Friday, January 31, 2020

Book Review: Royals: Her Royal Highness

                                                         Her Royal Highness Review
Her Royal Highness is about Millie Quint a high school senior from Texas who ends up going to a fancy Scottish boarding school after finding out that her friend with benefits almost girlfriend making out with someone else. Millie ends up being roommates with Scottish Princess Flora who doesn't want to be stuck at a boarding school out in the countryside and certainly doesn't want a roommate and when Millie ends up insulting her that makes Flora even more unhappy about having to room with her. Millie and Flora start off as enemies but the two of them are stuck together whether they like it or not. Millie makes some friends with some other students during this time and Flora spends this time trying to get kicked out of school which is something her mother the queen isn't going to allow.

After a failed camping trip Millie and Flora start to become very good friends with each other after they come to understand each other better. Now that Millie is getting along with Flora she starts to notice how beautiful she is and now that she understands her better she can tell that Flora has a better heart than she lets on all of which leads to Millie developing feelings for Flora which Flora seems to return despite her mother's disapproval.

Overall this was an okay book which I wish I found more interesting since I thought that the book sounded really good when I first saw the plot description for it. I found Millie to be quite boring which I think made me feel like the story was boring since we saw it all through her eyes despite this I did find Flora to be an interesting character and I wonder if the story would've been better from her point of view. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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