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TV Review: Revenge: Control(3.05)

                                                   Revenge: Control(3.05)Review
  • I really really hate Aiden and I need him to get off this show he starts off the episode lying to Emily about how he told the Graysons last week that Jack was responsible for Conrad's accident and telling Emily not to try to dig into the truth about who tampered with Conrad's car.
  • I liked that Aiden was able to manipulate Conrad by making him think that he would help him win back Charlotte's love for him because I've always had a soft spot for the Conrad and Charlotte's relationship.
  • I liked that Daniel told Patrick that his dislike of him was unfair and that he apologized for being rude to him.
  • I liked that even though Charlotte rather dislikes Emily at the moment she still has a problem with Victoria constantly trying to destroy Emily's and Daniel's relationship because she doesn't think it's right to destroy Daniel's happiness.
  • I'm a bit confused that Patrick's ex-wife called him about Nolan investigating him because I thought it was said that he abused her so I guess that wasn't true which is a good thing because now I can ship Nolan and Patrick again.
  • I kind of like that trust seems to be such a big thing for Patrick because there are so few people that can trust other people or just not go behind another person's back on this show it's nice to see that someone actually considers looking for dirty secrets in their past to be an invasion of privacy.
  • I hate that Aiden went to Jack and told him that he had to leave town for his own safety because it's so obvious that the only reason that Aiden wants Jack gone is because he's afraid Emily might have feelings for him and that's a really bad reason to try to destroy someone's life, honestly how does Aiden even have fans all he does is unfairly screw over other more important characters.
  • I like that when Emily told Nolan that she was leaving Aiden in charge of investigating Conrad's accident that Nolan mentioned that he didn't think that was a good idea since Aiden always goes rouge and things got really messy the last time she let him be in charge of something.
  • I liked that Victoria pretty much told Aiden that his plan to destroy Jack wasn't going to work for her since she can use him to unnerve Emily and since Aiden was brought in because of Victoria he should be more worried about her opinion than Conrad's.
  • I liked that when Jack founded out that Aiden was someone who worked for Emily that he pointed out that Emily can't even trust the people that she works with which makes me happy because it shows that pretty much everyone else but Emily for some weird reason knows that Aiden is untrustworthy.
  • I liked that Emily yelled at Aiden for interfering with her plans again but I'm disappointed that she's still willing to give him another chance even though he proves time and time again that he's not to be trusted. 
  • I liked the moment that Victoria and Margaux shared where she told her that she should learn how to control powerful men rather than be controlled by them.
  • I like that Daniel wants the magazine to be a success and have Emily at his side because he knows that being apart from his family's business is the only way that their going to last but he also is seeing that Emily doesn't seem committed to their relationship so he thinks it's best they end it.
  • I loved that Emily went to Nolan to talk about how to fix things with Daniel and how he told her that in order for a relationship to work even a fake one she needs to give away a little piece of herself in order to form a bond of trust.
  • I kind of liked that Jack and Margaux got together this episode because I've liked the scenes they've shared together so far.
  • I liked how Charlotte was willing to pretend that she was the one that tried to kill Conrad as long as it would keep Jack safe and I loved that Conrad would be more than willing to forgive Charlotte trying to murder him if it would fix their relationship.
  • I'm only a little surprised that Patrick was the one that actually tried to kill Conrad since he's had enough of motive to but so did a lot of other people.
  • I liked that Emily was able to share a memory with Daniel in order to make sure that her plan stayed on tack.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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