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TV Review: Legacies: I'll Never Give Up Hope(2.01)

                                       Legacies: I'll Never Give Up Hope(2.01)Review

  • I was a bit surprised that Landon was the one that got the voiceover at the beginning of the episode but I liked how he explained both how what the end of the school years like for himself and the other students which is that most of them got home but he doesn't have a home to return. I like that Landon is feeling the loss of Hope even if he's doesn't remember her but I'm sad that it's making him realize that not being able to stay dead means that he'll end up alone.
  • I like that it's established that Lizzie is spending the summer with Caroline and I like that her and Josie are trying to find out more about the merge. Also there right about Caroline being cagey about the ascendant since I know how it's used in the merge and she hasn't even admitted that the merge can't happen without it.
  • I'm glad that Lizzie is in therapy right now since she has been struggle with her mental since before the series began.
  • I think it's concerning that Lizzie finds the idea of being literally unable to communicate with a guy to be a turn on and I'm glad that Josie points out to her that she should work on communicating with the people she's interested in.
  • While I think it's nice of Josie to try and be there for her dad when he's going through a hard time I think that Lizzie is right to point out that Josie should focus more on making herself happy and worry less about others especially when there really isn't much she can do for them.
  • I'm curious if the reason Lizzie asks Josie about Landon is because they got closer between seasons or just because he's one of the only other students staying at school during the summer.
  • I feel a bit bad for Alaric that he's feeling betrayed by Dorian for voting him out but honestly he asked for the vote so he only really has himself to blame for his situation.
  • I like that Landon is still making it a point to spend time with Raf even though he's stuck in wolf form and that he's looking for a way to get him out of it.
  • I like that Kaleb invited MG to spend the summer with his family because he thinks of MG as his family now since MG was rejected by his own family. I also like that MG says that he still misses his family even if they suck because it's hard give up on the people you love.
  • I like that MG mentioned that he likes Lizzie since his interested in Lizzie hasn't been brought up since like episode six of last season and well that's a relationship I'm interested in seeing develop.
  • I thought it was sad how Landon was having a one sided conversation with Raf but I like that he tells him that he knows he's still in there and that he'll find away to help him and things will be good again.
  • I feel bad for Hope that even though she sacrifice herself she's still stuck in the empty void that is malivore rather than being able to find peace on the afterlife.
  • I was surprised when Clarke showed up and saved Hope from being sucked into some kind of whirlpool that suddenly developed.
  • I felt really bad for Hope when Clarke pointed out that her sacrifice failed to fully destroy malivore and that not only is she now stuck in it none of her friends even remember that she existed in the first place.
  • I'm glad that Clarke told Hope that her being there has changed how malivore works since before no two creatures were able to interact before which means there now may be a way to escape it.
  • I like that Hope refused to work with Clarke because she doesn't trust him and she never will because she can't see that ever change. I like how Hope used the mimic spell on Clarke to get him away from her but I wonder if she'll regret it later if she can't find a way out or someone else to work with.
  • I like that Alaric is look into how malivore could have been destroyed and who other than Landon was there at the time since forensics shows that two other people were there but no one can figure out who, I'm not surprised that he hasn't made any progress.
  • I feel bad for Josie that Alaric won't tell her anything about the ascendant but I actually just remembered that the ascendant has to do with the prison worlds not the merge so I guess I take back my earlier statement about it.
  • I felt bad for Landon when Alaric and Josie started to have their argument with him awkwardly stuck in the middle of it.
  • I like that Hope does break her spell on Clarke so that he can save her from the portal again. I think malivore might be more dangerous know that all the creatures can interact with each other as we can see now with the dragon that is after Hope and Clarke.
  • I think it's concerning that Landon seems to be killing himself regularly even if he does know that he'll come back to life. I think it's probably important that Landon can remember Hope right before he dies.
  • I think that Josie is right to be concerned about Landon because he is hurting himself regardless off if the damage lasts or not and he doesn't know how many times he will come back or not.
  • I liked how when Landon calls Josie out for focusing on dealing with other people's problems rather than her own and she tries to lie about it that Landon tells her he can tell she's lying and when she asks how he knows he says it's because he knows because of how much of time he spent lying in the past.
  • I like that Josie suggest that maybe the way her and Landon should be coping with their problems should be by focusing more on living their lives rather than dying.
  • I find the subplot about Kaleb wanting him and MG to win over his uncle in his family's BBQ contest to be pretty amusing.
  • I thought that MG and Kim to be pretty cute in there scene together but her being Kaleb's sister might prevent anything from happening between them for awhile.
  • While the montage of Landon and Josie growing closer together is very cute it doesn't say great things about their relationship long term since if the show really valued there relationship they would spend more time on it.
  • I like that Josie tells Lizzie that her relationship with Landon is something that is fun and that she seems genuinely happy.
  • I like how Clarke tells Hope that he isn't a villain but rather a boy that is terrified of his father and he has been trying to find a way to get away from him his whole life. I like that after hearing this Hope creates a comfort spell for him since she's now since a more human side of him.
  • I felt made for Landon when he was freaking out since Raf hasn't turned up for dinner three days in a row while he previously had everyday for months and I like that Josie called him down and told him that she would do a locator spell to find him.
  • I like how Hope uses a truth spell on Clarke and it's revealed that malivore has been trying to expel her rather than kill her but Clarke grabbing is what keeps her there because malivore wants to punish him by keeping him there. I'm glad that Hope figured this all out that she has escape malivore.
  • I like how Landon told Josie about the visions he has before he dies and that he thinks that they might be the answer to everything and I like that Josie tells him that no answer is worth accidently going over his phoenix quota and not coming back.
  • I like that Landon asks Josie if she's happy because he's been pretty happy since they started hanging out and she says she feels the same way.
  • I'm glad that Alaric told Josie about how the ascendant is the key to a prison world that has their lunatic uncle in there who is the only other member living member of Josie and Lizzie's coven and that they will only contact him as a last resort.
  • I like that Lizzie tells Josie that she has been going to therapy for three hours a day and that she's working hard on getting better, really better.
  • I'm not surprised that Raf just no longer wants to spend time with Landon because he hasn't been human for so long but I still do feel bad for Landon.
  • I thought that Landon and Josie's kiss was sweet but I was sad for Hope who saw it since she's still very much in love with him and he's moved on since he can't remember her.
  • The scene between Hope and crystal hologram version of Landon was both very sweet and very sad. I like how the hologram Landon tells Hope that there isn't a world where he would want her to leave town without telling him about what happened to her. I'm sad that Hope doesn't want to say anything because she believes that Landon and everyone else are happier without her.
  • I like that Kaleb says that he will help MG get with Lizzie since he forbid MG from talking to his sister over the summer.
  • I'm worried about the creature that seemed to also escape malivore that Hope sees at the end of the episode but I'm happy that it will prevent her from leaving town.
  • I'm disappointed but not surprised that Clarke is planning to earn his freedom by destroying Hope for malivore's sake.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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