Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Which Shines Over Mount Mikasa(2.08)

                           Chihayafuru 2: Which Shines over Mount Mikasa(2.08)Review
In this episode it's the start of the team tournaments and everyone is really focused on winning the team tournament and the individual match is pretty far out of everyone's minds at the moment. Tsukuba is really excited with being at this special karuta place is taking lots of pictures which embarrassed Sumire but does nothing to dampen Tsukuba's enthusiasm although the thought that he won't be able to start does. To Tsukuba's surprise he learns that he is a starter and while the rest of the team is playing Tsutomu and Sumire will be scouting the other teams.

The team ends up playing Chiba which has a team of all foreigners which intimidates the team in all kinds of different ways with Tsukuba being freaked out since he's never encountered foreigners before, Kana being upset that they are wearing kimonos when they're not, Nishida wondering if they can even understand Japanese and Chihaya just being happy that people from all around the world are loving karuta. The members of Chiba's team end up talking in English to freak them out but this back fires when Taichi points out in English as well that their pronunciation is bad which leads the Chiba team to admitting they are foreigners who grew up in Japan and fell in love with karuta which helps the team calm down a bit.

The team ends up doing varying levels of okay and not very good but once Chihaya tells the rest of the team to focus on getting one card at a time their game improves by a lot and the team ends up taking a bunch of cards at the same time and win their match. In the end the Chiba team after loosing their match at first feel like they lost their right to play karuta but after seeing the karuta teams message about playing another match they realize that competitive karuta is hard but fun and they would like to continue playing it. I overall really enjoyed this episode that once again expressed the theme that karuta can be enjoyed by many different people in many different ways. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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