Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Book Review: Asylum

                                                                Asylum Review
Asylum is about how sixteen year old Dan Crawford ends attending college preparatory program over the summer and over the summer he stays in a dorm in a building use to be an insane asylum which was shut down years ago because of the inhumane treatments that were being done there. Shortly after arriving Dan finds a photo of man that looks exactly like him who turns out to have been the warden for the asylum and has the same name as Dan. Dan ends up meeting two friends Abby and Jordan and the three of them break into the old file room which leads Dan to become obsessed with the who the warden was and Abby to become obsessed with a photo of a young girl.

Dan tries to find out more about the asylum and the warden and why things had to be shut down but he doesn't actually end up learning much other than their was a serial killer that was patient there. Abby learns that the girl that she was obsessed with is actually her aunt and she wants to tell her dad about it and figure out where she is now. After awhile someone is killed and another person is attacked in ways that are similar to the serial killer that was a patient there which leads Dan to wanting to know if what is happening now is similar to what is happened in the past.

Overall this book had an okay plot but I found the characters to be a bit dull and one note which made investing the story a little hard for me. The writing in this story seemed to have a lot of scenes that could have allowed for us to get a better understanding of the characters personalities and their relationships told in summary rather than in scene which puts a lot of distance between the characters and the audience which isn't a good thing here. I felt like every scene that was in scene was one that moved the plot but every scene that could've developed the characters was in summary which I think is a problem. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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