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Book Review: The Boy and Girl Who Broke the World

                                 The Boy and Girl Who Broke the World Review
The Boy and Girl Who Broke the world is about a boy named Billy Sloat who is endlessly optimistic despite having a pretty awful life and Lydia Lemon who is more realistic and cynical about her own awful life. The story is set in a Washington in a world that is similar but worse than our own world and more absurd and may have a fantastical element to it. Billy has been raised by his grandmother his entire life since he's never knew who is father was and his mother was a drug addict who died when he was very young, Billy has never had any friends despite being very friendly he was never had any friends. Lydia is a mixed-race girl who is raised by her single father and she has given up up her dream of being a dancer.  Billy ends up befriending Lydia on the first day of school which is something that Lydia is skeptical about but doesn't think it's worth the effort to fight him on his assumption so the two end up having lunch together and sometimes hang out together.

After sometime the friendship between Billy and Lydia become more mutual which is when Lydia starts to worry that Billy doesn't seem to be able to see things as they are and that he may not be able to keep up his positive outlook up forever when he's constantly being rejected. Billy in turn thinks that Lydia should be more open to giving people a chance before she decides the worse about them and that overall she should look for the good in things.

About midway through the story Billy's famous singer uncle Caleb comes into town and Billy makes it his mission to take care of him hiding him from both the press and his grandmother. Lydia dislikes Caleb because he's kind of a dick so she refuses to came over to Billy's house until he's gone which ends up causing some distance between the two of them. Lydia ends up starting a dance class after Billy tells her about a scholarship for a class and Lydia ends up making up making another friend in the class which leads to her and Billy spending even less time together.

Overall I really liked this book, I think that the main characters and there relationship with each other was really good and I enjoyed watching their story unfold. I thought that the world building was interesting yet confusing. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: Romance is a Bonus Book

                                               Romance is a Bonus Book Review
Romance is a Bonus Book is about Kang Dan-I who is  thirty seven years old and recently divorced with a daughter, Dan-I is having trouble finding a job since she took several years off of work to raise her daughter. Dan-I is stuck in a very bad position when it comes to finding a job since because of her gap in employment she's not qualified for upper level jobs but on the other hand entry level jobs won't hire her because she is overqualified for those jobs. Dan-I's living situation becomes so bad that her house ends up getting not just foreclosed on but actually ends up getting torn down so this means she's left with pretty much nothing with nowhere to live and this leads her to secretly living in her friend Cha Eun Ho. Eun Ho is five years younger than Dan-I and he is writer and a chief editor at a publishing firm, he has known Dan-I since he was fairly young after she saved his life and he visited her frequently in the hospital after that. Eun Ho has had a crush on Dan-I for years but she only sees him as a friend or a younger brother.

The publishing company that Eun Ho works at ends up looking to hire people to work for them from any background regardless of experience or age which leads to Dan-I ending up applying for that job but deletes her previous job history in marketing and her college education because she's learned from all of her rejections that a job would feel more comfortable hiring her if they believe that she is beneath them. Dan-I ends up getting the job which is great for her and she ends up being the best new hire they end up getting both because of her experience and how hard working she is. Dan-I applying for the job obviously tips Eun Ho off that something is going on with Dan-I since he knows that she was lying on her resume which leads to her telling him about everything bad that has been happening for the past year, Dan-I and Eun Ho end up both living and working together.

This series is one that has a lot of love for the book publishing industry and shows how hard getting a book to be published can be and how much time and energy everyone who works on it puts into it. This series is one that has a lot of good supporting characters as well who all get their own subplots that you'll end up getting invested in has well that makes the series even better. Overall I really liked this series. Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Book Review: Devil's Isle: The Veil

                                                               The Veil Review
The Veil is the first book in the Devil's Isle series which is a series that is set in New Orleans after a recent war with supernatural beings that live on the other side of the Veil which is now close but the people of New Orleans still have to deal with the after effects of the war. One of the after effects of the war is that there is a lot supernatural beings and magic left over in the world which is a problem for humans who are sensitives. Sensitives are humans that can wield magic if they absorb enough of it but if they absorb too much of it they become wraiths which are mindless beings that live only to kill. The government agency known as containment treats supernaturals, sensitives and wraiths as one and the same and lock them all up in a place called Devil's Isle which is basically a supernatural prison.

Claire Connelly is our main character she is a sensitive who is living in hiding and she doesn't know how to control her abilities so she tries her best not to use them since she doesn't want to turn into a wraith one day. Claire is sure that she is going to be caught by containment after she used magic to fight off a wraith in front of a camera, Claire tries to make a run for it but she is stopped by a bounty hunter named Liam. Liam convinces Claire to stay to cover her tracks and learn how to control her magic since he knows that control is what will prevent her from becoming a wraith. Claire soon learns that not all supernaturals are bad and that being a sensitive doesn't have to mean that she will have to become a wraith one day. In the later parts of the book as Claire learns to control her abilities and develop feelings for Liam she also learns of some government conspiracies about opening up the veil again.

Overall this book was good it had an interesting plot and mythology to it, the characters could have been better but were in no way unlikable. This book was a good start to a series and I look forward to reading the next one in the series one day. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section down below.

TV Review: The End of F***ing World Season 2

                                      The End of F***ing World Season 2 Review 

The Second season of The End of F***ing World takes place two years after the first season with Alyssa and James still dealing with the consequences of the events from season one. Alyssa
only ended up getting community service but she is still also dealing or rather not dealing with the trauma of Clive attacking her before he was killed which has left Alyssa to feeling numb. In an attempt to make herself feel something different Alyssa decides to get married to this guy named Todd that she doesn't even know that well. James was shot at the end of last season and that injury nearly killed him, James had to actually relearn how to walk again during the time between the two seasons. James is still very much in love with Alyssa but he broke up with her because her mom convinced him that he would just make her life worse so he has stayed away from her since breaking up with her in a letter. After James died after the two of them reconnecting it has left him without a purpose until he was sent a bullet with his name on it has a threat and then he decides to find Alyssa to make sure she is okay assuming she also got a bullet which she did but she wasn't too alarmed by it.

The bullets were sent by Bonnie a young woman from an emotional abusive household who believed that she and Clive where in love and that James and Alyssa killed him without reason and therefore Bonnie is setting out to kill the both of them. Bonnie ends up lucking out on getting be alone with the two of them after Alyssa had ran out on her wedding and ran into James which is led them to go on another directionless road trip and they pick up Bonnie who's pretending to be a hitchhiker.

This season is one that is mostly dealing with the aftermath of season one and it does excellent job at doing this and explore both characters and how they've changed since we last saw them, the show also does a good job at getting us to understand where Bonnie is coming from even though we know how wrong her way of thinking is. I liked that we got to see Alyssa and James reconnect with each other and I liked that we could see all the ways they were the same and the ways in which their relationship is different know that they are different people then they were when we first met them. The acting, directing, writing and music choices were great all around as well. Overall this was a great second season and a good ending to the show. Please tell me your thoughts on this show in the comment section below.

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Book Review: People Kill People

                                                      People Kill People Review
People Kill People is about the ways in which gun violence affects the lives of six teens in Tuscan, Arizona. The characters we follow are Rand and Cami two nineteen year old parents that have a three year old son, money is something that is a problem for the two of them even with Rand working all the hours he can at his construction job and Cami secretly working as a drug dealer(this is something that does end up causing problems later for her). These two both feel like it's a good idea to have a gun for protection. Daniel a teen that lives on the streets since he escaped from his step mother's place is another character that feels like a gun would be good for protection, Daniel is dating Grace and he loves her a lot but he seems to be a bit too focused on spending every moment with her and it seems he's not as stable as he first appears to be. The next two characters Silas and Ashlyn are both part of an alt right white power movement which is very power guns. Silas is part of the movement because he believes in the cause and it's racist sentiments while Ashlyn on the other hand is only part of the group because she is looking for a group to belong to since she's never been accept by anyone in her life. The final character we follow is Noelle who is very anti-gun since she was involved in a car accident in which someone shot the driver of the car she was in and said crash almost killed her and left her with pretty severe epilepsy which has made it hard for her to function normal, it makes it difficult to exercise or look at screens for a long period of time. Noelle ends up feeling pretty hopeless about her life.

Overall this book was really good it did I good job at making me interested in the characters even if I didn't end up liking them. This book had a writing style that is a bit different than Ellen Hopkins other books which were written in verse while this one was written in verse and prose. Overall I think that this book was pretty good it did a good job at fleshing out it characters and it had interesting things to say about the issues it discussed. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section down below.

TV Review: Legacies: This Year Will Be Different(2.02)

                                  Legacies: This Year Will Be Different(2.02)Review
  • I'm not surprised that Hope decided to track the monster from the end of the last episode and I think having it go to Mystic Falls high school is a good way to get her to attend school there at least for part of this season.
  • I'm surprised that Alaric was able to find a job as the principle at Mystic Falls considering the timing of him loosing his job and this school needing a new principle worked out so well for him.
  • I like that Lizzie wants to keep herself open to new possibilities this year and that she wants to focus on the present rather than worry about the future. I like that when Kaleb overhears Lizzie saying this year is year of yes that he sees as MG's chance to get her to go out with him.
  • I'm pretty sure that I don't like the new headmaster but I'm sure that I'm not suppose to so that's okay.
  • I like that Landon is popular now since he's credit with destroying malivore and I find it funny how one guy asks for him to autograph a picture of a phoenix and a girl uses magic to say hey to him.
  • I like that Josie and Landon are going on their first date and that there happy to go on it since they are sweet together although I think that Josie getting sad with Landon making one of jokes he makes when he's uncomfortable and taking what he says seriously is another thing that makes me think their relationship won't last long since they don't seem to really get each other.
  • Josie being thrown off by Landon having his schedule printed out is something that clearly brothers her because she wants him to need her. There is also a bit of awkwardness between the two when they Landon tries to kiss her and Josie tries to hug him before they separate as well.
  • I like that when MG was hesitating about actually asking Lizzie out that Kaleb told him that now was his time and he should do it.
  • I find it worrying how the headmaster is proclaiming that they are better than humans and need to work harder this year to prove that because this line of thinking is generally ones that villains have in these stories.
  • I think that it makes the most sense for Hope to start school at Mystic Falls and I like that Alaric offered to talk to her if she's having any problems Hope of course isn't going to open to him right now though.
  • I like that Hope is befriend by a girl named Maya after she sees Hope crying in the bathroom over what she thinks is boy problems and right away offers to help with a makeover to make the guy jealous.
  • I'm a little surprised at how quickly Hope reveals herself to be not what she says she is to Alaric by attacking him when he finds in the boy's locker room when she's looking for the monster.
  • I like that Hope tells Alaric that she's a vampire hunter and that she's tracking a monster that she thinks is a troll and has been for week as a way to explain how she attacked him and what she was doing in the locker room.
  • I like that Alaric doesn't want to involve any more kids in monster hunting because he doesn't want to put anymore in danger but there's no way that Hope is going to back off this but since he doesn't remember her there's no way for him to know that.
  • I like that MG asked Lizzie out and that she said yes but she doesn't seem to happy about it so it doesn't look like this relationship is really going to get started anytime soon.
  • I think it's concerning that Josie gave a nose bleed to the girl that was flirting with Landon in class because go right to violence even minor violence when you're jealous is never a good sign.
  • I think that both Josie and Landon are pretty awkward and insecure which I think is going to cause them problems when communicating with each other because neither of them seem comfortable with taking the lead in their relationship.
  • I liked that Hope and Alaric unintentional ended up working together to take down the troll and I like that Alaric found out that Hope is also a witch.
  • I was excited that Maya found out about the troll but I wasn't that surprised that she was just compelled to forget after Alaric called MG over to do so.
  • I liked that MG told Alaric that he is always going to be his headmaster even though he isn't working at his school anymore.
  • I liked that after finding out what Hope really is that Alaric suggest that he goes to his old school since it's school for the supernatural and that after that she rejects that offer he asks for her help with killing any future monster that might come now that it seems like the attacks her staring again, Hope rejects this as well.
  • I like that Lizzie is upset when MG is late for their study date although I think it's more because she thinks it would be embarrassing to be stood up by him rather than she actually likes him.
  • I think that Sebastian is very mysterious with the whole showing up out of nowhere, seeming like he's from another time and him having no idea where he is or how he got there, I'm interested in learning more about him.
  • I think it's cute how Lizzie is smitten with Sebastian right away and I'm wondering if the feeling is mutual between them or if he's up to something.
  • I like that Alaric figures that him and Hope must have fought together in the past and I like that he figures out that Hope was erased by malivore. I'm sad that Hope doesn't want to tell him the truth because it would make leaving harder but I like that Alaric is asking her not to leave.
  • I'm not surprised that the troll that might not be a troll isn't dead yet because it was killed far too early in the episode.
  • I thought that MG's first two attempts at speeches to get Lizzie to date him were laughable bad but I thought the last one about how he wants to date because he knows all of her and likes all of her and believes that she deserves to be with someone who fully sees her.
  • I'm kind of wondering if the things the monsters are going to be drawn to this time is going to be Hope since malivore wants her destroyed.
  • I think that Josie not telling Landon what is wrong even though she knows it's hurting their relationship is a bad sign for both there relationship or any relationship that Josie will have since you have to be willing to tell your partner when something is wrong.
  • I find it interesting that Sebastian tells Lizzie that they are both drawn too each other but he feels it would be bad for her if they were to start a relationship for some reason which just makes me more intrigued about who and what he is. Also the sexual tension between the two them is a lot and I'm really into it.
  • It's kind of ridiculous how Landon doesn't notice Hope and Alaric killing the Cyclopes behind him since he's listening to music.
  • I really liked how romantic the shot of Hope and Landon meeting each other's eyes across the park was as the ash of the monster drifts away.
  • I felt bad for MG when Lizzie was telling him about Sebastian and how a big part of the appeal is that he has no idea who she is and she likes that she can just be herself rather than have him know all her baggage already which is basically the exact opposite of what MG's speech about why they should date would've been, I like that MG is a good enough guy to tell her that he was just happy to see her happy today.
  • I like that Alaric after seeing that he can't convince Hope to stay gives her his cross bow and I like that Hope tells him that he's good at helping kids.
  • I like that Landon and Hope were able to talk to each other as well as they did even though to Landon she's a stranger and the whole situation is very awkward to Hope, this is something that just made them work together as a couple in past and hopeful again in the future.
  • I like that Hope tells Landon that sometimes being a relationship means allowing yourself to be imperfect which is something that she learned from her relationship with him when she ends up giving him relationship advice.
  • I like that Landon's subconscious remembered Hope's milk shake order and that he order one for her after seeing her without knowing why which just proves that he still loves her but he doesn't know that since he can't remember her.
  • I feel bad for Josie that she can't feel like her relationship is working out if she isn't in someway fixing problems for the other person and that she's mad at herself for being ridiculous and codependent in all of her relationship.
  • I like that Landon tells Josie that she shouldn't be so hard on herself because maybe the reason she is the way she is, is because she's never been in a relationship where her feelings actually mattered before.
  • I like that Landon tells Josie that he also feels like a fraud because everyone keeps saying that he destroyed malivore while he knows that's not true even if he doesn't know what really happened and that he wanted Josie to be impressed by him like everyone else is.
  • I'm glad that Hope told Alaric who she really is and that he's the closest thing she has to a father and that she has no idea what to do now that the world has forgotten her. I like that Alaric hugs her and tells her that they'll figure it out together.
  • I find it worrying that the new headmaster approves of Josie using magic to hurt her classmate and that he offers her a spot in an advanced magic class as reward for doing so.
  • I'm not sure what is up with the cloak figure with the knife but probably something to do with malivore.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy

                                                    The Dark Prophecy Review
The Dark Prophecy is the second book in The Trials of Apollo series and this one starts with Apollo along with Leo and Calypso arriving in Indianapolis in hopes of finding the next oracle before Nero or one of the other emperors do. Soon after arriving the group realize that an emperor named Commodus has already taken over the city and since Commodus is someone that Apollo has a history with he's even more unwilling to have to face him without his godly strength considering that he killed him.

Towards the beginning of the book the group is rescued by Hermithea who lives in a near by magical waystation with her lover Josephine who were both once hunters of Artemis but left the hunt after they fell in love with each other. The two women end up helping Apollo, Leo and Calypso but they also want them to help rescue their daughter Georgina and their griffins from Commodus's control. While rescuing the griffins Apollo reunites with Meg McCaffrey who has escaped from Nero's control and had decided to help Apollo out after seeing him at risk of being killed.

The last act of the book has Apollo and Meg getting ready to find the dark oracle and to get the next prophecy while the rest of the main characters of this book get ready to fight to protect the waystation from the attack that will certainly be coming from Commodus the next morning. Both of the missions the characters are taking are of course highly dangerous ones that don't quite go the way that the characters hoped they would.

Overall this was a good book, I think it had a good story to it and I continue to love the characters and I love that I get to learn more about them each book and to explore the world's mythology even more with each book I read in this world. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

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Book Review: The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky

                                       The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky Review
The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky is a novella that is set right after The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue and this book is about Monty trying to have sex with Percy for the first time because even though they have declared their love for each other several weeks ago they still haven't got to that part of their relationship yet. Percy has never had sex before so he didn't want to start doing right when they got together and Monty has never actually had sex with someone he was in love with so it's a new experience for him as well although he claims it's not at first. When Monty and Percy attempt to have sex everything seems to go wrong with them feeling awkward about what to do after they plan out a whole evening around it and Monty let's some of his insecurities get the better of him and ruin their evening because he won't admit to their existence.

This book goes on to deal with Monty and Percy having a heart to heart about where their relationship is going in the future in more than the physical sense and talk about what is really getting in the way of the two of them connecting the next day. The two of them try to hook up again and things do feel a lot more natural and fun between the two but things don't go to plan then as well but it ends on much happier note anyways.

This book is great and it reminds me of a really well written fanfiction in the best possible way since it's all about the characters relationship and getting to the part where they have sex with each other but it also deals with other emotional problems in a way that perfectly connects to this other part of their relationship. The relationship and the characters where as great as I remembered them and I'm so happy that there is going to be another book in this series that comes out this summer. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or the series as a whole in the comment section below.

TV Review: Nancy Drew: Pilot(1.01)

                                               Nancy Drew: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • There is a story of some girl in the past who died the night that she won the Sea Queen crown and after winning Sea Queen Nancy sees what looks like her ghost and although she doesn't believe in them I have a feeling that this will come into play later on.
  • Nancy became interested in solving mysteries after she saw her parents unbury a chest in their backyard in the middle of the night and tried to convince her that she was dreaming. Nancy became even more obsessed with solving mysteries after she found a missing girl but she stopped being interested in solving mysteries after her mom died of cancer.
  • It's established that Nancy is working at a diner where an old classmate that hates her, George  is her boss because she tanked her grades for the last half of her senior year. We also learn that she hooking up with a guy named Nick, she works with a guy named Ace who's not very smart and a girl named Bess who is rich and not from around her town and is taking a gap year.
  • Things start to get a bit weird when a wealthy man named Ryan Hudson and several of his friends insist that they eat at the diner after it's closed while he tells them to bring a plate of food to his wife who for some reason is staying outside by the car rather than coming in.
  • After a power outage Nancy goes outside to check on Mrs. Hudson only discover that she has been killed.
  • I disliked how Ace pretty much throw all of his coworkers under the bus when he was questioned by the police.
  • The police chief seems like a dick with how he's accusing Nancy, George, Bess and Nick of being murders simply because they found the body. Also him revealing things he knows about them in the most dickish way possible also makes me hate him.
  • I like that George pretty much says that the reason the police chief hates Nancy is because she does his job for him.
  • I find it funny how Bess thinks that the police chief was calling her an ex con when he also listed rich girl as a description which clearly would be her.
  • I'm curious about what crime Nick committed in his past but I still feel like he's a good person regardless of what he might've done in the past.
  • I really hate how the police chief just blindly believes that Nancy is the one that killed Tiffany Hudson when he has no proof and it just feels like he has a personal vendetta against this nineteen year old girl which just makes him look pathetic.
  • I'm sad to learn that Nancy and her dad haven't been communicating well since her mom died since he has been spending so much time at work.
  • I find it interesting that Nancy caught Tiffany's death on camera and that it appears that it was a ghost that killed her.
  • I like that Bess after seeing the video completely believes that Tiffany was murdered by a ghost and I like that Ace tells a little more about the ghost who is called dead Lucy.
  • We learn that George dislikes Nancy because she was friends with people that spread rumors about her sex life in high school.
  • I like that Nick stopped by the diner and I like that Nancy told the others that they are dating since Nick has been wanting her to tell people about them for awhile now.
  • I like that when Nick asks Nancy how she would go about proving that Ryan Hudson was behind his wife murder that she started listing off all the things that they should be looking for in order to solve the case before saying that maybe they should just let the police handle it.
  • I felt so anxious when Nancy broke into Ryan's house and the security alarm went off which led to the company coming to the house while she was there. I felt even more anxious when Nick went in after her to make sure that she wouldn't get caught.
  • I like that Nick decided to follow Nancy because he thought that she might do something dangerous and I like that he told her that she was worth the risk of possibly being caught breaking the law.
  • I like that Nick is trying to get Nancy to open up to him but he is also making it clear that he's willing to wait until she is ready to do so but since Nancy doesn't think she'll ever be ready she pushes him away.
  • I like that Nancy ends up asking George for help figuring out the meaning a fishermen themed necklace that she found at the Hudson's house because she comes from a family of sailors.
  • I like that both George and Bess decide that they are now going to be helping Nancy with her investigation whether she likes it or not.
  • I like that after they find an address for a medium in the necklace that when Nancy says that she does this types of things alone George points out that she wouldn't have found the address without her and Bess points out that a medium would be able to tell she doesn't believe in ghosts so she needs her as well.
  • I like that Nancy, Bess and George all have different reactions to the medium with Nancy just trying to ask questions right away, Bess really believing that she can communicate with the dead and wanting to see her do that and George wanting Nancy to wait until after the medium does her thing to ask questions because this session was expensive.
  • I find it interesting that the medium accidently communicating with dead Lucy is something that frightened her.
  • I felt bad for Nancy when she saw her dad and her family friend Karen kissing because she believed that her dad was still mourning her mom.
  • I liked that Nancy went to Nick and that she opened up to him and that she tells him about how she doesn't like her current life and how he's the only thing that makes it a little bit better.
  • I like that Nancy tells Nick that he doesn't have to tell her about his past until he's ready since she can tell he's not there yet.
  • I found it interesting that Nancy's father was Nick's lawyer and the fact that Nick was charged with manslaughter and that Tiffany Hudson was the witness that's statement got him convicted does make him a suspect but since we literally have footage of a ghost killing her I don't think he did it.
  • It turns about that Bess isn't rich but is living in a van and that she somehow stole Tiffany's ring, that George is having an affair with Ryan Hudson, Ace is spying for the police chief and Nick is hiding something in one of the cars at the shop.
  • I find it very suspicious that Nancy's parents were hiding the dress that Lucy died in but I have no idea what this means.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Book Review: Sharp Objects

                                                      Sharp Objects Review
Sharp Objects is about Camille Preaker who is a reporter in Chicago who has to go back to Wind Gap Missouri to cover a story about to elementary school girls who were murdered in a similar way within the last year. Camille hasn't been back to Wind Gap since she graduated high school since she and her mother have also had a cold and distant relationship and everyone around town loves her mother which makes it an uncomfortable place to be. Going back to her home town and staying with her mother is the last thing Camille wants to do but she doesn't have a choice because of her job.

Coming back to Wind Gap brings up a lot of old bad memories for Camille considering that very little in town has changed since she was a teenager. Camille ends up finding out that the police don't seem to have any really clue who is behind the murders but she does learn that the killer took all the teeth out of the girls mouth after they were killed. The girls that were killed were girls that had a bit of a dark side to them and who rebelled against the conformity that Wind Gap puts its girls into which makes Camille like them but also makes her wonder if that was the reason that they were killed in the first place. Camille also gets to know her younger sister Amma who was born while Camille was in College and Camille sees that Amma is very popular and seems to be pretty good at controlling people.

Overall I really loved this book which has complicated characters in a dark situation that doesn't seem to have any solution that ends up with the characters being truly happy. This book has good writing and intriguing mystery that I feel is more about the why than the who is behind the killing which are intriguing reasons. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

Movie Review: Knives Out

                                                         Knives Out Review
Knives Out is about how a wealthy crime novelist named Harlan Thrombey  is found one morning with his throat slashed by his personal nurse and his remaining family gathers together after his death because a detective named Benoit Blanc believes that his death may have been a murder. The family that consist of Harlan's grown children, their spouses and his grand children all seemed to have a motive to kill Harlan since he got in some kind of argument with them that involved money on the night of his death. Harlan's nurse Marta is also called in to be questioned and it turns out that she has a disorder that every time she lies or even thinks about lying she throws up which makes Blanc want her help on his investigation.

This movie was a pretty fun one and with how it's revealed quite early what events led up to Harlan's death it makes the story take quite a different turn as to how a typical murder mystery story would go which adds something to this movie. There is of course a few twists in this movie even after we see Harlan's death that I didn't really see coming but made a lot of sense. This movie had a good story, interesting characters with good acting and directing as well. Please tell me your thoughts about this movie in the comment section below.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Book Review: Lucky in Love

                                                            Lucky in Love Review
Lucky in Love is about how Maddie, a straight A student whose family has been going through money problems for the last couple of years ends up winning the lottery on her eighteen birthday. Maddie is made out to be someone who is responsible and sensible to the reader but as soon as everyone in Maddie's life finds out that she's a millionaire now, Maddie starts spending her money in really stupid ways. Maddie basically gets convinced by people she either didn't know or barely knew before she won the lottery that she should spend her money on them or on something that she doesn't really want just because they would if they were her.

Maddie before she won the lottery was working at the Zoo and she had a close friendship with a co-worker named Seth who went to a different school than her that she was starting to develop feelings for whether she wants to admit it or not. Maddie keeps the job at the Zoo but as a volunteer after she wins the lottery and she doesn't tell Seth about her lottery win because she likes that she can still feel normal around him.

Overall I didn't really like this book because I found myself being really annoyed about the way that Maddie decided to spend her money on dumb things and she kept that she won the lottery from Seth way too long to be understandable and while it didn't lead to the dramatic betrayal on his end that I was expecting it still was another decision of Maddie's I couldn't stand. I liked the romance and thought it was cute but it sadly wasn't really that big of a focus in this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Top 10 Songs that Hit the Billboard Hot 100 in August of 2019

1. Cornelia Street-Taylor SwiftThis song is the story of  a relationship and how Taylor is terrified of the relationship possibly ending because the heartbreak that would come from the end of this relationship is one she fears she would never get over if it happened. This songs music and sing sounds great as well.
2. Death By A Thousand Cuts-Taylor Swift: This song is about how hard walking a relationship can be when one becomes so entangled with their partner and how the ending of the relationship feels like a death by a thousand cuts. This song of course sounds great like almost every other song on the album.
3. Paper Rings-Taylor Swift: This is a very happy love song about loving someone so much that you wouldn't mind marrying them with paper rings because what's important is that your together not how fancy the things around you are. This song is one of the happiest sounding ones I've ever heard and that shows in the production and the singing.
4. Afterglow-Taylor Swift: This song is about Taylor apologizing for blaming her lover for all the problems in their relationship and admitting that she let her insecurities get to her and she blamed her lover for things he never even did. This song is one that has a soft and dreamy feel to it that I really love.
5. Boyfriend-Ariana Grande Feat. Social House: This song is about an unhealthy non-relationship where neither party wants to be in a relationship with each other but will be furious if they hook up with anyone else. This song also sounds really good even though Ariana is clearly a much better singer than the Social House guys.
6. Slide Away-Miley Cyrus: This song is about mourning an end of a relationship even though it's clear to her that the relationship is one that hasn't been working for awhile and that it's time to move on. This song has somber dreamy tone that just makes this song one that I want to listen to over and over again.  
7. I Think He Knows-Taylor Swift: This song is about how at a beginning of a relationship where Taylor sings about how she doesn't have to tell the guy how much she likes him because she's pretty sure that he can tell by the way she acts around him. This song as a really fun and playful sound to it that makes it a delight to listen.
8. Small Talk-Katy Perry: This is a song about running into an ex long enough after a break up that it isn't painful experience but it still awkward because they are now stuck making small talk with each other like they're strangers even though used to know everything about each other. The song as an interesting premise and it sounds really good as well.
9. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince-Taylor Swift: This song is one that I used like a lot more when I first heard it than I do now but it's still a good job. I think this song works fairly well as dramatic love story set in high school but I think it doesn't work that all that well as a political allergy if I think about the song's story in that constant it feels confused and this is big reason why I don't like this song as much as I once did. The song still sounds really nice and I really like the title for the song.
10. Right Back-Khalid: This song seems to be about being okay with a relationship developing slowly and I also just really like the way in which the song sounds.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Top 10 Books I Read in 2019

1. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue: This book is a historical adventure novel that is also a really good coming of age story in great character introspection and relationships that develop wonderfully as well. This book is the one that surprised me the most and I love it all the more for it.
2. Archenemies: This book is the second book in the Renegades series and it does great job expanding the story and the world of the first book. I continued to love the characters and I loved the main romance as well even if it wasn't the main focus of the story.
3. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: This book is one that focused on the life of a very complicated character that I didn't always liked but was always interested in what she was going to do next which is something that I actually quite enjoy in books.
4. Shadow Kiss: This book is the third book of the Vampire Academy series and everything expect the main romance of the series really worked for me in this book. This book had a bit more of a stronger plot than the previous books in the series and I liked how this book expanded upon the world's mythology as well as developing the characters and their relationships in this book.
5. The Blood of Olympus: The final book in the Heroes of Olympus reminded me once again why I love the world that these stories are told in and assured me that I still love this characters and that I want to follow the next spin off series as well.
6. Fallout: This book is the last book of the Crank series and set almost twenty years after the second book and instead deals with Kristina's children and shows how they turn out after having Kristina for their biological mother and not really being a part of their lives. This book is once again told through poetry like most Ellen Hopkins books are.
7. The Luxe: This book is the first in a series of books that deals with the life of wealthy New Yorkers in the late 1800s and I find that enjoy reading about their scandalous lives more than I expected that I would.
8. P.S. I Like You: This book is a really sweet love story that has to do with secretly sharing love notes with someone they don't know the identity of.
9. If I Stay: This book is one that is really sad but one that also really does a good job at keeping your attention.
10. The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy: This book is the second book of the series that started with The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue but this book focus on Felicity that wants to be a doctor in 1700s and how her attempts to become one ends with her getting involved with pirates.

Book Review: Renegades: Archenemies

                                                          Archenemies Review  
Archenemies is the second book of the Renegades series this book starts a few weeks after the end of the first book which means that most people believe that Nova's supervillain persona Nightmare is dead. Now that Nightmare is dead to the public Nova has to even more careful about helping the anarchists. Nova's primary goal in this book is to find Ace's old helmet because she if Ace wears it again he will be healed from his injuries and become all powerful and start another age of anarchy. At the beginning of this book Adrian's vigilante persona The Sentinel is believed to be killed during a chase with a criminal which leads Adrian thinking that it may be for the best if he retired his persona as well.

The renegades introduce a drug called Agent N which is something that will take away someone's powers if it gets into their bloodstream. Agent N is something that is given to the renegades to use on any criminal that they encounter when they are on patrol. No one other than Nova and Adrian seem to even question how right it is that you can do something like this without giving the criminal a fair trial, while Adrian is only really worrying about the judgement of a few renegades Nova doesn't like the renegades having this kind of power since she thinks they have far too much already. Nova doesn't like the renegades using Agent N she doesn't seem to think to badly about the anarchists using it since she ends up looking for a way to make it into weapon to use against the renegades.

In this book we also get more development with Nova and Adrian's romantic relationship as well with the two of them becoming closer to each other but still keeping their distant because of their other personas. Nova is stuck in a conflicting situation with her feeling like it would be better for her mission if she kept away from Adrian since she suspects that she may be developing real feelings for him but she also needs to get close to him in order to use him for her mission as well. Adrian on the other hand despite knowing that he really likes Nova doesn't feel like he can have a relationship with her without telling her he's The Sentinel and since Nova doesn't like his other persona he can't see that as a real option for him.

Overall I really loved this book, it had an interesting plot, world and characters and relationships that I'm really invested in. Please tell me your thoughts about this book or series as whole in the comment section below.

Top Covers From Books I Read in the Last Few Years

1. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

2. The Luxe

3. The Fill In Boyfriend 

4. These Broken Stars

5. Heartless

6. Turtles All the Way Down

7. I Believe in a Thing Called Love

8. School Spirits

9. Etiquette and Espionage

10. Winter

Book Review: Royals: Her Royal Highness

                                                         Her Royal Highness Review
Her Royal Highness is about Millie Quint a high school senior from Texas who ends up going to a fancy Scottish boarding school after finding out that her friend with benefits almost girlfriend making out with someone else. Millie ends up being roommates with Scottish Princess Flora who doesn't want to be stuck at a boarding school out in the countryside and certainly doesn't want a roommate and when Millie ends up insulting her that makes Flora even more unhappy about having to room with her. Millie and Flora start off as enemies but the two of them are stuck together whether they like it or not. Millie makes some friends with some other students during this time and Flora spends this time trying to get kicked out of school which is something her mother the queen isn't going to allow.

After a failed camping trip Millie and Flora start to become very good friends with each other after they come to understand each other better. Now that Millie is getting along with Flora she starts to notice how beautiful she is and now that she understands her better she can tell that Flora has a better heart than she lets on all of which leads to Millie developing feelings for Flora which Flora seems to return despite her mother's disapproval.

Overall this was an okay book which I wish I found more interesting since I thought that the book sounded really good when I first saw the plot description for it. I found Millie to be quite boring which I think made me feel like the story was boring since we saw it all through her eyes despite this I did find Flora to be an interesting character and I wonder if the story would've been better from her point of view. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Book Review: A Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

                                The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy Review 
The Lady's Guide to  Petticoats and Piracy is the follow up book to A Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue expect this time around we follow Felicity Montague as she tries to become a doctor in the 1700s when all the men believe that woman can't be doctors and won't even let her study medicine let alone practice it. Felicity hears from one member of the hospital that her idol when it comes to practicing medicine Dr. Alexander Platt might be more progressive than most men and might be willing to hire her as an assistant. Felicity finds out that Platt is soon going to marry her childhood friend Joanna Hoffman, so Felicity makes it her mission to get to the wedding of her former friend to beg for a job from Platt. A female pirate named Sim ends up offering to take Felicity to meet with plate since there is something that she believes Joanna's family took from her family and she wants to get it back, Felicity naively believes that Sim won't steal anything after she promises not.

Felicity and Joanna's friendship is one that didn't end on good terms since Felicity felt like Joanna was abandoning her and their mutual love for scientific discovers to be a proper lady which lead to Felicity lashing out at Joanna implying that she was stupid and shallow. Joanna ends up welcoming Felicity warmly despite the bad terms their friendship ended on and the fact that Felicity's father claimed that she and Monty had been kidnapped by pirates while they were on tour which makes anyone who recognizes Felicity's name a bit suspicious about what she's doing there. While Felicity reuniting with Joanna starts off better than expect she doesn't have as much luck at convincing Platt that she would be a good assistant for him and it doesn't help matters that Platt is uninterested in even having an assistant in the first place.

After awhile Felicity and Joanna end up getting into a fight with each other about the different ways they choose to live their lives and it doesn't help matters that soon after that Felicity finds Sim trying to steal some of Joanna's late mother's research and when she tells Joanna about this Joanna no longer wants to see Felicity since she knew Sim was a thief when she brought her there. Felicity ends up deciding to leave the next morning but she ends up discovering that Joanna had ran away on the day of her wedding this leads to Felicity to insisting that she goes with Platt to find her and hopes that she can use this opportunity to convince Platt to hire her. As the story goes on Felicity starts to discover that there is a lot more going on then she is aware of.

Overall this a good book that has Felicity struggling to find her place in the world and through out the story she learns that her way of being a smart woman isn't the only way in which a woman can be smart which is something she learns through reconnecting with Joanna. While I liked this book I feel like the first book in the series was better and I think that was probably because our main characters stuck together through out the book which is not true here since Felicity ends up separated from Joanna and Sim for large parts of this book which makes it a bit harder to invest in her relationships with them. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Book Review: If I Stay

                                                              If I Stay Review
If I Stay is about a seventeen year old named Mia who ends up in a car crash that sends her into a coma but kills the rest of her family. Mia spends the book deciding whether or not she wants to wake up and live in a world without her family while she watches her friends, boyfriend and her grandparents worry about her possibly dying. There are many flashbacks to Mia's life before the coma which shows us how close Mia was to her family and why it's so hard for her to decide to live while knowing that they won't be there. There are also quite a few flashbacks to Mia's relationship with her boyfriend Adam who is a big part of why she's not sure if she wants go despite her grief that is equally important to her decision making process as her family is. This book does a good job at making us feel for Mia and also fleshing out all the characters that are part of Mia's life which is what makes this book as good as it is.

This book is one where not a whole lot happens in this book plot wise but the characters and their emotions are engaging enough that it really doesn't take away from the book but it does leave me with not much to say about the book. This book is good, it had good characters and ended up making me emotional invested in characters that die at the beginning. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Book Review: P.S. I Like You

                                                     P.S. I Like You Review
P.S. I Like You is about how a high school student named Lilly ends up becoming pen pals with someone who writes notes on the desk that they both have in science class when she finds that someone continued writing out the lyrics to a song by her favorite band that she thought no one else in her school listened to expect her. The two become friends through their exchanging of notes and move on from scribbling on the desk to leaving paper notes tucked under the desk. After awhile Lilly starts to develop a crush on her pen pal and the pen pal hints that he feels the same way despite not knowing who she is. Lilly is working up the courage to suggest that the two of them should meet up in real life when she discovers that her pen pal is Cade someone she has known and hated for years and now that she learned that he's her pen pal she doesn't know how to deal with the two different sides that Cade has and doesn't know how to feel about him know that she knows these two sides of him.

This story is mostly a cute love story that is mostly shown through the exchanging of notes and it works better than I expected that it would. The book also has Lilly dealing with being a member of a big family that causes her problems that while aren't hugely dramatic are unique to someone who has a lot of siblings and we also learn a fair bit about Cade's dysfunctional family through him opening up to Lilly in the letters, these two storylines allows us to have a bit more insight into the characters life. There is also an interesting friendship conflict between Lilly and her best friend that also adds to her character as well.

Overall I really liked this book it was a sweet and fluffy read that had likable main characters that were fun to read about. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

Book Review: Asylum

                                                                Asylum Review
Asylum is about how sixteen year old Dan Crawford ends attending college preparatory program over the summer and over the summer he stays in a dorm in a building use to be an insane asylum which was shut down years ago because of the inhumane treatments that were being done there. Shortly after arriving Dan finds a photo of man that looks exactly like him who turns out to have been the warden for the asylum and has the same name as Dan. Dan ends up meeting two friends Abby and Jordan and the three of them break into the old file room which leads Dan to become obsessed with the who the warden was and Abby to become obsessed with a photo of a young girl.

Dan tries to find out more about the asylum and the warden and why things had to be shut down but he doesn't actually end up learning much other than their was a serial killer that was patient there. Abby learns that the girl that she was obsessed with is actually her aunt and she wants to tell her dad about it and figure out where she is now. After awhile someone is killed and another person is attacked in ways that are similar to the serial killer that was a patient there which leads Dan to wanting to know if what is happening now is similar to what is happened in the past.

Overall this book had an okay plot but I found the characters to be a bit dull and one note which made investing the story a little hard for me. The writing in this story seemed to have a lot of scenes that could have allowed for us to get a better understanding of the characters personalities and their relationships told in summary rather than in scene which puts a lot of distance between the characters and the audience which isn't a good thing here. I felt like every scene that was in scene was one that moved the plot but every scene that could've developed the characters was in summary which I think is a problem. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.