Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top 10 Series I'd recommend to my followers

Since  I don't really know many people who read I thought that it would be best that I would use this post to recommend series to my followers since if your following me I'm guessing we at least have somewhat similar taste. Also since it seems like most book series that I'm a big fan of are pretty popular in the book blogging community this list is actually mostly manga/anime and TV since I've noticed that TV especially is looked down upon by quite a few book bloggers and since the shows I love are scripted I think that's a bit unfair since it's still a written story just told in a different way.
1. Fruits Basket: If you follow me or have just read a lot of my Top 10 Tuesday lists you're probably well aware that Fruits Basket is my favorite series of all time. I pretty much think that everyone should at least give this series a try because it's the most brilliantly written series I have ever read. This series is one that has great characters who all have layers to them and I easily became invested in pretty much all of them despite their being like twenty major characters. I really love this series because it's really just about character and relationship development which is something that is developed slowly over the course of the series and I think that series knows how make things that are often considered mundane seem interesting just simply because of character interaction which is really what makes the series so good. This series I what say has a pretty good mix of comedic and dramatic moments spread though out the series and I think this helps the tone of the series to have both because it never gets too ridicules or too depressing. I think this series is amazing and I'm sadly really bad at talking about why this series is so brilliant without talking about specific moments but I really hope you'll read it because it's worth the time and money to invest in.
2. Chihayafuru: If you have been following me for awhile you've seen that I tend to review episodes of this series a lot and I really love it. This series like Fruits Basket makes the mundane interesting by developing characters and relationships those kind of stories are my favorite the ones where not a ton happens plot wise but rather character and relationship wise. This series is about a Japanese card game called karuta and how there are all kinds of different ways to love and play karuta and there's also a lot of character relationships and development that happens around because of karuta. This series may sound odd like it would be boring or confusing but I assure it is neither.
3. Dollhouse: Over the past couple of years there have been a lot of dystopian YA novels and well they sadly have such a heavy romance focus that you don't really get to explore the dystopian aspect of it I feel like Dollhouse which in all honesty I would say is a pre-dystopian is a lot better with dealing with the concepts of a dystopia with how it's concept is somewhat disturbing and it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable like a dystopian story is suppose. There is also a bit of romance, humor and I end up loving a lot of the characters because there is one particular character arc that I love so much. This series is often one that is overlooked because most people were disappointed that it wasn't Buffy or Firefly(which are both great shows) but it was never suppose to be and I think it's a really great series overall and I'd recommend watching it.
4. The OC: This is my favorite TV show of all time and it's one of those series that I think has in someway has influenced what I look for in a series it's just one that'll always have a place in my heart. I love this series because of really it's characters I just pretty much loved everyone and I wanted them to be happy which to me is a good thing because it means you're really invested in the show. I think that this show did a really good job at balancing the importance of romantic relationships, friendships and family relationships because they all seem pretty equal important on the show in a way that I think better reflects real life then most works of fiction. I love that there was a balance of humor and drama and of the teens storylines and the adult storylines. I just love pretty much everything about this show and if you haven't watched already watch it and if you had please talk to me about it because I can never get tried of this show.
5. Cardcaptor Sakura: This series is just happy and I think it's good to have a go to series to enjoy while feeling sad and that series for me is Cardcaptor Sakura since it's the happiest series I've ever read. I love this series because it has nice characters, well developed adorable relationships, a plot that is simple but interesting and beautiful artwork. I think that Cardcaptor Sakura is a series that is super enjoyable and I think it would make you smile because it always makes me smile.
6. Teen Wolf: This is a series that pretty much everyone assumes is bad but it actually isn't, when I first saw promos for this show I thought it looked terrible but I decided to watch because I wanted to review a tv show and it was summer so I didn't have a lot of options but the show ended up surprising me and now it's one of my favorite shows. I'm actually working on a post that sort of a recommendation post/comparison to paranomral YA novels but it's taking longer than I expected. I really love most of the main characters a lot which is always a good thing but not something that always happens, I find the plots interesting and love that friendship is a pretty important part of the show as well. I'm sorry that this wasn't a very good recommendation I'll try to do better in my other post.
7. Revenge: This is a series I'm mostly recommending because there doesn't seem to be much of an online fandom for and since I'm obsessed with it I wish more people would talk about it. This series is one I love because I really love the idea of it a whole series about seeking revenge by destroying the lives of those who wronged you. I also just love the main character Emily Thorne since she is so completely ruthless in her revenge and she's very calculating and she's very complicated and she doesn't trust people(especially back in season 1 when she distrusted even people who were helping her) and she's also very good at playing the role of the sweet innocent girl next door which I found very interesting to watch. I also quite enjoy seeing just how dysfunctional the Grayson family is because they also manage to be more screwed up than I thought they could be. I overall really love this series and I would recommend obviously.
8. Wolves of Mercy Falls: This is a series that is pretty well known in the book blogging community but I feel like it's dismissed as a fluffy romance while it's true that it has a sweet romance in it, I think the series is a lot more than that. I love the character Sam because he was a supernatural creature that just wanted to be human because valued staying in his own skin and while his backstory of his parents trying to kill him when he was little saddened me also interested me because it does still effect him and is feelings about his parents are somewhat conflicted which just makes him interesting. Then there's the character Cole St.Clair who this asshole bad boy who hates himself for being an asshole bad boy but doesn't quite know how to stop hurting people so instead he invested in trying to get out and stay out of his own head which just makes for a very interesting character who is also really smart. I also really love the relationship between Cole and Isabel which Isabel describes as a form of self destruction which is something that I found really interesting about this relationship. I really loved Linger the most and I could talk about that book for hours and I think that more people should not just take this book at face value.
9. The Looking Glass Wars: Alice in Wonderland retellings tend to be popular and I think that The Looking Glass Wars was the best retelling. This retelling is one in which Alyss was from Wonderland which is real in this series but is forced to live in England and is basically thought of as crazy for quite awhile do to her knowledge of Wonderland and she eventually starts to forget about it only to have to return and save her kingdom of Wonderland. I just found this retelling really interesting and somewhat angsty in the ways I enjoy angst.
10. Secret Circle: With this one I'd recommend either the books or TV show since I happen to love both of them although they are quite different from each other. Basically I love witches and mean girls which was basically what the books were about so if your a fan of those then I'd suggest giving it a try. The TV show was also of course about witches as well but there was less mean girlness and more female friendships that had a ton of les yay in them the books also had a lot of les yay but there was still a bit of bitchy sparkle to it which is always appreciated by me. Anyways I recommend this series mostly because I love it and I don't see enough people talking about it so I hope you guys give it a try.

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