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TV Review: Age of Youth

                                                        Age of Youth Review
Age of Youth is a series about five very different college girls sharing an apartment together and the show is about them as a group and as individuals. The five roommates are Yoo Eun-jae a timid country girl who is in her first year of college she has some trouble adjusting to living with a house full of strangers but all of the girls are able to clear the air fairly early on. Eun-jae being the youngest is also usually the most naïve which leads to the other girls sometimes playing a mentor role towards her especially when it comes to dating but for as naïve as she seems Eun-jae still as some dark secrets in her past surrounding the deaths of her brother and father. Another roommate is Jung Ye-eun a girl who is very invested in appearances and hanging onto to her relationship with her boyfriend that doesn't treat her right. Ye-eun ends having to come to terms to with the fact that her boyfriend doesn't care about her the way that she cares about him this is often times frustrating to watch since it takes her such a long time to let go of him.

Kang Yi-na is another one of the roommates and it turns out that she isn't actually a student at the college like the other girls are but she is instead working as a prostitute of sorts who as three different rich men whom she calls boyfriends are more like clients that pay her to go on dates with her among other things. Yi-na is also struggling with a bit of survivor's guilt do to the fact that she was able to survive an accident on a school trip at the expense of another girl and do this she decides to live in the way that is easiest instead of living well. The oldest of the roommates is Yoon Jin-myung who is a very hard working student that has three different part time jobs because she is responsibly for paying back her mother's loans that she took out in order to keep her brother who has been in a coma for years alive. Jin-myung's situation is clearly draining her and keeping her from truly living her life but she won't allow anyone else to help her because she fears if she let's herself be weak even for a moment that she won't be able to pull herself back together. The last of the roommates is Song Ji-won who is a very talkative girl who very much wants to have a boyfriend but she has the habit of scaring boys off but being too talkative and she claims that she can see ghosts.

This series also has two nice side romances with Eun-jae and her boyfriend Jong-yeol who is an upper classman that takes a liking to her first and their relationship is both a very sweet and awkward portrayal of one's first love. The other romance is between Jin-myung and Jae-wan a chef that works at the same restaurant that she works at as a waitress, this romance is one that is shown to be one of the few bright spots that Jin-myung has in her life and that makes all the more special when she allows herself to enjoy his company which doesn't happen very often.

Overall I loved this series I thought that it had good characters and that they had interesting plots for us to follow. I really loved that there was such a focus on the girls friendship in this series and I liked that they always did their best to be there for each other when they really needed someone there for them. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Back to Black(1.08)

                                           Sweet/Vicious: Back to Black(1.08)Review
  • I think it's smart that the campus cop and Harris are using a guy as bait as to find out who the vigilante is.
  • I'm glad that Kennedy is mad at Nate even though she is believing his story over Jules at least she's not just forgiving him.
  • I'm worried that Jules is doing things for the takedowns while lying to Ophelia about what she was doing.
  • I liked that Tyler found it weird when Kennedy told him that Jules didn't live at the house anymore and that she won't be seeing her again.
  • I like that Ophelia and Evan are doing so well as a couple in this episode and I like that Ophelia is having to deal with balancing being a girlfriend and a vigilante.
  • I liked that Nate's friend decided to help him win Kennedy back by using things he has seen in romcoms but I disliked that these things actually worked to get Kennedy back.
  • I liked that Harris told Evan that Ophelia and Jules often go off and have private conversations and that he shouldn't interrupt them.
  • I liked that when Tyler came to tell Harris that he wants to win Jules back that Harris decides to use this as an excuse to go to the party that he wanted to go to but that he thought he shouldn't go to because he's in law school.
  • I found it sad that when Tyler went to the party he saw Jules when she was trying to act as bait so that she could lure the target somewhere for her to attack him.
  • I felt bad for Jules when she saw Kennedy at the party with Nate after she finally told her the truth about him.
  • I'm glad that Jules and Ophelia got the girl who the guy was trying to rape home safely before he could do anything to her.
  • I found it scary when Jules almost beat their target to death and I'm glad that Ophelia found it scary as well and that she once again told Jules that she has to find some other way to deal with what happened to her because she easily could have beaten him to death and that's not what their trying to do.
  • I wasn't surprised that Jules lashed out at Ophelia after Ophelia told her that she wanted to fix her but I still didn't like seeing Jules telling Ophelia that she didn't need her and that she's a mistake but I understand that Jules is in a bad place right now and so does Ophelia.
  • I liked that when Tyler asked if Jules was alright that Ophelia told him that, that was a question only Jules can answer.
  • I liked that after Jules disappeared that Ophelia went to talk to Kennedy and that she told her how much Jules is hurting because what Nate did her and the fact that Kennedy didn't seem to believe her when she told her the truth. I liked that Ophelia told Kennedy that deep down inside she knows Jules is telling the truth and that terrifies her but she needs to stop being afraid and help Jules.
  • I'm glad that Kennedy realized that Jules was telling the truth after Nate was a bit too forceful with her.
  • I liked that Kennedy knew to find Jules in the library and I liked that she then told Jules she was sorry for not believing her and not noticing what has wrong sooner. I also liked that Kennedy told her that she was sorry that she wasn't there for her before and I liked that Jules said that was okay because she's here now.
  • I liked that Kennedy is making sure that Jules files charges against Nate and that she won't let Jules give up just because Nate's the campus golden boy.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that Harris has figured out that Ophelia is at least working with the vigilante.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Memory Found(6.09)

                                         Teen Wolf: Memory Found(6.09)Review
  • I liked that after both Scott and Lydia expressed their doubts of the doors holding back the ghost riders that Malia told them that they shouldn't expect her to be the optimistic one.
  • I think the plan to get their core temperature down low enough in order to get into a trans like state in order to remember Stiles is a dangerous one.
  • I like that the Sheriff was unwilling to trust Theo and I like that Theo pointed out that trust isn't really important right now and that what is important right now is finding away to beat the ghost riders by working together and I like that Liam pointed out that Theo is kind of right.
  • I liked that the Sheriff didn't let Theo out until Theo told him one true thing about Stiles and I liked that Theo chose to say that Stiles was smart enough not to trust him.
  • I was sad that the Sheriff was taken by the ghost riders towards the start of the episode.
  • I liked that when Theo and Liam were escaping the ghost riders that Liam had a tray of keys and that he had to find the right key for the car they were in and at one point Liam handed Theo a key that wasn't even for a car, I just found the whole scene funny despite the seriousness of the situation they were in.
  • I liked that Scott trusts Lydia to figure out how to keep him from dying if something goes wrong with their plan despite Lydia not trusting herself.
  • I like that Liam tells Theo to take them to the hospital because he knows every inch the building and he plans to hid there from the ghost riders.
  • I think it makes a lot of sense that Scott would overwhelmed by all the memories that he has of Stiles because he has so many of them and since Stiles was so important to him there are so many of them that are powerful, so it's hard for him to focus on just one of them. I also like that Lydia and Malia aren't really to get through to him when he was remembering Stiles because his bond with Stiles is so much stronger than the one that he has with them.
  • I like that Liam is willing to lure all of the ghost riders to the hospital in order to buy as much time as possible for Scott.
  • I like that when Theo told Liam that he's only on his side for as long as his useful and that Liam tells him he knows that.
  • I liked that Lydia helped Scott to focus on just one memory by guiding him to search his memories one at a time.
  • I like that Liam told Theo that he wouldn't protect him when the ghost riders came and that he would treat Theo just like Theo would use him which is like bait.
  • I liked that Malia figured out that it was important to remember what Stiles meant to Scott when trying to open a rift.
  • I really loved how they showed Scott remembering Stiles talking him down from his suicide attempt and I don't understand why that memory didn't work to open a rift since that's one of the most powerful scene in the whole series.
  • I liked that after Scott came out of the machine that he wanted to go back in right away even though both Lydia and Malia told him it was too dangerous and I like that his own safety didn't seem to matter him when it came to getting Stiles back.
  • I liked that Malia was more than willing to get in the machine in order to remember Stiles and I like that Malia said that Stiles was the first one that she connected with.
  • I like how they showed Malia as remembering Stiles while flipping through books that would show her memories. I also liked that her memories were almost strong enough to open the rift.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia were both willing to go back in the machine in order to get Stiles back despite the fact that they both almost died from going in there and I like that they both convince Lydia to try to remember Stiles and that she has to use normal hypnosis.
  • I like that when Liam and Theo are cornered by the ghost riders that Liam decides to fight rather than run from them and I liked that he inspired Theo to do the same and that in the end Theo actually chose to be the bait to save Liam.
  • I liked that when they were looking for a match that Malia asked if a blowtorch was too much.
  • I liked that when Lydia needed someone to read a script in a calming gentle voice that Malia tried to first but did a bad job and then Lydia switch it to Scott and he did a much better job.
  • I loved that Lydia confirmed that she had romantic feelings for Stiles since she kissed him because while I always believed that to be the case many other fans didn't so it's nice to be proven right after all these years.
  • I'm glad that Lydia remembering that she loved Stiles and yet never told him that was a strong enough memory to open the rift but I also still don't understand why Scott's memories weren't strong enough to open the rift.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: There's My Baby(2.14)

                       How to Get Away with Murder: There's My Baby(2.14)Review
  • I was glad that Annalise got a way from Philip fairly easily but I also felt that the whole scene was kind of anti climatic since nothing really happened.
  • I liked that Eve asked why Annalise would give Wes the files about the case that involved his mother when she never intended to tell Wes the full story.
  • I'm worried that Caleb now that he is missing and has likely been taken by Phillip and who knows what Phillip intends to do with him.
  • I really liked the scene when Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Wes were questioned about what they were doing on the night that Annalise was shot and I like that they were all able to keep their cool and not give anything away it really shows that despite the fact that they still freak out over a lot of things they have become much better at covering things up as well.
  • I like that Asher felt bad about everything that has happened since he believes that everything started because of him and I liked that Bonnie said that the person that killed Lila is the one that started this whole mess, I liked that she said this with Frank in the room because she recently found that he's the one that killed Lila.
  • I liked that when Michaela suggested that maybe it would be safer to tell Oliver the truth since not telling Caleb about Philip didn't end up well and I liked that for second even Connor considered telling Oliver the truth but I also liked that Bonnie and Frank told them all that telling Oliver or anyone else is completely out of the question.
  • It was sad that Annalise ended up loosing her baby because she went against her clients to protect Wes and they had her attack but I wasn't that surprised by it since we know that she doesn't end up having the baby.
  • I'm worried about Asher since his interview didn't go as well as the others but I don't think the DA has any solid evidence to suggest that Asher was involved in Sinclair's death so there's not too much of a reason to be worried.
  • I liked that Laurel suggested that Frank was the one that shot Annalise to see how Oliver would react to the idea of a cover up but I honestly don't think that Connor was ever going to really tell Oliver because he cares about their relationship far too much to risk telling the truth.
  • I dislike how Annalise takes out the fact that she's feeling guilty about what happened to Wes's mother and is covering that up by drinking and being angry and taking out those feelings on everyone else when honestly no one including Wes was really demanding all that much out of her during this episode.
  • I like that Oliver can tell that Connor and the others are keeping secrets from him and I like that he worries that Connor thinks he's weak and that's why he hides things which isn't true at all and Connor tells him that but because he can't tell him the real reason why he keeps things from him.
  • I was surprised when Oliver told Connor that he quit his job and that he would like to work for Annalise and I like that Connor doesn't want Oliver to work for Annalise because he knows how dangerous that working for her can be.
  • I like that Annalise finally told Wes the truth and I was surprised to learn that Wes's mother was raped by the father of her client and that he is Wes's biological father that is something I never even considered.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Michaela and Asher hooking up because it feels like it came out of nowhere but I felt the same way about Bonnie and Asher and I ended really like them.
  • I like that Frank at least confirmed to Bonnie that he killed Lila on Sam's orders and I like that right after Bonnie said that Annalise can't know about this Laurel ends up telling her in the next scene that Frank killed Lila although Laurel believes he did it on Annalise's orders.
  • I like that Annalise ran away to her mother's house after receiving the news that Frank killed Lila.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review :Notorious: Taken(1.10)

                                                    Notorious: Taken(1.10)Review
  • I liked that when Louise accused a local police as the reason that Julia was taken because that might make them think they brought him and I liked that the officer told her that since her and Julia decided to come to their country to interview a very dangerous killer and what happened to Julia is on the two of them not him.
  • I like that it turned that the drug trafficker wanted them to take Louise instead of Julia.
  • I was surprised that the interviewer that went missing is actually still alive and I like that he refuses to give the drug trafficker what he wants even if it kills him.
  • I like that Jake is doing is best to look out for Julia's best interest even though the network doesn't want him involved.
  • I like that Louise is planning to use the media in order to help Julia and I like that Jake is planning to use striking a legal deal to get him to trade Julia for someone else.
  • I liked that the DA helped Bradley and Ella in getting the criminal to be able to trade him for Julia's safe return.
  • I like that Julia is so determined to do the interview in place of Louise because she believes it's the only way for her and the other reporter to escape with their lives.
  • I liked that Louise is going with Jake when he goes to set up the deal of the hostage exchange.
  • I disliked that Julia's boss got fired because he allowed a story about Julia's kidnapping to be aired which was the right thing to do.
  • I was surprised that the nephew of the drug trafficker is afraid that his uncle is going to kill him and I like that he warns them that the drug trafficker's girlfriend is going to betray them.
  • I like that Jake and Julia both try to convince the father of the drug trafficker's nephew that he take the deal gives him his son back and let's ever live.
  • I was glad that the drug trafficker's brother ended betraying him because he was willing to betray him and leave his son in jail.
  • I'm not surprised that this show was cancelled since the show hasn't been very interesting to watch and I think the pacing of the plots have been pretty bad since the arcs seem to only last a few episodes which is hardly enough time to be invested in them. I really liked the idea about a show that deals with how the media manipulates the news but sadly this show was never more than okay.
Pleas tell me your thoughts on this episode and show as a whole.

TV Review: Timeless: Karma Chameleon(1.13)

                                         Timeless: Karma Chameleon(1.13)Review
  • I like that Wyatt comes over to tell Lucy that him and Rufus are going to steal the time machine to save his wife and I like that she wants to help him and I like that he won't let her come with because he wants to protect the deal she has to get her sister back.
  • I like that Wyatt is pretending to take Rufus hostage because he wants to make sure that he doesn't get in trouble for helping him.
  • I find it interesting that Ritten House could use the time machine to destroy reality itself and I like that both Emma and Anthony think that destroying both time machines is the safest plan of action.
  • I like that Wyatt actually did do quite a bit of research before going back in time and that his plan is to make sure the killers parents never meet and I like the Rufus calls the plan reverse Back to the Future because it kind of is.
  • I kind of like that things in plan keeps getting messed up because of small details that Wyatt missed while doing his research.
  • I liked that after they bring Lucy in for questioning that Agent Christopher tells Lucy that she doesn't believe that Rufus is really a hostage and I like that she says she knows that Lucy is also in on it. I like that Lucy tells her that she completely understands where Wyatt is coming from and that she's surprised that he hasn't done something like this sooner.
  • I liked that when Wyatt was worrying about them not being able to prevent the killers parents from hooking up that Rufus pointed out that they survived The Alamo so making sure two people didn't hook up should be easy compared to that.
  • I find it a bit odd how both of the killer's parents seem like their good people which is something that makes, making sure that they don't hook up a whole lot harder.
  • I like that Anthony called looking for Rufus in order to tell him about Ritten House's plans for the time machine because he wants to have both machines destroyed and that he settles for talking with Lucy because she's the only one there he could trust with that information.
  • I like how Jiya is upset that Rufus didn't tell her that he was leaving and I like that she says that when someone really loves you they tell you these sorts of things and I liked that she then asked Lucy how she found out about Wyatt and Rufus going out and then Lucy tells her that Wyatt told her beforehand.
  • I like that Anthony is going to go against Flynn and destroy the time machine in order to make sure that Ritten House can't screw things up even more.
  • I like that Wyatt becomes more and more desperate as his plan keeps hitting roadblocks and as he becomes more desperate his plans just fails apart even quicker.
  • I like that Lucy and Agent Christopher agree to destroy their time machine once they get Lucy's sister back.
  • I was surprised to learn that Lucy's father is definitely the man from Ritten House that Mason was meeting with.
  • I find it sad that even though Wyatt didn't mean to he still ended up killing the killer's father even though that wasn't his intention and he didn't deserve that.
  • I find it sad that Wyatt says that Jessica would hate it if she knew what he just did and he doesn't know how he'll be able to look her in the eye.
  • I found it so sad when it turned out that Jessica wasn't saved although the two other women that the killer killed were and I found it so sad how Wyatt just couldn't accept that this could possibly be true because how could he possibly accept that everything he just did and risked was all for nothing. That he got an innocent man killed and got arrested and it still didn't save his wife.
  • I was sad that Anthony was killed for trying to do the right thing and destroy the time machine but I'm glad that they're at least going to tell his family that he died a hero.
  • I liked that Lucy confronted her father and I liked that he did actually want to be apart of her life and I liked that she didn't care about any of that she just cared about how he's part of Ritten House and how she believes what they do is inhuman. I found it odd that her father told her that Ritten House is something that is in your blood because that doesn't seem like something that could be true.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Top 7 Things I Want to Read this Summer

1. School Spirits: This book is set in the same world as Hex Hall and since I loved that series I'm looking forward to reading this book.
2. While You Were Sleeping: This one is a Korean drama rather than a book but since I have to read subtitles I figured that it can fit the theme of this list. This drama is written by favorite drama writer, Park Hye-Ryun who also wrote I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, Dream High and Page Turner and it also stars my favorite Korean actor Lee Jong Suk who also starred in I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, W and School 2013. So anyways I'm really excited about this drama because of who are working on it and because the description of it kind of reminds of I Hear Your Voice and in case it's not clear by this point I really, really loved that drama. Although I have to admit I don't actually know if this drama will come out in the summer since the only air dates they have released for the show is in the second half of 2017 and it will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
3. United We Spy: This book is the final book in the Gallagher Girls series and I feel like it's time that I finally finish this series that has brought me so much joy.
4.All the Bright Places: This book is one that sounded interesting and since I already own it seems like a good idea to read it sooner rather than later.
5. Literally: This book is a new release about a girl who finds out that she is becoming a character in a novel and how she has to fight to get agency over her life once more. This novel has a cool concept that reminds me a lot of the Kdrama W but from the description I think this book will have lower stakes since the in universe novel that our main character is part of seems to be more of the coming of age genre rather than the crime thriller genre so less chance of dying and probably less questioning about how a writer should take care of their characters.
6. School 2017: This is another Kdrama that I want to see this summer but unlike While You Were Sleeping I know that this one will air in the summer. I'm not sure what this series will be about exactly expect that it will deal with the school lives of high school students but since I love those types of shows and I loved School 2013 I think that I'll probably enjoy this one as well.
7. Pretty Fierce: This is another new release that sounds really good about a girl whose parents were professional killers which sounds like an interesting idea for a character to have that type of background while still being a romantic YA novel.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Biltzkrleg(6.08)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Biltzkrleg(6.08)Review
  • I was surprised that the teacher seems to be an immortal werewolf who was a Nazi and wanted to use the ghost riders as soldiers in WWII, that is something I didn't think this show would do.
  • I liked the scene when the Sheriff is sitting in Stiles room with his lacrosse jersey and then red string and tacks appears to him and he starts pinning the string around the room and then all of Stiles old things appear and this means that the Sheriff surely believes that Stiles is real.
  • I liked that Scott and the others plan for Scott to bite Stiles to get him through the rift and I like that their plan is to get Stiles back so that he can come up with a plan and I liked that Malia pointed out that Stiles is good at these type of things.
  • I liked that Peter said that he liked the part of the plan where they turn Stiles but the rest it not so much. I liked that when Malia said that Peter promised to help he points out that he didn't promise to help her get herself killed like this plan can easily do and I like that Peter also acknowledge that Scott has a flair for beating the odds but he just thinks their impossible this time.
  • I was a bit surprised to learn that pretty all of Beacon Hills is empty now because while I knew that a lot of people were taken I didn't think it was almost the entire town. I like that Liam, Hayden and Mason are staying behind in order to make sure that not all of Beacon Hills is empty.
  • I was sad for Mason when all he could find of Cory was his phone but I was glad that Mason could at least remember Cory which might make bring him back a bit easier.
  • I liked Scott, Lydia and Malia were able to find the rift underground.
  • I have mixed feelings about Liam agree to break the sword in order to get information about the teacher from Theo because that sword is Kira's not Liam so I feel like it isn't his decision to break it but I don't think Theo has a scheme at the moment and I believe he just doesn't want to go back to hell.
  • I was surprised to learn that the teacher is part wolf part lion because that's yet another new supernatural creature. I don't understand why the teacher wants his own personal army but I know that it can be for nothing good.
  • I was sad that the teacher had both Chris and Melissa disappeared once he no longer needed them.
  • I was sad that Mason was taken by the ghost riders but I liked that Liam and Hayden did their best to fight them afterwards and I was sad when Hayden gave herself up to ghost riders when it looked like both of them could be taken she made sure that Liam could escape so that he can tell Scott what they learned and rescue her and the others later, I really liked the amount of trust that Hayden had to put in Liam.
  • I liked the Sheriff showed Claudia Stiles room and I liked that when he was telling her about what he discovered that it's clear that he remembers Stiles and what he was like, since Claudia is only here to fill a void she of course can't see anything and makes everything disappear when she walks into the room.
  • I liked that when the teacher purpose that they work together that together because they all wanted the same thing, I liked that Lydia considered it, that Malia just said that he was the bad guy so trusting him is a bad idea and I liked that Scott was considering it but I wasn't sure that he could trust someone who is a murder since he might kill someone again. I like that Liam showed up and told them about the teacher's true intentions before they made any sort of deal with him.
  • I was sad that the teacher was able to get through the rift using Parrish and that the pack wasn't able to follow him through.
  • It was sad seeing the Sheriff come to terms that his wife really did die years ago and that the woman in front of him isn't really and I liked how he told her about her last good day and how when he ended the story by telling her that he knew she was gone when she closed her eyes and then the fake version of her was gone as well.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia stayed behind to fight the ghost riders so that Lydia and Liam could leave and I liked how much they looked out for one another, I also liked that it was confirmed that the ghost riders are now more interested in killing people than taking them which explains why they're no longer using their memories of the person after their taken.
  • I liked that Peter sacrificed himself in order to save Malia and Scott from the ghost riders.
  • I liked that it seems that the ghost riders are afraid of Lydia which may help them in the future.
  • I thought it was sad how Scott kept trying to call his mom but it kept saying her number was disconnected.
  • I liked that when things were looking hopeless that the Sheriff came over and told him that he remembers Stiles and that a rift opened when he remembered him and I like that the new plan is to remember Stiles and open the rift that comes when someone does that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Heartbreaker(1.07)

                                            Sweet/Vicious: Heartbreaker(1.07)Review
  • I found the flashbacks to before Jules was raped to be sad because she was so happy and carefree because we know what's going to happen to her soon and how she'll never be like that again.
  • I like that Ophelia is concerned about how Jules hasn't left her apartment for a week and I like that Ophelia invites Jules along to the celebration of her and Harris friendship that they do ever year as a way to cheer Jules up.
  • It's so very sad to see how much Jules trusted Nate before he raped her and how it was clear that he never deserved that kind of trust.
  • It was sad to see Jules deal with the direct aftermath of her rape with seeing her sneak back into her house as if she had something to be ashamed of, her being in denial first of what happened to her and eventually going to the student center for a rape kit.
  • I felt bad for Harris when he discovered that his story was pulled from the journal but I'm not surprised since the school is more worried about their image then reporting what is actually going on, on campus.
  • I liked that both Jules and Harris told Ophelia to not keep blowing off Evan since she clearly likes him and obviously he likes her too but Ophelia keeps denying that she cares about him.
  • I like that the nurse that helps Jules with the rape kit tells her that she should talk to someone about what happened to her.
  • I like that Ophelia was worried about Jules drinking since she knows that Jules is dealing with a lot right now and drinking will only make things worse for her.
  • I found it sad how things became awkward between Jules and Kennedy right after Jules was raped and how Jules feels so guilty about what happened that she can't face Kennedy.
  • I found it sad that the weeks following the rape that Jules would lay in bed and pretend to be sick in order to get out of going to things.
  • I like that Jules made Ophelia talk to Evan when they saw him in the bar and I like that Ophelia admitted to him that she does actually like him.
  • I was sad that Harris was fired from the law journal because he published his article on another site.
  • I hate that when Jules actually tried to report that Nate raped that the person just made the whole thing out to be Jules fault somehow.
  • I was sad for Jules when after she saw Nate and his friends walk into the bar while she was already drunk and then she decides that she's going to take him down in the bathroom of the bar this plan of action is one that is full of desperation and is extremely reckless.
  • I'm glad that Ophelia was able to talk Jules out of taking down Nate right then and there and I like that Ophelia told Jules to go to group and actually talk about what happened to her rather than just listen to others.
  • I dislike that Tyler has figured out that his brother is most likely missing rather than on the run from the law.
  • I like that the episode ended with Jules finally going to group to talk about what happened to her.
Please tell him your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: Something Bad Happened(2.13)

              How to Get Away With Murder: Something Bad Happened(2.13)Review
  • I liked that Wes went to the therapist to talk over what he discovered about his mother and that he hopes that she can help him uncover the memories of what happened during the time leading up to his mother's death.
  • I understand why Laurel believes that Annalise is covering up that he killed his mother but I also think that what Annalise said could just as likely be true with some idiot cop just suspecting Wes briefly before they moved onto suicide.
  • I was surprised that the lawyer dealing with Wes's mother for being an illegal immigrant turned out to be Eve.
  • I like that Laurel told Wes that he should come over to the house regardless of his relationship with Annalise because of the thing with Philip.
  • I'm glad that Laurel is holding firm with telling Frank that she doesn't want anything to do with him after what he told her about Lila.
  • I liked that Annalise told her students that she lies to her clients in every case because she finds that it's the smart thing to do because often times clients make stupid decisions when given too much information.
  • I liked that Annalise is using the evidence that could lead the FBI to finding Philip in order to get immunity for her and her students and to get rid of their Phillip problem.
  • I'm not all that surprised to find out that Eve is in town because Annalise asked her to and that the only reason that she was going after Wes's mother for her immigration status was to get her to testify.
  • I'm glad that when the DA decided to get a search warrant for Annalise's house rather than give her immunity that Nate called her before the search warrant was signed and made sure that the rest of her team found out about it before it was signed. I liked that they made it seem like the search warrant had already been signed so that when the cops started searching the house before it was signed it made all the evidence that was gathered in said search fruit of the poisonous tree and I liked that Annalise used the threat that she could sue the DA for that to get her the immunity she wanted.
  • I understand why Wes doesn't feel like he can trust Laurel anymore after she told Annalise about the two of them trying to find out the truth about his mother but I really do think that she's just trying to look out for him.
  • I like that Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Oliver are all sleeping over at Asher's house because he's the only one that Philip doesn't seem to know about.
  • I like that when Oliver hears that Wes isn't coming that he says he didn't know that they could've opted out and I like that Connor said he doesn't get that choice because Connor isn't going to let him be murdered.
  • I liked that Oliver asked Laurel if they were in real danger since she's the calmest one there and that when she says yes he tells Connor maybe he's right about Standford.
  • I liked that Frank and Bonnie went out to have drinks together and mentioned that they had better lives before they met the study group.
  • I liked that Michaela told Connor that he wouldn't get into Standford and I liked that she then told Connor that she couldn't survive all this without him and I liked that he then told her that he wouldn't get in, I like that these two are very close to each other but they cover it up by acting like they don't really care.
  • I liked that Wes decided to go over to Annalise's house and ask her about the case involving his mother but sadly she wasn't home and he found the report that labeled him a suspect in his mother's death.
  • I like that Annalise tells everyone that the DA is going to go after them but as long as they keep quiet they all should be alright.
  • I feel bad for Wes now that he's convinced that he killed his mother in fugue state and forgot about it but I'm glad that the therapist is telling him that the memory he had about standing over his mom with a knife is one that his brain could've easily made up because of the report that he read.
  • I like that the therapist keeps convincing Wes that it's more likely that he didn't kill his mother than that he didn't.
  • I'm weirdly glad that Wes's mother was drove to suicide by the case because I'm just glad that Wes didn't kill her but I'm mad that Annalise just let Wes walk in on his dying mother when she could have prevented him from seeing that.
  • I found it scary that Philip turned out to be hiding in Wes's apartment when Annalise came over to talk to Wes but I'm worried about Annalise but I'm glad that Wes is safe at least.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Monday, May 15, 2017

TV Review: Timeless: The Murder of Jesse James(1.12)

                                 Timeless: The Murder of Jesse James(1.12)Review
  • I like that Wyatt went to meet with the man that Flynn said killed his wife to confirm that it was the truth but I'm still worried about what's going to happen now that he knows for sure who the killer is.
  • I found it sad how Lucy realized that she forgot her sister's birthday and that she is now feeling guilty about how she isn't remembering her sister enough and how she's no closer to getting her back than she was the day she came back to discover her sister doesn't exist anymore.
  • I'm disappointed that the side that Mason chose was with Ritten house and that he's planning to have Rufus train Jiya as the next pilot of the time machine so that Ritten house can get rid of Rufus.
  • I was surprised that Flynn saved Jesse James from being killed by his own mean after they betrayed him in order to get a pardoned from the governor and I wonder what Flynn hopes to accomplish by saving his life.
  • I like that Flynn is only using Jesse James to have him lead him to someone from Ritten House and he needs a guide to lead him through hostile Native American areas.
  • I like that after they saw that Flynn and Jesse are causing problems killing people in town that Wyatt says that they should follow them and I liked that he started worrying about how people who weren't suppose to die are now dying and I liked that Wyatt found it weird that it was him and not Lucy worrying about protecting history.
  • I like that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are going to get help tracking down Flynn from the man that the loan ranger  was based off and I liked that Rufus was delighted to learn that the loan range was black.
  • I like that Lucy was able to get the loan ranger to help them by using his history with the native Americans and I like that she refused to let him leave her behind when they went to look for him.
  • I like that Rufus is bothered when Wyatt told him that he isn't really bothered by killing people when their bad guys and this seems to bother Rufus.
  • I like that Jiya is trying to figure out what Mason might be hiding by looking at the original flight recordings.
  • I like that Flynn is actually bothered by the fact that Jesse just always wants to kill people even if he doesn't have to and I like that Jesse tells Flynn that the two of them are similar and he says that Flynn is just using his cause as an excuse to kill.
  • I liked that Wyatt asked the Loan Ranger if killing Jesse James on site might not be the easier thing to do and I like that the Loan Ranger told him that the easy thing and the right thing aren't the same thing more often than not.
  • I liked that Rufus asked the Loan Ranger how he's able to respect and uphold the law so much when not long ago that same law kept him and his people as slaves and I like that the Loan Ranger told him that law is imperfect but it's all they've got.
  • I like that Rufus asked Wyatt what his deal was because he has been tense since before they've got there and I like that Wyatt tells him and Lucy that he went to meet with Jessica's killer. I like that although Rufus admits that he can't imagine what Wyatt is going through he still doesn't think that killing should be easy for the good guys.
  • I like that Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus that she forgot her sister's birthday and after seeing that a lot of what Flynn says turned out be the truth she now is doubting what even is right or wrong and she no longer cares about their job she just wants things to go back to normal.
  • I found it interesting that Flynn was actually trying to rescue a woman who was stuck in the past by Mason and Ritten House.
  • I liked that Jiya actually found out about Emma the pilot that stuck in the past after she ran away from Ritten House although she thinks she died.
  • I dislike that Jesse makes Flynn give him his machine gun but I'm glad that he let Flynn and Emma go.
  • I like that the Loan Ranger still doesn't want anyone to kill Jesse James even after he kills his friend and that he still did his best to talk Wyatt out of killing him but surprisingly Lucy was the one that shot him instead.
  • I don't like that Mason and probably Ritten House now know that Emma is alive since she went to so much trouble to escape from them.
  • I liked how Wyatt told Rufus how he loved Westerns growing up and how everything was black and white and the good guys never cross the line and then he went to war and learned that the movies were full crap because no one is that good and then they meet the Loan Ranger and he was that good.
  • I think that Rufus helping Wyatt to get rid of the man that killed his wife by using the time machine is something that is going to get them in a lot of trouble.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Notorious: Choice(1.09)

                                                Notorious: Choice(1.09)Review
  • I liked that the small fight that Julia and Jake had at the end of last episode was resolved at the beginning of this episode and they were back to working together.
  • I liked a guard told Maya not to watch the news because it's never good after seeing her watching the DA on Julia's show calling her a killer, I just like that the guard actually seemed to care about her.
  • I think that Louise going to interview a drug trafficker in Mexico is  a bad idea because he could easily get her killed.
  • I like that Jake had Dana come back on Julia's show in order to weaken the motive that Maya would have to kill her boyfriend and I like that Julia and Dana had to make up before she went back on the show.
  • I felt bad for Maya when she tried to kill herself but I think it ended up helping her case because one of her roommates wanted to change her statement and it was revealed that other roommate was fighting with the victim over the bling ring.
  • I really think it's a bad idea that Julia and Louise are going to interview the drug trafficker after their boss said that it was too dangerous to go on the interview.
  • I like that the DA doesn't want to let Julia go interview the drug trafficker without her taking some back up which isn't a bad idea at all.
  • I disliked that the network head wants Dana to guest host the show because he wants to get back at Louise for going on the interview after he told her not to go on it.
  • I disliked that Ryan kept trying to make Ella move when it was pretty clear she didn't want to move but I was glad they made up by the end of the episode.  
  • I like that Jake is using Dana hosting the show in order to establish that one of the roommates is the killer rather than her daughter.
  • I was surprised when Dana confessed to being the killer when blaming the other roommates during the interview didn't go well.
  • I liked that Jake offered to be Dana's lawyer after she confessed to murder and that she didn't want her to help him she just wanted her daughter to be released.
  • I was so not surprised when things went bad with the drug trafficker interview because it was so obvious that things would go bad sooner or later.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Book Review: Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades

                                      Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades Review
This book starts shortly after the last one ended with Percy and Annabeth falling through the Tartarus and with Jason, Leo, Piper, Hazel, Frank and Nico heading towards the doors of death in hopes that Percy and Annabeth will survive the Tartarus and that they will be able to close the doors. Since the Tartatus is the place where monsters are reformed it is a place that no mortal should be able to survive so through out the book Percy and Annabeth must do their best survive a place that was not meant for their kind and one where the monsters can't really die. The situation that Percy and Annabeth faced is one that often felt hopeless to them and without their determination to see the other survive they very easily could have given up on any hopes of making it through.

The rest of the group are having trouble getting to the doors of death because of the usually monsters trying to kill them and such things and I felt like although that group had a clear goal they're wasn't just one or two clear plot lines we followed but rather a lot of smaller ones. One of the plots is that Hazel must learn to manipulate the mist in order to defeat someone who is guarding the doors of death, another plot is Frank having to fully embrace that he is a son of Mars in order to protect his friends, there's also Piper having to use her wits in order to defeat Khione and the Boreads all by herself, Leo getting sent to Calypso island and promising that he will one day come back for her, Jason finally deciding whether he feels like he belongs more with the Roman or the Greek camp and we even learn more about how Nico really thinks about Percy.

Overall I thought that this was a great book with great characters and felt like all of the characters learned something along the way of completing their adventures which is always a good thing when it comes to storytelling. I continue to love pretty much everything about this series, I love the way it's written, the stories that are being told, the characters and the relationships that they have with each other. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comments.

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: It's a Trap(2.12)

                            How to Get Away with Murder: It's a Trap(2.12)Review
  • I was surprised to find out that Wes's mother may have been murder rather than having committed suicide and that it was because she testified in a case because of Annalise.
  • I liked that when Annalise suggested that Connor might've been the one that sent the video since he was in it that Connor points out that he was much too much of a mess that night to think to record any video.
  • I like that after finding out that Frank  was the one that killed Lila that Laurel started freaking out because the only thing that made it okay that they killed Sam was that he killed Lila first.
  • I liked that when it's suggested that they use Oliver to hack Philip back that Annalise actually said it was too dangerous to involve Oliver and I liked that relieved look we saw on Connor's face.
  • I liked that Laurel went over to Wes's after what she found about Frank because I like that she at least wants to tell him about what she just found out and I like that Wes tells her about the files that Annalise dropped off even though he doesn't really know how  this case relates to Annalise knowing his mother.
  • I liked that Laurel was willing to just buy plan tickets for her and Wes to go to Ohio so that they can read the court transcripts from the case that involves Wes's mother.
  • I'm wondering how Annalise is going to deal with Phillip's ransom of a million dollars because that's a lot of money and I don't know how they can get all of it in such a short amount of time.
  • I found it interesting that Wes's name was changed by his foster family after he went to live with them.
  • I like that Asher is trying to figure out what he should say for when the video gets released and I like that Bonnie tells him that it's not going to be released and that she would tell him when to start freaking out.
  • I like how Annalise is using the fact that Caleb wants to find Phillip as away to get him to give her the money she needs to pay the ransom without letting him know anything about what is really going on and making herself look like she's doing something for him.
  • I'm wondering why Wes's Mother didn't testify and if this is the reason that she ended up getting killed.
  • I liked that Bonnie asked Annalise if maybe being caught would be better than constantly worrying about getting caught.
  • I liked that Annalise said that she never really wanted children and that she now have five of them and she hates it.
  • I liked that Wes figured out that Annalise asking his mother to testify ended up getting his mother murder when she didn't show up and that because of this Annalise felt guilty and that's why Wes got into this law school, why Annalise put him on her team and why she  helped cover up Sam's murder for him.
  • I liked that when Caleb told Michaela that he doesn't know what to believe anymore that she told him to believe whatever makes him feel better, I feel like this gives some insight into how she deals with everything that's happened.
  • I like that Asher continues to go to Bonnie to try and figure out a defense for himself and I was sad when Bonnie told him that she is neither his lawyer or girlfriend and she can't ever see that changing because oddly enough I liked those two together.
  • I liked that Annalise invited Nate over and cooked him a meal after she told everyone to go home and do something that makes them happy. Although it didn't last long because Nate is suspicious of why Annalise would do something like this.
  • I like that Connor is applying to Stanford because he wants to get away from Annalise so badly and I like that he wants Oliver to move with him although Oliver isn't really convinced that moving across the country is such a good idea.
  • I like that Connor pointed out that Philip knows where him and Oliver lives and that this is something that makes him feel very uncomfortable as it would anyone in that kind of situation.
  • I liked that when Laurel said that Frank was like her father and that she then explained that her father was a bad man at such a level that the things they have been doing since working for Annalise has messed her up a lot less than the others is because she is on some level use to dealing with these types of things.
  • I liked that Wes kept telling Laurel that she was a good person when she was doubting that she was a good person and I liked that he thanked her for looking out for him when she really didn't have to.
  • I liked that Wes and Laurel kissed but I'm wondering if this is going to make things really awkward between the two of them now.
  • I find it odd that Wes's mother's death was considered a suicide when it was caused by a stabbed wound to the neck which is not a common way for people to committed suicide.
  • I liked that Nate told Annalise that he agreed with her plan to wait Philip out because in his experience crazy people tend to surrender eventually.
  • I find it creepy that Phillip is stalk them but I'm wondering if the fact that he has to be in town in order to stalk them is going to be something that ends up back firing on him.
  • I'm surprised that the show is suggesting that Wes is the one that killed his mother but I'm wondering if the show is just faking us out with this twist because there's not a whole lot of evidence we've been shown that suggest that this true.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Heartless(6.07)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Heartless(6.07)Review
  • I liked that they showed that when Theo was in Hell his sister would chase him down and rip out his heart because that's what he essentially did to her and that this happened to him over and over again since this karmic punishment for his first evil deed.
  • I like that Malia was ready to kill Theo after she saw him and I liked that she only stopped because Scott and Liam pulled her off of him.
  • I like that Scott wants to send Theo back because Theo isn't someone they can trust considering how he got into everyone's head last season and killed a bunch of people including Scott himself.
  • I like that when Malia asked Hayden if she could deal have a moment alone with Theo and Hayden asked why that Malia answered honestly by saying so she could kill him.
  • I like that Scott doesn't feel like they can afford to make mistakes at the moment because he needs to get Stiles back and I like that Scott can now at least remember how much Stiles means to him.
  • I like that Liam is able to convince Scott that they can use Theo's knowledge of the wild hunt in order to get Stiles and the other's back and I like that Scott does Liam even if he doesn't trust Liam's plan.
  • I like that Theo doesn't want to help until Malia promised not to kill him and I like that she refuses to promise not to kill him.
  • I like that the Sheriff found Stiles room and although it's empty I like that finding a hidden room that was sealed off is something that makes him believe that it's possible that he had a son but I dislike that Claudia keeps telling him not think of this types of things.
  • I kind of like that Theo is telling Liam and Hayden that there plan to catch a ghost rider is a bad plan because he's right that so many things could go wrong when trying to catch one of them. On the other hand I like that Hayden is telling Liam that his plan is risky but that it's also a good one.
  • I like that after the plan is explained that Scott says it sounds like the best idea they have but I also like that Theo, Hayden and Mason all then pointed out the ways that this plan could fail.
  • I like that Malia plans to use Peter in order to find out what he knows about the wild hunt and I like that she uses Melissa to make Peter well enough so that he can help them.
  • I liked that when Melissa told Malia that what she will be doing could kill Peter that Malia said so what he's already dying and I like that Peter respond by telling them he could hear them and that they didn't really care.
  • I like that when Melissa and Malia were holding Peter up when they went to the elevator that they both drop him when Peter mentioned that him and Melissa never went on a second date.
  • I liked that when Lydia was laying in her bed and her mom asked her what she was thinking of that she told her mom about the dead little boy she met in Cannan that was conquered to fill a void and I like that this made Lydia start to think that Claudia is their to fill a void for the Sheriff.
  • I liked that although Natalie is skeptical of how true what Lydia is saying is that she tells Lydia that if what she's saying is true she shouldn't want to be the one to break the news to the Sheriff about his wife not being real.
  • I was surprised that the plan to catch the ghost rider actually worked and I liked that Scott actually took the gun away from the ghost rider before they locked him up.
  • I like that after discovering the room that the Sheriff invited Lydia over in order to discuss the possibility of him having a son he doesn't remember.
  • I kind of like that a flaw in their catching a ghost rider plan was that they can't communicate with the ghost rider.
  • I like that Mason is always able to tell were Cory is even when he is invisible, I just find it oddly sweet.
  • I like that Mason figured out that Parrish would be able to communicate with the ghost rider so they invite him to help them out.
  • I liked that Lydia tells the Sheriff that he's afraid to remember that he has a son and I like that after Lydia tells the Sheriff that the reason it's important that he remembers Stiles is because he loved him that he's able to see the lacrosse jersey that Lydia was holding but that he couldn't see earlier.  
  • I like that Peter actually tried to get Malia to leave town because although he is still telling her to ditch everyone she loves he actually is trying to look out for her in his own selfish way.
  •  I liked that Malia absolutely refuses to leave until she gets Stiles back and I liked that Peter remarked that she has no self preservation instincts and wonders how she's his daughter.
  • I find it both scary and sad that the ghost riders have no desires other then to continue the hunt for no other reason other than that is what their meant to do.
  • I was surprised that the ghost rider seemed able to force Parrish to help break him out although luckily Scott and Liam were able to stop him from escaping.
  • I found it interesting and frightening that Theo knows who and what the new creepy teacher really is and I actually felt bad for Theo when he forced him to break the barrier so that he could get to the ghost rider.
  • I found it surprising and a little frightening that the teacher was able to hold his own against the ghost rider.
  • I liked and was surprised that Peter was willing to give himself up to the ghost riders for a second time in order to save Malia.
  • I was surprised that the teacher was able to kill the ghost rider and that after he did the other ghost riders just left.
  • I was glad that Theo wasn't sent back because of what the teacher did because while I dislike Theo I don't want him to be punished for other people's bad deeds.
  • I'm sad that the teacher using the ghost rider's whip made Cory disappeared and I hope that they'll be able to get him back with all the people who were taken by the ghost riders.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Notorious: The Burn Book(1.08)

                                         Notorious: The Burn Book(1.08)Review
  • I find it interesting that the woman that called Julia at the end of the last episode Dana was a former news anchor that worked with Julia and that she was calling behave of her daughter, Maya who is a suspect in the murder of her friend.
  • I find it very odd that Maya would have gunshot residue on her hands if she wasn't handling a gun earlier and it's pretty easy to tell that she is hiding something which makes her case hard to win.
  • I like that Julia has issues with Dana because she fabricated an entire interview in the past which caused Dana's career to be destroyed.
  • I wasn't all that surprised that the boy that was killed was actually Maya's boyfriend but I was shocked to find out that her mom was slept with him.
  • I liked that Julia used the tape of Dana having sex with the victim in order to get her to do an interview on her show.
  • I disliked that Julia's boss forced the people on her show to air the tape even though Julia already promised that she wouldn't and never wanted to air it in the first place.
  • I think it's interesting that a third party was the one that was behind the filming of the sex tape of the victim and Dana.
  • I find it creepy that the guy that was making videos was a guy that did their security the year before and that he only sent in the sex tape because he went to get his petty revenge against Dana just makes it even worse.
  • I thought it was sad that the victim's father had to admit that he didn't actually know his son very well.
  • I found it really odd that a famous singer named Ray J is the owner of the gun that was used in murder and that there are a string of robberies of celebrity homes going on and that it looks like Maya or her room mates are behind them.
  • I found the date that Julia and the DA went on to be unconventional and very sweet at the same time.
  • I wasn't surprised when it turned out that Maya and her friends her behind the robberies but I was surprised that her roommates flipped on her and said that she did murder the fourth roommate.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, May 12, 2017

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: She Hates Us(2.11)

                           How to Get Away with Murder: She Hates Us(2.11)Review
  • I found it interesting how the episode started with ten years earlier when Bonnie was one of the students working for her. I found it kind of sad that Annalise was pregnant in the flashback because we know that her baby doesn't make it.
  • I liked how scenes with Annalise and Wes at the doctor's office were cut together with both of them showing signs of depression and both them denying that there is any kind of serious problem with them going on.
  • I'm glad that the doctor couldn't let Wes leave after he mentioned something about shooting himself because although he said it flippantly I don't really think that what he said was something that he hasn't been thinking about doing for the last couple of weeks.
  • I like that Michaela is worried that Annalise doesn't really want them to come to court and that she may hate all of them.
  • I liked that when Annalise arrives and ignores them that Michaela says that she definitely hates them and then Connor says good because the feeling is mutual.
  • I find it interesting that Annalise's client tells her that a shot to a stomach is called the suffer shot.
  • I think it's interesting that the family of the victim was trying to say that she wanted the person that killed her son to get less time in jail instead of more which means that the plea deal that the victim was suppose to take might end working out better or worse than it was going to be.
  • I liked that Wes called Laurel in order to have her help him get out of the psych ward their making him stay in.
  • I like that pretty much everyone thinks that this restorative hearing for their client is a waste of time and I also like that no one believes their client's story about what is going on.
  • I liked that when Laurel snuck into the psych ward and claimed that she was his girlfriend that doctor pointed out that if their really in a relationship that she should be concerned that Wes is talking about suicide.
  • I like that Laurel is really worried about Wes but I don't think Annalise is the best person to talk to about what's going on with Wes right now since she's understandable doesn't want anything to do with him at the moment but I did dislike that she fired Laurel for sticking up for Wes.
  • I liked that after Caleb called Michaela a whore that she implied that he hid the gun from her until after they had sex because he's the guilty one and that she's mad at herself that she wanted to protect him considering what kind of person he turned out to be.
  • I find it interesting that Annalise seems to not care about her work at all at the moment and that she actually gets mad at everyone for working on her case for her because she doesn't want them in her house.
  • I felt bad for Asher when he over heard Connor basically saying that the reason that he's letting Asher stay with him and Oliver is because he feels sorry for him since his dad just died but I'm pretty sure that the real reason that he's letting Asher stay with them is because he wants to make sure that Asher doesn't say anything to the cops.
  • I like how Wes keeps trying to tell the doctor that the only thing that is bothering him right now is law school but the doctor knows that Annalise was shot recently so she can't believe that he's just stressed about school.
  • It's worrying me how much Annalise doesn't seem to caring about her case especially when she pretty much told the mother of the victim that her client deserves to go to jail for what he did.
  • I like that the mother of the victim refuses to let herself hate the man that killed her son because she wants to be able to heal and she won't be able to do that if she doesn't heal. I also like that she tells Annalise to get over herself and to do her damn job.
  • I liked that after Laurel reveals that Wes was locked up in the psych ward for over a day now that the rest of the study group started freaking out about how he might have cracked and revealed something about the murders they were involved in.
  • I like that Michaela and Connor both decided to leave Annalise to handle her own case after hearing about Wes and I liked that Laurel joined them even though she isn't one to usually go against Annalise like this but for Wes she's willing to and I like that Asher also joined them after he sadly remarked that he can't believe that Annalise would just leave Wes in there.
  • I liked that when Annalise actually went to the hearing about the charges that she actually did fight for her client and that she did actually did think of what the victims mother actually wanted rather than her own thoughts about how the case should go.
  • I felt bad for Wes when he was talking about how he discovered his mother's body when he was twelve and I like how the doctor believed that his problem was that he was triggered when he saw Annalise shot.
  • I find it interesting that Annalise met Wes's mother through a case that she was working on.
  • I liked that Wes was surprised when he saw Michaela, Laurel, Connor and Asher where at the psych ward trying to get him out.
  • I like that Asher suggested that they all agree to not lie to each other and I like that when he pointed out that Connor was lying to him and trying to make sure that he won't go to the cops that Connor told him that he wouldn't blame him if he thought about it because after what happened with Sam that's all he thought about doing and the only reason he didn't is because he had Oliver.
  • I liked that when it was pointed out that they can't rely on Annalise anymore that the study group now has to rely on each other instead.
  • I'm unsure if Annalise giving Wes the files about the case that involved his mother is the best thing to do at the moment.
  • I like that Laurel told Frank the truth about how Wes was the one that shot Annalise and I like that Laurel also says that she didn't blame Wes for wanting Annalise dead when she told him Rebecca was dead and she was lying to him about it for months.
  • I like that Laurel confronted Frank with how she knows that he does bad things for Annalise and that she can't help but wonder how bad those things he does are. I also like that Laurel doesn't feel like she can have a relationship with Frank when she doesn't know what kind of person he really is.
  • I was surprised when Frank admitted to Laurel that he was the one that killed Lila and I wonder what Laurel is going to do with that information.
  • I'm really worried about how things are going to turn out now since Phillip sent Connor a video of the night that Annalise was shot that disproves the story that they were trying to sell and is using it to blackmail Annalise and the rest of them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Nerve

                                                                   Nerve Review
Nerve is a movie about Vee(Emma Roberts) a high school senior who has lived her life not taking risks no matter how much she wanted to take them and she has this friend Sydney(Emily Meade) who unlike Vee is a risk taker and she is playing this online game called Nerve. Nerve is a game that use the information from your social media accounts to give you dares that you have to complete in order to win money and sometimes these games can be fairly dangerous. Sydney tries to convince Vee to take a chance with her life by talking to her long time crush but when Vee refuses Sydney tells the guy that Vee has a crush on her and he rejects Vee without even talking to her, Vee feels humiliated and her and Sydney get into a fight.

After the fight with Sydney, Vee ends up signing up to play Nerve to prove that she can be someone who takes risks and for her first dare Vee is asked to kiss a stranger. The stranger that Vee ends up kissing is Ian(Dave Franco) who is a fellow Nerve player and since the watchers enjoyed seeing them together Vee is dared to go to the city with Ian and after some reluctance on Vee's part she goes with him. From then on Vee and Ian end up doing their dares together and although Vee is clearly out of her comfort zone the two of them are clearly having a good time together and they seem to be developing feelings for each other. Things seem to be going well until Vee discovers the darker sides of the game when she tries to tell the police about the game and ends up becoming a prisoner of the game and she learns the only way to get her life back is to win the game.

Overall I really liked this movie I thought that it had a good plot and I really liked the way that set up the game as something that could be seen as both fun and dangerous. I also thought that the characters were pretty good to and I liked that they were easy to root for which is always a good thing. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Fearless(1.06)

                                              Sweet/Vicious: Fearless(1.06)Review
  • I like that Ophelia getting caught taking down a guy is something that is causing major problems for her and Jules with how the campus is being put on lockdown and the police being called in to find out who is behind the attack.
  • I'm worried that the arm injury that Ophelia has will ended up causing problems for her in the future because a stab wound on your arm is something that isn't easy to explain away and she's having a pretty hard time moving her arm right now.
  • I like that Jules is majorly freaking out about the fact that they could be caught by the police while Ophelia keeps trying to convince Jules that everything is going to be fine. I like that Jules doesn't really start to calm down until she realizes that the police are most likely focused on finding a man not a woman.
  • I liked that Harris and Tyler were both worried about Ophelia and Jules and that they both called them to check to see if they were okay after the campus went on lockdown.
  • I like that Ophelia and Jules decided to act like their really freaked out about the attack because it would make them look less suspicious that way.
  • I like that when Jules told Tyler that she's never been in a situation like this that he joked about how he's in lockdowns all the time in order to calm her down.
  • I like that Kennedy checked in with Jules to make sure she's safe and I'm glad that Jules was able to respond to her so that she won't worry.
  • I'm worried about how Harris believes that Jules is the one behind the attack and although Ophelia does convince him that Jules isn't strong enough to take down a guy but later on when Tyler refers to Jules as a ninja that gets Harris suspicious again.
  • I'm really worried that Ophelia might get caught since the police are checking everyone's arm for an injury because the attacker in the video clearly has an injured arm.
  • I kind of like how Jules and Ophelia keep freaking out about getting caught for some reason I find their arguments while freaking out fairly funny.
  • I'm worried that the campus now knowing that the people who are targeted by the attacker are rapists is something that will make the police and school consider that a girl rather than boy are behind the attack quicker than they would have if they didn't have that information.
  • I liked that Jules and Ophelia realize that the police only think that there is one attacker and that Ophelia came up with a crazy plan that involved her running around as the attacker while Harris was in the same room as Jules to convince him that Jules isn't the one behind the attacks. This plan is one that assumes me but also worries me since the police are currently looking for the attacker.
  • I'm worried about Kennedy starting to be suspicious of Jules now that she found Jules Stats book under her bed  while she was suppose to be out studying with Ophelia that night.
  • I liked that when Nate showed up and Jules was clearly freaked out that Ophelia tried to shut the door on him and that she kept telling him that they were closed and that he had to leave but sadly Harris let him stay because he couldn't see why Ophelia was trying so hard to get him to leave.
  • I like that Ophelia takes Jules upstairs to give Jules a moment to collect herself before she went back downstairs so that they could go through with their plans to convince Harris that Jules isn't the attacker.
  • I hated how Nate kept trying to talk to Jules and kept getting into her personal space even though she's clearly showing how uncomfortable she is around him. I did like that Tyler noticed that Jules looked uncomfortable about Jules and that he stepped in before Nate could really do anything.
  • I think that Ophelia's plan to convince Harris that Jules isn't the attacker just made him suspicious that Ophelia might be involved.
  • I felt so bad for Jules when she and Tyler almost had sex and then she has a flashback to Nate raping her and she throws him off her because she just couldn't go through with having sex after that.
  • I like that Jules finally confronted Nate about how he raped her and how much he disgusts her for even a second thinking that what he did to her was sex and telling him how he makes her feel like she will never be safe again and that she hates how he doesn't carry what happened that night with him at all but she does.
  • I liked that after Jules confronts Nate and breaks down that Ophelia tells her that she's in awe of Jules and that what matters most right now is Jules and how she feels.
  • I like that Jules had decided that she is going to tell Kennedy about what happened to her before she tells Tyler because Kennedy is the person that needs to know the most consider what her boyfriend is capable of.
  • I think it's sad how the campus cop was fired because he brought to the attention of the school that rapists were the ones being targeted.
  • I understand why Jules feels like she can't be in a relationship right now but I do like how Tyler tried his best to convince her that they could get through it together.
  • I hated that Nate told Kennedy that he and Jules had sex before Jules could tell her that Nate raped her and that made Kennedy believe Nate over Jules and then tells her to leave the house.
  • I liked that Jules went to Ophelia after she was told to leave the house but I'm still so sad for her that Kennedy didn't believe her story.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Timeless: The World's Columbian Exposition(1.11)

                           Timeless: The World's Columbian Exposition(1.11)Review
  • I liked that once Wyatt and Rufus got back that Wyatt was telling them about how Flynn took Lucy and they have to find Flynn in order to get her back.
  • I dislike how Flynn is blaming Lucy for Rittenhouse still being around but I like that Lucy keeps telling him that they don't know whether or not killing that boy would have changed anything.
  • I like how Wyatt wants to go out and find Lucy right away and that he's annoyed by how long their machine takes to charge.
  • I'm worried about Lucy since Flynn is now thinking that him and Lucy working together might not be something that's destined to happen in the future and he pretty much said that if she's of no use to him he'll kill her.
  • I like that Mason is very worried about Rufus since he erased the recording and that was Rufus's last chance with Ritten house and I like that Mason wants Rufus to run and that he would help Rufus and his family get away.
  • I like that Rufus refuses to run from Ritten house at least until they get Lucy back.
  • I like that not having a historian are really putting Wyatt and Rufus at a disadvantage but that they are both determined to get Lucy back.
  • I liked how when Rufus saw Roosevelt that he was surprised how skinny he was.
  • I dislike how Flynn had one of his guys lead Wyatt and Rufus to a hotel that is owned by a serial killer that uses his hotel to kill his guests in order to blackmail Lucy with their safety in order to get her to help him do something she doesn't want to do.
  • I'm very worried about Wyatt and Rufus when they were knocked out by gas in the hotel.
  • I liked that Lucy was delighted by meeting Harry Houdini even though she hated that she had to lure him to Flynn because they need him to pick a lock into some place that is hard to get into.
  • I find the situation that Wyatt, Rufus and two guests are in to be very frightening since they are trapped and in a room with no means of escape with a very limited air supply.
  • I liked the friendship that Lucy and Houdini develop with them bonding by both being forced to work for Flynn and I like how Lucy told Houdini to use a sleight of hand trick to get the jump on Flynn.
  • I liked that Houdini was able to one up Flynn and lock him up and then have the police come. I also liked that he locked up Flynn's other man and let Lucy free of them. I liked that Lucy convinced Houdini to help her find Wyatt and Rufus.
  • I found myself very worried for Wyatt, Rufus and the people trapped with them because it seemed like there was no escape from that room.
  • I like that Houdini didn't let Lucy wonder around the hotel alone and I like that they two of them worked together to find and rescue Wyatt, Rufus and the others.
  • I loved how happy Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus were to find each other and that they were so glad that the other was safe.
  • I like that they didn't leave the hotel until they found the serial killer because someone like that shouldn't be allowed to roam free.
  • I found it incredibly creepy that the guy that was locked in the room was the serial killer and I was very scared for Lucy when she figured out who he was once she left alone and he ended capturing her and trapping her.
  • I liked how Lucy used her knowledge of history to convince the serial killer that she is a psychic in order to try and get him to let her go.
  • I liked that Wyatt and Rufus found where Lucy was being held and that they helped let her go.
  • I dislike how the serial killer used the fact that Wyatt's worst fear is not knowing what happened to someone he loved to get Wyatt to spare his life and when Lucy confirms that the serial killer will never really tell anyone were his victims were buried than he killed him.
  • I like that Lucy told Wyatt and Rufus that she knew they'd rescue her and I liked that they pointed out that she actually saved them.
  • I like that Rufus told Ritten house that he was done doing the recordings for them and since they can't replace him as pilot they better not touch anyone he cares about. I also liked how Rufus told Mason that he picked a side and it's time that Mason did so too.
  • I found it kind of frightening that Flynn knew Wyatt's cell phone number but I'm more curious about what Wyatt's going to do know that he has the name of the man that killed his wife ands it looks like Flynn is too.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

TV Review: Dream High

                                                            Dream High Review
Dream High is about a group of high school students at a preforming arts school that is known for having the highest number of students make their debuts on the K-pop scene after graduating from that school and them all working on achieving their dreams. Our main character Go Hye-mi is one of the few people who is trying to get into the school not because she wants to be a k-pop star but because she needs to become one in order to make money in order to pay back her father's debts and to do so she has to give up her dreams of attending Julliard and become an opera singer. While Hye-mi is very talented she is an elitist snob when it comes to music and this cause her to fail her audition and because of this she turns on her best friend Yoon Baek-hee who while less talented than her is someone who isn't a snob and is someone who actually willing to try her hardest to achieve her dream. Baek-hee becomes a rival to Hye-mi once she sees how Hye-mi turned on her and she has pretty much all of her classmates support since Hye-mi since the audition was on video for everyone to see which causes problems later on when Hye-mi is later on accepted into the school due to being one of the director's three picks of students to accept regardless of their audition.

The two other students who were picks of the director's were Jin-guk who is more a dancer and rapper than a singer and he comes across has a delinquent but he's actually a really good guy that does try to see the good in most everyone he just has a tough exterior. Jin-guk is also the illegitimate son of a father who wants to make his way in politics who refuses to acknowledge his son and wants him to get out of the country but all Jin-guk wants is to be able to have a relationship with his father. The third of the director's picks is Song Sam-dong  a kind hearted country boy who despite having no formal is quite a talent singer because he's so good at picking up on how to sing or play songs just by hearing the notes. Since Sam-dong is reluctant to leave his mom Hye-mi ends up convincing him to come to the school by telling him that she likes him because all three of the directors picks have to come to school for any of them to be allowed to come to school.

Hye-mi, Jin-guk and Sam-dong are put in the college prep class because the school doesn't really want them to succeed which also means that their not allowed to take any of the preforming arts classes. Since they aren't allowed to take the preforming classes at school they have to work on their preforming outside of school and they have to work much harder than their fellow classmates just to be allowed to take the same classes they do. Shortly after school starts Kim Pil-sook an overweight girl with a beautiful voice is demoted to the college prep class because she couldn't loose weight as fast as her teacher wanted her to so she also has to work much harder with the rest of college prep class to achieve her dreams.

The romances storylines in this series are also delightful with both Jin-guk and Sam-dong having feelings for Hye-mi during the series and Hye-mi actually ends up having feelings for both guys at different times through out the series which is pretty uncommon in K-dramas. Despite their being a bit of love triangle it isn't something that ever takes over the plot of working hard to make their come true but it does allow for plenty of sweet moments between both pairings through out the series. The other romance in the series is between Pil-sook and Jason who is the best performer in their class who Pil-sook instantly fell for and admires from a far at first. Pil-sook is convinced that Jason likes her too and given that he is especially nice to her and that wants to sing with no one but her she's probably right but it takes a long time for him to admit he likes her back because he's afraid of how much she likes him. The two of them are actually really cute together and they take almost as long as the main couple to get together and they have just as much development.

Overall I love this series I think that it's a great story with great characters and I think that series has a lot of heart which makes it heartbreaking when a character doesn't succeed and heartwarming when they do succeed. There is also a lot of great singing and dancing shown throughout the series which is to be expected. This series is one that has a great story and it's story is told with so much warmth and earnestness that you can't help but to feel for the characters at every turn. Please tell me your thoughts on the series in comments below.