Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Book Review: The Luxe

                                                              The Luxe Review
The Luxe is set in the late 1800s and is about the young elite of Manhatten's social scene and all the scandals and problems they have. The main characters we follow are Elizabeth Holland who comes from old money and is a proper young lady which makes most of the other main characters hate her because they think she's dull, fake or snobby. Elizabeth is willing to do whatever she has to keep her family stable but she is also in love with a servant named Will. Diana Holland is Elizabeth's younger sister who is a free spirit and cares not for the conventions of upper class society and she is full of life which is something that attracts Elizabeth's betrothed Henry to her since he is something of a kindred spirit to her. Henry Schoonmaker is a bit wild he likes very much to party and fool around with quite a few ladies this is something that has gotten him written about in quite a few gossip articles in the papers which is something that displeases his father who hopes to run for mayor. Henry is forced into an engagement with proper and boring Elizabeth in order to keep getting money from his father which he needs because he doesn't have a career of his own. Penelope Hayes is from new money and she's a friend of sorts with Elizabeth and she had been dating Henry before he got engaged to Elizabeth. Penelope is someone who is into social climbing and believes in keeping her enemies closer than her friends so she is one to watch out for. The final main character we follow is Lina Broud who is Elizabeth's personal maid and former friend she dislikes Elizabeth, is in love with Will and wishes to rise to a higher social class.

This book is one that deals mostly with interconnected relationships that go on between the main characters that we follow through out the book as well as having them have to find ways to work within the guidelines of how society thinks that they should behave. I felt I like this book was a bit of a slow start but as time went on I found myself more invested and interested in the characters relationships with each other. Overall I thought that this book was pretty good and I find myself wanting to read the next book in the series which is always a good thing. Please tell me your thoughts on the this book in the comment section below.

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