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TV Review: Reign: Pilot(1.01)

                                                           Reign: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I liked that it was told that Mary had met Frances as a child and that she lived at court along with her ladies in waiting for a time.
  • I find it interesting that Mary had to live in a convent for most of her childhood in order to keep her safe from people trying to kill her and that she was almost poisoned at the beginning of the pilot which is why she left fro French court.
  • I liked that Mary is worried about going to live at French court and that while she does hope that she and Frances could love one another she knows that it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
  • I like that Frances and Sebastian seem to get along despite Sebastian being a bastard as well as the favored son.
  • I liked how this show acknowledges that royal marriages are one that aren't found on love and therefore the king as well as Frances have women that their sleeping with who aren't their wife or betrothed.
  • I liked how when Nostradamus asks Catherine if the reason she's worried about Mary is because she's young and beautiful that Catherine threatens to have him beheaded.
  • I liked the scene where Mary and Frances meet for the first time again when Mary is very sweet and awkward as she rambles on and compliments Frances.
  • I'm curious about how and why Mary will lead to Frances's death and if it isn't going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy on Catherine's part.
  • I really enjoy the relationship that Mary has with her ladies in waiting they all seem to really like each other and be real friends at least for most of the episode which was nice to see.
  • I liked that Frances wanted to have the skill of being able to make knives because he wanted to have a skill that he earned rather than inherited.
  • I liked how when Frances talked about Frances being in trouble someday that Mary told him if that ever happened she would protect him.
  • I thought that Frances was very rude and mean to Mary when she came to his room.
  • I liked the scene between Mary and Sebastian where he tells her that she can't go into the woods and he notices she is upset and she tells him a bit about what Frances done to upset her. I really like Sebastian so far and his scenes with Mary.
  • I'm curious about what's in the woods because it's implied to be something that's pretty dangerous.
  • I find the storyline about Lola's boyfriend Colin being forced into by Catherine to poison and rape Mary in order to make her unfit to marry Frances and how he was then beheaded for his attempted to be pretty sad and pretty screwed up.
  • I'm curious if ghosts exist in this show and if it was a ghost that warned Mary not to drink the wine.
  • I found the whole thing when people watched just married royals have sex for the first time to be pretty creepy.
  • I thought it was pretty creepy that the king hooked up with Kenna one of Mary's ladies in waiting.
  • I like that when Frances was telling Mary that he basically doesn't want to marry her and doesn't think an alliance with Scotland is what's best for France Mary called him out on being to afraid to at least try to make things work and  she pointed out that he isn't the only one with a country to think about.
  • I found it really sad that after Mary failed to save Colin Lola basically told Mary that she wasn't really friends with her ladies in waiting since they are her subjects and she puts everyone in danger by being near them.
  • I liked the scene where Sebastian that tells Mary that she wasn't alone here and that he wasn't talking about her friends.
  • I'm glad that Frances seems to be willing to at least try to make things work with Mary while they're engaged.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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