Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book Review: The Secret Circle: The Captive

                                                The Secret Circle: The Captive Review

The Captive is the second book in the Secret Circle series and I think this book is even better then the first one. In this book Cassie is basically forced to everything Faye tells her to do because Faye knows about the kiss Adam and Cassie shared towards the end of the first book. In this book we also learn about what is causing the mysterious deaths and how they’re related to the crystal skull as well as what happened to cause most of the circle’s parents to die years ago. Overall I felt that a lot happened to move the plot along and the plot had good pacing.

My favorite characters are still Faye and Diana. I like Faye because she’s mysterious, dark and alluring as well as manipulative which I always seem to like in fictional characters and I in this book we got to see a lot more of Faye because of her using Cassie to get what she wants. I like how in control Faye seems to be and I also liked that she has vampire kittens. I like Diana for being so nice, overly trusting and good as well as having moonlight hair. I also liked seeing more of the power struggle between them in this book as well as their friendship with Cassie. This book also made me really like Deborah because it showed how strong and brave she was with her chasing the dark power/ghost after Jeffery’s murder and when she went into Cassie’s house when the spirit of Black John was there. I also really like Sean just because he seems super friendly and kind of adorable I liked him in the first book as well but forgot to mention him.

Overall I really liked the book and since the book ended on a bit of cliffhanger I can’t wait to read the next book which truthfully I already started to. I’m also glad that the series decided to hold out on dealing with the love triangle stuff until the next book. I would like to now your thoughts on the book so please comment below.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 10 things in entertainment I'm looking forward for summer 2011

                             Top 10 things in entertainment I'm looking forward for summer 2011       

1. The Nine Lives of Chloe King

I’ve been extremely excited for this show since I saw a preview for it and then looked up all the other previews for it. The show looks really good and something about it reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is always a good sign and it seems to have something to with cats which I also love. I can’t wait to see this show which comes out on June 14th.

2. The Art of Getting By
I’ve been wanting to see this movie since it was called Homework but then they change the title to The Art of Getting By anyways I like the idea and I really enjoyed the trailer and it has Emma Roberts in it who I enjoyed Lymlife and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Comes out June 17th.

3.White Collar season 3
I just really love this show and it’s one of my favorite currently running shows so I am of course very excited to be seeing yet another season of it. Returns June 7th.

4. X-Men: First Class
I saw the trailer for this movie a while ago and I thought it looked really good and although I’ve only seen parts of other X-Men movies I’ve always liked the idea and since this movie is a prequel I figured it doesn’t matter if I saw the previous movies. I also want to see it because James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult are in it since I like both of them as actors. Comes out June 2nd.

5. Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus edition 2
I’ve had this pre-ordered since January when it was suppose to come out but for some reason it kept getting pushed back anyways I’m super excited for this since I absolutely love the Cardcaptor Sakura anime and the first three volumes of the manga. Comes out on August 9th.

6. 30 Minutes or Less
When I first read the plot for this movie I thought it sounded funny and then when I saw the trailer I thought it was hilarious I eagerly await for it to come out on August 12th.

7. Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus edition

I loved the Magic Knight Rayearth anime as well as whole bunch of other series by Clamp so I’m really excited to be able to read the manga which I hear is quite different then the anime. This series was suppose to originally come out last fall but got delayed for some reason so I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now. Comes out July 19th.

8. Monte Carlo
The main reason I want to see this movie is because it stars Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez two actress I really like but I also saw the trailer and thought that the movie looked good and fun, I’m not expecting an oscar worthy movie I’m expecting a fun chick flick. Comes out July 1st

9. Alphas
I read about this series a while ago and it sounds really good but I’m a little hesitant because it airs on the syfi channel and I’ve seen some really bad movies of the week of their’s but they also made the mini-series Alice which I enjoyed so I really hope the show is good but since I haven’t seen any trailers or previews yet I’m not sure if I’ll like it yet. Comes out July 11th.

10. Submarine

Although I probably won’t see it this summer since it’s a British indie film I saw the trailer awhile ago and I thought that it looked really good and I’m looking forward to seeing it as soon as I can. Comes out June 3rd.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review: The Summoning

                                                      The Darkest Powers:The Summoning Review

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong is about a girl named Chloe who one day suddenly starts to see ghosts and since she didn’t know she was seeing a ghost she freaked about majorly when one chased her in her school and because of this incident she’s sent to Lyle house a home for mentally disturbed teens. After a while a Lyle house she discovers she can see ghosts and that some of the other teens of unusual abilities as well. Towards the end of the book she and some of the other teens escape Lyle house after learning that the employees don’t care about them and they know about there special abilities.

I overall liked this book but it took me a while to get into towards the beginning it felt like it wasn’t moving fast enough like when Chloe got her first period in the school bathroom ( although that part was really weird anyways and was actually important to the overall story) and also it took forever for Chloe to accept the fact that she can see ghosts.

Now For what I liked about the book I liked how they hinted at and introduced that other characters in the home who had special abilities. I liked it at the times when the plot would move really fast like the night Liz was taken away, when Chloe was trapped in the crawl space and when they escaped until the end of the book. I also liked that the house was originally owned by a sorcerer who had down experimented on other supernaturals it also makes me more worried about the Lyle house’s employee’s true motives. I also liked the narration which was in first person and actually felt like a person’s thoughts and I liked how Chloe would often put things into movie terms it was different in a good way. My favorite character was Rae she seemed nice, she was a good friend to Chloe and she was eager to accept the supernatural stuff which I liked very much. I also really liked Liz because she was so bubbly and cheerful but sadly she was taken away early on. Other then the Lyle house employees the only character I didn’t like was Tori who I hated mostly because she was a psycho bitch ( at one point she knocks Chloe out and then binds and gags her) but there are a few times I find myself feeling bad for her which makes her more real.

Overall I liked this book and since it ended on cliffhanger I will for sure read the next book and I hope that get answers to many of the questions this book made me ask and hope that the next book is more like the end of this book( fast paced, filled with action and plot twists I never expected) rather then the beginning of the book ( slow paced with little to no action) either way I’m eager to read the next book.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book Review: The Secret Circle: The Initiation

                                                   The Secret Circle: The Initiation Review

The Secret Circle: The Initiation is a book by L.J. Smith who also wrote the Vampire Diaries series (although I haven’t read those books I love the TV show) and this series is also being made into a TV show so I decided I should read the books before hand and I’m glad I did. The book’s about a girl named Cassie who moves to New Salem in order to live with her Grandmother and she soon discovers a group of students are witches and she is also a witch.

I liked that although Cassie doesn’t discover magic is real until the end of the book there’s still a lot of clues to it’s existence and the story is still interesting beforehand. One of the parts I found most interesting was when Faye and some others were making Cassie’s life hell in school with the putting meat in her locker and such, I have a feeling that when this is made into a TV show that part is going to be cut out. I really liked how Faye actually seemed dangerous like she could kill Cassie if she wanted unlike most mean girls who the most the can do is ruin your day. Overall I found all the characters interesting although the Hendersons kind of blended together. I liked that Cassie was kind of shy because I feel there’s not enough truly shy characters in fiction.

My favorite characters are Diana the nice girl with moonlight hair that mid-way through the book takes Cassie under her wing and Faye the dark haired mysterious bad girl, like them the most because the seem to be the two strongest members of the circle and the polar opposites of each other. Also I’m pretty sure Diana isn’t going to have silver moonlight hair in the show and that disappoints me but I can understand why she won’t, silver just isn’t a natural hair color. The thing I didn’t like was the relationship between Adam and Cassie it just kind of developed to fast on his end and caused problems right away but I did like that it led to Cassie being used as Faye’s little minion because it allows us to know see more of Faye and learn more about her.

I also think that Kori’s death was a good way to set off the story because it sped up the pace of the story and left many unanswered questions and I’m also intrigued by the crystal skull and the powers it holds and hope that both those elements are put into the show. I enjoyed this book very much and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

So please share your opinions on the book, likes and dislikes. I also wonder what and who your hoping to see in the up coming TV show, please comment below.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Movie Review: The Go Getter

                                                            The Go Getter Review

The Go Getter is about a boy named Mercer (played Lou Taylor Pucci who I had seen previously in The Chumscrubber and Fifty Pills I enjoyed both of those films as well) who after impulsively stealing a car goes on a road trip to find his older brother Arlen who he hasn’t seen since he was 5 but he feels has to tell him that their mother died 8 in half months ago. But the person’s car he stole calls the cell she had previously left in the car and then tells him she won’t file charges as long as he tells her about his trip ( the car owner is played by Zooey Deschanel who I’d seen previously in Almost Famous and 500 Days of Summer). On the trip Mercer discovers Arlen wasn’t a very nice guy which ended up making him hard to find. Also in the beginning and middle part of the film Mercer decides to travel with Joely( played by Jena Malone who’s one of my favorite actresses and I’ve seen her in Donnie Darko, The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, and Saved), a girl that he went to middle school with. After losing his virginity to Joely she ends up having to male friends take along on the trip and since she seems to by having sex with one of them Mercer sees she’s just using him so he goes on without her. A while later he meets up the owner of the car, Kate and they travel together. In the end Mercer is able to relay his message to Arlen and Mercer and Kate go to Louisiana to scatter his mother’s ashes.

I liked this film overall it was odd but most indie films seem to be but I liked the story and the main character. I liked the way the phone calls between Mercer and Kate seemed to tie the film together and relayed background information and developed their unlikely friendship. I felt that the acting overall was good but I think Lou Taylor Pucci was most definitely the best but his character had the most to go through and was on screen the most. I’ll give this film a 4 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My top 5 current TV episodes 5/7/11

                                                       Top 5 current Tv episodes
I'm sure that this list will change someday probably sometime soon but for now these are my favorite episodes. Honorable mentions go to Vampire Diaries(Masquerade, Last Day, Chirldern of the Dammened, Fool Me Once), Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Passion, Faith, Hope, Trick, Innocence, School Hard, Out of Sight Out of Mind) The O.C.( The Model Home, The Girlfriend, The Ties That Bind, Dearly Beloved, Summer Bummer) Firefly( Serenity, Safe, Out of Gas, Trash) Psych( An Evening with Mr.Yang) Gossip Girl ( Victor, Victrola).Please share what your favorite episodes are.

1. Becoming Pt.1& Pt.2 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2.21-.22)

My favorite episode of anything every is Becoming it was just the perfect way to end the season2 which was already a great season but this just an extremely intense episode the stakes are high on both the world’s going to end level as well as an emotional level. I loved that episode had a sword fight in that I love a good sword fight and this was certainly a good sword fight. This was also the first episode that Willow uses magic and although her spell’s a success it really only makes the ending more bitter sweet. I personally think this episode was a great ending for season 2 as well as Buffy’s and Angel’s doomed relationship.

2. Plan B ( The Vampire Diaries, 2.06)
I love this episode so much it was so exciting and fast paced I wasn’t bored for a second during this episode and I cried twice during it. This episode everyone worked together (for I think the 1st time ever really) and in the end they were able to get a little ahead of Katherine but of course Katherine being the awesome villain she is doesn’t let that last long. I also but some sick reason really enjoyed Damon torturing Mason ( although I didn’t hate Mason or anything) I think it’s because I was worried the show would change Damon’s character too much (ie: not have him killing or hurting anyone, which just doesn’t seem to make sense). I also loved all of the scenes between Caroline and her mom and cried so much when she compelled her to forget right after her mom accepted her as a vampire. I also cried during Stefan and Elena’s break up but not as much and after all that the episode is still not done because at the end we learn that Katherine has compelled Matt to attack Tyler until he dies. This episode is just amazing, it has good emotional growth and plot twists throughout.

3. Ariel (Firefly, 1.09)
Honestly I love every episode of Firefly but for some reason Ariel is my favorite it was probably because a lot of this episode focused on Simon and River who I love. I also really liked the heist idea and although I hated Jayne for trying to turn the Tams in I liked that storyline happened it added a lot of tension to the hospital scenes. I was terrified and intrigued by the hands of blue that made people bleed out their eyes and other openings, I still wonder about them this show so shouldn’t have been canceled. I also liked the scene at the end were Mal threaten to throw Jayne out of the airlock.

4. Effy series 1 (Skins UK, 1. 08)
I love this episode it’s so weird but so awesome it’s kind of hard to describe but it’s a really screwed up episode that allows for a good amount of character growth. First off we got to learn more about Effy’s secret life as well as how close her and Tony are and it was the first time we ever heard her speak. Although this is Effy’s episode it really focused more on Tony and aloud him to grow as a character, it really was the first time that I felt bad for his character and this episode made me understand him and his relationships with Sid, Effy and Michelle better. I also loved that Sid and Cassie kissed in this episode.

5. The Heartbreaker (The O.C., 1.19)

The first Valentines day episode of The O.C. is also the best in my opinion it probably because it’s the one were Seth and Summer are on the best terms and is also the first time they had sex. All the sex talk was both awkward and hilarious and at the end when they were decided to take it slow and were dancing it was just so incredibly sweet you could just tell they were in love. I also thought that both Sandy and Kristen’s and Jimmy’s and Haley’s storylines were sweet and romantic. I liked that Ryan and Marissa didn’t just get back together in the end because they seemed like they need a break after the whole Oliver issues but while I liked Teresa in this episode I didn’t enjoy the rest of the storylines she brought later on in the season, although I loved the episode The Ties That bind.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recap/Review: The O.C. Pilot (1.01)

                                        The O.C. Pilot (1.01 ) Review/recap
First Off The O.C. is my favorite T.V. show so if you want a review where someone bad mouths the show please look elsewhere because I love this show especially the first season. Also this review is also sort of like a recap in that I’m basically recapping with a lot more personal opinions. So without further ado onto the review.

On a dark abandon street in Chino we see two guys who are Trey and Ryan Atwood and we also see a car (that some person was stupid enough to abandon in a remote part of a bad neighborhood honestly they were kind of asking for their car to be stolen.). Trey the older brother decides he has to teach Ryan to steal a car because he’s his older brother and then smashes the window of the car. Ryan doesn’t want to steal the car and he sees a police car drive pass but Trey replies from the car “Stop being a little Bitch and get in.” and Ryan does get in. Then a car chase ensues and Trey is having a great time throughout and Ryan like any sane person would be is nervous about getting caught which they do when Trey crashes the car. I would also like to note that Trey is played by a different actor here then he was in season 2 and he has is eyebrow priced which bothers me, overall I’m glad he was recasted.

Then the scene changes to juvie in which Ryan is wearing a blue jumpsuit and he is led to meet his lawyer Sandy Cohen. Sandy introduces himself and says he’s going to help Ryan and “You could do worse.” Ryan asks were is brother is and Sandy tells him since Trey’s over 18 has priors, had a gun and drugs on him so he’ll be jail for a few years (obviously Trey was a bad influence). Sandy goes through information about Ryan such as he’s been suspended for fighting and has good test scores. Ryan’s good test scores makes Sandy ask Ryan what he’s planning for his future and when Ryan says he doesn’t have one yet Sandy says he needs one. Ryan replies in one of my favorite quotes of the episode “Where I come from having a dream doesn’t make you smart. Knowing it won’t come true? That does.” I love that quote because it just shows how hopeless things were for him while he was living in Chino. I don’t really remember what happens during the rest of that scene but I think it’s more about court dates and stuff.

Now outside of the police station Ryan has been released and Sandy reminds him when his court date Ryan says he’ll remember and then his mom shows up driving her car over the sidewalk and she is very angry(I also think she’s drunk which is kind of ironic considering that she’s at a police station but maybe that’s normal in Chino) saying that Sandy should of let him rot in there just like his dad and his brother. Sandy senses that things aren’t going to go well for Ryan so he decides to give Ryan his card just case.

Once at home Ryan’s mom continues with yelling at him as well as pouring herself a glass of what looks like vodka which only proofs my theory that she was drunk at the police station. She tells Ryan that she wants him out of the house in which Ryan noticeably upset ask “Where am I suppose to go?” honestly it kind of breaks my heart when he says that it’s in the delivery good job Ben Mckenzie. Then Ryan’s mom’s dead beat boyfriend tells Ryan to just listen to his mother in which Ryan replies “Why don’t you worry about your own kids instead of freeloading off my mom.” This causes the first fist fight of the series to ensue and then Ryan goes and packs his bags while the theme song California by Phantom Planet plays. Ryan leaves and we see his house from the outside and it’s a small slightly ran down and has a mattress in the yard and then Ryan goes off to a pay phone to call all his friends for a place to stay but none them can have him stay so he gets increasingly angry as he gets rejected. Then he remembers Sandy gave him his card and he calls him and Sandy being the best lawyer ever shows up and drives Ryan to his home in Newport which is far prettier then Chino and the film quality is better I really like the contrast between Chino and Newport. I also like that so much has happened so far and yet Ryan has just arrived in Newport which orange county aka the o.c.

When they arrive in the Cohen driveway Sandy saws he has to tell is wife about Ryan before he can come in. He hesitates weather or not leave the keys in the car or not Ryan seeing this says “It’s no fun if the keys are in the car.” Ha see Ryan can be funny we just don’t notice it because he’s around Seth but we haven’t met him yet so back to the present Sandy leaves trusting Ryan not to steal his car.

We cut to the Cohen kitchen which is entirely different in the pilot the cabinets look kind of grayish overall it’s not as nice as it usually is so it distracts me a bit. Kristen Sandy’s wife is upset that her husband brought home a felon but Sandy assures her is not a felon but rather a kid with no one and no where to go and after some convincing Kristen agrees and when she starts to walk away Sandy asks where she’s going she replies “ I’m going to lock my jewels in the vault, he’s going to need some fresh sheets.” This quote first off makes me life and second off it shows that despite Kristen’s hesitance for letting Ryan stay there she’s a warm caring person.

Outside in the Cohen driveway Ryan gets out of the car and heads to the end of the driveway for a smoke and down there he finds the neighbor girl Marissa who ask him who he is and Ryan tries to use a lame pick up line “Who ever you want me to be.” which just makes Marissa say okay and look at him weird. Really Ryan should have just been himself but he was clearly taken off guard by a pretty girl so I’ll let it slide. Then after a few seconds of silence Marissa asks for a smoke and then to light it she uses Ryan and there’s some sexually tension and they look into each other’s eyes and then once it’s lit they move apart. Then Marissa ask who Ryan really is and he tells her the truth about who he is and why he’s here and once again the delivery is very good and makes me really feel for him. Then for some reason Marissa says “Your there cousin from Boston right.” Ryan agrees to this and then Sandy comes down and Marissa puts out her ciggerattie.

Marissa says she was just getting to know Ryan and sandy then says he came from Seattle Ryan says his mom lives there and dad in Boston. Then Sandy mentions there excited for her fashion show tomorrow and she laughs and says really and then Sandy says no. Then Luke shows up in a pickup truck with music playing loudly and tells Marissa to hop in before Marissa does she tells Ryan he should check out the fashion show then gets in Luke’s truck and kisses him and Luke wonders who Ryan is. For some reason despite the fact the Luke has done anything yet I think of him as jerk maybe it’s because I’m already attached to Ryan or the that I didn’t watch the pilot first. They leave and Sandy tells Ryan if he stays at there house there’s no smoking so Ryan puts out his ciggerate and then Sandy goes down to stamp it out then they head into the Cohen house.

Then they enter the pool house which seems to being used as storage at the moment and in there is both Kristen and Rosa ( the Cohen’s maid or something that appears in a few episodes in season one and then disappears) anyway Kristen welcomes Ryan into her home and then they leave Ryan and he looks around then the scene ends.

Now it’s the next morning and Ryan gets up and out of the pool house and he sees the wonderful view the Cohen’s have of the ocean which is extremely view and there’s also quite a bit of green so overall Ryan’s having I’m sure not in chino anymore look around and then he crosses the yard and enters the Cohen’s main house. When he enters the house he sees the Cohen’s son Seth who’s playing video games and they say hey to each other and Seth asks if he wants to play. We cut forward in time a bit were they have been playing for awhile and Seth is narrating what is happening in the game he clearly won. Then Seth suggest they play grand theft auto then “Oh, hey, do you want to play 'Grand Theft Auto'? It's pretty cool. You can, like, steal cars and ... not that that's cool ... or uncool. I don't know.” it’s just so funny awkward but he seems like Ryan wasn’t offend. Then Sandy comes in saves Seth from his babbling and suggest they go out side then Seth and Ryan go sailing.

Then we cut to Seth and Ryan sailing the stop for a bit and Seth tells Ryan his plans to sail to Tahiti next summer and Ryan asks if he’ll lonely Seth replies “Well I’ll have Summer with me.” Ryan thinks Seth is talking about the sail boat which is named the Summer Breeze. Seth tells him it’s the girl the boats named after. Ryan “ She must be pretty stoked.” Seth “ Yeah I’ve never talk to her before in my life.” First off I love that Seth has liked Summer for so long and also like the expression on Ryan’s face when Seth says this he’s just has look that’s like okay that’s kind of weird, but he doesn’t say anything about it.

Then Seth and Ryan are on the beach taking the sails down from the sail boat or something when Sandy comes down the beach and tells them they should be getting ready for the fashion show. Seth doesn’t want to go because pretty much all the kids are jerks to him. Sandy brings up that Marissa invited him and Seth mentions that Marissa has barely said two words to him despite the fact they have lived next door to each other forever and that his mom and her dad almost got married. Sandy cuts in and says “They did not almost get married.” Then Ryan convinces Seth to go the fashion show by saying Summer might be there then Seth mentions Summer is Marissa’s best friend.

Then we see that Marissa was watching from the balcony and then the door bell rings and it’s two men in suits who have been here several times in the past and are looking for her dad. After the two men leave Marissa heads to her dad’s office which he’s in she asks who they are and Marissa’s dad Jimmy jokes around about it and Marissa asks if it’s anything to be worried about he says no but Marissa doesn’t seem convinced.

In the next scene Ryan is getting ready for the party he’s currently in a suit (which he looks really good in it and I love that we get to see everyone dress up almost every episode) but he can’t seem to tie his tie. When Sandy comes in he sees that Ryan doesn’t have his tie tied Ryan makes the excuse that open collar is a good look Sandy mentions how he couldn’t tie a tie until he was 22 and then helps Ryan tie his tie.

Then over at the Cooper house were introduced to Marissa’s mom Julie and her little sister Katlin we see that Marissa and her mom don’t have the best relationship then Jimmy comes downstairs and they leave and while going out the door he tells Marissa she looks great.

Then at the first Newport party Ryan looks around and feels out of place and Seth says “Welcome to the dark side.” Then there’s a couple of scenes of people asking if Ryan is from Boston, Seattle and Canada Ryan says he is from all those places. Then Ryan’s orders a drink but Kristen catches him so he gives her his drink then she says “I want my husband to be right about you.” She also has this smile on her face which makes it very hard not to like.

Then Seth awkwardly says hi to Luke who jerkly replies “Suck it queer.” and this makes my earlier hatred of him justified. Then Seth replies “My summer was thanks for asking.” which makes me love him because he’s just so adorable and dorky. Also there’s this part right before Luke leaves were he and Ryan stare each other down which I like because it shows that Ryan already protective of Seth. Then Seth sees Summer and says “Summer's right over there, look. Wait, don't look. I mean you can look, but don't look like you're looking.” and then over across the way Summer sees Ryan and becomes interested in him. Then back with the boys Sandy comes over and points Summer out which embrasses Seth so he walks away and then Ryan says “Way to salt his game Mr.Cohen.” I have no idea what that means.

Inside right before the fashion show Seth and Ryan find their seats at a table in which either middle schoolers or elementary kids are seated one them is named Chester and Seth teaches him sailing. The kids seem weird out by this as does Ryan but they all just go with it and the fashion begins Marissa makes some speech and then Summer comes out in dress that’s blue with pinkish purple triangles on it and a lot of blue eye make up . Seth “She’s got Tahiti written all over her.”

Then behind the scenes we see a bunch of girls getting ready then we see Marissa in the bathroom doing her make up and then Summer comes in with two glasses of wine and Marissa reveals she already stole a bottle of vodka and I assume the girls drink up. Then Marissa takes her turn on the catwalk and winks at Ryan which Luke sees and is angry about it.

Over at the adult table someone mentions how beautiful Marissa looks along with how expensive her dress is. Then an unnamed man says Jimmy’s managing his money and excepts to die rich and Sandy points out he’s bound to be half right then Jimmy gets up from the table. In the bathroom Jimmy has a breakdown in a stale it’s not over the top and think Tate Donvan did a very good job acting it out.

Outside after the fashion show Summer comes up to Ryan and invites him to a party at Holly’s beach house. Then Ryan tells Seth they should go to the party Seth isn’t convinced they should go but then Ryan mentions Summer invited him then says actually she asked for you. Seth’s replies “That makes absolutely no sense but we should go.” Then they off in the car to the party and Ryan watches Marissa a different car with Luke while Swing Swing by the All American Rejects plays.

Then they arrive at the beach house which has lots of sex, drugs and drinking once inside the house Ryan says to Seth “ Welcome to the dark side.” Ryan clearly feels more comfortable here then at the fashion show but Seth is clear uncomfortable when he sees people doing coke he sarcastically says “ Oh, hey cocaine. That's awesome.”

The girls are poring drinks and people mentions Marissa’s new purse and how her dad never says no. Then Summer says how she’s going to play Ryan hot and cold then she says “I got to pee you got to pee.” and then she and some other go head of to the bathroom. I really liked the way summer dismissed herself to go to the bathroom don’t know why though.

Then we see Luke hitting on some younger girl and they head off to the beach to you know and Ryan sees this.

Then we cut Kristen and Jimmy talking about their lives, who Ryan really is, how Kristen is worried about Seth because he never goes out and then Kristen tells Jimmy that if there’s anything wrong he can come to her.

Back at the party Seth walks into the bathroom “ I really should learn to knock incase there’s a threesome going on in the bathroom.” The threesome seems unaffected by his interrupting. Else where Ryan and Marissa meet up and Marissa asks Ryan what he thinks of Newport he replies “I think I can get in less trouble were I’m from.” she replies “You have no idea.” with a sexy smile then leaves.

Later on Summer drunkly hits on Ryan and Seth sees this and being drunk and upset he reveals that Ryan is from chino. After learning this news Summer says “Ew Chino.” Then Ryan leaves but everyone at the party seems to know already and he once again feels very out of place.

Then we cut to Seth wondering about down on the beach and then some water polo players found him and decide to beat him up. Seth “ You guys really wouldn't hurt me. Because that would be so clichéd. (they pick him up) Oh, I guess you're fans of the cliché.” Ryan sees this going from a distance and being the good friend he is he comes and rescues Seth. When Seth sees him he causally says “What’s up?” while being hung upside down. Then Luke comes around and then Ryan punches him and the second fist fight of the series began and Ryan and Seth get their asses kicked then Luke says possibly the most famous line of the series “Welcome to the O.C. bitch.”

Seth and Ryan return home and to the pool house Seth mentions how Ryan had his back and how he thinks if Ryan taught him some moves they could take them next time as he says this he makes these odd arm and leg movements that are extremely funny then Seth falls asleep.

The next scene Marissa is passed out drunk and her friends leave her on the ground outside her house Ryan sees this and then decides to take Marissa up to the pool house and lays her on the bed but he doesn’t sleep on the bed. All the while the song Into Dust by Mazzy Star is playing. Marissa is gone by morning.

The next morning Kristen comes in and is angry because she was very worried about Seth and thought he didn’t come home last night the bruise on his face only makes things worse.

Kristen then goes to tell Sandy who just came back from surfing that she wants Ryan out of the house. They remise about how they fell in love but ultimately it’s decided that Ryan should go home.

In the next scene we see that Ryan has made bacon which cause Kristen to feel guilty for kicking him out but Ryan says he understands and that she has a nice family. Then Ryan says goodbye to Seth and Seth gives him a map. Then Ryan heads back home to Chino with sandy and Ryan sees Marissa as he leaves and the song Honey and the Moon" by Joseph Arthur played. Then Ryan comes home and finds his home abandon with only a note left for him this scene is very quiet and well acted. Sandy then seeing this decides to invite Ryan to come back home with him.


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