Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top 7 Best/Worst Series Ending

I have this problem where I start a lot of series but I often don't finish them even if I only have one book left of a series so this list is a bit short.
1. Cardcaptor Sakura: I really love the last volume of this series because it deals with all the romantic relationships in the series but it does so in such a thoughtful way and I really love that this volume takes the time to have Sakura sort out her feels and I love we had little glimpses of all the couples of the series in  this volume. I really love how sweet and happy the ending to this series was because it was really the perfect ending for this series.
2. Fruits Basket: I really love this ending because it feels more like it's an ending of a dark chapter in most of the characters life but at the same time it's also the beginning of the rest of their lives and I love this feeling because it's one that is filled with hope of a better tomorrow but at the same time it's kind of bittersweet because there's a lot of damage that was done that can never be undone. I just really loved that in this ending most characters were in a good place or at least were heading to a good place.
3. The Last Olympian: I really loved this ending because it was one that was exciting with it's big battles but also sad with it's deaths and I just felt like this series ended in the way it should end. I also really loved seeing all the major characters from the first four books appear in this one and I like that Percy and Annabeth finally got together as well.
4. Tokyo Babylon: The last volume of this series is completely heartbreaking and it's incredible well written in my opinion. There is pretty much nothing happy that happens in this volume and it indicates that nothing happy will ever happen to Subaru again and this volume is one that just makes me sob and I love it for that because this is a case were a sad ending was the right choice to make because it was the only ending the series could logically have.
5. Extras: I just really love this book even more than I loved the first three books because I love Aya more than I loved Tally because Tally was always backstabbing people. I also like seeing the after affects of everything that happened in the first three books.

1. Breaking Dawn: This book is just really terrible but I especially hate it for the whole vampire baby which makes no sense no matter how you try to explain since there is no signs of magic in Twilight world and the name Renesme is terrible and the whole imprinting on a baby is just plain creepy.
2. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: This ending isn't so much bad as it is confusing and disappointing there was a lot that happened in the last couple of chapters and there was no time to explain it and the series just felt incomplete to me, like I think this series could have easily been at least five volumes longer. So I mostly dislike this ending but it doesn't really make sense to me honestly I'm confused about how the main character wasn't erased from existence since both his parents were.


  1. I haven't finished the Fruit's Basket series yet, I want to!

    1. Thanks for the comment, glad to hear your a fan of Fruits Basket since it's my favorite and you should finish it and reread it because the second time you read the series is actually the best time since you see all the brilliant foreshadowing.

  2. Fruits Basket is amazing! My favourite, and first, manga ever! I really need to read more manga, maybe I'll read Card Captor Sakura ! Great List

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I agree Fruits Basket is the best series of all time not just manga in my opinion. Cardcaptor Sakura is another favorite manga of mine so I do recommend it.

  3. If you were to pick one manga series for someone to start with (as I have never read any), which would it be? I'm intrigued, but I'd want to get it from my library.

    1. Thanks for the comment, so glad that you want to start reading and Fruits Basket is the series you should start with because it's in my opinion the greatest series of all time it has great character development and relationship development although it's not huge on plot it doesn't really need to be because actually a lot of manga aren't huge on plot because they prefer to focus on characters and their lives instead.
      Also Fruits Basket is 23 volumes long so the chances of you being able to get them all from a library is almost zero because libraries are awful about supplying manga in general in all honesty it's practically a miracle to find the first and second volume of a series in the same library. But there is good news you can quite easily read manga online the translations may not always be the best(although sometimes the online translations are better than the official ones) but it will save you a lot of money and allow you to actually read a full series. If you don't feel comfortable reading online or buying the actually volumes you probably will never be able to read a full manga series since as I already mention libraries almost never have full series or really even half a series but I do encourage you to read online because manga is great especially Fruits Basket.