Friday, March 1, 2019

Top 10 Songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2019

1.Breathin-Ariana Grande: This song is one of my favorites because I feel like I can sense some of the anxiety that this song seems to be about and I like how during the chorus when she sings about how she has to keep on breathing it sounds like it gets a little harder as time goes on. This song also just sounds really pretty and it really shows off what a beautiful voice that Ariana Grande has.
2.Thank u, Next- Ariana Grande: This songs seems to be one of Ariana's most personal songs where she directly sings about her past relationships and how she sees all her failed relationships as something she has learned from and she's thankful that she had those relationships. Ariana's sounds great on this song and I like that you can hear quite a bit of emotion in her voice.
3. High Hopes-Panic! at the Disco: While this isn't my favorite Panic! at the Disco song in fact it's not even my favorite off of Pray for the Wicked, even so this song is still a really good one that I enjoy listening to. This song is a little generic with how it's just about having high hopes and succeeding on fulfilling your dreams which is less interesting than most Panic songs which are lyrically a lot more interesting. The song is a happy sounding one that has great instrumentation and vocal performances throughout and the song is filled with energy that makes you want to sing along to it whenever you hear it.
4.Without Me-Halsey: This song is about how after a relationship ends Halsey feels like her lover shouldn't be able to live without her so easily since she met him at his lowest and built him up only for the relationship to end after he turns his life around. I really like Halsey as a singer and like her more alternative pop style which she uses on most of her songs including this one.
5.Trip-Ella Mai: This is a really sweet R&B love song that just sounds really pretty it has good production and Ella Mai has a beautiful voice. This song it one that feels both romantic and relaxing which makes for an enjoyable listening experience.
6.Close to Me-Ellie Goulding and Diplo feat. Swae lee: This song is a love song about wanting be close to just one person and I enjoy that we get to hear a bit from both sides of the relationship. I really love Ellie Goulding's voice it sounds really beautiful and I think that production compliments it and I like the contrast that Swae Lee's voice provides on his verse which is something that took me awhile to warm up to.

7.Sweet but Psycho-Ava Max: This song is about a girl who is sweet but a psycho and it describes how she's a bit dangerous but that's kind of the appeal, for some reasons songs like this are ones that I just always end up catching my interest. I like how the songs sounds upbeat while describing a relationship with a girl that clearly isn't a lot of fun.
8.Love Lies-Khalid and Normani: This is a song about two lovers who are trying to figure out where they stand with each other and this song as a really great romantic atmosphere that really makes the song for me. One of my favorite things about this song is that it's a duet which really makes the song work for me.

9.Ruin My Life-Zara Larsson: This song is one that I find to be really catchy even if I do thing that it can be a repetitive which keeps me from completely loving this song. I kind of like how this song is about how she wants the object of her affection to ruin her life because she's just so into him.
10. Speechless-Dan + Shay: While I'm usually not that big of a fan of country music this was a song that just grew on me the more that I heard it because it was just so sweet. The song is about how this guy finds himself speechless while looking at the woman he's been in relationship with for years now and that concept combined with how love-struck the singer sounds really makes the song for me.

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