Thursday, November 28, 2013

Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

                                                           Catching Fire Review
The second movie of The Hunger Games series starts out sometime after the first one and from very early on Katniss(Jenifer Lawrence) is warned by President Snow that he doesn't believe her act of her and Peeta(Josh Hutcherson) being in love and if she isn't able to convince him while they're on their victory tour he'll make sure to find a way to destroy her and the people she loves. The victory tour shows Katniss and Peeta how them both surviving and more importantly Katniss herself have become a symbol of hope which is something that doesn't sit well with the capital which leads to Katniss and Peeta having to witness the deaths of people who show their support to them which is rather horrific thing to witness.

In the end Snow isn't convinced that Katniss loves Peeta so he decides to use the fact that this year is the 75th anniversary of the hunger games as an excuse to have all the victors destroyed but most importantly Katniss who is the one that has inspired rebellion in the districts. Since this hunger games is for the victors it's a whole different system with having most of the victors actually knowing each other for years and being friends which really makes them more unit against the capital especially since they're all pissed that they have to compete again.

Some of my favorite victors where Johanna Mason(Jena Malone) who is just so furious at the capital and didn't hide it for a second which was one of things that I loved most about her. There was Finnick Odair(Sam Claflin) who is so extremely charismatic and charming it's pretty much impossible to dislike him but he's also a very good fighter and caring with how he did his best to protect Mags(Lynn Cohen) even though he knew that chances where that she wouldn't survive the games. I also really loved Beetee(Jeffery Wright) and Wiress(Amanda Plummer) who won the games because of their intellect rather than physical strength.

The games in this film were much different from the first because there were a lot more working together rather than just trying to kill each other like the first one was. The deaths in this film where a lot more effective to me because most of the characters that died I actually liked and cared about so it made me cry when they died. It was also clear through out the film that the real enemies weren't the other tributes but rather Snow and the capital and I feel like this made the movies better.

The romantic subplot with Katniss and Peeta  I ended up enjoying a lot more because they were both so set on making sure that the other one survives because they feel that each other is more important then themselves. I overall really love this movie and there's a lot of other things about this movie I loved that I didn't mention in this review but I don't really know how to mention all of them. I thought that the acting and directing where great as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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