Monday, October 28, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: My Only Thought(2.09)

                                         Chihayafuru 2: My Only Thought(2.09)Review
This episode starts off with Arata arriving at the karuta tournament where he plans to watch Chihaya and Taichi play but before he enters Shinobu approaches him. Arata and Shinobu have a brief exchange which tells us the two have played many times and Arata was the winner of those matches. Shinobu mentions how she thinks that those who play in team matches don't actually love karuta this is statement that takes Arata by surprise.

Arata ends up running into to some guys which he went to middle school with who's third member of their team, Fukui west, hasn't arrived yet and is stuck in traffic so the boys beg Arata to play with them because they want to have the chance to at least play one match after all the hard work they put into get their. Arata plays the first half of the match with his glasses off in hopes that no one will recognize him. After awhile of thinking about how hard all the players must have worked to get their and how much it meant to all the players to able to play against the best players Arata decides to put on his glasses and play for real.

In the end the team doesn't win their match since all of the players needed to win since they only have three players but Arata by the end of the episode definitely sees that playing as a team doesn't mean that those players love karuta any less than those who aim to be a master someday. Unfortunately for Arata one of his teachers caught him which means according to the rules since Arata doesn't go to Fukui west and isn't registered for the team tournaments he may be band from the individual tournament.

I overall loved this episode I enjoyed how we got to see more of Arata in this episode and I liked how it was shown how some really serious players look down team players but it also shows that they are wrong to and it doesn't really matter how you play as long as you love karuta. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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