I also liked getting to see more of the characters all of which I love or like so far. I also continue to like the art style I especially like Yuko's character design and wardrobe and Himawari's hair. I overall loved this volume, please tell me your thoughts on the series.

TV Review: Bunheads: Inherit the Wind(1.03)

                                            Bunheads: Inherit the Wind(1.03)Review
  • I liked that neither Michelle or Fanny understood why Hubble would transfer everything to Michelle after only being married for about a day. I also like the odd why Fanny handles things because I find it entertaining.
  • I thought it was funny that Hubble dressed up as a groom for Halloween when he was a kid.
  • I find it interesting that Boo has a crush on Melanie's brother and she's okay with it.
  • I also liked Melanie and Ginny mention that the find it kind of trying to be friends with Sasha because she can be such a bitch.
  • I was surprised that Hubble owned so much land and had a guest house.
  • I find that whole business about a private road with no sign to be ridiculous.
  • I really liked that Grant, the guy who owned the private road and I hope to see more of him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Frenemy(2.06)

                                                   Teen Wolf: Frenemy(2.06)Review
  • I really liked that the episode started only a few minutes after the last one ended.
  • I felt bad for Lydia with no one being willing to tell her anything about what is going on and I'm glad that she's asking questions.
  • I found Scott and Stiles following Jackson in kanuma into a gay bar to be rather humorous until Jackson paralyzed all those people.
  • I liked that Scott still wanted to help Jackson out and I liked that Stiles didn't really want to.
  • I like that Stiles dad is questioning his behavior because he's right it is odd that he has showed up at two different crime scenes.
  • I find that cute guy that seems to have an obsession with Lydia to be really creepy and I'm glad that she's turning down all his advances.
  • I really don't understand why Alison's family are so into scaring Alison out of a relationship with Scott, I mean it's a high school relationship it's probably going to end some time and Scott almost never hurts people.
  • I find it really sad that the reason Jackson's dad knew something was up was because the text said love you.
  • I'm pretty worried about Scott being able to pass 10th grade since his grades aren't good and he never seems to have time to study.
  • I like that Alison and Scott want to be together pretty much forever I think they're very sweet together.
  • I liked that after Jackson escaped in kanuma form that Alison and Stiles both decided that they needed to tell their fathers the truth. I also liked that Scott was willing to help Stiles be able to make his dad believe what he has to tell him.
  • I'm really worried about Scott and Stiles since it seems like Jackson is filing kidnapping charges against them.
  • I find it interesting that kanuma actually seeks a master and that Jackson is probably being controlled by someone else.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 8 tv shows based on some kind of book and 2 I didn't like

1. Game of Thrones: I love the Game of Thrones series which is based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and I think based on reading the first book that the tv series is a pretty good adaption of the series. I love this series for having great characters, intriguing plots and amazing visuals.
2. Vampire Diaries: I love the Vampire Diaries tv series but I've never read the books and from the plot synopsises I read on wikiapedia I don't want to ever read the books because it seems the books are completely different from the tv series. I love most of the characters especially Caroline and there are quite a few relationships I love whether they be friendships(Stefan/Caroline), sibling relationship(Damon/Stefan) or romantic(Damon/Katherine). I also love how fast the plot moves, I love that Mystic Falls is one of the craziest places to live with it's extremely high murder rate that never stops the town from throwing parties.
3. Merlin: I love the BBC Merlin series that is based extremely loosely on Arthurian legend, I just love this show. I love most of the characters and friendships, I also love seeing magic and sword fighting.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura: I just love Cardcaptor Sakura and while I love the manga more I still think that the anime is great. I think the animation is good and has held up pretty well over time. I also love that it keeps close to the plot of the manga and I like the voice acting and music of the Japanese version the English dub is awful.I love this series for always being able to make me happy.
5. Pretty Little Liars: I love this show although I haven't read the books, I enjoy the show for it's characters and the mysteries they encounter.
6. Secret Circle: I love both the tv series and the books even though they are very different. I wish that this show would be coming back for a second season because I would love to see more of the characters and their magic.
7. Dexter:  Dexter is a great show with an unusual main character but I haven't read the books on which the series is based.
8. Gossip Girl:  I don't watch this show on more but I used to love it and I find the tv series to be a lot better than the books.

The shows I didn't like:
1. The Lying Game: I read the book first and I didn't like the changes that were made because it just felt wrong to me especially the changes regarding Ethan's character.
2. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: This show had an amazing soundtrack but other than that it was a huge disappointment. The animation wasn't good and neither was the writing it was just a bad adaption but at least the OVAs were good.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Manga Review: Kobato Vol.2

                                                          Kobato Vol.2 Review
The second volume begins with Kobato continuing with her mission to fill her jar with wounded hearts by healing other people so that her wish will be able to be grant.Kobato starts working at the nursery for Sayaka-sensei because she believes that by helping out at the nursery she can heal Sayaka-sensei's wounded heart. Kobato soon learns that Sayaka-sensei is having money troubles and Ioryogi informs that's a problem that Kobato won't be able to solve with simple kindness.

 Kobato is able to unknowingly heal the heart of a boy who attends the nursery by simply telling him he has a great mother. Kobato also heals at least six other people's hearts by helping throw a bazaar at the nursery in order to help Sayaka-sensei pay off her debts. In this volume we learn a lot more about Sayaka-sensei and Kobato's co-worker/neighbor Fujimoto who have known each other for years and have a close relationship. It's also seen that Fujimoto tries to protect Sayaka-sensei and that she took him in over a decade ago.

I continue to enjoy this series that has wonderful art that is to be expect when reading a Clamp series and I love our kind heart and ditzy heroine. I liked this volume more than the last one due to the stories being more interconnected this volume and getting to know more about characters other than Kobato and seeing the relationships forming between all the characters. Please tell me your thoughts on the series.

Manga Review: Bakuman Vol. 1

                                                      Bakuman Vol. 1Review
Bakuman is about junior high students Morkitaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi who decide that they want to create their own manga series. Mashiro is reluctant at first because his uncle was a mangaka who died a few years earlier of overwork and he feels that becoming a mangaka is an unrealistic life goal. But Takagi is able to convince him to work with him to work with him to create a manga with him with Mashiro doing the drawing and Takagi writing the stories.

One of the main reasons Mashiro decided that he would pursue becoming a mangaka was because his crush Miho Azuki reveals that she wants to become a voice actress which leads Mashiro propose that they get married after they fulfill their dreams which she agrees. The relationship between Mashiro and Azuki is very sweet and innocent with how shy they are around each other and because they agreed to only contact each other through email until they become successful.

I overall find the series to very enjoyable I like the plot, the characters, and their relationships with each other. I also really like the art style because it's one you don't see very often but is still very visually pleasing. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 books for people who like X author

For People who like Ally Carter's series Gallagher Girls and Heist Society:
1. Magic Knight Rayearth: I would say it's similar to the Gallagher Girls series because it's about a group of girls who have vastly different personalities but are still close friends who considers each other to be sisters and work well together. The girls in both series are also pretty good at fighting their enemies.
2. Kami Kaze Katiuo Jeane: It's similar to Heist Society because it's about a young girl that steals priceless art in order to help people although the reasons in the two series are very different.
3. Shugo Chara: It's similar to Ally Carter's series because it has a strong female lead who forms close and important friendships and has just enough swoon worthy romance.
4. Sailor Moon:Another series about a group of girls that are good friends and are capable of fighting evil.
5. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus: I find that these series are similar to Ally Carters because friendship is an important part of the series.
6. Secret Circle: Has lots to do with friendships.
7. Rosario+ Vampire: It's set at a bordering school, the girls can kick some ass and friendship is an important part of the series.
For people who like The Hunger Games:
1. Battle Royale: Has a similar idea with having a bunch of kids kill each other on tv except this time they all actually no each other.
2. Uglies: Is another teen dystopian with a corrupt government that likes to control it's people.
3. 1984: A classic dystopian that tries to make thinking differently a crime.