Thursday, December 26, 2019

Top Songs that Hit the Billboard Hot 100 in July of 2019

1. Blow-Ed Sheeran Feat. Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars: This song is a rock style one about sex that just sounds really great and different from most everything else that charts. All three singers sound great on this song despite rock not being their primary genre that they preform in.
2. The Archer-Taylor Swift: This song is about Taylor allowing herself to be vulnerable with her partner even though the thought of doing so terrifies because of the way all of her other relationships have ended. I really love the lyrics for this song which really allows you to feel where Taylor's coming from and shows how much opening up to someone and having them see her true self scares her, I also like the hunter and prey metaphors she uses in the song as well. This song is a bit slower moving but it also sounds really beautiful and dreamlike because of this.
3. Antisocial-Ed Sheeran Feat. Travis Scott: This song is about being anti social while out and about with not wanting to really talk to anyone and wanting everyone to keep their distance from you. This song is one that also has pretty interesting production that I think fits the song really well with how it kind of puts everything at a distance.
4.Higher Love-Kygo and Whitney Houston: This song is basically just a Whitney Houston cover of Higher Love with a dance remix production provide by Kygo but since Whitney Houston was a fantastic singer this song really works and the production does a good job complimenting her vocals.
5. South of the Border-Ed Sheeran Feat. Camila Cabello and Cardi B: This song is a Latin style one about seeing someone that you are instantly attracted to and wanting to hook up with him. This song is one that I think just sounds really good which makes it a good listen despite a few awkward lyrics.
6. Girl-Maren Morris: This song seems to be about girl dealing with insecurities and being told that everything will be alright in the end. This song is a country when which I think suits Maren Morris' voice really well and I like the strings in the song as well.
7. Southbound-Carrie Underwood: This song seems to mostly be about southern stereotypes but I Still really like it because Carrie Underwood as a fantastic voice and the production is fun.
8. Talk-Khalid: This song is about the singer just wanting to talk to his partner about where their relationship is heading because he's more in love than he's ever been before. I like the production of this song and I like that Khalid spends the song in his higher voice which I personally like more than his lower voice.
9. Press-Cardi B: This is a song that deals with Cardi B's relationship with the press and I found it be interesting although I like it less and less as time goes on which is why it's so low on the list.
10. Cool-The Jonas Brothers: This song is one that I like just because I like the way that it sounds even though I'm not quite sure what it's about.

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