Thursday, December 26, 2019

Book Review: People Like Us

                                                     People Like Us Review
People Like Us is about Kay Donovan a poor girl at a rich girls boarding school who as some dark secrets in her past and when she discovers the body of one of her classmates on the night of the Halloween dance she fears the police will suspect her despite her not knowing the student's body that she found. Shortly after finding the body Kay begins to be blackmail by a website that was set up by the dead girl before she dies and she is being blackmailed to hurt her close friends who are all considered mean girls therefore the dead girl had a reason to have a grudge against them. Kay following the instructions for the website ends up making her look suspicious and it ends up turning the whole school against her and having her become one the police's prime suspects.

Kay after becoming a suspect decides that it's up to her to clear her own name by finding out who the actual killer is and it turns out that the two most likely suspects are the dead girls ex-boyfriend Greg and her own ex-boyfriend Spencer who cheated on her with the dead girl a fact that Kay didn't learn until after she dead but no one seems to believe her on that fact. Kay ends up working with Nola a girl that she previously wrote off as weird but is good at hacking to help her with the investigation and since she is the only one that knows the truth about what is going on she also becomes Kay's only friend for a time. Through out the story we also learn of Kay's dark past that involves her best friend and brother's death.

Another important element in this story is that Kay is in love with her best friend Brie who already has a girlfriend and who is far too willing to believe the worst of Kay at the drop of hat for me to believe that they have that good of a friendship. While the book and Kay values her relationship with Brie more I have to say that I was more intrigued by Kay's relationship with Spencer who she was more honest with and never believed that she was capable of murder and honestly was just a lot more interesting.

Overall I thought that this was a good book but I felt like Kay made a lot of dumb choices in the beginning of the book that she didn't have to make which ended up with everyone hating her which is something I thought could've been avoid if she just went about things a little smarter. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

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