Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Book Review: Crank: Fallout

                                                                 Fallout Review
Fallout is the third book in the Crank trilogy and this book follows the story of Kristina's three oldest children who are now teenagers. Hunter is a college student who was raised by Kristina's mother and step-father he's mostly well adjusted but resents that Kristina couldn't get it together enough to raise any of her kids. Autumn lives her grandfather but doesn't even know that Kristina is her mom and she OCD and is overall very anxious. Summer is in the foster care system but sees Kristina the most out of the three siblings but that still doesn't mean that they have a good relationship.

This book basically deals with Hunter, Autumn and Summer's relationships with their romantic partners and their parents and how those two relationships can affect one another. Despite both the characters romantic relationship and parental being more or less developed than each other all of the main characters are affected by both relationships through out the book. The book ends with all three of the siblings romantic relationships in different places but in somewhat similar places with Kristina with them all seeming to give up any hope of her being a mom to them.

Overall this was a good book with interesting characters that were compelling to read about. The writing is this book was beautiful with the way it was written in verse like Ellen Hopkins other novels. Please tell me your thoughts about this book or the Crank series as a whole in the comment section below.

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