Monday, February 17, 2020

Book Review: Lucky in Love

                                                            Lucky in Love Review
Lucky in Love is about how Maddie, a straight A student whose family has been going through money problems for the last couple of years ends up winning the lottery on her eighteen birthday. Maddie is made out to be someone who is responsible and sensible to the reader but as soon as everyone in Maddie's life finds out that she's a millionaire now, Maddie starts spending her money in really stupid ways. Maddie basically gets convinced by people she either didn't know or barely knew before she won the lottery that she should spend her money on them or on something that she doesn't really want just because they would if they were her.

Maddie before she won the lottery was working at the Zoo and she had a close friendship with a co-worker named Seth who went to a different school than her that she was starting to develop feelings for whether she wants to admit it or not. Maddie keeps the job at the Zoo but as a volunteer after she wins the lottery and she doesn't tell Seth about her lottery win because she likes that she can still feel normal around him.

Overall I didn't really like this book because I found myself being really annoyed about the way that Maddie decided to spend her money on dumb things and she kept that she won the lottery from Seth way too long to be understandable and while it didn't lead to the dramatic betrayal on his end that I was expecting it still was another decision of Maddie's I couldn't stand. I liked the romance and thought it was cute but it sadly wasn't really that big of a focus in this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Top 10 Songs that Hit the Billboard Hot 100 in August of 2019

1. Cornelia Street-Taylor SwiftThis song is the story of  a relationship and how Taylor is terrified of the relationship possibly ending because the heartbreak that would come from the end of this relationship is one she fears she would never get over if it happened. This songs music and sing sounds great as well.
2. Death By A Thousand Cuts-Taylor Swift: This song is about how hard walking a relationship can be when one becomes so entangled with their partner and how the ending of the relationship feels like a death by a thousand cuts. This song of course sounds great like almost every other song on the album.
3. Paper Rings-Taylor Swift: This is a very happy love song about loving someone so much that you wouldn't mind marrying them with paper rings because what's important is that your together not how fancy the things around you are. This song is one of the happiest sounding ones I've ever heard and that shows in the production and the singing.
4. Afterglow-Taylor Swift: This song is about Taylor apologizing for blaming her lover for all the problems in their relationship and admitting that she let her insecurities get to her and she blamed her lover for things he never even did. This song is one that has a soft and dreamy feel to it that I really love.
5. Boyfriend-Ariana Grande Feat. Social House: This song is about an unhealthy non-relationship where neither party wants to be in a relationship with each other but will be furious if they hook up with anyone else. This song also sounds really good even though Ariana is clearly a much better singer than the Social House guys.
6. Slide Away-Miley Cyrus: This song is about mourning an end of a relationship even though it's clear to her that the relationship is one that hasn't been working for awhile and that it's time to move on. This song has somber dreamy tone that just makes this song one that I want to listen to over and over again.  
7. I Think He Knows-Taylor Swift: This song is about how at a beginning of a relationship where Taylor sings about how she doesn't have to tell the guy how much she likes him because she's pretty sure that he can tell by the way she acts around him. This song as a really fun and playful sound to it that makes it a delight to listen.
8. Small Talk-Katy Perry: This is a song about running into an ex long enough after a break up that it isn't painful experience but it still awkward because they are now stuck making small talk with each other like they're strangers even though used to know everything about each other. The song as an interesting premise and it sounds really good as well.
9. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince-Taylor Swift: This song is one that I used like a lot more when I first heard it than I do now but it's still a good job. I think this song works fairly well as dramatic love story set in high school but I think it doesn't work that all that well as a political allergy if I think about the song's story in that constant it feels confused and this is big reason why I don't like this song as much as I once did. The song still sounds really nice and I really like the title for the song.
10. Right Back-Khalid: This song seems to be about being okay with a relationship developing slowly and I also just really like the way in which the song sounds.