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TV Review: Notorious: Tell Me a Secret(1.04)

                                          Notorious: Tell Me a Secret(1.04)Review
  • I liked that Jake coached Oscar on the interview before he gave it and I liked that Oscar did a good job on giving his interview, I also feel bad for him considering how much he obviously trusted Levi when it's clear that Levi didn't deserve that trust.
  • I find it interesting and a bit creepy that as soon as Louise gave the report that a missing football player as been found dead that a social media app accused a friend of the football player named Dax of his murder based on no evidence other than he looks creepy.
  • I liked that Dax friend and sister went to Jake to hire him as lawyer after Dax is arrested for murder.
  • I feel pretty bad for Dax because pretty much everyone is calling him a low life creep who didn't even deserve to know someone like the football player without anyone even trying to get his side of the story.
  • I like that Jake calls Julia and asks her to put Dax's sister on her show so that he can make his client appear sympathetic.
  • I'm worried about what Levi is planning to do now that he has bought a gun and has already shown to have angry issues.
  • I liked that Ryan came to Ella's work and asked her to go out on a date and I liked that she agreed but I'm curious about why she doesn't want him to pick her up at her place.
  • I liked that Jake was mad at Julia when she blindside him and his client's sister on her show because it really didn't work out in his or his client's favor.
  • I liked that instead of going out to dinner for their date that Ella invites Ryan to help her use the tell me a secret app in order to find out who actually killed the football player and that it actually worked.
  • I liked that it turned out that the football player was hazed by two players on the team and that their coach pressured them to do it.
  • I liked that Louise had Julia burn all the things that had to do with ex so that she could get over him.
  • I found it interesting that it was actually a friend of Dax who killed the football player and than accused him of murder.
  • I was surprised to learn that Ella lives out of hotel because her and her mom moved around so much while growing up and only living in a hotel felt like home and I like that she told Ryan all this because she trusts him.
  • I was surprised to learn that Levi is actually in love with Oscar and that he was trying to protect by spying on him and other people in his life and I was surprised when he killed himself in front of Julia.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Movie Review: Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

                                             Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List Review
Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List is about two life long best friends who have always done everything together but now that they're in college things are starting to change in their friendship. Naomi(Victoria Justice) wants their friendship and her life in general to stay the way it has always been while Ely(Pierson Fode) is enjoying having experiences whether it be finally being able to hook up with guys or join a club at college, Ely embracing how their lives our changing is something that Naomi finds upsetting and it's one of the things that starts to drive a wedge between the two of them. Another thing that strains the friendship is Naomi despite having know for years that Ely is gay she is in love with him and therefore isn't really fully invested in her relationship with her boyfriend whom she refers to as Bruce 2.

This movie is overall a pretty fun film to watch and I found the characters engaging if not always likable and I found myself invested in their storylines and relationships. While I often found myself frustrated with Naomi with her hoping that Ely would see her in a romantic light even though she knows he's gay that was luckily something that Naomi was able to work through during her and Ely's falling out. I really like that both Naomi and Ely got to grow up a bit in this movie and I liked that they both also were able to develop meaningful relationships outside of each other before they made up towards the end. In the end I thought that this movie was one that had an odd story but good characters and actors that played them. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TV Review: Healer

                                                                Healer Review
Healer is about Seo Jung-hoo who works as a night courier who doesn't care much about who the job is for or why it's being done and overall doesn't interact with people unless he has to. This changes after he got a job to track down this girl Cha Young-shin a reporter at a tabloid like news site, by Kim Moon-ho a famous reporter who was practically family Young-shin before she was separated from her birth parents. Jung-ho decides to closer to Young-shin after he suspects that Moon-ho is the one that is trying to frame him for murder(although it turns out that Moon-ho's brother is the one that is framing him). As Jung-ho starts to spend time with Young-shin while pretending to be a timid and socially awkward assistant to Young-shin while at work he gets to know her and starts to fall for her while at the same time protecting her are as Healer which leads to her falling for his healer persona.

Throughout the series we figure out how Jung-ho, Young-shin and Moon-ho's past interconnects with each other and we get to see the characters learn more about each other and their own past by working together to takedown a corrupt group of individuals which have been causing trouble for our main characters and their family since twenty years ago without Jung-ho and Young-shin even knowing about who they are. The relationships in this series are very well done and I found myself invested in pretty all of them whether the relationship was romantic or platonic. The relationship between Jung-ho and Young-shin was especially sweet and it just got better the more they learned about each other, I also liked that there was quite a bit of cuddling in the relationship as well because I just find that really sweet.

The main characters were all great and I rooted for all of them and I was worried about them when they were in danger which is a good thing since it shows me how invested in the characters I was. I liked how Jung-hoo despite being a badass when he's being Healer is also someone who is pretty socially awkward since he doesn't have a lot of experience with people and I like that he proved himself to be a very sweet boyfriend. I like that Young-shin is a cheerful, determined and ambitious young reporter who has been through some hard times but doesn't let that define her. I like that Moon-ho is someone who very much wants to expose corruption but isn't always sure that he can do what needs to be done to expose it and I like that he has a desire to protect and look after Young-shin and Jung-ho despite only re-meeting them recently.

Overall I really loved this series it had a great story, great characters, great relationships and great fight scenes as well. This series is one that I think most people will enjoy because there are just many things to enjoy about this series. Please tell me your thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

TV Review: Scream: Let the Right One In(2.07)

                                       Scream: Let the Right One In(2.07)Review
  • I like that the Sheriff now thinks that Emma is the killer's target now rather than someone who is a suspect because that is what seems to be really going on.
  • I'm glad that Noah and Audrey are back to being best friends and I liked that Noah tells Audrey that she needs to tell Emma what she told him last night and while I understand why Audrey would believe that Emma wouldn't be as understanding as Noah is, I like that Noah believes that Emma wouldn't blame her if she knew the full truth.
  • I liked that Zoe asked Noah out on a study date and that they agreed that she would pick him up rather than the other way around. I liked that Noah appeared clueless about the study session being a date until Audrey told him it was and I liked that she joked that Noah would forever remain a virgin if he doesn't learn to pick up  on signals.
  • I like that Emma is mad at Kieran for going to the Sheriff behind her back for the second time because that is a pretty big betrayal of trust after everything Emma has been going through she needs to know which people she can and can't trust and Kieran is looking like someone she can't trust even if he does want her safe.
  • I liked that Brooke told Audrey what she did to Branson the night before and I liked that Audrey was quite shocked by Brooke's actions but she didn't judge her and even agreed to help her out.
  • I liked that the Sheriff followed up on the lead about the abandoned farm house and that he actually found someone evidence that proved Emma didn't hallucinate the pictures she saw at the house.
  • I was surprised that Eli actually stuck up for Kieran when he told Emma about how Kieran grew up with a step-father who never let up on him and that his mom and step dad died in a car crash right after Kieran got into a really bad fight with the step dad. I was surprised that Eli took the chance to defend Kieran's betrayal with framing it as him being overprotective because he doesn't want to loose anymore people, especially not Emma.
  • I felt bad for Zoe when she told Noah that sometime last fall she realized that the only thing that she had in her life was school, that she wasn't a part of any group and that left her with a crushing feeling of loneliness that resulted in her doing something that she described as something really stupid and her getting a therapist and missing school for a month. I'm glad that Noah comforted her after she told him this and didn't make her feel like she was a freak or anything.
  • I liked how Zoe admitted that she is good at physics but not at asking a boy out on a date so that's why she sort of misled him about what she was asking him to do and I liked that Noah was happy to be a date with her and didn't answer Audrey's call even after Zoe said that it would be okay to.
  • I liked that Audrey left Noah a messaged that said if anything was to happen to her it had something to do with Branson.
  • I liked that when Brooke thought that Branson was blackmailing her to get her to meet up with him again that Audrey told her that she wouldn't be going to meet him alone and I liked that Audrey pointed out that it was really creepy that he wanted to meet up with her at school when he's a known predator.
  • I liked how Noah was freaking out when he was sitting alone the beach while he waited for Zoe to finish changing, I just find it a bit funny how he freaks out about any situation that turned out badly for anyone in a movie.
  • I'm really loving all the moments between Noah and Zoe they are just so cute and dorky with each other.
  • I like that Eli suggests that what Emma needs is a night of fun because she is feel stressed out and clearly needs to let go of a few things at least for a little while and I like that Eli is the one that is willing to help her with this. I thought that Kieran looked pretty scary when he was looking at Emma and Eli talking to each other while filled with jealous and rage.
  • I like that Audrey says that Noah's date with Zoe must be going well since he isn't answering her calls.
  • I find it pretty creepy that Ms.Lang seems to have recordings of Emma and all of her friends that she clearly wasn't given permission for recording.
  • I like that Audrey is confused about why Brooke would put on lipstick in order to meet Branson even after Brooke insists it's war paint.
  • I liked that when Audrey suggests that Brooke just lie about what she did to Branson that Brooke told her that she knows that lying about something only works for so long before the truth comes out so it's better to stop lying about something sooner rather than later. I liked that Brooke telling her this leads to Audrey wanting to reach out to Emma and tell her the truth about her involvement with Piper.
  • I find it very creepy that the killer knew about Ms.Lang's recordings and that he felt the need to steal those recordings.
  • I was surprised about how Ms.Lang did a decent job of fighting back against the killer when he appeared although in the end it didn't matter much since the killer still finished Branson off and then nearly killed Ms. Lang.
  • I liked that Audrey convinced Brooke to wait outside for a few minutes so that she could feel out what Branson was all about, I just like that Audrey was acting protective of Brooke even if Brooke doesn't really want to be protected.
  • I'm glad that it seems like the killer only wanted Brooke and Audrey to find Ms. Lang rather than do anything to them.
  • I wonder what Zoe's going do with the email of the recording of Audrey's confession about bring Piper to Lakewood.
  • I liked that Zoe was the one that was really taking charge when she and Noah almost had sex and I found things very awkward for everyone involved when Audrey walked in on them before anything could really happen between them.
  • I liked how Noah told Audrey that someone better be dead if she had to rush in there like she did and then he was someone what horrified when he realized that someone might really be dead.
  • I find it a odd that Eli likes to invade other people's homes and pretends that he lives different lives but considering how much he dislikes his own I can understand why he feels the need to do that.
  • I think it was suspicious and creepy that the abandoned house that Eli took Emma to had Eddie and Branson's bodies in the bathtub.
  • I liked that when Audrey told Noah that she went into the school by herself after the killer told her to after threatening her that Noah told her that was a stupid thing to do because they have no idea what the killer was planning on doing to her. I liked that Noah and Audrey figured out that the killer was trying to make her look guilty once more but couldn't because the janitor found Ms. Lang first.
  • I find it very odd that Eli describes Kieran as an entirely different person than he was before he moved to Lakewood, the implication that Kieran could completely change his entire personality is something I find very disturbing.
  • I can understand why Eli might not want to report a house fire if he has a history with the police even if it wasn't his fault because when someone has a record they are far more like to be blamed for a crime even if they're innocent.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Notorious: Friends and Other Strangers(1.03)

                              Notorious: Friends and Other Strangers(1.03)Review
  • I'm not surprised that Sarah's brother said that Oscar was a bad husband but I was a little surprised that he didn't know or even truly suspect that Oscar could be physically abusing her.
  • I like how Jake kept telling Oscar that he can't defend Oscar properly if he keeps things from him and I'm glad that Oscar admitted to having an online affair with a woman.
  • I find it interesting that Julia and her team find evidence that a music star who is known for his charity work who recently fell into a coma that a few nights earlier that he raped a woman in her sleep.
  • I liked that Jake encouraged Sarah's brother to keep talking about finding Sarah's killer but to not focus all that energy on Oscar because there's a chance he's not guilty and if he isn't guilty that means Sarah's killer would go free if he was convicted.
  • I liked that Ryan was able to track down who sent the photos to Julia and I was surprised to see that they came from Oscar's best friend and business partner.
  • I thought it was disgusting that Julia's boss not only made her stop the story about music star being a rapist because he was worried about the company loosing money and the fact that said star might sue them for exposing him. I thought that it was even worse that her boss tried to make her invalidate video in the next show and I'm glad that Julia refused to say she was sorry and invalidate the video.
  • I liked that Julia planned to get the victim to go on the air and give an interview about what happened to her and that she asked Jake to come along with her so that the victim could know that there would be someone to protect her legally from the backlash she was bound to receive by coming forward.
  • I was sad when the victim backed out of going on the show because she was paid off by the music star's people to keep quiet.
  • I was a little surprised that Oscar's online girlfriend is someone who has been cat fishing him for months, this is something that I think will cause problems in the future.
  • I'm glad that Ryan told Ella that Levi was the one that sent in the photos that made Oscar look guilty before she asked Levi for help going through Oscar's computer and help for figuring out who his online girlfriend really is.
  • I liked that Ryan kissed Ella in order to cover up that he was downloading all the information off of Levi's network.
  • I liked that Julia found 12 more victims to come forward about the music star raping them and I liked that in the end Julia was able to convince her boss that making sure that this didn't happen again was more important than how much money their company could loose.
  • I found it sad that Louise lost a man she loved by being beheaded which is why she was so upset when they aired the video of the solider being beheaded.
  • I was surprised that it turned out that the victim from the video tried to kill the music star after she saw what he did to her.
  • I was only a little surprised to find out that Levi was the one that was cat fishing Oscar but I did feel a bit bad for Oscar who clearly trusts and cares for Levi although it seems like that feeling is no longer mutual.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Book Review: Also Known As

                                                       Also Known As Review
Also Known As is about Maggie Silver a teenager who as worked alongside her parents cracking safes for a spy organization since she was a little girl but hasn't had her own mission yet. Maggie gets her own mission when she is assigned to get close to Jesse Oliver a son of a journalist who is working on an article that would expose her, her parents and the entire organization that they work for. At first Maggie thinks of this mission just as a chance to prove herself to both her parents and the rest of the organization but as time goes on and she starts to build a life around her cover that involves her behaving like a normal teenager, making a friend and being able to go on her first date things become more complicated for her.

Maggie of course ends up falling for Jesse who is not the type of guy she expected him to be she expected someone who was spoiled and a jerk but in reality Jesse is nice, rather down to earth and a bit lonely, this leads Maggie to developing feelings for him which complicates her mission and really her whole life. As time goes on Maggie figures out that things aren't as straight forward as they seem when they come to the mission but not just when they involve Maggie's personal feelings but also concerning the facts of the mission. As the story goes on there turns out to be a few twists to this story that Maggie didn't see coming.

Overall I thought that this book was very fun and I really enjoyed the characters and the relationships in this book. I really enjoyed the writing style in this book is was quick and fun which made the book fun to read. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Scream: Jeepers Creepers(2.06)

                                             Scream: Jeepers Creepers(2.06)Review
  • I liked how during Noah's podcast when he was talking about how people cope with loss that Brooke was shown almost cutting her hair but then instead stabbing her pillows because of the rage she's filling mixed in with her sadness.
  • I liked that Noah brought up in his podcast that when everyone's a suspect that means you can't trust anyone while looking at Audrey's phone and seeing the evidence that she's involved in the murders.
  • I like that the killer is pointing out that even Emma is doubting herself and I like that Emma is doing her best to put on a strong front and convince herself that she's not crazy while a lot of people are trying to convince her that she is.
  • I'm glad that Kieran told Emma that he was sorry about the thing with Jake's phone and that he told her why he gave her up.
  • I liked that when Emma saw that Noah had Audrey as the prime suspect for the accomplice on his broad that she told him that it wasn't Audrey and that she said that the killer is just trying to get in their heads so that they can't trust anyone.
  • I liked that Noah only told Emma the suspiciousness that he had about Audrey before he took her phone because even though he's believing that Audrey's the accomplice right now he really doesn't want it to be true even though he as real evidence that says it is.
  • I liked that Emma told Brooke not to blame herself since she's so sure that Branson killed Jake because of her and I liked that when Emma told Brooke that Branson being the killer doesn't seem to make sense that Brooke pointed out that nothing about the murders last made much sense but they still happen.
  • I hope that the reason that the Sheriff is lying to Brooke's dad about Jake's phone is because he's opening an investigation on him.
  • I liked that when Audrey figured out that Noah was following her and he acted very strange while pretending nothing was wrong that she found his behavior very strange and she might be a bit suspicious of him now although he did manage to put her phone back in her bag without her noticing.
  • I liked that Noah came up with the idea of asking Eddie if he's seen Audrey before so he could clear her of being Piper's accomplice but I'm worried about him since Eddie is dead and the killer has his phone and is luring Noah somewhere with the promise of an answer to his question.
  • I like that Brooke enlisted Gustavo's help in looking into anything suspicious about Branson and I liked that when he asked her to do something for him that Brooke assumed was not get involved that he said screw that and instead kick ass as needed and take no prisoners. I liked that because it's impossible to not get involved at this point since she already clearly is and that is not something would be helpful for her to hear right now.
  • I'm worried that since Emma's mom won't let her go out at night that Noah will be going to where the killer wants him to alone.
  • I liked that Gustavo showed Audrey that his artwork is part of a comic he's creating and I liked that Audrey changed her approach of trying to figure him out since her last method hasn't been working out well for her so far.
  • I like that Brooke is manipulating both Ms. Lang who alibied Branson on the night of the murder and Branson who she thinks is Jake's killer in order to get the answers she needs.
  • I liked that after Noah went to look for Eddie in the abandon fairgrounds but wouldn't go too far into the ride that he called himself a moron for going as far as he did because he knows this is the type of thing that gets you killed in the movies. The fact that he went as far as he did shows how much he wants to find something that proves Audrey's innocence because it goes against all of his better instincts to do something like this.
  • I'm worried about Noah since the killer ended up chloroforming him in his car.
  • I liked that Brooke seduce Branson and tied him up than threatened to torture him in order to find out where he really was on the night Jake died and I have to say that she was pretty scary when she was threatening him but I was glad she didn't really do anything to him in the end because Branson isn't worth going to jail over.
  • I liked that even though Emma promises Kieran that she won't go to the fairgrounds that she does anyway.
  • I felt bad for Brooke when she admitted that even after confronting Branson she doesn't feel any better about loosing Jake.
  • I was very worried when I saw that both Noah and Audrey were tied to rides in the abandon fairgrounds.
  • I like that Noah pointed out that their scenario was like that of the torture genre of horror and that he  became more freaked out by their situation when he said that in that genre a lot of times no one survives.
  • I liked that Noah pointed out that both horror movie logic and real world logic says they're going to die and that leads Noah to tell Audrey the truth about how he stole her phone and saw the text and the gif of her with Jake's body.
  • I liked how when Audrey told Noah about how the killer had her after he made the gif and how she couldn't tell anyone the truth that Noah stills tells her that she cloud have told him, I like that because it implies that he would have believed whatever she told him even only she didn't keep things from him.
  • I liked how when Noah started making confessions to Audrey because he thinks they're both going to die he starts off with I don't like my cat, I wished I learned to play an instrument and that he lied when he told Riley his favorite movie was Terminator when it's really Psycho.
  • I liked that when Noah moved unto to confessing that he liked kissing Audrey that she tried to stop that conversation but when he said that he feels stupid for like it that she told him that he's not stupid and that she does love him just as a friend and nothing more.
  • I liked that when Noah started saying that them dying is his fault that Audrey told him it wasn't and that when he vowed to that if they survived that he would takedown his murder board and stop his podcast that Audrey told him he shouldn't because it's part of who he is.
  • I liked that it turned out that Audrey actually followed Noah and faked kidnapped him because she knew he suspect her and wanted to convince him of her innocence by making him think that they both been kidnapped. I liked that despite this making her seem suspicious that Noah just totally trust that she'll explain everything to her later.
  • I liked that Audrey told Noah that Eddie has been dead so it must have been the killer that lure him and Emma here tonight.
  • I'm glad that Audrey told Noah the truth about how she brought Piper to Lakewood by writing her letters about how she wanted to make a Brandon James documentary because she related to him and how she asked Piper if she was behind the killings and she said no she believed her and now Audrey blames herself for what happened and I liked that Noah tells her that what happened wasn't her fault and that she's a victim like the rest of them.
  • I think it's a bit odd that the killer cut off Branson's hand but then ironed the wound shut which would make it so he won't die which isn't the killer's style.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Notorious: The Perp Walk(1.02)

                                            Notorious: The Perp Walk(1.02)Review
  • I like that Julia wants to find Sarah's brother in order to get a different point of view on Sarah and Oscar's marriage from her brother because she wants to find something that will set her show apart from all the other news shows.
  • I like that Jake's brother Bradley knows that Jake is a lot more broken up about Sarah dying than he lets on and that he is here for him in anyway that he needs him.
  • I found it interesting that Jake's client that goes on Julia's show and says that her child is missing and her recent ex-boyfriend claims that she never had a child.
  • Based on the way that Oscar is talking about how he found Sarah dead it sounds like he didn't kill her and he sounds very upset by her death.
  • I liked that Julia told Jake both about his client not really having a child at all and more importantly about the pictures that she was sent about Sarah, Oscar and him. While I understand why Jake is upset that Julia kept these photos from him for days I also think it's completely understandable why she waited to show them to him.
  • I find it kind of scary that whoever sent Julia the photo of Sarah's body last episode works on Julia's show.
  • I liked that Julia tries her best to get Sarah's brother on the show by telling him that she can get the whole country care about her.
  • I like that Julia after finding out that Jake's client does have a kid that her ex didn't know about that she may have killed her child and made up the kidnapping in order to cover that up. I like that a part of Jake agrees with her but he isn't willing to admit that she could be right.
  • I'm a little relieved that Ryan was the one that sent the photo of Sarah's body and that he was just trying to get a story.
  • I like that Jake told Julia that he was sorry that he was taking things out on her because he was upset about Sarah's death and that he told her everything about what happened between him and Sarah. I also liked that he was willing to listen to her about his current client's case.
  • I liked that Ryan told Julia that since she stood up to his dad at a family dinner years ago that he has looked up to her ever since and wants to be more like her.
  • I liked that after Oscar had been behaving recklessly all episode that Jake tells the cops that Oscar actually arrived at the house before him rather than arriving together which ended up getting him arrested by the end of the episode.
  • I liked that it turned out that Jake's client hid her son in order to protect him from his father who was abusive and is up for parole soon and I liked that Jake was able to prevent him from getting parole and allow her to get her son back.
  • I liked that Jake got Oscar arrested at Sarah's funeral and gave him a sound bite to say that would make him look sympathetic and that he got him sent to jail so that he could sober up. I liked that Julia figured out that all this was Jake's doing as well.
  • I'm curious about what Sarah's brother's opinion is on Oscar and his marriage with Sarah, I'm guessing that it's not a favorable one.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Playful Kiss

                                                                Playful Kiss Review
Playful Kiss is a story about girl named Oh Ha-ni who has a crush on the smartest most popular boy in school, Baek Seung-jo. One day Ha-ni gives Seung-jo a letter in which she confesses her feelings for him and he gives her back the letter after grading it for grammatical errors giving her a grade of D- and somehow the whole school finds about his cruel rejection of her which leaves Ha-ni feeling completely humiliated. Ha-ni tries to get over Seung-jo after he rejects her but the two end up living together soon after when Ha-ni and her father have stay with Seung-jo and his family after their home is destroyed. Ha-ni finds herself unable to move on from Seung-jo once he starts to show a hint of interest in her but it is still a very frustrating and painful affair Ha-ni since after each hint of affection Seung-jo shows to Ha-ni he goes back to treating her coldly.

The things that I liked about this drama was the character of Ha-ni who was sweet, determined and hardworking she was someone who I found easy to root for and I found her to be really lovable, I also loved the relationship that Ha-ni had with her two best friend it was a fun relationship to watch and I really believed that the three of them have been friends for years. Another thing I enjoyed was the relationship between Ha-ni and Seung-jo's mom honestly the main reason I even rooted for the main couple was because I loved the mother-daughter relationship these two had with how one lacked a mom while the other lacked a daughter and they found what they were missing in each other. The thing I didn't like about this drama was Seung-jo and the way that he treated Ha-ni he is just so necessarily cruel to Ha-ni for reasons I've never understood and I really wished that Ha-ni would have ended up with someone who would have treated her better because I loved her character and I wanted the best for her and I'm not convinced that Seung-jo is what's best for her.

Overall while there were things that I enjoyed about this series there were more things I disliked and out of all the dramas I've watched so far this is by far the worst one in my eyes and the one that took me the longest to finish watching. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

TV Review: Timeless: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln(1.02)

                           Timeless: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln(1.02)Review
  • I felt bad for Lucy that when she told the people in charge of the time traveling operation didn't seem to care that are sister was erased from existence and weren't willing to look into what could have happened to her. I did like that Wyatt stood up for Lucy even though he was also ignored.
  • I'm curious about who or rather what written house is considering Flynn mentioned them several times and they are also the ones that Rufus's boss is giving the recordings to that he makes Rufus take of Lucy and Wyatt.
  • I liked that the girl that Rufus had a crush on told Lucy that she would look into what could have changed that might have made her sister disappear from existence.
  • I liked that Wyatt told Lucy that he was sorry that she lost her sister, I liked that he treated hearing about sister ceasing to exist as if she had died because he understands that she loss someone she loved in a way that could very well be permanent.
  • I liked that even though time traveling has messed up her life that Lucy still was a bit in odd of seeing the fireworks on the day that Civil War ended.
  • I liked that when one of the black soldiers found out that Rufus could write well that he asked him to write an add in the paper so that he could find his family so that he could start a better life with them now that they were free.
  • I liked that Lincoln's son developed a bit of a crush on Lucy and that this ended up allowing her to get close enough to the big events in this episode so that history could be preserved.
  • I liked that Rufus brought up the idea that maybe they should just kill Booth so that they could prevent not only three people that weren't suppose die from dying but also Lincoln from dying and how him living might have improved history especially that of his people. I liked that when Lucy was arguing to preserve history that Wyatt told her that he agrees with Rufus on this.
  • I liked that the main thing that Flynn changed to make the plan to assassinate all four political figures is a success was to bring modern guns so the attempts were less likely to fail, I just like the simplicity in his plan.
  • I liked that Wyatt trust Rufus to get the bullet out of him because he knows that Rufus works with his hands although in a very different environment which Rufus points out and I liked that Wyatt tells him to just think him as a circuit board.
  • I find it interesting that Flynn is claiming that he didn't kill his family but rather that Written House did and that they framed him and that his messing up history has something to do with destroying them although Flynn is still doing plenty of bad things it seems that there are a few more layers to him then there originally appears to be.
  • I thought that it was a bit cold that Lucy implied that she so convinced that history shouldn't be altered that she would think it would be wrong to prevent the death of not just someone like Lincoln who was a very important historical figure but also Wyatt's wife Jessica who whether she lives or dies probably has little effect on any timelines.
  • I liked that Booth was so dedicated to the theatrical nature of his murder of Lincoln that he refused to use Flynn's gun.
  • I liked that Rufus asked that Lucy at least think about saving Lincoln because she was literally going to be in the same theater booth as him.
  • I liked that Lucy was clearly very emotionally effected by meeting Lincoln because she grew up admiring him.
  • I liked that when Rufus was doubting himself and saying that he wasn't a fighter at all so he was afraid he'd choke when trying to save the vice president that Wyatt told him that he has faith that Rufus will do what needs to be done because of the things he's seen that Rufus was brave enough to do in the past two episodes.
  • I liked when Rufus said that he was still scared that Wyatt told him that he wouldn't want to go into battle with him if he wasn't scared.
  • I liked that it was explained that the reason why Flynn took Booth's role in killing Lincoln was because Booth would have  needed to kill two people now instead of one and he refused to take a gun that held more than one bullet.
  • I liked that after Rufus saved the vice president that the man that had figured out earlier that he was only pretending to be a solider that he told Rufus that him saving the vice president makes him one in his eyes.
  • I liked at the last second Lucy did try to save Lincoln even though it was too late to save him by the time that she acted. I liked that Lucy was able to save Grant with the help of the other people in the box.
  • I found it a bit heartbreaking when Lincoln's son told Lucy that she did all she could to save his father because Lucy knows that isn't really true since she knew what was going to happen.
  • I liked that Rufus told the black solider that while things are going to be hard that they will eventually get better even though it doesn't seem like a real possibility anymore.
  • I liked that Lucy confessed to Wyatt and Rufus that even though she decided to let Lincoln died that at the last second she still tried to save him and that she learned that knowing that something happened and actually seeing someone get shot right in front of you are too very different things, I liked that Wyatt held her hand at the end of that scene.
  • I find it interesting that the reason Lucy's sister was erased from history and she wasn't is because a relative on her father's side married someone that would've died on the Hindenburg before they went back in time and that this means Lucy's mom lied about who are father really was her whole life.
  • I liked that Rufus told his boss that he wasn't going to spy on Lucy and Wyatt anymore because they are good people and his friends but I was sad that it looks like his boss just blackmailed Rufus into recording their conversations anyways.
  • I was sad that when the doctors asked who to call to pick Wyatt up that he said that he'd just call a cab.
  • I think that it must've been pretty awkward for Lucy to have to go through an engagement party for a man that it looks like she does even know while everyone else including the man she's engaged to think that she's in love with him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Notorious: Pilot(1.01)

                                                        Notorious: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I disliked that the show started with a sex scene but luckily the show got better as soon as that scene ended.
  • I loved that we saw from the beginning how good Julia was at her job and also how when running a news show the entire rundown can change at the last minute if you get wind of some bit of breaking news at the last second and I liked how it showed that Julia and her team are very good at changing their show at the last minute.
  • I liked what we saw of Julia and Jake's friendship, I enjoy their snarky banter, similar personalities and the fact that the two of them promised to never lie to each other even though it would seem like a producer of a news show and a lawyer wouldn't want to share too much with each other.
  • I liked that Jake's brother was concerned about him working on Oscar's case because he knows that he was close to Oscar's wife Sara in the past.
  • I liked that it turned out that Julia and Jake sort of use each other in order to get ahead in their jobs with Julia getting exclusives from Jake because of who his clients are and Jake by being able to have a bit of control of the narrative that the media is going to have on what his clients are actually guilty of.
  • I liked that Ryan the son of the guy that that owns the network that Julia works for is actually someone who really wants to work hard and to actually work his way up in the news industry.
  • I liked Ryan flirting with Ella who works for Jake in order to find some kind of story so that he could impress Julia but I also liked that Ryan later admits that he actually does like Ella even though he used her to get ahead.
  • I felt bad for Julia when she found out that her boyfriend who had just became a federal judge has been sleeping with call girls but I liked that Julia told him that she will forget him someday but he will never forget her because he will always be worrying about when she's going to reveal his dirty little secret to the world.
  • I liked that there were quite a few twists to the case that was the focus of this episode that involved both the news and legal side of things because it made the interesting to watch.
  • I didn't really like that Jake hooked up with Sara since she's married to his client but I understood why it happened so it didn't bother me too much.
  • I liked that Ella called Ryan out for using her to get ahead but I also like that he offered to let her use him for something someday.
  • I liked that Julia and the rest of her staff seem to all put the show above their own personally feelings because it shows how dedicated and professional they are.
  • I was surprised that Sara ended up murdered by the end of the episode although I kind of feel like I shouldn't have been because I think they showed that in the promos for the show before the show aired but I was still surprised that she died.
  • I'm curious about everything that Sara was hiding since she had fake passport being made and she ended up dead for some unknown reason.
  • I'm curious who sent Julia the photo of Sara's dead body since it wasn't Jake or Oscar who are the two people that would have known that Sara was dead at that point.
  • Overall I enjoyed the this episode and I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the series will be like. I find both the plot and characters interesting which is what I need to continue watching a series.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Timeless: Atomic City(1.03)

                                                 Timeless: Atomic City(1.03)Review
  • The scene with Lucy pretending to know the man she's engaged to and their history was very awkward since he feels like he knows her very well while he's just a stranger to her although I'm glad that he seems to be a pretty nice guy even though the situation is still pretty uncomfortable for Lucy.
  • I liked that in this episode that Flynn went back to a date that nothing really important happened in history but rather one where he could make something happen in.
  • I liked that when Rufus's boss suggested that Anthony the man that Flynn kidnapped during episode one could have been working with Flynn that Rufus defend Anthony and said that they should be trying to save him not questioning his loyalty.
  • I liked that when Wyatt noticed Lucy's engagement ring that she told him and Rufus about how she's engaged to this guy Noah who she knows nothing about but there are plenty of pictures of the two of them together. I like that Rufus gave her a confused congratulations and Wyatt decided to tease her asking her if she'll take his last name which she admits she doesn't even know.
  • I liked that both Lucy and Wyatt knew that the government tested Nuclear bombs about 60 miles outside of Vegas in the 1950s and 60s and I liked that Lucy was surprised that Wyatt knew about this.
  • I liked that Rufus joked about betting on baseball games when they walked into the casino.
  • I liked that Rufus snuck waiter uniforms for them to wear so that they can sneak into the party where both Flynn and John F. Kennedy would be at, and that he said that in 1962 he's pretty much invisible which is why it's easy for him to sneak around without anyone noticing him.
  • I like that the lady that Kennedy was spending time with defended Lucy and tipped her very well after a man sexually harassed her.
  • I felt bad for Rufus when he realized that Anthony wasn't Flynn's prisoner but that he was helping me for some reason that at this point is still unclear although he does at least seem to dislike that Flynn is killing people.
  • I like that Flynn turned out to be after Judith Campbell who is the mistress of both Kennedy and a mob boss who passed messages from those two men to each other. I liked what we saw of Judith because she seems to a women who is both strong and smart.
  • I liked that when Judith asked who Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus were that Rufus said that they were undercover cops and when they couldn't prove that Lucy told her that they weren't undercover cops while Rufus kept trying to sell her on that idea which wasn't working at all.
  • I liked that Judith tried to escape out the bathroom window because she really doesn't have any reason to trust Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus even though they are trying to save her life I get why she doesn't see it that way especially with Wyatt who threatened to tie her up which Lucy didn't allow him to go through with.
  • I liked that Anthony told Flynn that he wasn't to kill Rufus because he was an innocent in all of this and someone who Anthony considers a friend. I also liked that it was made clear that Flynn is trying to erase Written House from history.
  • I liked that Judith asked Lucy if she and Wyatt were sleeping together and then goes onto say that they should since Wyatt is wound so tight he clearly needs it.
  • I liked that Lucy told Judith that she finds her fascinating and I liked that the two of them connected when Judith told her that one day she woke up to find that her life had changed a lot seemingly over night which Lucy can of course relate to and I liked that Judith tells Lucy that she likes not knowing what is going to happen next and that she wouldn't want to go back to her old life if given the choice because she feels that she would've always been wondering if she missed out on something better.
  • I like that Rufus told Wyatt about what he learned about Flynn from Anthony and I like that Rufus starts questioning if something bigger is going on since he knows Anthony is a good guy that lives for his wife and kids and not the type to hurt anyone so him being in league with Flynn doesn't make any sense.
  • I like that Wyatt wants to try and get ahead of Flynn but I don't really like that he's willing to use Judith as bait and Lucy doesn't like either. I do like that Judith is willing to go along with the plan as long as it keeps Flynn's pictures of her and Kennedy from the press.
  • I liked that Judith knew that Wyatt was lying her but I didn't like that she knocked Wyatt out when his back was to her. I understand why she used the chance she had to escape and I liked that when she ran started into Flynn that she was able to make a deal with him to get her pictures back.
  • I liked that after Judith did whatever Flynn wanted her to do and asked for the keys that she demanded that he give her back the pictures and negatives back I like that she's handling things smartly for if she was dealing with a blackmailer but I'm worried that Flynn might be a little above the type of guy she knows how to handle.
  • I liked that Wyatt sent a telegraph to his wife in 2012 in order to try and prevent her death and I liked that when Lucy sees him doing this that she doesn't get mad at him for trying to change history somehow but instead tells him she understands because she would do anything to get her sister back and I like that Wyatt tells her that he doesn't believe in things like fate so that's one of the reasons why he can't help but want to improve things in the past.
  • The fact that Flynn was after the core of a nuclear bomb is something that is very frightening. The idea of what could happen if a nuclear bomb exploded during a time jump is also very frightening.
  • I liked that Rufus stole a car for them by pretending to valet so that they could go after Flynn before he stole the core of the bomb.
  • I liked how Wyatt drove straight at Flynn to the last second beating that Flynn wouldn't let them crash into each other because then they would all explode.
  • I liked that when Wyatt told Lucy and Rufus to stay in the car and let him handle Flynn that they wouldn't let him handle everything by himself and that Rufus said he'd get the bomb and Lucy said she'd make sure Judith was safe.
  • I liked that Rufus convinced Anthony to hand over the bomb by telling him that nothing could justify this kind of destruction and I was sad when it turned out that Anthony had tricked Rufus.
  • I liked that Judith told Lucy that she wouldn't have helped Flynn if she knew about the bomb.
  • I liked that when Wyatt tried to take out Anthony that Rufus blocked Wyatt shot and I like that Rufus keeps telling everyone that the situation must be more complicated than it appears and that Anthony still needs their help.
  • I liked that when the Homeland Security lady found out Anthony was working with Flynn and changed the order to rescue him to take him out that Wyatt doesn't mention that Rufus blocked Wyatt's shot of Anthony.
  • I was sad for Wyatt when he figured out that his message to his wife he sent in the past didn't prevent her from dying.
  • I liked that Lucy moved out from the place she was sharing with the guy she's engaged to because that was a very uncomfortable situation for her to deal with.
  • I liked that Rufus keeps wondering about the why behind everything and that when Wyatt said that he isn't train to ask why that Rufus asked how they can know they are on the right side of things if they don't ask why they're doing what their doing.
  • I thought it was smart of Flynn and Anthony to bury the core of the nuclear bomb rather than take it with them in the time machine, still scary that Flynn has a nuclear bomb.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

TV Review: Scream: Dawn of the Dead(2.05)

                                            Scream: Dawn of the Dead(2.05)Review
  • I liked that the episode began shortly after the last one ended and it showed how the school had became chaotic and I like that the Sheriff put the school into lockdown in order to find out what happened.
  • I like that Emma and Audrey went to Brooke because they knew that she would need a friend to try and help her through things. I was sad that Emma was pulled a way to be questioned by the police but I was glad that Audrey was able to stay with Brooke.
  • I found it sad how Brooke was remembering the last time she was with Jake and how she regretted that she told Jake that they couldn't be seen as a couple in public.
  • I liked that when Noah was being questioned by the Sheriff that he seemed pretty freaked out about what happened and how when he tried to say that these kind of things are kind of normal for them he took it back right away because that's not really true things like Jake being murder and there being another killer on the loose is terrifying even if they went through something similar before. I also liked that Noah told the Sheriff his theory about their being an accomplice to Piper and that they might be the one who are behind these killings.
  • I felt bad for Emma when it was clear that most of the other students were whispering about her behind her back and maybe even blaming her for there being another killer because right now Emma's freaking out enough without having to deal with people talking about her behind her back.
  • I liked that Audrey wished that she would have said something earlier because while she couldn't have done anything about Jake being killed she could have prevented his body from being discovered in a way that is sure to traumatize Brooke.
  • I liked that when Brooke mentioned that she was just texting with Jake last night that Audrey pointed out that maybe she wasn't actually texting with Jake last night but instead his killer.
  • I agree with Brooke that having to put on a cheerleading uniform after what she been through feels like a cruel joke.
  • I liked that when Noah walked into the room that Emma went over to hug him and asked how he was holding up.
  • I liked that Noah, Gustavo, Kieran and Eli figured out the Sheriff is keeping them locked in the school with the possible killer in order to figure out who the killer is.
  • I like that the show is casting a bit of doubt on Emma her find Jake's phone in her backpack and her having no idea how it got there since Emma was been having mental health issues since the last killings it is a possibility(although one I find unlikely)that she could be the new killer.
  • I'm glad that Audrey told Emma not to tell the police that she found Jake's phone in her backpack because I think if she did they would just assume that she was the killer and that would just allow for the real killer to have more time to kill people before the police figure out that Emma is innocent. I'm also liking how the main characters are taking it upon themselves to figure out who the killer is and stop them because they know how the killer plays this kind of game with their lives.
  • I liked that when Brooke's dad came to get her that she ran right up to him, hugged him, let herself cry and be comforted a bit.
  • I like how Zoe told Noah that she wasn't really trying to ignore him but that she was trying to pretend that something horrible didn't just happened and I liked that Noah said that they all had their ways of coping.
  • I liked that Zoe could tell that Noah did need to talk so she told him to go ahead and talk to her and I liked that Noah explained his theory about what just happened and what's going to happen next in horror movie terms and I liked that Zoe sort of accidently pointed out that describing things in horror movie terms and making the murders into mysteries to solve is his way of coping with things.
  • I liked that Zoe told Noah that she listened to his podcast and that she liked the way he was able to make the morbid sound beautiful.
  • I liked that when Kieran said that he had something he'd rather the cops didn't find in his locker that Emma was worried about what that could possibly be and I liked that Noah was curious but still willing to help and I liked that Audrey and Zoe also helped Kieran slip out of the room to get to his locker.
  • I find it very suspicious that Kieran has a gun in his locker because that isn't something that one should ever take to school.
  • I really don't think that then Sheriff wanting an in with Kieran and his group of friends is a bad thing considering that the killer is clearly fixated on Emma and her group of friends which Kieran is part of.
  • I liked that Eli offered to ditch Jake's phone for Emma because he's right that he would do a better job at it than Emma would but it still a bit suspicious that he was willing to take that risk if he isn't the killer.
  • I dislike how Kieran told the Sheriff about Emma having Jake's phone because I don't think he really needed to do that and I like that Eli was offended on Emma's behalf.
  • I like that Noah called Audrey and that they both gave each other updates on what they knew to be going on and I liked that Audrey still seems suspicious of Gustavo who is drawing creepy pictures of a dead Jake which is a pretty suspicious thing to do after finding out classmate has died.
  • I'm glad that the Sheriff believes that Emma is telling the truth but doubts her sanity a bit because of the mental health problems she has been suffering from recently because in all honesty that's the only smart thing to think in this situation with the evidence he has been given, I also like that he let her leave after he questioned her.
  • I really hate that girl Hayley(I think her name is) it seems like she just wants to start something and she seems to like trivializing what Emma and the other went through last year and honestly after calling Emma and the rest of her family crazy she deserved to get hit but I'm worried that this will reflect poorly on Emma.
  • I felt terrible for Brooke when she had to tell the Sheriff about her fight with Jake the last time she saw him but I like that Brooke thinks that Branson is the one behind killing Jake because he is someone who's been harassing her recently and he has a reason to want to kill Jake and make her suffer.
  • I liked that when Emma was worrying that she might be going crazy that the psychology teacher told her that being upset after something terrible happen to friend is normal not crazy.
  • I liked that Audrey told Noah why she thinks Gustavo was the killer while Noah argue that Gustavo was a friend that just like morbid things and I like that Audrey pointed out that if she's wrong about Gustavo she could just tell him sorry later but if Noah was wrong about Gustavo they could end up dead. I also liked that Audrey figured out how to sneak Noah back into the room where all the students are being held.
  • I'm really worried about Emma since got a call from the killer and saw him outside of the room she was in and she broke out that room by smashing the window with a chair and I'm not sure how much of what she saw was really which is making her seem a bit suspicious but it's mostly just making me worried about her well being because either the new killer is playing mind games with her or she is hallucinating neither of those things are good.
  • I don't like that the sheriff took Emma's mom off the case or that he is thinking that Brooke is a suspect.
  • I like that Noah noticed Audrey's slip up when she said she was getting calls recently and I like that Noah is a bit suspicious of Audrey right now but also worried for her.
  • I felt bad for Gustavo when after Audrey revealed all the creepy pictures that he has been drawing that everyone start calling him a sicko and accusing him of being a serial killer and then beating the crap out of him.
  • I liked that Emma didn't tell the Sheriff or the psychology teacher about the seeing the killer because she can't prove what she saw and she doesn't want them to think she's crazy.
  • I liked that Emma was mad at Kieran because he took her choice about what to do about Jake's phone away from her and that she wants him to trust her to make her own choices in the future.
  • I found it heartbreaking but I also thought that it was a good scene when Brooke went into the pool and went underwater and screamed letting out all the pain she's been feeling all episode.
  • I like that Noah took Audrey's phone because he's suspicious of her recent behavior and I'm worried about what's going to happen now that he knows she helped Piper with the murders somewhat last year.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Vampire Academy

                                                         Vampire Academy Review
Vampire Academy is based off a book series which I haven't read and it's about girl named Rose Hathaway(Zoey Deutch) who is a guardian in training who is tasked with the job of protecting her best friend Princess Lissa Dragomir(Lucy Fry) who is a Moroi which is a good vampire. The two girls have left their school that is for their types of people a year earlier because they believed that Lissa was in danger from someone at the school who might want to use her for her powers which are very strong but since she hasn't chosen a type of magic to focus on there are still a bit out of control. Rose and Lissa are brought back to school a year after they ran away and it appears that there is still a threat to Lissa's life as well as a lot cruel pranks being played on her by her fellow classmates. The film spends time dealing both the high school problems and the more dangerous supernatural threats that the girls face.

In subplots both Rose and Lissa are also given romantic interest who they develop bonds with throughout the although in different ways due to their differing personalities. Rose develops a crush on the head guardian  Dimitri Belikvo(Danila Kozlovsky) who is quite a bit older than her and is her trainer in fighting. Lissa ends developing feelings for Christian Ozera(Dominic Shorwood) who is an outcast at the school because his parents choose to become Strigoi(bad vampires) and the two of them end up developing a mutual flirtation after they bond over loosing their families shortly after meeting.

Overall I really loved this movie I thought that it was a lot of fun. I really liked the characters, the mythology of the world and the relationships that the characters had especially the bond that Rose and Lissa shared with each other. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.