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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors(4.12)

                                        Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors(4.12)Review
  • I liked that Kira was able to figure out right away that Scott had been turned into a Beserker because she saw his tattoo but I didn't like how Kate made Scott hurt her.
  • I thought that it was unfair of Kate to say that Scott hadn't went through anything all that bad since he's never killed anyone since he has been through a lot he just knows that killing someone is never the answer.
  • I liked that Stiles pretty much demanded that his dad allow him to go down to Mexico in order to rescue Scott and Kira but I also liked that the Sheriff wanted to go through the official channels but was willing to go down there if nothing turned up after doing that unsurprisingly Stiles wasn't willing  to wait that long.
  • I liked how Derek told Braeden that she thinks she's a much better shot them him therefore much less helpless than he is at the moment. I liked that when Derek told Braeden that he has a feeling that he's not going to make it back that she told him she wasn't okay with that but I also liked that Derek was okay with that as long as it saved Scott and Kira.
  • I liked how Stiles had Malia get something of Scott's in order to track his scent and I found it funny that Stiles went for dirty underwear while Malia decided to use Scott's pillow instead.
  • I liked that despite it being the full moon and there being Beserkers which he's terrified of Liam wanted to go with to Mexico because he wanted to save Scott.
  • I liked that Braeden was able to get a hold of a prison transport van and that was how they were going to keep Liam tied down on there way to Mexico.
  • I liked that Stiles didn't want to leave without Lydia but because time was a very important factor they had no choice but to leave without her. I liked that Liam called Mason and had him go to find out what was holding Lydia up and I liked that he was willing to help despite not knowing what is going on.
  • I liked that despite Peter trying to bond with her in order to get her to do what he wants her to do that Malia pretty much ignored him and she also brought up that Scott says that they don't kill anyone therefore she's against his plan to kill Kate and I liked that she also told him that she's worried about everyone.
  • I liked that Derek gave Liam the talisman that he use to use in order to gain self control and told him about the alpha, beta, omega phrase that he use to use, I enjoyed seeing Derek be a good werewolf mentor even though it wasn't his words that worked for Liam but the Satomi pack phrase the sun, the moon, the truth that helped him gain control.
  • I liked how Kira hallucinated her mom as a calm and kind presence that guide her towards the solution of how Kira could trigger her healing, I think that this says a lot of good things about the relationship between the two especially with how her mom told her it was okay if she was to cry because that doesn't mean she's not strong.
  • I liked how when Derek was nearly killed by a Berseker that Braeden ended up shooting at it enough that it backed off of Derek. I liked how Derek told everyone to just go on ahead and save Scott and Kira.
  • I liked how Derek mentioned how he had a mortal wound and was feeling pretty mortal to Braeden and I liked how she vowed that she wouldn't let him die and he told her to focus on keeping herself alive.
  • I liked how when Stiles got a call from his dad in the catacombs that he was confused that he still had a signal down there and how everyone seemed pretty thrown off by the fact that Stiles was having a conversation with his dad at a time like this. I also liked that Stiles told his dad about how he thinks something bad may have happened to Lydia since she's been held up.
  • I'm glad that Kira was able to let everyone know before they killed him that Scott had been turned into a Beserker and I liked that Liam was able to break through with him by telling Scott what Scott told him shortly after becoming a werewolf that he's a werewolf not a monster.
  • I liked that after Lydia speech about how they should help their friends that Mason went through with her plan to attack a beserker with baseball bats because he too wanted to help his friend. I also liked that the Sheriff saved both of them.
  • I liked that when Scott defeated Peter that Scott told him that he was never an alpha really but he was always a monster.
  • I don't understand why Derek evolved into a full wolf but I'm glad that he did because that's much better than him actually dying.
  • I was a bit sad for Chris when he told Kate that he has given up on trying to save her and he's unsure if she can even be saved since she's the only family he has left.
  • I'm glad that Chris told Kate that Alison didn't die because of her friends but that she died protecting her friends.
  • While Kate is a villain and is generally up to know good I can't blame her for running and I kind of actually like that she refuses to be anyone's prisoner.
  • I'm interested in how Braeden use to be a US Marshall but she had to quit because she spent too much time looking for the desert wolf.
  • I liked how Kira had earned her first tail by being able to heal herself.
  • I liked how Coach said that Scott and Stiles were to look out for Liam and I liked the way Scott and Liam looked at each other after that.
  • I liked that Lydia want to help Parrish figure out what he is since she also had no clue what she was for a long time.
  • I'm unsure if locking Peter in a room with the guy with the third eye is a good idea or not.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode or the entire season.

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: He deserved to Die(1.07)

                        How to Get Away with Murder: He deserved to Die(1.07)Review
  • I thought that it was pretty awful that the press was able to just publish a rumor that Rebecca and Griffin had sex with each other and I'm glad that Keating was able to get a gag order on things because she's right that this report hurt Rebecca a lot more than Griffin.
  • While I get why Keating wouldn't want the body to be brought back since she has no idea if Rebecca was actually the one that killed Lila or not and she doesn't want any evidence to possibly led back to her since I truly believe that Rebecca didn't do it I actually wanted it to be brought back because new evidence could only help her case.
  • I liked that this episode mentioned and showed that Connor was still hung up on Oliver but I don't see how have sex with a bunch of random guys was going to help him at all but that may be the point.
  • I liked that when Griffin was accusing of Rebecca of planting the phone that Rebecca told him that she was laughing at him because that isn't something she would know how to do. I'm also glad that before Rebecca could attack him that Wes came between them because that would only make Rebecca look bad even if Griffin was the one to start things with her.
  • I liked how Michaela was so proud of herself and bragging about how she got an interview at a big name law firm and that Connor was jealous about it.
  • I liked how the prosecution's lawyer came to Keating and gave her away to discredit Griffin's lawyer's medical examiner's findings on Lila's body.
  • I was surprised to learn that it's apparently legal to pay expert witnesses to say just about anything you want them to say.
  • I really like Laurel's boyfriend Khan he seems like a nice guy who really cares about both Laurel and his clients, also I kind of thought that Laurel would prefer working with him at legal aid because that place seems to be more about helping people than Keating seems to be which I think would suit Laurel better.
  • I liked how Wes mentioned that he went to a community college and then night school before landing at Middleton law school which seems to be a very different background from everyone else.
  • I like that Wes just wants to help Rebecca out and find away to help her find a better life and I like that even though it sometimes seems to annoy her that she doesn't want him to stop trying.
  • I liked that on the night of the murder that Rebecca wanted to just confess to the murder since there was already a chance that she was going to jail and she didn't want Wes to have to go to jail.
  • I felt bad for Michaela when instead of being in an interview she was being given a prenub.
  • I liked that Rebecca called Sam Mr.Darcy to show she still doesn't trust him and I like that Wes than glared at Sam right afterwards.
  • I felt bad for Rebecca when Lila's mother was on the stand and basically said that she killed Lila and that made her almost cry and how she said she doesn't care what anyone says Lila was her friend.
  • I liked that when the boys were sent out to flirt information out of the prosecution's assistant that Rebecca wanted to go too because she's good at flirting with girls.
  • I liked that Rebecca was able to figure out that Laurel is thinking about leaving to go work with her boyfriend and Michaela was given a prenub and that she used this information to get the two of them to stop talking about her and Wes.
  • I liked how when Connor was suppose to be getting information he asked for advice on how to win Oliver back and Asher went to try and get laid and Wes was the only one that actually worked to get the information.
  • I liked how after they discovered the plea deal that Griffin was offered and Keating laid out the only way they can stop it  that Rebecca offered to got to the press and pretend she doesn't know what a gag order is.
  • I liked that Keating told the prosecution's lawyer that she would beat her in the court room.
  • I liked how when Wes was ignoring her that Rebecca followed him and kept pestering him until she got him to open up.
  • I kind of now like the idea of Wes and Rebecca so I'm good with the two of them hooking up.
  • I liked how Wes gave a list information about himself and how most of what he said were things you wouldn't expect about him, I found it sad that his mother committed suicide when he was twelve and for some reason it made me even sadder that he tried to just bury in a list of other facts about himself.
  • I like that Connor did try to go win Oliver back and I liked that when it was clear that Oliver had a new boyfriend that he didn't want to ruin things for them but I was sad for him even though he probably deserved this that the new boyfriend told him if he cared about Oliver he should stay away.
  • I really don't like the whole relationship between Laurel and Frank but I accepted that it's a thing.
  • I liked how Nate told Rebecca that he knows that she didn't kill Lila and that they both know who did and he wants her help in proving it.
  • Lila being pregnant and the marks on the neck being bug bites are things that are working in Rebecca's favor that she isn't the killer but that first one is making me suspect Sam even more.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

TV Review: The 100: The 48(2.01)

                                                       The 100: The 48(2.01)Review
  • I thought that the white room that Clarke was being held in during quarantine was really freaky and I completely understand why she freaked out when she saw that Monty's room was empty and there was someone in a hazmat suit clean the room there instead.
  • I liked how resourceful Clarke was when she broke out the room and used a piece of the broken glass in order to hold Maya hostage and figure out where she was and what was going on. Although I did feel bad for Maya when she was being held hostage.
  • I find the whole Mount Weather place to be very strange and I agree with Clarke that the place isn't inspiring a lot of trust.
  • I was glad that the show wasted no time in telling us that Bellamy and Finn are in fact still alive and ran out of the camp before the rockets went off. I also liked that there was two other members of the 100 that went and check parts of the ark that fell so they were spared from the blast.
  • Finn and some other guy was captured by the grounders but the other guy was killed fairly quickly because he was unable to stand on his feet.
  • I liked that Octavia had to learn the language of the grounders because only the grounder's warriors know how to speak English so to be accepted in Lincoln's clan she would have to learn the language.
  • I'm pretty worried for Lincoln now that we've learned that the punishment for Lincoln for going against his people is to be stabbed by every person in his clan and being left for dead.
  • I liked how Raven even know she can hardly moved had found her way to a gun and had put herself in a position in which she could shoot at anyone that could come in and attack her and I'm glad that she was able to kill that grounder that tried to kill her.
  • I liked that when Murphy wondered back to the drop ship that Raven did shoot at him for shooting her but her gun didn't have any bullets left so he was fine and I liked that Murphy admitted that he would have shot him too if he was her.
  • I liked that President Wallace always asked for Clarke to not be bond when they spoke, I know that this must be a calculated move in order to gain her trust but I'm glad that he is giving her more to work with even so.
  • I like that Clarke's first concern when talking to Wallace was finding out whether or not her people were safe and when she heard that only 48 of them were brought here she then wanted to be able to go out and look for the others.
  • I liked that when Clarke was given new clothes to put on that she broke apart a heal so that she would have a weapon although Wallace figured it out pretty fast and took it away from her before she used it.
  • I find it interesting that the people of Mount Weather are ancestries of the people were inside this area all those years ago and therefore they haven't adapted to the radiation in a way that they can survive outside like the grounders and those from the Ark can.
  • I liked that when Monty and Jasper saw Clarke that they ran up to her and hugged her and I just generally liked how happy all the members of the 100 were to see her.
  • I found Murphy's story about how his dead got floated for trying to get him medicine when he was sick when he was little and his mom drinking herself to death and blaming him for his father's death to be pretty messed up.
  • I liked how when Raven asked whey Murphy was being nice to her that he answered that he didn't want to die alone.
  • I liked that Bellamy and the two members of the 100 that were with him came up with a plan to rescue Finn from the grounder unfortunately the plan didn't work and only got Bellamy captured as well.
  • I liked how Jasper and Monty were so happy to just enjoy the food of Mount Weather and I just generally love how happy those to seemed to be. I also liked that when Clarke told them to act like they're happy to see her that Monty said they are happy to see her.
  • I like how Clarke isn't trusting anything about Mount Weather and is looking for a way out but I also understand Jasper's point of view of just being thankful that no one's trying to kill them here.
  • I liked the little exchange between Jasper and Maya about the differences between life in space and life at Mount Weather, I also just enjoyed what seemed to be flirting between the two of them.
  • I liked how Clarke tried to escape in order to find the rest of the 100 and because she doesn't trust the people of Mount Weather at all and feels that they are being kept prison there which seems to true to me.
  • I liked how Jasper was able to talk Clarke out of opening the door by telling her that when she shut the drop ship door she saved everyone inside lives but if she opens the door she'll be ending lives because even a little exposure to radiation could kill these people. I also like how Clarke is so focused on the members of the 100 who she doesn't know whether or not they are alive and how she still can't doesn't trust the people of Mount Weather.
  • I was glad that Kane came and killed the grounder before he could kill anyone else but I didn't like how Kane just took control over everything despite only having been on earth for a day or so.
  • I think that Raven is far too selfless with how her first words to Abby is about how Clarke isn't here even though she's practically dying though I'm glad that Abby's here so that she could save Raven.
  • I really disliked how Kane had Bellamy arrested for beating up Murphy but I did like that Finn defended Bellamy by telling Kane about all the terrible things that Murphy had done although Kane remained stubborn and refused to see reason when it came to this which I also disliked.
  • I'm worried about Lincoln since he brought Octavia to his clan in order to find her the antidote in order to cure her from the poison even though they may kill him for being a traitor but I'm also worried about Octavia since she could die from the poison.
  • I find it interesting that a couple decades ago the people of Mount Weather went outside to test if they could survive it but most of them were dead within a week.
  • I liked that Bellamy wanted to stay at the original camp site because that's the place their people would return to if they were to come back and I like that Bellamy and even seem to be not giving up on their people.
  • I'm glad that Abby left a note for Clarke outside of the campsite in order for her to find her later on and let her know that she's alive and on earth.
  • I think it's suspicious that Wallace told Clarke that they could find no survivors even though there are clearly plenty of them out there at least from the Ark not that many from the 100.
  • I'm glad that Clarke is pretending that she is accepting of her life at mount Weather but is still secretly figuring out away to escape it and definitely doesn't trust them.
  • I was very sad to see Jaha shutting off the power of the Ark and I'm very confused about the baby that he heard crying on it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: Freakin' Whack a Mole(1.06)

                    How to Get Away with Murder: Freakin' Whack a Mole(1.06)Review
  • I thought that Asher looked like a dork dancing around his place on the night of the murder and I liked that it was explained a bit why he went looking for the trophy because he had won and then noticed it was gone.
  • I found it interesting that Laurel and Rebecca were suggesting that maybe they should just let Asher in so that he would be a part of the murder therefore he'd also have to keep quit about them being there.
  • I liked how Wes told Keating that he was disgusted by her for all her lies when it comes to Rebecca's case especially since it looked like Keating was protecting her husband who very well may be guilty over Rebecca.
  • I liked that the case this week was an appeal of a death row case of a man named David Allen who was convicted based solely on circumstance evidence and how this case was one that always upset Keating because of how unjust the justice system really is.
  • I liked that when Sam thanked Bonnie for putting up with all their stuff that Bonnie told him she does it for Keating and that she'd do anything for her.
  • I liked how Wes threatened to go to the police with all the information he had about Sam unless Keating was able to convince Rebecca to come back by showing both him and Rebecca that he she would make a case for her that wouldn't land Rebecca in jail because Keating was protecting her husband.
  • I liked how when Asher found out that his father was accused of knowing that one of witness testimonies were false that he couldn't believe that because his father had always prided himself on being honest and following judicial rules to the letter, I liked this so much because Asher so earnestly believed in his father.
  • I liked that despite not believing that his father would do something like allow for a trial to continue with false witness testimonies that Asher went back home and looked for evidence of this and confronted his father about it. I liked how upset Asher was when he found out that everything that his father brought him up on was based on lies and I felt bad for him when his father called him a brat for questioning him because that was unfair of him since he was in the wrong here not Asher.
  • I find it interesting that Connor implied that he has never met his father before nor does he know anything about him.
  • I liked how Asher was able to find away to get information that would help win the case without implicating his father publicly and I liked how part of his negotiations for the information was to get the trophy.
  • I liked how everyone were up all night working on the appeal, I just enjoyed seeing how much work everyone put into the case.
  • I liked how Bonnie told Laurel not to lead Frank on because she's becoming a valuable member of the team and because Frank doesn't know that a relationship with her isn't going to go anywhere but Laurel does so it would be unfair to lead him on.
  • I liked how when everyone was trying to figure out what the deal was with Wes and Rebecca that Laurel told them all it's none of their business.
  • I was so glad that Keating was able to win the appeal in David Allen's case and that he was able to walk free once again.
  • I liked how Keating had Frank plant Lila's phone in Griffin's car in order to protect both Rebecca and her husband, while I dislike Sam and believe he did kill Lila I'm glad that this means that Rebecca won't be sacrificed in order to keep him safe anymore.
  • I liked how when Rebecca told Wes that she never had anyone believe in her like he does and he says I know and I wonder if that's why he's so invested in her is because he knows how much it means for her to have someone trust her on just her word.
  • I was surprised to learn that on the night of the murder Asher and Bonnie slept together.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: The 100: We Are Grounders Part 2(1.13)

                                      The 100: We Are Grounders Part 2(1.13)Review
  • I liked that Raven was stubborn enough to want to walk the 120 miles the needed to get to the ocean and I liked how Clarke told her that she couldn't walk because it would just make the damage that bullet made even worse since the bullet its still in her.
  • I liked how Bellamy was still thinking of ways to win the war with grounder and I liked how he brought up bringing in reapers because an enemy of my enemy is my friend, I also liked that Clarke said that these guys aren't ones that she thought could be trusted like that.
  • I liked that when Finn walked out and said that they could leave without Bellamy and that they didn't need them that Clarke disagreed and said that they absolutely needed Bellamy.
  • I liked how Clarke pointed out that they listen to Bellamy and when Bellamy said that they listen to her better that she told him she gave them an easy choice but he had them convinced to fight and die for him and that's something she feels they may need to do again possibly before the day is done.
  • I liked that before they left the camp that Clarke told Bellamy that he did good and then he said 18 dead and then Clarke said 82 alive. I just liked that even though they did a very good job at keeping most the people alive that Bellamy is focused more on those he failed and Clarke is focused on those who were kept safe.
  • I was worried for the group when it became clear on their walk that the scouts were already there which meant that it was too late for them to flee so they had to go back to camp.
  • I liked that when Bellamy was saying that since the scouts were already there it wasn't safe for the group to leave since they would be easier to pick off out there in the open and Finn was still insisting that it would be safer to leave because they can't win the fight that in the end that the decision was left in Clarke's hands and that she choose to stay because it was the one that they were prepared for and therefore the odds were somewhat better for their survival.
  • I liked how Octavia was prepared to fight with a knife of some sort against the grounders and that although Bellamy was clearly worried about her he let her go off to fight.
  • I liked how Raven came up with the idea of making the drop ship launch briefly in order to set all the grounders on fire and that she was sure that she'd be able to find away to make that work if given enough time.
  • I'm very worried about Raven's injury since the bullet hit her spine and she is bleeding a lot internally.
  • I liked that Finn was willing to risk his life to get medicine that would help Raven survive but I also liked that Raven didn't want him to do that for but in end he was able to convince her and Clarke that it was the best thing for the entire group since she's the only one that knows how to get the rockets to launch.
  • I'm glad that the people of the Ark are doing what they can to get to earth but I was sad when it became clear that someone would have to stay behind in order to launch the system manually. I liked that Kane was willing to do it and I liked that Chancellor did do it but I was also sad because him staying behind means that he'll die shortly from lack of oxygen.
  • I liked how when Miller tells Bellamy that Octavia thinks she a samari that Bellamy sort smiles fondly at the thought.
  • I thought that the grounders running really fast but not attacking in order to get the 100 to waste their amo on them was a smart plan and I thought that this part of the episode added a lot of tension since it took awhile for them to figure out what was going on and in the meantime they loss quite a bit of amo.
  • I felt sad for Raven when she was talking about how she use to always been picked first but now she just doesn't feel like anyone's first choice and I liked that Clarke told her that she'd pick her first.
  • I liked that Clarke called Jasper in because Raven told her that Jasper knows how to splice a wire which they needed to do but Clarke didn't know how and Raven couldn't get to it at the moment.
  • I was glad that Raven's landmines turned out to work and that her hearing this from Jasper was what helped her not give up all hope.
  • I liked that once they figured out that the grounders were trying to make them run out of amo that Bellamy told them to only shoot when they knew the grounders were attacking them.
  • I wasn't surprised that the grounders captured and tortured Murphy for information but I sort believes he deserves it and I sort of feel bad for him.
  • I liked that Octavia ended up saving Bellamy's life but I was sad that she got hit with an arrow in the leg right afterwards.
  • I liked that Lincoln was upset with Finn for worrying about only one life during a war but I liked that he helped him anyways.
  • I liked that Lincoln insisted on coming with Finn back to camp because he wanted to help Octavia and I liked that they ended up using reapers as a way to distract the grounders that were attacking.
  • I liked that Clarke made the gunners stay out longer because she knew they need to buy a bit more time to get everything ready but told everyone else to come inside in order to keep safe.
  • I liked that Octavia didn't want to leave Bellamy and that she wanted to continue the fight even though she was injured.
  • I liked that Bellamy despite his distrust and general dislike of Lincoln that he let him take Octavia away because he knows that he'll keep her safe. I liked that Bellamy told Octavia that the truth is that his life didn't start until she was born and that what he needs most of all is for her to be alive.
  • I'm glad that Raven was given the medicine but I'm unsure if it worked or not.
  • I liked that Clarke didn't want to close the drop ship until everyone was inside but I'm also glad that Miller was able to convince her that she couldn't save everyone so she had to close the drop ship before everyone got inside of it.
  • I liked that Jasper was able to figure out a way to jump start the rockets when the first way they tried didn't work.
  • I liked that when Anya was at their mercy that Clarke refused to let them kill her because in her words their not grounders they don't kill their enemies when they don't have to.
  • I'm very concerned about Bellamy and Finn since they didn't make it into the drop ship in time but I'm sure their alive since if they died they would've showed us their deaths.
  • I'm glad that the station that Abby and Kane were in made it to earth but I'm still sad for the Chancellor who is still stuck up on the Ark.
  • I'm curious about who the mountain men are and what they're up to since they seem very different than all the other people we've seen from earth considering that their place seems pretty high tech. On the upside I'm glad to see that Monty is alive even though he's probably not safe with the mountain men and neither is Clarke who is also with them.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode or the entire season.

TV Review: The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1(1.12)

                                  The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1(1.12)Review
  • I was sad that at the beginning of the episode that the Chancellor said that there was no chance that the people on the Ark could survive longer than two days but I liked that Kane refused to give up looking for solution that would keep everyone alive.
  • I liked how Raven asked Bellamy what they were going to do about Finn, Clarke and Monty because I liked that she refused to give up on them and  that she thought Bellamy would do the same.
  • I liked how Bellamy was focusing all of his energies on trying to make sure that the camp was prepared for the grounders attack but I was sad that he was so sure that Clarke, Finn and Monty were dead and that going after them would only end in their own deaths so he was doing all he could to make sure no one else died.
  • I'm curious about how the grounders system of ruling works with how a new grounder Tristan was sent to take over the attacks on the 100 because they felt Anya was taking too long to kill them which seemed to offend Anya.
  • I'm curious about who and what the reapers are but the fact that the grounders are terrified of them and they appear to be very vicious makes me afraid of them.
  • I liked how Jasper told Bellamy that if Clarke was here and Bellamy was the one missing she would go after him and I liked that while Bellamy stuck with his claim that it was for the best to focus on defending the camp you could tell that a part of him wanted to do just that.
  • I was very afraid for Jasper after he caught Murphy killing a guy because you just know that Murphy wasn't going to risk letting Jasper tell Bellamy what he had just done.
  • I liked how Jasper used the radio in his pocket in order to alert Bellamy of what was going on inside with Murphy and I liked that Jasper yelled what Murphy did in order for Bellamy to hear even though Murphy was a direct threat to his life at the moment.
  • I liked that Lincoln saved both Clarke and Finn from his own people because he doesn't believe that his people are in the right for the war their having.
  • I liked that we saw a moment where Abby breaks down because she believes she failed Clarke and she thinks that now she'll never be able to see her again or make it up to her that she caused her father's death.
  • I liked that Octavia was really concerned about Jasper after she heard that Murphy was holding him captive and I liked that she demand that Bellamy do something about it and I love even more that Bellamy already is doing something about it.
  • I liked how Bellamy was willing to trade himself for Jasper because he knew that who Murphy really wanted to hurt was him not Jasper.
  • I liked how jasper felt so guilty about Bellamy taking his place and I liked that him and Raven went inside the drop ship in order to find away to open the doors so that people could come in and stop Murphy from killing Bellamy.
  • I liked that Octavia was really worried about Bellamy and I liked that when Murphy allowed for Bellamy to talk to Octavia that Bellamy told her he was alright even though he had to know that with Murphy making him tie a noose that Murphy planned to kill him.
  • I liked that Bellamy did tell Murphy that he was sorry about almost hanging him and that he was wrong to listen to the crowd even though I don't like Murphy I like that Bellamy has come far enough as a character that he knows he made the wrong choice in that situation.
  • I liked how the Chancellor was watching videos of little Wells and Clarke and that gave him an idea about how to save the people on the Ark.
  • I liked how Murphy told Bellamy how he thought that he was weak for bending top the will of crowd when it came to his hanging and I like how Murphy told Bellamy how he thought that he had everyone fooled by making them think that he was brave and by believing that his people would find away to save him, I like this mostly because we know that Murphy is actually wrong here at least about the part that his people aren't going to bother saving him because they are working on that.
  • I find it interesting mostly because I think that Murphy may be right that with Clarke thought to be dead and if Bellamy dead the 100 would need a new leader and that his plan was to take over after Bellamy died.
  • I thought that it was very noble of Lincoln to sacrifice himself for Clarke and Finn and to show them a way to a place that the 100 could find safety at.
  • I thought that it was really freaky that reapers were keeping half dead people alive but stacked like corpses and I'm kind of wondering if those people will become reapers someday.
  • I liked that Raven was able to get the doors open just in time for the others to safe Bellamy from certain death.
  • I liked that Finn showed that after he killed a reaper that was trying to kill him that he felt guilt about it because I like whenever it's clear that taking a life affects the person who takes it.
  • I disliked how Finn told Clarke he loves her mostly because I don't really believe him but I did like that Clarke politely shuts him down.
  • I thought that Murphy blowing a hole in the side of the drop ship was a pretty clever method of escape for him but I also thought that it wasted a lot of gun powder.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Jasper that him and Raven were right about how they should go out to find Clarke, Finn and Monty. I also liked how Jasper hugged Bellamy because he was thankful that Bellamy saved him and just that Bellamy was alive.
  • I liked that Jasper hugged Clarke when she came back because he was happy she was alive too but I'm sad for him because they didn't know where Monty is either and I'm overall very concerned for Monty.
  • I liked how Bellamy made a big speech about how the camp is there home and they should do everything they can to be prepared to defend their new home and I liked how Clarke than gave a speech about how they will die if they stay at camp and how she thinks it's best if they leave. I liked seeing these two work as leaders and I liked how even though they have two different ideas about what is best for the group they still appear to be working together.
  • I'm worried about Raven since it seems that Murphy shot her when he was randomly shooting his gun at the floor when he figured out someone else was in the drop ship.
  • I'm glad that the Chancellor and the people on the Ark are figuring out away to get themselves down to earth alive even if it means destroying most of the Ark itself.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Review: The Wolves of Mercy Falls:Sinner

                                              The Wolves of Mercy Falls: Sinner Review
This book would be the fourth in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series but this book is a lot different than the first three because it's set in LA instead of Minnesota and it focuses on only Cole and Isabel stories but not at all on Sam and Grace like the other books of the series did. This book starts off with Cole coming to LA to both have a second chance with Isabel and also record a new album he values both things but believes Isabel to be the more important reason to come to LA. Isabel has been living in LA for quite awhile now she's going to nursing school and doing her best to excel with not giving a dam Cole kind makes the second one somewhat difficult for her.

This book mostly deals with Cole and Isabel's relationship as well as their personal problems. Cole is dealing with being back in the spotlight after being gone for a long time, he's dealing with making music again and with how no one really believes that he's changed which makes him doubt that he really has changed or that the change will stick. Cole ends up struggling with figuring out how to deal with everything while staying in his own head which is a place that he doesn't like to be half of the time and he can't help but to check out when things get painful even though he isn't using drugs or alcohol anymore. Isabel is dealing with her parents divorce and how she doesn't believe that love can last so she doesn't understand why she should even bother with love if it's just going to end one day. This attitude causes a lot of tension in her relationship with Cole because she is almost always halfway out the door already at any given time.

Overall I really loved this book it deals with two complex characters who have a complex relationship I enjoyed watching their story unfold and enjoyed the time that I got to spend in both of their heads. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or series as a whole.

TV Review: Revenge: Ambush(4.07)

                                                   Revenge: Ambush(4.07)Review
  • I liked how Emily decided to sneak into the beach house in order to find out if her father was hiding anything under the floorboards and she ended up finding the knife he used to kill Conrad and a key to a safety deposit box.
  • I liked that Emily called Nolan in order to help her figure out what he's hiding and I liked that Nolan was completely willing to come over to Emily's in the middle of the night.
  • I liked that Jack told Emily about the double infinity sign he found in that dead cop's garage and I liked that Emily hung up as soon as Jack's partner took the phone from him.
  • I liked that Jack was mad at David for humiliating Nolan on live TV and I liked that Jack without really telling him the truth told him that Nolan was there for his daughter, I just really loved how Jack defended Nolan.
  • I liked how Daniel went to Victoria and confronted her about how he just found out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke and I liked that he told her that one he's upset that no felt the need to inform him of this and that whatever plan she has going on with David is not going to end in anything but David hating her because even he knows that she was part of the framing of David Clarke.
  • I felt so much for Emily when David came over and introduced himself to her like he was stranger which hurt her terribly and I liked how she him that she never gave up on him by telling him about Amanda and how they were best friends. I also liked that Emily used the fact that Amanda nearly died at her baby shower as a way to make David question Victoria.
  • I liked that Emily broke down a little bit after David left and then told Nolan how close she was too revealing herself right then to him but then he lied about where he was again and she realized how she doesn't even know him anymore. I also like that she was upset he couldn't recognize her because while it's logical that he wouldn't it makes sense on an emotional level for Emily to be upset by this.
  • I felt a bit bad for Louise when she hallucinated her mother insulting her and I really think that she needs a lot of serious help but I also dislike that she almost killed Margaux.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Emily had sold a bunch of Victoria's things.
  • I felt bad for Nolan with how he has to hide out from the media because of what David said especially since it's clear that he's hurting pretty badly from David's lack of faith him in general so the public humiliation aspect just makes everything worse for him.
  • I liked how Daniel confronted Emily about her secret and I liked how her whole attitude was she doesn't have time for any of this.
  • I liked that what Daniel really wanted from Emily was for her to just leave himself and Margaux out of whatever war was going on between herself and Victoria.
  • I'm curious about if Emily framed the guy that Charlotte killed for Conrad's murder.
  • I loved the elevator scene when the power was out between Emily and Daniel those two have such great chemistry which makes me ship them a bit even though I know there never going to go there again and I don't really want them to but they have great chemistry.
  • I liked how Daniel was asking if any of their relationship was ever real and I liked that Emily said that once before Daniel decided to align himself with his father they could have been but now those feelings are long gone. I also loved how Emily used him in order to boost herself up so that she could climb up the elevator shaft and Daniel was just so incredibly impressed by her as he should be.
  • I really hated how Victoria paid off a stripper in order to make herself look like she tried to help Amanda out when she not only never helped Emily out but she actually had Emily locked up by paying Michelle Banks off to make Emily believe that she was crazy for believing in her father.
  • I liked how Emily made it in and out of the secure vault just in time for the power to turn back on.
  • I'm very concerned about how friendly and flirty Louise and Nolan were with each other because she is mentally unstable and Nolan has the absolute worse luck when it comes to romance which means this relationship is entirely possible and can only end in disaster. Impending doom aside their scene was pretty cute.
  • The scene were Emily looks at the pictures of Amanda that her father took made me sad.
  • I thought it was strange that Nolan just decided to randomly buy the club since he had a nice day there.
  • I liked that Margaux figured out that Louise slept with Daniel and then she dumped him and throw a drink in his face.
  • I liked how Emily came into the beach house to confront David and I liked how angrily she told Victoria to get out. I liked how Emily called David out for never coming for her when he had the chance to so years and I liked that David figured out that Emily is Amanda.
  • I'm angry that Victoria had to get electrocuted right when Emily and David's reunion was taking place because of how it made the scene about Victoria again when it shouldn't be about her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Damage(4.06)

                                                   Revenge: Damage(4.06)Review
  • I liked how we saw Emily watching her father take a morning swim and I liked how this showed that she was both longing to talk to him again but I also afraid to do so.
  • I was quite surprised that the guy that Charlotte hooked up with actually wanted to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. I'm really confused about why this guy kidnapped her and why he was interested in David Clarke since he had a whole bunch of articles on him.
  • I don't understand why David isn't suspicious of Victoria considering that she was very worried about what he might say in his interview and how she wanted to come up with talking points and overall just wanted to control the whole thing should've made David wonder why she would act like this if she wasn't keeping anything from him.
  • I liked how when Nolan was hacking into the FBI for Emily to get information about her father that he pointed out that it would probably be for the best for her if she just faced her fears and confronted her father. I also liked that Emily felt that something was off about her father's story because she's right to think that way since we know that David is lying about where he's been.
  • I liked that Charlotte fought off her attacker not so happy that she accidently killed her attacker but I liked how she called Emily to help her out.
  • I'm glad that once Victoria found out that Louise was Daniel's client that she told him that she met her in a mental hospital because that's just the kind of thing that people should be aware.
  • I liked that when Jack found out that his partner was harassing people in order to try and solve Conrad's murder that Jack told him to just keep away from it and he was also pretty pissed that his partner suspected him as the killer last week because who wouldn't be.
  • I found it so sweet but also quite sad in hindsight how happy and pretty much in awe Nolan was when David came over to his house and I liked how Nolan told David he'd be there to support him in his interview no questions asked because David means so much to Nolan and he's so happy he's back.
  • So this episode made it clear that Louise is really crazy with the whole hallucination thing and that she wants Victoria to be a mother figure to her.
  • I liked how Emily told Charlotte that she's never killed anyone and that what she truly excels at is erasing herself completely and that she's done far too good of job at it. I also liked that Emily told Charlotte that Victoria killed Aiden.
  • I liked that Emily told Charlotte that she had to take control over her own life by owning up to her mistakes and I liked how this got through to Charlotte enough to make her decide to check herself into rehab.
  • I'm concerned for Margaux since Louise is setting her sights on her in order to get closer to Victoria.
  • I liked how Louise told Daniel that her plans had nothing to do with him and I liked how she gave the very valid reason as she didn't want him to judge her as to why she didn't tell him about the time she spent in the mental hospital.
  • I understood both why Emily wasn't sure if she couldn't trust David and that she need to go investigate where he had supposedly been held prisoner since his "death" but I also understood how Nolan didn't feel the need to ask questions and he just wanted to be there for David in a time when he needs support.
  • I liked how when Victoria question Nolan's friendship with David that Nolan told her that they were always close even when David was in prison and Victoria had abandoned him.
  • I liked that when Jack's partner was being a jerk at the wake by interrogating the daughter of the dead cop that Jack step in and stopped him because there's a time and place for this sort of thing and at wake is certainly not the time or place.
  • I felt so bad for Nolan when David accused him on live television of cheating his daughter out of her inheritance which we all know that he didn't do but Nolan can't say anything to defend himself because he can't reveal Emily's secret on while the cameras are rolling so he just has to take David spouting how much he hates him and will never forgive me and it was just heartbreaking to watch because we know how much Nolan loves both David and Emily and we know that Nolan didn't do anything wrong here.
  • I really hated how David decided to confront Nolan about the inheritance on live TV because while I can understand why David would have a reason to doubt Nolan he also knows how loyal Nolan and how something like this is completely out of character for Nolan so I think that David should have confronted Nolan in private about this because if there was something more to the story(like there is) he was never going to get any real answers on live TV so this whole thing just really pisses me off because this isn't about getting answers it's about hurting the one person that never stopped believing in him.
  • I liked how when Charlotte was leaving she told Victoria that Emily deserves to have a relationship with David and that whatever planning she's working on isn't going to work out in the end and she's not going to sit around and watch Victoria tell her lie. I like that when Victoria said that all she did was try to keep their family together that Charlotte pointed out that she just tore them apart in the end.
  • I liked that when David confronted Nolan after the interview that Nolan was upset with David for thinking that he would ever think that he would do something like that and I liked Nolan was hurt that David didn't take him at his word because Nolan always believed in David even when the rest of the world thought he was guilty Nolan believed he was innocent and he did everything he could to help David out.
  • I was so upset when David punched Nolan and Nolan was so upset by this whole confrontation as well and it was just sad to see him like this. On the plus side I liked that Emily walked in right he was punched and went over to check if he was all right.
  • I find it very suspicious that there was a double infinity sign craved into a pole of the dead cop's garage.
  • I liked the goodbye scene that Charlotte and Daniel shared it was a really nice sibling scene.
  • I liked that Emily wrote Charlotte a letter and I'm curious about what it says.
  • I really hate everything about the David and Victoria relationship because he really has no reason to trust her at all yet he does completely.
  • I liked that Nolan told Emily that it was time that she told her father the truth and I agree with him but considering that Emily now has good reason to believe that her father lied about where he's been for the last decade I can understand why she doesn't feel like it's safe to.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: A Fractured House(2.06)

                                  Agents of Shield: A Fractured House(2.06)Review
  • I thought it was nice of Talbot to give Shield the benefit of the doubt when Hydra people dressed as Shield people attacked the UN although I don't think Shield earned that since they've been acting like villains all season.
  • Just so you know I will be calling Christian Ward Christian and Grant Ward, Ward because I've been calling him that since the Pilot and I feel no need to change that now but I don't want anyone to be confused about who I'm talking about.
  • I'm a bit confused about how Christian even knows that Ward is still alive since Ward has had no contact with his family in fifteen years and the first five of those years he lived completely off the grid in the woods so wouldn't it make sense for Ward's family to believe he died after he escaped juvy not started working for a secret government agency that the general public as only known existed for a few years now if that, anyways I find it suspicious that Christian knows that Ward was involved in Shield at all and I think he wants Ward dead to keep him quiet about something he knows about him.
  • I liked that they showed a scar on Ward's wrist because I thought they were doing good continuity with the scar from his suicide attempt but looking at it closer it seems to be a different scar which annoys me a bit.
  • I think that Ward has a very impressive internal clock that he's able to wake up every morning at 5:30 am despite being locked in a cell for months that has no sunlight or clocks but I think that comes from living in the woods for five years.
  • I liked that Skye told Simmons that she was glad that she got back from Hydra safely.
  • I think it says a lot about current Shield that a bunch of people had to ask Coulson if they were behind the UN attack, I think it says that no one really knows anything that's going on and that they're acting so much like their enemies that they can't tell the difference between themselves and Hydra's actions since neither of them are acting like good guys.
  • I liked how Bobbi and Lance had to go on a mission together in this episode it was the most enjoyable part of the episode by far.
  • I really don't understand why Coulson and Skye thought that Ward would know the kind of places his brother hangs out now a days considering they both know that Ward hates him and it's pretty clear that he hadn't spoken to his family in years. I guess this is just another thing on the long list of things that the team doesn't understand about Ward even though it's freaking obvious.
  • I liked the awkwardness of the scene with Bobbi and Lance were they try to be civil with each other but they just can't seem to go for very long without offending each other somehow.
  • I liked that Simmons did her best to treat Fitz like she did before but I think it was unfair of Fitz to assume that Simmons left him because he was different especially since he never really gave her the chance to explain herself although I do like that Fitz doesn't acknowledge that he's different now.
  • I felt so sad for Ward when he became terrified by the mere mention of his brother's name and I liked how his first concern was that Skye could be in danger from Christian and she needs to stay away from him I just like that Ward still tries to protect even though he's not in the position to help anymore.
  • I really disliked how quickly Coulson put the wall between Skye and Ward when they started discussing her father and I think this shows how threaten Coulson is by Skye not doing exactly what he says. I think that Coulson was both threatened by Skye finding out more about her father and threaten by Skye possibly starting to think of Ward as a human being again because both these things could make Skye question his actions which is something that Coulson certainly doesn't want anyone doing.
  • I think that Coulson is a disgusting for coming up with the idea to knowingly sell Ward an abuse victim back to his abuser Christian in order to save his own skin. I would also like to point out that it was Ward's fear of Christian that caused Coulson to approach Christian and tell him that he's keeping Ward prisoner in his basement and is willing to make a trade and this was all before Christian lied and gave Coulson a reason to doubt Ward's word about the abuse.
  • I liked how when Lance was trying to compliment Bobbi's undercover skills that it came out as an insult even though he didn't mean it as one.
  • I liked that when Lance thought that Bobbi was in danger that he went off to rescue her right away and then she got mad at him for interfering because she had things under control.
  • I felt really bad for Ward because I knew that Coulson and Shield would believe Christian's lies because they just love finding new excuses to hate Ward even though Ward flat out told them what kind of person Christian is and the games he plays no one believes me and this makes me so angry and sad because this is the reason that Ward never told anyone about his parents, Christian or Garrett because everyone always believes the abusers over the victim and this is true in real life as well and I hated watching this this episode honestly made me want to puke in regards to this situation.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Ward can understand why Skye's father would kill an entire village after loosing her and her mother because it does show that her father loved her.
  • I was kind of glad that Ward didn't know how to find Skye's father other than through Raina because it wouldn't have made any sense but I do think that he could probably track him down with his skill set if he was let out of jail.
  • While I thought it wasn't really nice that Skye told Ward that he was getting out but by that she means Shield is selling him to his brother, I did like that she didn't gloat about it and didn't seem happy about it like she would in the way she would've been in 2.01 if it happened then so slight improvement but not much.
  • I felt bad for Simmons when she saw that in a way that Mack had replaced her in Fitz's life but I liked that she was glad that Fitz had a friend that was there for him when she couldn't be.
  • I'm really curious when the three weeks Coulson tried to get Ward to talk were because I feel like that's a pretty important detail of why Ward wasn't ready to talk, was it right after Ward was captured and had a fractured larynx and was physically unable to speak, was it right before Ward's three suicide attempts was it Coulson's words that finally pushed Ward to his breaking point or was it right after his three suicide attempts that Coulson has flat out said that he doesn't care about why they happened because I can think of a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with being difficult as to why Ward wouldn't be willing to talk to Coulson and to be completely honest I don't think Ward talk to Coulson because he didn't feel like he could trust him and Ward couldn't trust Coulson this episode more than proves that.
  • I liked that Ward's goal was to help the team out and eventually rejoin the team someday because I liked that Ward hasn't completely given up on himself. I also don't find it strange that he thought Coulson was offering him a second chance because through out all of season one Coulson gave out second chances and told Ward that everyone deserves one apparently what Coulson meant is everyone he likes deserves a second chance and Coulson was never too fond of Ward and he likes being petty and vengeful too much to be fair or decent to Ward.
  • I thought it was unfair of Mack to say that Simmons bailed on Fitz when he doesn't know why she left and I find it sad that Simmons being around Fitz actually makes him worse and that's why she left him.
  • I liked how Bobbi told Lance that she's okay with him staying if he wants to stay after he tries to leave after saying that Shield has always been her thing.
  • I dislike how Simmons threatened to kill Ward especially since she's the only person on the team who has yet to kill someone so it's sad to see her willing to sink so low in order to be vengeful. I also have a feeling that the next time she sees him he'll be saving her life, don't know why I have that feeling but I think it has a good chance of happening.
  • I liked that Ward still plans to keep his promise to Skye about helping her find her father because it proves that despite her betraying him that he doesn't hold this against her in anyway, it's nice to see at least one character on this show being capable of forgiveness.
  • I am so glad that Ward escaped because he didn't deserve what was happening to him in this episode and what was going to happen to him was that his brother would get to hurt him again and then murder him and that's no justice and I don't think any character has deserved a second chance like Grant Ward does so I'm glad that he's taking things into his own hands.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top 10 Books I Want to Re-Read

1. Fruits Basket: So I didn't re-read this series yet this year which really upsets me because I re-read this entire series at least once year because I truly believe that Fruits Basket is best series every written and it surely is my favorite. I really want to read this series again because I love it and it's been far too long, I love all the characters and every time that I re-read the series it gets even better which is pretty much never the case but it is with this series which is part of what makes it so special. I love that this series has a pretty positive outlook on life while also showing how dark life can be as well it's nice to see both sides in a story and I always feel that it's really important that the characters were able to overcome as much pain as they did. Anyways I want to re-read the series and actually post more specific thoughts I have on the series but I'm not sure how exactly to do that since I don't think that I can exactly review the series because I'm too emotionally attached to it and I've read it so many times but I know that I want to write about the series characters, relationships and even certain scenes at length so if you have any suggestions on how I should do that please tell me and if you haven't read this series please do.
2. Reading in the Dark: This is another book that I have re-read multiple times already and haven't read in awhile. Although I feel this one I have less of an emotional attachment to but I really do love the book but I don't really remember the book as well as I would like so I think that it's time that I read it again since it's a really great book.
3. Linger: I'm just really obsessed with this book and it's partially because of how most people think of this book as shallow fluff and that really upsets me because I've always thought of this book as really character exploration and I love the book for taking so much time to focus on characters in a genre that is usually about plot and love triangles but this book had so much to do with internal conflicts. I really loved Sam's story about how he was getting used to his cure being true and how he was continuing to heal from what his parents did to him when he was a child. I loved how Cole in this book was really trying to just not be himself to just runaway from himself because despite the confidence he seems to exude he really does hate himself in this book but doesn't know how to be anyone but himself. I loved how this book dealt with Isabel feeling guilt over her brother's death and how she was looking for a way to self destruct with her relationship with Cole. I've talked about how much I love this book before in this post and I think that I could probably talk about this book a lot more if I re-read and was feeling inspired also if anyone wants to talk to me about this book please comment because I really love this book beyond reason.
4. White Oleander: I've read this book only once and it was a pretty long time ago but the story stuck with me and I remember really loving it. I loved how the main character changed so much as she went from foster home to foster home adapting to each new world and I always love the complicated relationship that she had with her mother that ran through out the whole book despite the two of them being separated for most of the book. I really loved this book and I really would love to rediscover this book.
5. Impulse: I love this book it's probably my favorite Ellen Hopkins book and I really love Ellen Hopkins so that's saying something. I would just really like to read this book again simply because I love the book.
6. Rosario + Vampire: It's been a long time since I read this series and I really do love this series so I want reread the volumes that I already read and then catch up with the rest of the series. I'm also thinking that I might end up reviewing this series when I do get around to rereading it.
7. Secret Circle: I just really loved these books and I was just randomly thinking yesterday that it would be fun to reread them so there you have it.
8. Tilt: I love Ellen Hopkins writing and I just really love Shane's storyline which to be honest is probably the only part of the book I would end up rereading but it's such a good storyline and I really would love to revisit it.
9. Tokyo Babylon: This series is a favorite of mine because the last volume just emotionally devastates me and I apparently really enjoy that and I also do need to still review the last three volumes I think of the series so I think a reread is in order.
10. Cardcaptor Sakura: Well if I'm going to reread something as sad as Tokyo Babylon I'm going to need to cheer myself up with something as happy as Cardcaptor Sakura.

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: We're Not Friends(1.05)

                         How to Get Away with Murder: We're Not Friends(1.05)Review
  • While I didn't like that it was confirmed that Laurel had slept with Frank sometime before the murder I did enjoy everyone's shocked expression when she told them that she has.
  • I liked how Laurel answered Keating's question and that when she was called a show off that Laurel pointed out that she was just answering the question like she was suppose to not showing off.
  • I liked how Wes kept asking Keating about using the phone as evidence because he knows that it would help Rebecca but I dislike that Keating is unwilling to use the evidence because it incriminates Sam who she still has reason to suspect of being the killer.
  • I felt really bad for the client who is a young boy who killed his abusive cop father in order to stop him from further hurting his mother. I also liked how Laurel pointed out that they finally have a client that she likes.
  • I liked the scene where Rebecca came over to Wes's apartment and stole a few slices a pizza from him this scene was a nice glimpse of her character who we haven't been able to see much of before this point.
  • I liked that Nate finally told Keating that Sam's alibi for the night of the murder doesn't check out and I liked that he also was the one that led her to finding out about what Bonnie did in order to get Rebecca recorded confession.
  • I liked how Laurel answered Frank's call on the night of the murder in order to strengthen their alibi.
  • I liked that Laurel was passionate enough about helping their client that she was willing to risk telling the jury about jury nullification which is something that can get lawyers disbarred.
  • I liked how on the night of the murder when Michaela was freaking out a lot and it was said that she had to return the trophy to Asher that Laurel said that she would take care of the trophy instead.
  • I liked how the case in this week's episode was more about emotion when it came to the defense than whether or not the client actually broke the law.
  • I liked that when Sam evaluated Rebecca that she was able to tell that something was up with him and that she figured out that he was the guy from Lila's phone.
  • I liked how on the night of the murder that Laurel went to Frank in order to make sure that he handled the trophy, I liked this because this sets him up as someone who the crime could later be possibly pinned on.
  • I liked that Laurel was proud about how she made sure that their client didn't go to jail even if she had to break the rules to do that and I liked that when Frank kissed her she stopped it fairly quickly and then went and had sex with her boyfriend.
  • I liked how when Wes called Rebecca after he saw that she had left that when she asked him if he knew at first he thought that she meant if he knew she left, I found his confusion adorable.
  • I liked that Rebecca told Wes that she didn't think that they could trust Keating because her husband is the guy from Lila's phone.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Repercussions(4.05)

                                              Revenge: Repercussions(4.05)Review
  • I thought it was really messed up how Victoria took David to visit Amanda's grave and let him think that his daughter was dead when she knew for a fact that she was alive this is just another thing David will hate her for later and another thing that proves she doesn't love him.
  • I felt so bad for Emily and Nolan being unable to get to see David and I totally understood Emily's anger over the whole situation because she's been wanting to see her father for so long and now she has to see Victoria the woman that destroyed him by his side while she can only see him on tv.
  • I felt really bad for Jack when the reporters harassed him and basically said that it was his fault that Amanda was dead and I'm glad that he yelled at them to go away.
  • I felt a bit bad Margaux that Victoria screwed her over by not repaying her loan by not allowing Margaux any sort of access to the David Clarke story even though Victoria owes her.
  • I liked that Emily put the idea into Charlotte's head that Victoria might've been the one that tried to have David killed and I'm curious if that is true or not.
  • I liked how Emily made sure that Margaux didn't get any press up to David because she wanted her father to have his right to privacy despite the fact that his privacy is currently keeping her from seeing him.
  • I liked that Nolan is worried about how David might not be the same person he was before he disappeared and that he's worried about Emily because of this.
  • I didn't like how Daniel cheated on Margaux with Louise but I'm glad that he also tried to end the relationship the same day it started.
  • I thought that it was pretty cruel and messed up that Charlotte took David to meet Jack's kid and lead him to believe that it was his grandchild knowing full well that's not true. I felt bad for both David and Jack being put in those positions.
  • I'm glad that Emily pointed out to Victoria how cruel she is to keep her from her father both now and when she was a little girl. Also I have no idea why Victoria is so smug since there's no way this plan isn't going to end up exploding in her face soon or later.
  • I liked that David went to see Nolan and I liked how Nolan was so clear happy and emotional about their reunion.
  • While I'm frustrated that Nolan didn't tell David about Emily I understand that he didn't because he respects her too much to ever take that choice away from her.
  • I liked how both Jack and Nolan reassured Emily that she still has a chance at a relationship with her father despite the fact that she did terrible things in his name.
  • I liked how Emily used Margaux and Daniel in order to get David back to the beach house and reform his bond with at least his memories of her.
  • I liked how Jack called Charlotte out on how horrible and cruel she has been behaving this season.
  • I liked how the chief guy told Jack's partner that nothing good could come from trying to solve Conrad's murder because that just seems true.
  • I liked how Emily wanted to allow her father time to get ready before she relieved that she was still alive but I don't really know if it's a good idea for her to wait.
  • I'm very worried that David might go after Nolan because he thinks that Nolan didn't give Emily the money and it makes me so sad and anger that after everything that Nolan did to help Emily and with how much he loves her that David might believe that Nolan didn't care about her when that's the furthest thing from the truth.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: A Hen in the Wolf's House(2.05)

                               Agents of Shield: A Hen in the Wolf's House(2.05)Review
  • I thought that it was scary that Hydra is developing away to kill people in masses in a way similar to the Obelisk and that they are willing to kill anyone who stands against them.
  • I liked that Skye stood up to Coulson when he tried to brush off her questions about where the alien writing source he had came from and I love that for once this season she didn't back down to him just because.
  • I liked that as soon as Skye left that May told Coulson that he should be honest with Skye because she has a right to know.
  • I liked how it was shown that Skye's father was a doctor for criminals which really explained quite a lot about him to me like why is he called the doctor and why does he live in such a shady place if he's a doctor but now those things make sense.
  • I found it super interesting that Raina had known Skye's father for years and that she has been waiting for him to show her that the stories her grandmother told her when she was young are true and I'm just super glad we got to learn a bit more about Raina.
  • I liked that Skye's father main goal at this point was to be able to meet Skye and make her understand him and that the reason he wouldn't let the obelisk go is because he thinks that's the only way that she would understand him. Also liked that is was mentioned that he's been searching for Skye ever since she was taken from him, I just liked that Skye was never unwanted like she assumed she was.
  • I was really worried about Raina because she couldn't get the obelisk from Skye's father so she was terrified that Whitehill would kill her.
  • I liked how we got to see a bot more of Simmons undercover in Hydra and I liked that she was so clear terrified by their plans to murder millions of people.
  • I was glad to learn that Ward source when it came to information about Skye's father was only Raina because I was worried that he might have been brainwashed or something and that's how he knew more than made sense but luckily it seems like Raina just told him more stuff off screen.
  • I liked that Skye thought that Raina was manipulating Ward both because it proves that she and everyone else knows that Raina is the best manipulator on this show which is something that should be recognized more often and because it means she trusts that Ward isn't lying to her just that he doesn't have the full truth.
  • I liked that when Skye showed Ward the alien writing that he was worried that they were her writing and when she told him they weren't he was so relieved.
  • I liked that Ward said that he was actually relieved that Garrett died after he went crazy because even though I may not think he was relieved by Garrett's death for the right reasons I'm glad that he can at least see him being gone as a good thing.
  • I liked that Ward was the one that told Skye about the connection between the alien writing and GH-325 because someone really should've before this point.
  • I liked that Skye was mad at Coulson when she figured out that the alien writings were his and that he's been keeping this from her for months and I liked that she was even more upset that he has been spying on her although I'm upset that she didn't remain upset with him for longer considering how much and long he lied to her and violated her privacy.
  • I liked that it was brought up that Skye could in fact be an alien because I've been thinking this since like episode 12.
  • I liked how when Raina saw Simmons working at Hydra and proof of her spying on them that she used this as an opportunity to get what she needed from the team in order to ensure her own survival.
  • I kind of liked that Simmons got her hands dirty by framing the man working next her for being the mole even though she knew that he would most likely be killed for it.
  • I liked how Raina was planning to use exposing Simmons to everyone at Hydra in order to get Coulson to give her Skye so that she could introduce her to her father and I liked that it became clear that Raina didn't want anything bad to happen to Simmons and was so upset and disappointed in Coulson when he choice to let Simmons possibly be killed rather than give her Skye.
  • I liked that Skye hearing Raina talk about her father made her belief both what Ward told her earlier and what Raina was saying now and I liked that Skye so clearly did want to meet her father even though she knew that this could very well be a trap of some sort.
  • I disliked the way that May physically pushed Skye into a wall when she wanted to give herself up to Raina.
  • I was glad that Bobbi was undercover in Hydra and that she ended up saving Simmons and I really loved how Simmons couldn't get over how awesome Bobbi was in rescuing her and I have to say I agree with her.
  • I found it interesting that Raina was so frightened that she actually asked Coulson to take her in so that she would be able to be safe from Whitehall.
  • I liked how Simmons and Trip were both so happy to see each other again I thought that was sweet.
  • I really hated Lance being an ass to Raina and I totally on Raina's side of any conversation that they had.
  • I liked that Skye snuck out head in order to have a chance at meeting her father and I liked that we actually got to see her breakdown once she realized she just missed her chance at meeting him, it was nice to see her react to things emotionally again overall I liked how for the first time this season she seemed like the character I fell in love with last season.
  • I was actually sad for Skye's father when he saw her declare him a monster and saw her take comfort in Coulson as a father figure.
  • I wasn't really surprised to learn that Lance's ex-wife is Bobbi but over all I thought that Bobbi is too good for him and I can see why he's still hung up on her since she's awesome.
  • I don't think that Skye is going to go after her father as easily as she thinks she's going to be able to go after him because she's been looking for him her entire life and he does love her like she always wished that he did so I don't think she's going to be able to turn those feelings off entirely when she comes face to face with him in the future.
  • I think that Skye is letting Coulson off way to easily with the way he violated her trust and I don't know how she can trust him to not keep secrets from her when he has done it multiple times through out the series not just this one time and the secrets he keep often directly affect her.
  • I wonder how Skye knew right away when she touched the alien writing that it was a map.
  • I think that Skye's father made a really bad move deciding to work with Hydra in order to kill Coulson probably as some messed up way to get Skye but on the other hand I hope this means that Raina is safe from Whitehill since he now has access to the obelisk.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.