Sunday, March 31, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Masquerade(2.18)

                                                  Revenge: Masquerade(2.18)Review
  • I was really sad to see that Nolan seems to have been driving himself a little crazy with trying to locate Padma for the past six weeks and I was even sadder to hear him tell Emily that he blames himself for her being taken among other things he couldn't really prevented.
  • I felt bad for Victoria with how she had to remember how she gave up her first son and how it so clearly effected her.
  • I really enjoyed seeing how good Ashley was at her job of getting Conrad ready for his interview and how even he complimented her skills.
  • I liked that Nolan helping out Jack with his plans to get at Conrad was at least able to temporarily seem okay about things. I also liked how those two worked together to get Conrad to promise to clear David Clarke's name even though Conrad has no intention of keep this promise.
  • I liked that it seems like Daniel believes that the initiative will now be leaving him alone due to Aidan handling Trask's money in a way that he dislikes and I liked that Daniel found out that Victoria was the one who sent him the bullets and the picture.
  • I was sad to learn that Padma died because I liked her but I was really surprised since I expected that she would die after last week's episode. Although I am glad that Aidan did kill Trask.
  • I felt really bad for Nolan when he found out that Padma has died but I liked that Emily wanted to be there for him and that he told her that he loves her.
  • I felt bad for Charlotte with how she had hear that one girl talking badly about Amanda when she was still mourning her death but I liked that she punched her.
  • I liked that after Jack heard how Conrad spoke to Ashley at the Halloween party that he asked if Ashley to work with him to get what they want from Conrad before destroying him.
  • I really hated how Aidan called Emily disgusting because of her fake relationship with Daniel because I don't really think he should be judging her like that and it was just cruel.
  • I don't like that the police think that Nolan is to blame for Padma's death because he's in enough pain right now he shouldn't also have to face the threat of imprisonment.
  • I find it interesting that Victoria sent her first son to live with nuns somewhere and I'm curious about whether the nun told Victoria the truth when she had said she told her son nothing about her because she prayed as soon as Victoria left.
  • I really hope that Emily was lying to the nun at the end of the episode because if she's telling the truth it will ruin the entire show and she didn't really seem to be acting like anything had changed much from the usual through out the rest of this episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fangirl Friday 33

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Revenge: I really loved this week's episode of Revenge like a ridicules amount of love for this week's episode I'm not exactly sure why I have so much love for this week's episode but I'll try to explain. I really loved pretty much everything with Nolan this week, I loved all the moments he had with Padma who I've shipped him with since their first kiss and never really stopped so seeing them say I love you to each other made me very happy even though I knew that something bad was bound to happen to her by the end of the episode. I really loved how Nolan just really wanted Emily there during the exchange with the initiative even though her being there wouldn't have made a difference. I loved how he didn't want to be part of killing anyone even if he knows that those people are awful and I like that it's this moral that causes the plan to go worse then already did. My favorite scene of the episode was the one towards the end with Emily and Nolan where Emily told him to start working on finding out where the test message he received came from and that she promises that she will help him which I loved so much because we don't really get scenes were Emily says she'll be there for him while we often get scenes with him promising to be there for her so it's nice to hear that she'll do the same. I also loved how Emily hearing that her father sent her letters while she was in foster care made her consider how much her life could have been if she had known the truth back then and while it makes me sad that she jumps to blaming herself for Amanda's death I'm glad to see that her death is still effecting her. I also really liked seeing Emily's old foster mother revealed to be abusive and that she is now ruined. I loved the last scene of the episode when after Emily finds out that Victoria has another son she has this smile that shows she'll use this information to cause a lot of problems in the future.

2. Psych: The 100 episode of Psych aired this week and it was a very entertaining episode which took place at a dinner party inside of an eccentric rock star or former rock star's mansion. The episode was hilarious and had a great cast of guest stars that made the episode even better. The mansion was also a great set for the episode because it was very odd with having a screaming doorbell, a hidden chocolate room and panther outside the front door that is known to ripe people's faces off. This was another great episode of Psych which plot had many hilarious twists and turns.

3. Community: This week I watched pretty much all of season 3 of community and I found this season to be even more enjoyable then the last I continue to love the shows willingness to have unique episode formats and I love the characters more and more the longer I watch the show. My favorite episodes were Remedial Chaos Theory, Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps, Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts, Virtual Systems Analysis, Basic Lupine Urology and Curriculum Unavailable.

4. Vampire Diaries: I enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I would so that was a pleasant surprise. I loved seeing all the scenes in the dinner between Elena, Rebekah and Katherine they were just really enjoyable and I actually loved them all. I loved that Elijah was back and I particularly love all of his scenes with Elena which isn't much of a surprise to me since I've always liked their relationship. I also enjoyed seeing Klaus suffer extreme pain while Caroline tells Klaus that he deserves it. I also loved that Stefan wants to get out of his toxic relationships with Damon and Elena once and for all because that's pretty much the healthiest thing for him to do.
5. The Bates Motel: The second episode of The Bates Motel was another good one but not quite as exciting as the first one which is understandable. I liked how this episode dealt more with the dark things that happened in the town rather than the dark things that happen within the Bates family. There was still lots of evidence of how messed up the Bates family is especially with the arrival of Norma's other son and even more evidence that Norma murdered her last husband as well.

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: American Gothic(4.18)

                                       Vampire Diaries: American Gothic(4.18)Review
  • I really liked how Elena was able to figure out what town Katherine was in by having someone mistake her for Katherine because this seems like a very logical way to explain why Elena would be able to find her so fast while others have had such a hard time in the past.
  • I really enjoyed Stefan basically pointing out all the ways in which Damon has failed with Elena since she became a vampire through out this episode.
  • I kind of like that Damon's sliver lining on a bad situation is that he gets to murder to someone.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Klaus withering in pain through out the episode because he really does deserve to punish in someway.
  • I liked how Silas used Caroline's form in this episode in order to emotionally torture Klaus and I like that Silas seems to be able to take anyones form.
  • I kind of enjoyed seeing Elena and Rebekah work together in order to find out what Katherine has been up to and where to find the cure even though they weren't exactly effective with getting the information since Katherine is good at turning any situation to her advantage.
  • I find the whole Katherine and Elijah were together to be kind of out of the blue since the last time these two shared a scene was when he compelled her to stay in the tome and she was visibly scared of him.
  • I actually really enjoyed the scenes in which Elena points out that Katherine is obviously playing Elijah and how all the boys stupid for falling so head over heals for the doppelgangers who really couldn't care less about them.
  • I like that Katherine more or less confirms that she's only using Elijah in order to have him make a deal with Klaus in order to gain her freedom.
  • I liked how no one really trust a word that Katherine says because honestly it's the smart thing to do when in a conversation with Katherine Pierce.
  • I felt really bad for Rebekah after she thought that she took the cure only to discover that it wasn't actually the cure and she was still a vampire.
  • I like how Caroline really didn't want to help Klaus with his problem because he deserves to suffer after all the horrible things he had done. I also really enjoyed Caroline refusing to help until he granted Tyler his freedom.
  • I liked how once Elijah found out that Elena's humanity was turned off that he tried to convince her to one day turn it back on again because he thinks it's a shame for her compassion to go to waste.
  • I liked how Elijah confronted Katherine about how he can't truly ever trust her because if he's honest with himself he doesn't even know her and I liked how he questioned how Katherine can't feel any empathy for Elena despite them sharing similar cursed existences.
  • I liked how Caroline just basically called out Klaus on how awful of a person that he is and that it seemed to somewhat get through to him and that he may have said that he'll allow Tyler to come back.
  • I liked the conversation that Rebekah and Elijah had about family and about she wants to take the cure. I also like that Elijah now as the cure and is coming back to Mystic Falls with it.
  • I like how Stefan wants to stop making the same mistakes when it comes to his and Damon's relationship and how he thinks that the only way in which he can do that is start over some where new.
  • I liked how Elena just flat out tells Stefan and Damon that she doesn't want the cure and wants them to stop talking to her about it. While I do think that she should turn her humanity back on again I don't think that the cure should be forced on her but I think her killing people because she's upset at Stefan and Damon is something that will eventually hurt her more than it does them.
  • I actually really liked this episode it was the best one in awhile.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Nashville: When You're Tired of Breaking Hearts(1.15)

                            Nashville: When You're Tired of Breaking Hearts(1.15)Review
  • I felt bad for Rayna since her older daughter seems to be taking out her anger about the divorce on her which I don't think is fair at all.
  • I found it a bit strange at first why Rayna kept wanting to stay at home longer than she planned and how she all of sudden didn't think Teddy could be a father but it seemed to make more sense to me by the end of the episode with her admitting she just wants her daughters to know that she'll always be there for them.
  • I really loved all the stuff with Deacon and his puppy who he played music to, didn't really know what to do with it and took a couple days to name. I just found these things sort of funny and the puppy was really cute.
  • I'm interested to see if Deacon's relationship with the vet will work out and I found him really adorable when he asked her out on a proper date at the end of the episode.
  • I really don't like the head of the record company he's always just so stuck in his ways and never really seems to listen to anyone else's opinions on anything.
  • I really don't get why people were blaming Juliette for her concert getting overcrowded and some people getting hurt because I know she sent out a tweet about it inviting people to come to the show but she isn't the one that decides how many people can come in so not really her fault in my opinion.
  • I do like how Juliette did admit towards the end of the episode that she did see her mom at one of her earlier shows but she ignored her due to embarrassment. I also liked that she invited her mom and her counsellor to come on tour with her.
  • I was pretty worried about Gunnar through out the episode because he was behaving pretty reckless through out the episode especially after the police told him that there not all that interested in finding out who murdered his brother. I'm glad that by the end of the episode Deacon and Scarlett were able to talk some sense into him.
  • I like that at the end of the episode that Scarlett and Gunnar where honest about their feelings for each other and got together with each other for real this time.
  • I'm curious about how Scarlett is going to react to being able to be signed as a solo artist.
  • I actually kind of enjoyed Avery's storyline of freeing himself from his manger and the people he signed with because his music wasn't the way he thought it should be so he got rid of it and went back to Nashville.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anime Review: Another: Body Paint(1.09)

                                              Another: Body Paint(1.09)Review
In this episode after other people in class 3 heard about Nakao dying outside of Yomiyama the fear has became worse then ever. It was revealed that Nakao died because of head trauma which he suffered before leaving Yomiyama and because he left town without going to hospital that is what insured his death.Koichi once again suffers nightmares in which his classmates blame him for their deaths while covered in blood. Koichi tells Naoya and Yuya about the thing that Matsunaga said he left in the classroom that reveals how to stop the calamity but Koichi doesn't want to tell anyone else about this until he finds it because he feels Nakao's death was caused by too many people knowing about a way to end the calamity.

Right before going to look for what Matsunaga left in the old class 3 room Koichi and Naoya run into two girls from class 3 and reveal that they are looking for something that will stop the calamity. While looking for Yuya, Koichi and Naoya find Mei in the art room and she decides she will help the boys look for what Matsunaga left despite Koichi worrying about her safety she insist that she'll be fine. What Matsunaga left was a cassette tape which told the story of what happened on the class trip that summer and how to stop the calamity but sadly the tape is broken before the answer to how to stop the calamity is told. Yuya says that he can get the tape fixed. One of the girls from earlier in the episode and her family get into a car accident and drive off a cliff and the other girl goes home to see that some kind of truck ran into her house and killed her brother.

I really liked this episode I feel like a lot happened and the episode felt really exciting to me even the episode wasn't super eventful. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Another: Hair Stand(1.08)

                                                Another: Hair Stand(1.08)Review
In this episode Koichi, his aunt and quite a few of his classmates go to the beach in which the class 3 from 15 years ago went when the calamity stopped in order to contact Matsunaga and asking him what he remembers about stopping the calamity. On this trip Koichi learns that Akazawa actually volunteered to be the head of countermeasures because she believed in the calamity and wanted to make sure that she did everything in her power to prevent it.

At the beach for most of the episode everyone seems to have fun playing in the water and then having a fishing competition and then eating some grilled food on the beach. There's a moment between Koichi and Mei in which Mei tells him that her father is always away on business and when he comes back her family acts like a family she then tells him that her family isn't connected. Later on while making a tunnel in the sand Koichi and Mei's hands touch and he tells her sometimes it's good to be connected. Towards the end of the episode Matsunaga arrives on the beach and remembers that he left a message in the school about how he stopped the calamity but doesn't remember what it was. The episode end with Nakao drowning and getting ran over by a boat.

I overall enjoyed this episode that was lighter than most other episodes but end on a dark note like the rest of the episodes. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: Gallagher Girls: Only the Good Spy Young

                                                 Only the Good Spy Young Review
In the fourth book of Gallagher Girls series Cammie is put under major protection due to an ancient order named the Circle being after her and early on in the book Cammie is told that her CoveOps teacher Joe Solomon is part of the circle. The book does a great job of making it clear why Cammie would refuse to believe that Mr.Solomon is part of the circle because she's right about his actions not making sense if he was her enemy and she has plenty of reasons to believe that he does care about her and her mother but at the same time there is also a lot of evidence that proves he was part of the Circle. I really enjoyed seeing Cammie and her roommates try to prove that Mr.Solomon isn't a bad person.

The twist about Mr.Solomon being part of the Circle only really works because there was more to the story then just Mr.Solomon being secretly a bad guy. Mr.Solomon actually being someone who was recruited by the Circle when he was very young and seeing that the Circle are the bad guys which has led to him trying to bring the Circle down from within for years now and to just general make amends for his past misdeeds is something that I find both interesting and believable for Mr.Solomon's character.

In this book Cammie also learns a lot more about the mysterious Zach. I liked that we learn that Blackthorne is an academy that trains assassins rather than the type of spy Gallagher academy does and I like how Cammie highlights how even though the two of them share a lot of the same skills their two schools couldn't have been more different. I like how Cammie actually sees Zach's vulnerable side a bit and even gains a bit more understanding of who he is because of the experiences that the two go through together in this book.

Through out the book Cammie has seen that the people that she cares about are in more danger from the Circle than she is because the Circle wants her alive for some reason. I liked how the whole book pretty much built up to Cammie's decision at the end of the book to go out on her own in order to get the answer she needs but no one wants to tell her.

I overall loved this book it might even be my favorite book of the whole series so far. I loved all the plot twists and revelations. I loved the characters and their relationships as much as I always do. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top 10 Books I Recommend the Most

1. Fruits Basket: This is my favorite series of all time because it has the most amazing character development that I have ever seen and I love all the characters and the way that they work through all of their issues and how they have to work really hard to earn their happy ending. I also love the way that relationships develop through out the series and I love that the series doesn't just value the romantic relationships but also the friend and family relationships as well. I love that the relationships develop as the characters develop and that for the romantic ones the series wait to get the characters together until they are emotionally ready for a relationship, this is the only series that I have ever seen that allows the characters become fully ready for a relationship before entering one so therefore the relationships in this series are better than in most others. I also just love that there was so much wonderful foreshadowing through out the series which makes rereading the series really fun. I love that this is a series that has made me laugh, cry and squeal over cuteness of my favorite couples.
2. Perks of Being a Wallflower: I just really love reading Charlie's story of how is freshmen year of high school went because I love the character Charlie and how he sees the world and how interacts with the world or how he has trouble interacting with the world. I love this book because Charlie is one of my favorite characters of all time and being in his head is a place that I always love to be even when it gets sad, dark and a bit scary in a psychological emotional way. I just think this whole book is perfect and I just love reading it over and over again.
3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: I love this series because it has great characters who are all different but equally lovable. I love the plot because it involves so many great adventures and because each book is building up to the last one but also has it's own plot. I love that the books have a great sense of humor as well.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura: I just love everything about this series. I love the characters and I love the relationships that they have with each other and I love how the story values all different kinds of love. I love how there is magic through out the series but the mundane stuff seems just as interesting if not more so. I love that the series is just so cute and sweet and never fails to put me in a good mood.
5. The Darkest Powers series: This is an amazing action packed series that deals with teenagers with special abilities and how people want to lock them up and how they must escape from them while still learning how to control their own abilities. I also love that even though there is romance in the series it always takes a backseat to the plot.
6. Tokyo Babylon: This is an amazing series that questions a lot of things in modern society as well as human nature in general and has a theme about no one but the person who is experiencing pain has the right to say how much pain they are in. I also love all of the main characters and their relationships with each other. I love how the series ends on such a sad note and that it wasn't afraid at all with leaving the readers feeling slightly depressed.
7. Secret Circle series: I love this series because it deals with teenage witches in a way that I would assume teenager who are witches would act and I like learning all about their witchcraft as well. I think that the series has a great plot that made it almost impossible for me to stop reading it. I also really love the characters as well.
8. Impulse: I love this book because it's so beautifully written and it gives all the characters so much depth. I loved all three main characters and I liked seeing them try top better themselves and even liked but was sad about one of them failing to recover.
9. The Glass Menagerie: I just love this play because it's about this family that is quite messed up which makes reading about them very interesting. I relate to the character of Laura Wingfield so much it hurts so this play will always hold a special place in my heart.
10. Gallagher Girls series: I just really love this spy girl series because I love the characters, the plot and all the friendship that the girls share. I also think the series has a pretty good sense of humor.

Monday, March 25, 2013

TV Review: The Bates Motel: Nice Town You Picked, Norma..(1.02)

                     The Bates Motel: Nice Town You Picked, Norma..(1.02)Review
  • I liked that we met Dylan Norma's other son in this episode while it seems like he does cause a quite a bit of trouble I do think that he's right about a lot of things regarding Norma with her actions seem suspicious and her being a bad influence on Norman's life.
  • I was surprised and frightened by Bradley's father getting into a car accident while he had alreadly been burned.
  • I found it a bit odd that Norma completely denied ever meeting Keith Summers because the first time he came around it was very likely that he might have told someone about it so it doesn't seem like a good idea to lie about it.
  • I found Norma's questioning of Emma when she came over to be really weird and seemed to cross the line of polite conversation quite a few times but I liked how well Emma dealt with the whole thing and how she just politely answered all the questions and never once let on to being uncomfortable.
  • I like that when Emma found the notebook with the strange pictures that she didn't seem to judge Norman like most people probably would and that she mentioned that she read manga.
  • I find that Norma's being offended by the police coming to her house and not allowing them to come in is something that probably made her look suspicous to them.
  • I find it interesting that Norma's plan to get the police off her trail is to flirt with the deputy that seems to like her already.
  • I'm even more suspicous that Norma was someone how involved in her husband's death now that it's been said that she made a lot of money off of his insurance and that her husband wasn't actually all that nice around the house.
  • I think that Dylan is right about Norma being a bad influence on Norman but telling him these things while beating him up isn't excatly the best way to get through to him but on the other hand Dylan calling his mom a whore isn't excatly good either but Norman attempting to bash him in the head with a meat tenderizer isn't the right way to handle things either.
  • I find it interesting that it seems like most people in the town make their money by selling pot and that most people seem to know about it. I also find it interesting that Dylan may start working for some of those people.
  • I like how when Emma sees that Norman is beat up and she doesn't by his excuse about the stairs that she doesn't pry any further than that since she can see he doesn't want to talk about it.
  • I kind of like that Emma kissed Norman and I wonder if the reason Norman didn't kiss back is because he wasn't interested or because he didn't know what to do.
  • I was worried a bit for Emma and Norman when they were out looking to see if the story in the notebook was true and they stumbled on a pot field and had to flee from some guys with guns, I was especially worried for Emma since because of her lungs she can't really run but I'm glad that they were okay.
  • I find it creepy and troubling that Keith Summers body was found and that someone tied it up around the harbor and lit it on fire for all to see.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Victory(2.17)

                                                  Revenge: Victory(2.17) Review
  • I really enjoyed the flashback between Emily and Eli where Eli promised to look about for Emily and they made a promise to stick together.
  • I like how Daniel is confiding in Emily about everything that is going on and that he's totally honest and upfront even though that's probably not the smartest thing for him to do.
  • I really love how Ashley wasn't comforted at all by Conrad's dismissal about the polls and that she had good ideas about how to safe their campaign.
  • I loved how Eli after being appointed to co-chair for the Amanda Clarke foundation then decided to have Emily come and worked with them.
  • I liked how when Padma got a video of her father she went to Nolan, I just really love that the two of them are now confiding in each other so much better than they were before.
  • I found it interesting that Emily's father was actually writing her letters when she was in foster care and that the reason that Emily was never able to read them is because her foster mother hide them from her.
  • I found it sad how Emily thinking about how the letters would have made her life different that one of the first things she thought of was how if she hadn't met Amanda she wouldn't be dead now but I'm glad that Nolan did tell her that only might be true because even though Emily and Amanda had a messed up relationship Emily was able to give Amanda the thing she wanted most with their connection and I know that Amanda wouldn't have given up her relationship with Emily for the world.
  • I liked how upset Nolan is about the prospect of killing people even though he knows that those people are terrorists, I just like that Nolan is still very against killing anyone just like he was in season one.
  • I like how sad Nolan is about the possibility of not being able to ever see Padma again but he's willing to go through with the plan if it will keep Padma and her father safe.
  • I really enjoyed how Jack and Declan worked together in this episode in order to track down Kenny Ryan and to find out what ever information they can from him.
  • I love how when Nolan tells Padma about her having to go somewhere else and that they won't be able see each other anymore that she tells him that she doesn't want to leave him and she tells him that she loves him and he says he loves her too. I just really love these two as a couple so I loved hearing that they loved each other. I also found it both sad and overly hopeful that Nolan said that the two of them could be together after the initiative was expose, I just really don't think that's going to happen at least not anytime soon.
  • I really loved how Nolan promised that he'd make sure that Padma and her father were safe but I pretty much knew at this point that something was bound to go wrong with the exchange.
  • I liked how even though the cover story is that Eli believes that a charity should fund Mrs. Hayward's house because she takes care of children that the real deal she thinks she is making with Eli is in order for them to make money in a scam.
  • I really hate Mrs. Hayward and I think that her methods of punishing childern by locking them in this hole in a wall was really cruel.
  • I liked how when the time for Padma to make the exchange changes and Emily can't make it that Nolan is really worried about the plan working without Emily being there, I like this because I think that this just proves that Nolan would feel that things where safer if Emily was there because he trusts her more.
  • I liked how even though Aiden will be the one doing the shooting and the killing that since Nolan is part of the plan he is still holding himself accountable for any of the lives that Aiden takes.
  • I kind of like how Nolan's worrying about making sure that Aiden kill anyone before they knew that Padma's father was safe is somewhat the reason that the initiative where able to take Padma. I like this because this was Nolan trying to keep is promise to Padma but in the end it just kind of made things worse but I really don't think there was anyway that Aiden could have shot all three initiative guys so I don't think there was anyway Padma could have came out of that situation safely.
  • I really like that Kenny gave Jack the recordings that Nate kept of his meetings with Conrad and that it's enough to make it clear in his mind that Conrad pretty much ordered Amanda's death. I also really like that Jack and Declan seem to be working together in order to avenge Amanda's death and that they were both really grateful for Amanda did for them to get the bar back.
  • I liked how Eli turned the press conference with Mrs.Hayward into something that exposes how Mrs. Hayward use to abuse all her foster children and that he brought out a lot of people who survived living with her. I liked that in the end that Mrs. Hayward lost all of the children in her care, the funding and that there will be a criminal investigation.
  • I was a bit sad to learn that Eli was the one who set the fire to the house that brunt it down and not Emily but I like that Eli has been actually trying to make things up to Emily since he came to town.
  • I liked how Eli told Victoria after she confronted him about tricking her that she could turn this event around to save face which I'm sure that Victoria can.
  • I liked that when Nolan and Aiden arrive at the place where he tracked the program to that when Nolan got a text message from the initiative that something about loosing heads and there was a rather large box on the table that Nolan wouldn't go anywhere near it and that he didn't even want Aiden to open it probably because he feared it might be Padma's head luckily it wasn't but instead just the tracking device from the turtle zip drive.
  • I like how Nolan tells Aiden he's not very good at the whole taking down the initiative because there plan was so far behind the initiative's plan and that not only do the initiative now have an extremely dangerous computer program but now Padma is also held captive or possibly dead.
  • I like that when Nolan comes and tells Emily how things have failed with there plan to save Padma that Emily tells him to stop blaming himself, focus on tracking the text message that he got from the initiative and that she'll be there for him in the future.
  • I liked how Eli was able to get Mrs. Hayward to tell him what happen to the letters Emily's father sent to Emily.
  • I like how Nolan took Emily's advice and went to work tracking the message from the initiative and that he learned that the falcon is working for the initiative currently but I'm a sad about this because the falcon is the one hacker that is better than Nolan.
  • I find it a bit cruel that Victoria sent Daniel a picture of his and Emily's lunch date from earlier in the episode and bullets in order to keep him a bit safer because him talking about the initiatives plans could get him killed.
  • I was surprised to learn that Victoria had another son which she had given up to foster care when she was younger and I'm curious about what Emily is going to do with this information.
Please tell me your thoughts about the episode.

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Because the Night(4.17)

                                   Vampire Diaries: Because the Night(4.17)Review
  • I really enjoyed the first scene with Damon in 1977 New York because he was very much like his season 1 self which is my favorite version of Damon to watch.
  • I liked how Damon explained that death is a lot less noticeable in big cities such as New York since there are so many people who live there.
  • I like Elena's new hair especially the streak of red I think it's really pretty.
  • I find it interesting that the vampire Damon knew named Will provides fake ids to vampires and that he supplied Katherine with ids.
  • I liked how it was made clear that Bonnie knew she was working for Silas and thought that he may have been manipulating her at times as well.
  • I loved how Rebekah showed up in New York and revealed all of Damon's cure hunting plans that he was keeping from Elena.
  • I like how Elena is pretty much just manipulating Damon in this episode in order to find out what he's up and to make sure she gets the cure first because she doesn't want to take it.
  • I liked how Bonnie had doubts about killing witches even though she was pretty far gone due to Silas's manipulations.
  • I didn't really like the Lexi flashbacks because it just didn't feel like her and I'm pretty sure that in her first episode she appeared in she said something that implied that she never slept with Damon and never would so I'm pretty much ignoring them. Also I don't believe for a second that Damon killed Lexi out of guilt. The only part of these flashbacks I really liked were that Stefan sent Lexi because he was worried about Damon.
  • I like how Elena sees having no emotion as being able to see things more clearly and be able to plan more logical.
  • I found the way that witches were planning on cleansing the expression magic from her to look very painful and I thought it was sad that as soon as they heard she was involved with Silas that they planned to kill her.
  • I'm glad that if Caroline was going to kill a bunch of people it was in order to save Bonnie her best friends life because that's in character for her to sacrifice her morals in order save a friend. Although I find it a bit weird that Caroline and Bonnie didn't talk all episode despite what Caroline did for her this episode.
  • I like that Elena and Rebekah working together is because Elena doesn't want to take the cure and Rebekah wants the cure so they're going to work together to prevent everyone else from doing what they want with it. I also like that they both ditched Damon.
  • I'm sad that Bonnie forgot about all the things after Jeremy's death because I feel that takes away the importance of her plot from the last few episodes.
  • I think it's weird that Caroline was talking to Klaus about killing 12 people rather than Stefan or someone else that she actually likes.
  • I liked how the phone call between Damon and Stefan at the end of the episode was basically the two of them telling each other how they failed.
  • I liked seeing Silas kick Klaus's ass.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

TV Review: Grimm: Mr. Sandman(2.15)

                                         Grimm: Mr. Sandman(2.15) Review
  • I found the fly-like creature that causes people to loose their sight then their eyes to be very creepy and I found it kind of cruel that the creature prays on people who are in mourning.
  • I liked the dinner conversation between Nick, Monroe, Rosalee and Hank about how the captain is a royal and a hexanbeast and how their not sure of how much they can trust him, I also just really like that they all do things like have dinner together.
  • I liked that Juliet went to Rosalee for help with her hallucinations although I'm sad that Rosalee doesn't really know what to do to help her.
  • I find it interesting that it seems like Adalind got herself pregnant with a royals baby in order to regain a place in the wesson world.
  • I find it interesting that when Nick was temporarily blinded that was able to hear a lot better and that's part of what allowed him to captured the creature.
  • I found the whole having to cut out the eye of the fly-like creature to make the antidote to be pretty gross.
  • I like that it seems like Juliet might be starting to remember Nick and what he told her before she went into her coma.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fangirl Friday 32

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Revenge: I really enjoyed this week's episode of Revenge. In this episode Emily's foster brother was introduced and he seems like he could be an interesting character and he could possibly cause problems since he knows who Emily really is and he seems to be sticking around. I also really loved that Emily did most of her revenge related stuff with Nolan rather than Aidan which is a welcome change since I love the relationship between Emily and Nolan and I pretty much hate Aidan. I'm enjoying Daniel having trouble coming to terms with having to do awful things just like his parents have in the past and how he wants to find away to stop it but knows deep down that it's pretty much impossible to stop at this point.

2. The Bates Motel: The Bates Motel premiered this week and I loved it. I thought that a lot happened in the first episode and I find the characters to be very interesting. I find it interesting that this show felt more like a drama then a horror story like it had been advertised but I think that what makes the show more interesting because the characters are more real this way.

3. Psych: This week's episode of Psych was good and it had Juliet's step father Lloyd and Henry sort becoming friends but mostly it was Lloyd accidentally dragging Henry into a dangerous situation involving the Mexicans that he had a gambling debt with and Lloyd seems not to realise how bad the situation is through out the episode.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 5 Female Friendship in Fiction

I'm just making this list because it's been a while since I did a list that wasn't a part of some meme.
1. Sakura and Tomoyo(Cardcaptor Sakura): I just really love this friendship because they both clearly love each other, they both have so much faith in each other and while they are different in quite a few ways the two of them just end up admiring each other for those differences. I love how Sakura values Tomoyo's emotional support so much through out the series and that she was able to trust Tomoyo with her secret right a way. I love how Tomoyo has this complete unwavering faith in Sakura and all of her abilities and that she wants more than anything is for Sakura to be happy. I just really love this two and I think they have a beautiful friendship.
2. Faye and Melissa(Secret Circle): I love their friendship because they have this good understanding of each other and they there for each other when they need to be. I really love how Faye can be a bit protective of Melissa such as when she started seeing Nick and Faye thought he wouldn't treat her right so she made sure to confront him about it to make sure he treated her right. I love how Melissa can see that although Faye can come off as a bitch a lot of the time that she does truly care about her but she just isn't always the nicest person. I loved how the two of them would have fun together with their magic as well and I love the chemistry that the two of them share as well.
3. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu(Magic Knight Rayearth): I love how fast these girls bonded and I loved how within a day or two of being transported into to this strange world that they all learned to work together and started to see each other as sister. I loved how all three of them would never turn on or abandon each other to save themselves but that they were all willing to die in order to save the other two. I also loved how they all had different personalities but were still able to come together so quickly and I loved how the whole story was mostly about their friendship with each other.
4. Holly J and Fiona(Degrassi: TNG): This two are a bit different from the rest of the friendships on the list since when they first met they didn't get along at all but that all changed in season 10 when Fiona went to Holly J when she felt she had no one else to go to. I love that these two became friends because before this Fiona didn't have any friends and none of Holly J's friends really appreciated her overachiever personality. I really just loved how their relationship developed and how much the care for each other and see the good in each other and are there for each other whenever they're going through something.
5. Sophie and Jenna(Hex Hall): Even though I've only read the first book of the series so far I have to say that there friendship is my favorite part so far. I love how they are both outcasts with Sophie's dad being the head of the council and Jenna being a vampire although both these things makes it hard for them to make friends with anyone else it doesn't stop them from being friends with each other nor does the fact that Sophie could have had the chance to have more friends if she wasn't friends with Jenna. I love how when people started to accuse Jenna of killing people that Sophie trusted that Jenna would never do something like that no matter what anyone else said. I also love how the two are able to tease each other and do normal teenage girl things such as have fun getting ready for the dance despite their supernatural status.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 Books I had tobuy but are still on my bookshelf

1. Perfect Scoundrels: I've only got this book two weeks ago so it really hasn't even been on my shelf for too long but I really want to put it at the top of my to read list.
2. Tilt: It's a book by Ellen Hopkins who I love, and it has more than one narrator another thing I love in books and I got it for Christmas so I really need to read this book soon since I'm sure I'll love it.
3. The Mark of Athena: I got this for Christmas as well and I so far love the Heroes of Olympus series so I need to read this soon although I think I've already read like the first like 5 chapters.
4. Forever:I love the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and I got this book for Christmas so I really should get to reading this relatively soon as well.
5. Hide and Seek: I really love the Lying Games series and I'm sad that I got so far behind in these books so I want to read this book soon in order to work my way get caught with the series.
6. Entwined: I bought this book this summer but I just keep putting off reading this book for some reason.
7. A Touch of Power: I've had this book since summer and I've actually tried to start reading this book right before Christmas but then I read A Fault in Our Stars instead and now I need to get back to this book.
8. If I Stay: I got this book for Christmas and I hear great things about this book so I feel that I should try to read this book soon.
9. It's Kind of a Funny Story: I bought this book this fall and I read the first chapter and even though I loved it I just haven't read it since and I also love the movie of this book as well so I'm sure I'll enjoy the book once I read it.
10. A Storm of Swords:I'm still reading A Clash of Kings and I just bought A Storm of Swords in order to have the next book available when I finish the second book of the series.

TV Review: The Bates Motel: First You Dream, Then You Die(1.01)

                        The Bates Motel: First You Dream, Then You Die(1.01)Review
  • I'm pretty suspicious of how Norman's father died since Norma seemed far to calm when Norman told her something happened to him which was quite a contrast to Norman's very emotional reaction to the death.
  • I found the relationship between Norma and Norman to be unusually close and I thought it was a bit odd that despite how Norma keeps saying she wants them to start fresh and make a new life for themselves she still does her best to keep Norman from doing things a normal teenage boy would do such as join the track team or hang out with friends.
  • I liked how in the first half of the episode Norman did try to go against his mother a bit with sneaking out of the house and I would agree with Bradley that it was adorable that he really thought they were going to study.
  • Even though I know the character that Norman is based off I can't help but to like his social awkwardness and he's different from most boys his age even though I know that the reasons for this are most likely somewhat dangerous, I just really can't help but like his character.
  • I found the scene were that guy Seth broke into the house and raped Norma and because of the cruelty of Seth I can't help but to think that Norma had a good reason to kill him but I do find it a bit disturbing how fast she was able to justify his death to herself.
  • I have to agree with Norman that they probably should have called the police because it was pretty much self defense and it's a lot easier and safer for them to let the police handle the clean up of the body.
  • I also found it disturbing that Norma's reasons for not wanting to involve the police had more to do with how she didn't want the news to negatively impact how the motel's business would go rather than worrying that they would accuse her of the crime which would have been a much more normal response in this kind of situation.
  • I kind of liked how Norman mentioned how messed up the situation was with them having to get rid of a dead body and that he was very emotionally distressed by the whole situation because that's a much more normal response than Norma was having.
  • I found it odd that Norma thought that they needed to remove all the carpet that night because I personally think it's more suspicious to being pulling up carpet in the middle of the night than to only have a few rooms worth of carpets torn out.
  • I found the scene where the police show up and one of the officers uses the bathroom in which the body is hidden to be very stressful to watch and I really enjoyed the looks Norma and Norman were giving in this scene while trying to act like nothing was wrong but of course being terrified by what the officer might find.
  • I liked how Norman was very effected by the murder and that seeing the blood on his shoe the next day was enough to make him vomit.
  • I really liked the scene between Norman and Emma there was a certain sweet awkwardness to it that I just really enjoyed.
  • I found the scene where while Norma and Norman are dumping the body in the lake and Norma comes to the realization that she isn't doing a very good job as a mother and Norman says she's his everything, to be both sweet and messed up because it shows a co-dependency in their relationship and a bit of an incestuous undertone.
  • I overall really liked the first episode and I thought a lot happened plot wise and I am really interested in learning more about the characters in future episodes.
Please tell me your thoughts about the episode.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Illumination(2.16)

                                              Revenge: Illumination(2.16)Review
  • I liked how in the past Emily's foster brother Eli would protect her and wanted the two of them to stick together, it's just nice to know that she had someone during that period of her life.
  • I feel a bit bad for Charlotte because she believes her parents are actually making the Amanda Clarke charity in order to honor her rather than to serve themselves.
  • I liked how Emily was able to tell right away that Eli had ulterior motives about coming to the Hampton's and I also liked that she had meetings with Nolan filling him in on everything that was going on much like they use to have all the time during season 1.
  • I like how Daniel continues to have a harder and harder time with doing what the initiative tells him to do knowing the cost of his actions but being powerless to really change his situation. I also really enjoyed the talk between Daniel and Conrad about preserving their family by hurting other people, I just find the whole Grayson family dynamic to be very interesting.
  • I like how the Graysons have plans to frame Aiden for the upcoming  initiative crime although I'm guessing this is something that Emily has prepared for so he probably won't really get framed and be off the show.
  • I liked how part of the reason that Eli was able to identify Emily as the real Amanda Clarke is because of the double infinity tattoo on her wrist because it seems odd to me that know one ever takes note of that considering how big of a thing that's been for her through out her whole life.
  • I liked how Jack start to looking into things such as who brought him to shore and that at this point he really doesn't know who he can trust and if he can truly trust anyone.
  • I liked how Conrad decided to use Aiden to be even more of a fall guy and that he is also using Aiden to convince Daniel of going through with certain business deals.
  • I think that it's a bit odd that Emily decided to give Eli what he wanted out of their deal before she had any reason other than his word to believe him because the last time she tried to pay someone off in order to leave it didn't work out at all.
  • I liked how Emily thank Ashely for her warning about the Graysons going after Amanda and that she also used Ashely to try and give the Graysons a reason to get rid of Eli for her.
  • I kind of love how Victoria sees Emily as so much of a threat that she's willing to keep someone around that could be dangerous solely because Emily doesn't want them around.
  • I really enjoyed Jack's line to Nolan about practicing lying through his teeth just like Nolan and Emily do all the time to him. I'm just really glad that the show is having Jack being pissed at them for all lies because it has always been my theory that this is the way he would react to the truth so it's nice to see him react this way to small parts of the truth.
  • I'm curious as to what Eli is trying to accomplish by getting close to Charlotte and I'm wondering if Charlotte as any interest in him outside of him being Amanda's foster brother.
  • I liked that Aiden actually got Daniel to open to Emily, I'm just really glad that Aiden was a help to Emily's plans this episode since I don't think he usually is.
  • I'm curious about what Eli's plans are and what his really feelings about Emily are at the moment.
  • I liked how Nolan was able to convince Jack that it was Kenny Ryan that had the boat and brought Jack to shore and he also convinced Jack not to do anything reckless.
  • I really loved how Daniel pretty much pored his heart out to Emily about his situation with the initiative and that Emily in the end found a way to use what he told her in order to ruin his family and to get him to do exactly what she wanted him to do.
  • I really loved that Emily and Nolan were working together and putting Nolan's technically skills to work in order to bankrupt the Graysons although they did hit a bit a snag in their plans.
  • I really loved that there was a flashback with Nolan and David Clarke because we've always heard a lot about their relationship but we've never seen them have any scenes together before this episode. I also loved the scene because it had Nolan thinking that they finally found what they needed in order to prove David's innocence and David deciding that Amanda's future was more important and than he gave Nolan the infinity box to give to her and told him to look out for her, it was just a really great scene.
  • I like how the hacker the falcon who lead to David Clarke's framing being possible is making an appearance and I'm curious to see how Emily will deal with this threat in the future.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Natural Born Wesen(2.14)

                                         Grimm: Natural Born Wesen(2.14)Review
  • I liked how concerned Juliette was for Nick's health after he passed out from that thing he had to drink and that the process at least seemed to somewhat improve Juliette and Renard's obsessive feelings for each other.
  • I liked how Nick got Hank up to date with everything that happened last episode at the beginning of this one.
  • I found the wesen who were using their wesen identities in order to rob banks to be very creepy and I found it interesting that there is a wesen counsel that forbids this kind of behavior although that does make a lot of sense.
  • I find it interesting that Rosalee's family has a link to the counsel and that she called the counsel in this episode in order to get rid of the robbers and keep the wesen community save.
  • I found Juliette's hallucinations to be pretty scary and I'm wondering why she keeps having those.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fangirl Friday 31

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Psych: This week's episode of Psych was probably one of my favorite of the whole series so far. In this episode Shawn and Gus go out into the woods to try to help(sort of) film students to find Big Foot and Shawn wants to make a video of his own in order to steal the film student academy award from them, he enrolled Gus in a class for the purposes of winning said award. After finding some dead bodies as well as very many funny moments then Juliet and Lassiater show up because they thought Shawn and Gus might have been dead and Lassiter is upset to see that isn't the case. Soon the group learns they're not alone out there and they eventually take down some criminals. I loved this episode it was so funny and so many good character moments and I love this episode as a parody to the found footage movies, this is actually better than any found footage movie I've ever seen.

2. Revenge: Revenge return this week and I think this episode dealt with Amanda's death pretty well with having Emily of course start off right away planning her revenge again and having one small private moment to truly mourn her. I also loved that Nolan was worried about Emily and what she might do next and I liked that they seemed to have more scenes together in this week's episode than they have had for most of the season. I also liked seeing that Jack may actually be involved in a plot that's somewhat relevant to the rest of the show which would be nice because if he's going to get screen time his storylines should at least be interesting. I liked how Charlotte was very sincere in her mourning of Amanda which was a contrast to the rest of her family. I really enjoyed the plot with Daniel wanting to get out of the initiative's control. I loved the theme of the episode with Emily going to not let anything else distract her from her vengeance.

3. Vampire Diaries: Vampire Diaries also returned this week and I actually quite liked this episode. I liked how Elena was bored and just kind of bitchy and not caring about anything or anyone although I disliked how mean to Caroline she was. I liked that Stefan and Elena had quite a few moments together and I liked that there's a bit of sexual tension between them because I've been missing that lately. I liked all the Stefan and Caroline interaction because I always like those two together. I liked but was sad about the Caroline and Tyler stuff especially when Caroline read his letter realized he's not coming back, that made me cry. I liked that Damon was chasing after Katerine again and I liked the scenes he and Rebekah shared together.

4. Nashville: I caught up with Nashville this week with watching the last two episodes and I enjoyed them quite a bit and I especially liked the stuff with Scarlett and Gunnar. I also still love Juliette even though her plots weren't my favorite in these last two episode. I also loved the new songs we got in these episodes, Casino was my favorite by far though.
5. Elementary: I really loved this week's episode because it dealt with Joan being a bit unsure about if she can be a detective and I liked that because I feel like that's a natural feeling to have but I loved that she is able to solve the case in the end and was able to feel confident in her decision to become a detective. I also really liked the whole Alfredo teaching Joan to break into cars because that's a skill that Sherlock believes a detective needs.